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WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre

July 3rd 1985

Opening - A video recap of what happened last week during the main event bout of Victor Jovica vs. Chicky Starr - the return of Hercules Ayala, followed by Ayala running off Al Madril during his interference attempt, Ayala knocking down Jovica, and Ayala standing tall with Jovica down in the ring and Starr / Madril on the run


- In the arena -


Rickin Sanchez welcomes us back to another week of hot action in Puerto Rico. We're going to see two huge names and fan favorites here on the island square off, as Victor Jovica faces Hercules Ayala. What a matchup! We also have the first announcements of the card for July 13th in Hiram Bithorn Stadium - sure to be a huge show! Angel Acevedo of the tag team champions AK-47 is here to face Invader I, and both men's partnerts are banned from the arena. The Rough Riders are going to be in action as well - it's a jam-packed show, and let's get straight to it.


Carlos Colon - absent last week due to a charity function - is out first, though. He's interrupting because he needs to speak to both Victor Jovica and Hercules Ayala. The two men - set to wrestle later - both come out at Colon's urging.


Carlos talks about how much he respects both men, and how hard they've fought the villains that have come through Puerto Rico and the Caribbean over the years. Now he turns to Victor, and he implores Victor to understand that Ayala's "attack" on him was simply a heat of the moment misunderstanding. He turns to Hercules Ayala and implores him to explain to Victor about the misunderstanding - with treacherous wrestlers like Chicky Starr and Al Madril running around, we can't have honest, good, strong, men fighting amongst themselves instead of fighting the real enemies.


Ayala speaks first, apologizing to Victor - Hercules is sorry Jovica got in the way of the heat. Jovica understands he may not have "meant" it, but he was attacked, and that is an attack on his honor as a competitor.


Colon is frustrated but glad it appears to not be a personal grudge - he encourages, with the help of the crowd, both Jovica and Ayala to shake hands and agree to a clean, scientific match-up. They do so.


We're off to the ring for our first match --


Invader I vs. Angel Acevedo


Invader I is a house of fire against Acevedo, with the crowd going wild as Invader pummels Acevedo. Shiek Ali Hassan is not barred from ringside, and he quickly tries to turn the tide for his man by tripping Invader. This leads to a period of Acevedo control, before Invader I starts on the comeback trail and gets a win over 1/2 of the tag team champions. He chases Acevedo and Hassan away from ringside to the delight of the crowd.


Invader I d. Angel Acevedo via pinfall

Invader I stops at the desk with Rickin Sanchez - he's excited to see Invader II in action against Kostina Korchenko next week, even though this time he will be barred from the arena. Invader I doesn't want to steal the thunder of the WWC officials, either, but he has an announcement - the contracts have been signed, the Invaders will face AK47 for the tag team titles at Hiram Bithorn Stadium on July 13th!



Rough Riders (Joel Deaton & Brad Rheingans, accompanied by manager Don Carson) vs. Salvatore Bellomo & Joe Savoldi


The rough and tumble Rough Riders make easy work of the young Savoldi and veteran Bellomo. Don Carson sits on commentary with Rickin Sanchez, talking up both the Rough Riders team and his new acquisition, Tamba the Flying Elephant. Sal isn't pleased with Savoldi's performance, and for the second week in a row, Savoldi finds himself getting kicked while he's down by a veteran who just moments before was his tag team partner. The Rough Riders look fearsome here, and it's clear they are working their way into the tag team title picture quickly.


Rough Riders d. Bellomo & Savoldi via pinfall


Chicky Starr - reigning, defending, victorious always WWC Universal Champion - welcomes us back to the Sport Shop. After some unwelcome interruptions due to the WWC bureaucrats, Chicky is back doing what he loves, talking to some of the great athletes that Puerto Rico has to offer. This week, he is welcoming the legendary Omar Atlas.


Omar Atlas arrives, and he's already hot. Chicky says that he knows Omar has some stuff on his mind, so let's get down to business - several times in the past month, Omar has been on the losing end of a tag team match. Now, Omar never takes the fall, so he's clearly not the problem.


Omar agrees with Chicky. He's been beating up his partners because they simply don't have the toughness to hang with a legend like Omar Atlas. Omar believes he's got a strong pedigree, he's a big time wrestler, and bums like Joe Savoldi are beneath him. He's on the hunt for a new tag team partner, someone who can live up to the standard of excellence that Omar Atlas demands.


Chicky understands - he has to deal with ingrates like Victor Jovica and Carlos Colon. Both him and Omar deserve much better.


