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[2002-04-27-ROH-A Night of Appreciation] A.J. Styles vs Low Ki

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Well ... would you look at that - today is also April 27th. Huh. There's not much for me to say about this match, but it's one that ultimately disappointed me on re-watch. Everything Styles & Ki do is crisp, tight, stiff, and incredibly innovative & beyond aesthetically pleasing to watch ... but there's nothing for me to sink my teeth into & become emotionally invested in. The transitions feel random and this felt nothing more than a basic your turn-my turn type of match, which is fine, but I usually expect much more from these two. Rating: ***

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They started off like a real wrestling match on the ground and even with tests of strength. Transitioned to striking. Then the video game moves. Finished with a flash small package, which is funny since they kicked out from head plants to the mat.

They thankfully allowed some time to breath and AJ sold on the outside and showed that he was getting tired, while Low Ki no-sold like a martial arts robot.

Liked this better than the more famous ROH beginning 3-way dance main event. AJ really looked good. 20 minutes, felt shorter. 

Great 2002 indy match and truthfully a rare 2019 WWE main event with the kickouts and suplex variations.

Once again horrible ROH announcing.

AJ seemed in his prime already IMHO....

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