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[1984-07-30-EMLL] El Satanico vs Shiro Koshinaka


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Wanted to create a thread for this because I personally think this is not only one of the best Satanico matches but one of the best of all time.


Unique and brilliantly executed story of the Local anti-hero taking on the invading foreigner. Perfectly paced and structured. Amazing brawling and selling. Clever and poetic finish + an awesome post-match. This has it all. ****5/8

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I haven't seen this in almost two years but I recall I'm less a fan than most.


Tremendous start, and a real good way of shifting the tecnico/rudo dynamic but, boy, does Shiro fall off. I quickly went from enjoying Koshinaka's violent start, and the majority of the first fall, to sticking out the rest of the video in the hopes Satanico would just maul the ever-loving shit out of him as a penance for making me sit through this. The latter happened in parts, but nowhere near enough. I'd make an off-hand comment that Shiro being posted, and walking around like nothing happened, only to fall over, exhausted, after DELIVERING a piledriver is the most Ibushi thing I've ever seen but, at least, Ibushi got better.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1984-07-30-EMLL] El Satanico vs Shiro Koshinaka
  • 2 years later...

I was back and forth between really digging this, and hoping it would start getting good again. The only thing that I really didn't understand was the piledriver, since I've always understood the piledriver to be an instant death sort of thing, but Satanico kicked out like it was just another near fall, and despite Koshinaka losing by DQ, it wasn't from the piledriver.

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