As final proof of his legendary status in the wrestling world, Omar Atlas talks about his close personal relationship with the world famous Hulk Hogan. He learned from Hogan, and Hogan learned from him, you might say, he helped make Hulk Hogan the man he is - as proof, he provides this photo:




And claims this is Hulk thanking him for all his advice over the beginning of his career.


Rickin Sanchez is a bit bewildered by that interview, but he can't stay focused on that too long. Rickin interrupts the ending of the Sport Shop because he figures now is as good as time as any to make this announcement - at Hiram Bithorn Stadium on July 13th, Chicky Starr is going to face .... CARLOS COLON! Chicky is apoplectic, even though Colon was the obvious #1 Contender considering the circumstances of Chicky's reign at the top. But Rickin Sanchez isn't finished with the announcements - not only does Chicky Starr have to face Carlos Colon, but due to Chicky's actions since winning the title and his outside help, he's going to face Carlos Colon in a STEEL CAGE MATCH! Chicky is irate - and he storms off the Sport Shop set screaming about the crooked promoters and this god-fore-saken hellhole of an island.


Mike George vs. Damien Kane

Young Damien Kane faces a stiff challenge here in the tough veteran Mike George. Chris Colt - who threatened to beat up Kane last week - arrives shortly after the match begins to watch the proceedings. This, naturally, unnerves Kane, and makes it an even easier match for George. However, just minutes into the action, Rickin Sanchez tells us there is a commotion in the parking lot of all places! A camera man is rushing their right now, in fact. The match continues as George puts on a clinic against Kane, who is out-gunned and keeping one eye on the creepy Chris Colt outside. Mike George gets the pin, and just in time, as our camera man has made it to the parking lot.


We cut to the parking lot, where the Rough Riders are causing quite a scene keeping security and the camera man at a reasonable distance from the action - Don Carson and Tamba the Flying Elephant are viciously assaulting ... a car? Yes, it appears that's Mike George's car, and Tamba is attacking it with great ferocity - similar to:




Back in the arena, Rickin is yelling to Mike George what is happening, and Mike George takes off to the back - security is swarming the scene outside and George can't get his hands on Tamba, Carson, or the Rough Riders, who take off into the island night.


Back in the arena again, Chris Colt is in the ring eyeing Damien Kane - but he doesn't attack. He picks him up, dusts him off (literally), and then exits, leaving a beaten and confused Kane in the ring alone.


Mike George d. Damien Kane via pinfall

Non-Title Match

Hercules Ayala vs. Victor Jovica (Caribbean Champion)

Carlos Colon joins the commentary desk with Rickin Sanchez. He wants to make sure this battle between two of his good friends stays clean and fair.


The two fan favorites square off in a clean matchup. There are some hints towards a bigger brawl, but they keep their emotions in check. It's a solid match, but mostly a teaser for what could be if they were to engage in a full-on feud - and as we've grown accustomed to lately here in PR, Chicky Starr, Al Madril, and little Frankie Starr can't leave an opportunity like this wasted. With Ayala and Jovica growing more frustrated with each other, the trio hit the ring and attack both men. This draws Carlos Colon into the fray, but that's the plan. With Jovica and Ayala both down from the sneak attack, the trio have open season on Colon when he tries to dive into the ring. Madril and Frankie Starr hold up Colon and Chicky slams the Universal Title into Colon's head, leaving a bloodied challenger laying in the ring with Ayala and Jovica. Madril, Starr, and young Starr escape to the back to the anger of the crowd!

Hercules Ayala vs. Victor Jovica (No Contest)


What a scene! Rickin Sanchez can't believe the cowardice that Madril and Starr continue to show on a weekly basis. He's sure the WWC officials will have some more to say about this next week. Unfortunately we have no time for standby matches this week - but we'll have plenty more action next week as barrel towards Hiram Bithorn Stadium on Saturday July 13th!!



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I really enjoyed this show. For the better part of this game, writers have put Carlos Colon on their roster and they knew he was a top star but had no idea of what to do with him. I used him for a few run-ins and big matches but never really gave him a shot. He is now in the perfect place.


Ayala-Jovica is a a great angle. We still have no idea of who the heel will be and this will become one of the biggest angles you have.


Chicky Starr-Omar Atlas segment was classic. The Hogan reference was hilarious but I could see someone doing that.


Tamba is also in a prefect situation. By his look and resemblance to the Butcher he could be a huge star.


Keep up the good work!

