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[2000-02-06-Toryumon] CIMA & Sumo Fuji vs Chocoball KOBE & Masaaki Mochizuki


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Still loving the CIMA/Fuji team. Fuji and Mochizuki continue their rivalry by just wailing on each other here. KOBE was mainly fodder for CIMA to pick on but he did a good job being the feed man for CIMA’s offense. Crazy Max gets the win and then we get mayhem afterwards with C Max still looking like the most boss unit in wrestling along with Infernales right now. Toryumon keeps chugging along nicely. ***1/2

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This is no nonsense, aggressive Toryumon that I really enjoyed. Crazy Max is mean and just continues to build heat on themselves, which is hopefully building to some sort of big time moment of retribution or comeuppance. Really good match that feels escalated from the previous stuff, and I look forward to Mochizuki saying enough is enough. ***1/2

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It's kind of funny how CIMA's style hasn't changed at all since 2000. He is still wearing the same tassel style tights and the over-the-top sunglasses. This was another fun tag from Toryumon. Chocoball looked pretty good in this one, it made me wonder what in the world happened to him. CIMA continues to be the best of the Toryumon guys, but I think this is the best that Mochizuki has looked in 2000 so far.



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Awwe man, thought this was pretty underwhelming compared to the other matches from the previous month.


Chocoball KOBE looked really green here and that hurt the match. His comeback looked weak. Luckily it was short and Mochi came in quickly.


The other three looked pretty good though.


CIMAs strikes sans the leaping palm strike, are really underrated. I also feel he doesnt get enough credit and is always discredited, but he has been really good in these matches.


As a faction, Crazy MAX are great. The longer they keep TARU as a second manager the better as he excels in that role and not as much in the ring.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-06-Toryumon] CIMA & Sumo Fuji vs Chocoball KOBE & Masaaki Mochizuki

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