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NXT TakeOver: Chicago


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I'm surprised this doesn't have its own thread...


- Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young

- WWE UK Championship: Tyler Bate © vs. Pete Dunne (with guest commentator J.R.)

- NXT Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Authors of Pain © vs. DIY (Ciampa might be injured)

- NXT Women's Championship: Asuka © vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

- NXT Championship: Bobby Roode © vs Hideo Itami


From the main NXT thread:


More boring: Roderick Strong or Bobby Roode?


I could not care less about this Roderick Strong Vs. Eric Young match. Dude just has zero charisma.


Roderick Strong is good in the ring but has zero personality.


Whereas, Roode is strong character-wise but a bore in the ring.


Eric Young is really who I don't care about on any level.

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Match was awesome. I already nominated it in GOTNW's 2017 thread. So good. Those two guys impress me more & more with each showing they have. I wish that match would have been on the main roster just so more eyeballs would have seen it. Good shit.

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That might have been the greatest airplane spin from Tyler Bate in history. Never seen anyone go that fast on one especially on a bigger guy. He might have went too fast because he usualy goes backward and just couldn't do it.


Incredible match between Dunne and Bate. The crowd and Ross/Nigel on commentary took it to the next level. Going to be hard for anything to top that.


I am confused why they are hyping DIY vs Authors of Pain as the first ever ladder match for title since I could have sworn the main event of the first ever Takeover was Neville vs Bo Dallas was a ladder match

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20 minutes of Strong and Young was DEATH. Jesus Christ. I can't even figure out how EY has a job in WWE, let alone his own stable and 15-20 minute matches every Takeover. UK match stole the show as expected. You know you're putting in work when an American crowd is chanting for a foreign country. Women's match was better than expected, but Asuka's reign is getting dull since they have nothing for her to do since she's so clearly better than EVERYONE they have, to the point where they're just sticking her in multi person matches to give the illusion of losing the title by someone else getting pinned. There's zero drama with her in a singles match.


Roode/Itami was the same brutal clash of styles that Roode/Nak was, but at least Itami got to show some flashes of his old self a few times. I was annoyed with Roode's selling of the arm during the DDT, because he lifts with the other arm. Itami looks like he needed another 2-3 months in the PC getting back into shape before returning to the ring. Also annoyed at having him hit the GTS just to get a finisher kick out. There's not even any drama in a finisher kick out with a delayed pin or guy rolling to the floor, so it was completely pointless other than to get a pop for hitting the move.


The ladder match had some crazy spots, particularly the decapitation spot to Gargano, the double ladder dives where both members of DIY got completely fucked, and the ladder German suplex. I felt the swerve coming in the ring after the match, but then the credits popped up, so the turn actually swerved me and was awesome. Ciampa getting real heat, with it being a call back all the way back to the CWC. Their singles match at the next Takeover is going to have so much heat.


Overall, I had ZERO hype coming into this, and so ended up being pleasantly surprised.

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That is the 2nd time they have done a major heel turn in the last "minute" of an NXT show as the credit was showing. Worked just as well with Owens/Zayn and it is even better with Ciampa and Gargano given how much both guys are over in Chicago.


I don't know how Johnny doesn't have a concussion after that match. Fell on his head over shooting that diva onto the ladder and take a hard uppercut ladder shot right in the jaw. He is one tough bastard which is what makes him a great babyface.


Have to give NXT some sort of credit because while their TV show hasn't been that good in the last 3 to 4 months, the Takeover shows leading up to it have been fucking great. It is kind of the backwards way RAW/Smackdown is which works for me

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Are you suggesting that Raw/SD is better than most of the PPVs in the past few months? NXT TV has been a complete waste of time for about 2 years, not 3-4 months. I'd also argue that most Takeovers have been 1 match shows for most of the past year.

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Imagine an alternate universe where Nia Jax had an extra year of seasoning in the PC and debuted as the person to beat Asuka.

Or just imagine the current universe where Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai have been signed as potential Asuka opponents. Ember is a dud of a character so I really hope they don't plan on wasting Asuka's first loss on her.

I thought this show overachieved as everything was at least good with one great match and a great angle to close.

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No I meant that that RAW/Smackdown are treated as more important than the PPV. Especially since the brand split. With the exception of the big 3 shows. It is the opposite on NXT. Now whether that is pure luck or the plan I am not sure. I believe that Ciampa would have turned on RAW or Smackdown if this occured on the main roster.

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