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Had a tremendously busy week and the big stadium show coming up later this week, so this is an abbreviated recap of the go-home show before the big 7/13 card at Hiram Bithorn Stadium

WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre

July 10th 1985

Opening -

We start with a commercial that's been playing on PR Television all week ...

















Rickin introduces the show for the week, and as advertised in papers throughout the island the last week, we've got a big six man main event - Carlos Colon, Victor Jovica, and Hercules Ayala will take on Chicky Starr, Frankie Starr, and Al Madril - and much more action!

-- Steve Simpson d. Ron Ellis

Quick match to build Simpson up a little bit before his match with Ayala in three days

-- Promo: Starr, Starr, and Madril

This special edition of Chicky's Sport Shop features the heels for tonight's main event. Chicky Starr rants about the unfair Puerto Rican commissions and bureaucrats who are forcing him into a steel cage with that animal Colon. Madril is excited to get his hands on the "coward" Jovica.

-- Brad Rhenigans - Double Countout - Super Medico I

Rhenigans and Medico have a competitive bout that ends in a double countout - they'll do more to settle this score in tag team action at Hiram Bithorn on Saturday!

-- Promo: Ayala / Colon / Jovica

The face team is ready for the challenge tonight - Carlos and Victor are both fired up for their cage matches on Saturday. Victor and Hercules have worked through their issues, they say, and will function as one well-oiled team tonight!

-- Invader II vs. Kostina Korchenko

Really a pretty bad match with the somewhat worthless Korchenko, who falls to Invader II and now both Invader's have scored victories over reigning tag team champs AK-47 in the buildup for their match Saturday

-- MAIN EVENT -- Hercules Ayala / Victor Jovica / Carlos Colon vs. Chicky Starr / Frankie Starr / Al Madril

A wild brawl that the referee simply cannot control - things go super haywire with everyone brawling at the end - Al Madril, in the chaos, absolutely plants Victor Jovica with a piledriver outside the ring - Jovica is left a bloody mess and in terrible shape for his match this weekend with Madril!

-- Standby Match - Chris Colt d. Rick Renslow

In the first and only standby bout of the night, Chris Colt squashes Rick Renslow and then cuts a promo telling Damien Kane to anticipate great pain this Saturday night at Hiram Bithorn Stadium - he's going to teach him what it means to be a real wrestler.

Rickin runs down the Hiram Bithorn card one more time and plugs ticket sales - THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

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I'm looking forward to those cage matches.


Also, I always like the honest approach, like when one of us writes something like "Really a pretty bad match..." I think it adds tot he realism of this project. They can't all be barn-burners.

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(Notes: On the WWC DVDs I've been watching, it seems fairly common for them to pipe commentary over the house mic, so Rickin Sanchez is present and doing PBP this evening)


Rickin Sanchez welcomes the crowd to this spectacular night of championship wrestling presented by the World Wrestling Council, Capitol Sports Promotions, and the Puerto Rico Boxing & Wrestling Commission. He hypes the crowd about the double main event - both the Universal Title and the Caribbean Title will be on the line in steel cage matches!


We've got a huge night of action to get to, so let's waste no time and get straight to the ring for our opening contest.


Valente Fernandez vs. Mike Hammer


Valente is a solid hand and a Caribbean favorite, so this match is just to warm up the crowd. He goes back and forth with Hammer for a few minutes before scoring the pinfall and kicking the night off.


Valente Fernandez d. Mike Hammer (Pinfall, 6:00)

Rickin Sanchez introduces the next match on the card, Chris Colt vs. Damien Kane. He takes this opportunity to remind the crowd of the events that have transpired between these two - Colt basically stalking Kane during his matches, Kane believing that Colt was scouting him for a team, and Colt announcing he simply wants to beat up Damien Kane.



Chris Colt vs. Damien Kane


Kane still seems unsure of what this all about - but his uncertainty is quickly cleared up by Chris Colt, who goes on a savage attack. Colt mauls Kane from pillar to post. In between vicious strikes and submissions, Colt screams at Kane to "show his anger". We've got our first blade job of the night in this match - welcome to Puerto Rico - as Colt bashes Kane's head open and rubs some of the blood on his own chest. Finally, Colt takes "pity" on Kane and scores the pin.


Chris Colt d. Damien Kane (Pinfall, 8:00)


After the bout, Colt stands over Kane with his hands on his hips. He appears to be contemplating inflicting more damage - but he picks Kane up, and helps him out of the ring. He is walking Kane back to the dugout entrance - Rickin Sanchez is baffled by the bizarre Chris Colt.



Rickin Sanchez moves the action along, as he announces that Omar Atlas will be debuting with his new tag team partner tonight - and is interrupted by Atlas. Omar reminds the people that he taught the great Hulk Hogan all that he knows, that he is a true legend of professional wrestling, and that's he found a partner who can match his big time wrestling experience - the well-traveled Salvatore Bellomo!

Omar Atlas & Salvatore Bellomo vs. Joe Lightfoot & Don Running Bear


Atlas and Bellomo prove to be a more formidable team than one might initially expect. The young Joe Lightfoot certainly puts up a fight for his team, but the veteran Running Bear ends up stuck in the ring getting worked over by Atlas & Bellomo. Running Bear manages to get a tag to Lightfoot, who goes on a tear, but it's not enough. Bellomo - on the apron - bashes Lightfoot in the head from behind which provides Atlas the opportunity to roll him up for the three count. Ladies and gentleman, Atlas is off the losing streak and has found a winning partner!


Atlas & Bellomo d. Lightfoot & Running Bear (Pinfall, 7:00)

Don Carson is out to talk to Rickin Sanchez before his stable's first match of the night. Tamba the Flying Elephant is being prepared backstage by Carson's assistants, he's ready for Mike George later. Right now, it's time for those dastardly Super Medicos to get the beating they deserve from the future kings of this island - the Rough Riders, Brad Rhenigans and Joel Deaton.



The Rough Riders (Brad Rhenigans & Joel Deaton) vs. Super Medicos - Jose Estrada (Super Medico I) & Johnny Rodz (Super Medico II)


Almost from the start this degenerates into a brawl as it becomes clear The Rough Riders have little interest in the rules. It's blade job #2 of the night as Super Medico I has his white mask colored crimson by some vicious punches from Deaton. Deaton focuses on the brawling and Rhenigans shows off his amateur skills during their control segments. The Medicos show the fire that a Puerto Rican hero should but are getting the worst of this bout. The Medicos eventually make a comeback and now it's a pure streetfight, with all four men clubbering each other about the ring and the ringside area. The referee has no choice but to count all four men out after the action spills into the ballfield surrounding the ring.


Rough Riders vs. Super Medicos - DOUBLE COUNTOUT - 12:00

Rickin Sanchez puts over the animosity that's developed between those two teams, and is sure that's not the last we've seen of their battles.


Before the next match, we have a short interview with one of the combatants - Hercules Ayala. Rickin pushes Ayala on the Jovica issue - Ayala assures Rickin he has no problem with Victor Jovica. Victor is a great Caribbean hero and he respects him tremendously - but Victor is a champion, and Hercules Ayala is not a champion, and every wrestler wants to be a champion, so they can never be best friends.


Hercules Ayala vs. Steve Simpson


Steve Simpson gets a boost here by being allowed to hang with Hercules Ayala - perhaps due to the ring rust since this is only Ayala's second match since the return of WWC - but in the end, Ayala asserts his superiority and takes the victory.


Hercules Ayala d. Steve Simpson (Pinfall, 7:00)


It's time for the tag team title contest!



AK-47 (Angel Acevedo & Kostina Korchenko)



Invaders - Jose Gonzalez (Invader I) & Roberto Soto (Invader II)


The short-lived and ill-advised push of the AK-47 unit comes to an end here with a decisive victory by the Invaders, who avenge the guerilla warfare attacks that have been perpetrated on them by taking a no-doubt victory from Acevedo & Korchenko. The crowd goes wild as Invader I hits Korchenko with a heart punch and covers him for the 1-2-3!


Invaders d. AK-47 (Pinfall - 8:00) - NEW CARIBBEAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS


Rickin brings the Invaders over to celebrate - they are happy to bring the titles back to a team from the island and proud to defend them against all comers!


We're almost to the cage matches, but first, we've got a score to settle. Rickin reminds the crowd about Tamba the Flying Elephant brutalizing his overmatched competition - one Mike George took exception to this, and for his troubles, Tamba destroyed his car! Now we're going to get in the ring!


Tamba the Flying Elephant vs. Mike George

Tamba is lead to the ring by Don Carson and a gaggle of unnamed "handlers" who direct him. George is ready for a war, and he gets one. George, the grizzled veteran, isn't overrun by Tamba like previous opponents were, but in the end, even Mike George isn't big enough or strong enough to control the Flying Elephant. Tamba gets him down, hits him with two big splashes, and scores the victory.


Tamba the Flying Elephant d. Mike George (Pinfall, 10:00)


We've got an intermission of sorts now while the cage is constructed and the stadium lights dim a bit. Rickin Sanchez runs down the events that have lead to these two cage matches - it all started with Al Madril helping Chicky Starr capture the WWC Universal Title. From there, Chicky ducked challenger after challenger and only escaped the matches he did have with the help of Madril. Meanwhile, Jovica has valiantly defended his Caribbean Title, but is continually put down by sneak attacks from Al Madril and Chicky and Frank Starr. This left the commission with only one choice - to put all four men in cage matches and prevent Chicky from escaping a fight, and prevent Madril from his hit and run style. It'll be one on one tonight!


The house lights are brought back to full power as the cage is nearing completion. "Trapped" by Bruce Springsteen blares over the speakers as the crowd takes in the scene.



Victor Jovica



"Latin Lover" Al Madril


Jovica is bandaged up and still feeling the after-effects of yet another Madril piledriver just days before on TV. The bell rings, and it's on! Jovica and Madril get right down to business. It's a bruising, brawling affair and there's blade job #3 and blade job #4 as both men are spurting blood onto the canvas! Jovica opens the match with lots of aggression, but Madril knows Jovica is hurt - can he outlast this initial fire from Jovica? That's the question. The match starts to drag on and Jovica, already hurt from the piledriver, is now losing a lot of blood. Madril smells his chance, and he hits a piledriver! But that's not enough - Jovica manages to grab him before Madril can exit the cage. Now it's a scary scene as Madril hoists Jovica up for another piledriver! My god, he's going to him with a third piledriver! Jovica is laying in a pool of his own blood and not moving! Madril is exhausted but exits the cage - we've got a new Caribbean Champion!

Al Madril d. Victor Jovica (Cage Escape, 18:00) - NEW CARIBBEAN CHAMPION AL MADRIL



Chicky Starr



Carlos Colon


It's time for the main event! The Universal Title! The hero, Carlos Colon, enters the cage first as the challenger. He awaits the entrance of champion Chicky Starr - who is nowhere to be seen? The crowd buzzes - here comes Chicky finally, being dragged by uniformed security officers! He's screaming that Puerto Rico is biased against him! This is a travesty, according to Starr! He's wiggling free of the policeman, but Colon exits the open cage door, chases down the group, and grabs Chicky by the hair! He lays into Chicky with punches, and Chicky is already bleeding for blade job #5!


Carlos drags a bloody Starr back towards the cage. The crowd is on fire! Carlos throws Chicky into the cage, he gets in, and the door is locked behind them! Carlos Colon is absolutely slaughtering Chicky Starr! The champion is begging off at every opportunity and Colon is teeing off with fists of fury! He's dragging Chicky along the cage! The beating continues for a bit with the crowd loving every second of it - until Chicky gets a low blow and is able to get some space.


Carlos is down and Chicky is too tired to do anything about it! Chicky tries to mount some offense but it's not as effective as Carlos - that doesn't stop Carlos from blade job #6 of the night! Chicky is going to try to escape - but Carlos gets real fired up now - here's the cartwheel - and here comes more of a beating! He's got Chicky Starr in the figure four, and it doesn't look like Carlos is going to stop!


Finally, Carlos leaves a bloody, bruised, and broken Chicky Starr in the center of the ring and walks out the cage door - or so it seems - as the crowd yells for more, Carlos turns around, and lays some more punches into the prone Starr - and now Colon finally leaves the ring! NEW CHAMPION!


Carlos Colon d. Chicky Starr (Cage Escape, 14:00) - NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION CARLOS COLON


Carlos celebrates with the adoring Hiram Bithorn crowd, and that's it for tonight!

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Great show...you have done an amazing job of establishing your roster and building feuds in a short amount of time. I love the Omar Atlas stuff, you've given him personality and character and made him an entertaining part of the show.


I'm looking forward to more battles between the Super Medicos and the Rough Riders! Good to see Al Madril winning some gold...and all is right with the world when Carlos is Universal Champion.

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Omar & Bellomo is a fun little team that could do great here, then go back to jobbing to Demolition on WWF Superstars in six months. :)

Ayala as one of your top guys should really work well, especially as you have him defeat Simpson.

Didn't expect The Invaders to pick up the tag titles so quickly, but this is Puerto Rico, where the titles can sometimes switch pretty often.

Huge win for Madril and really sets himself as one of the top guys in the territory.

OTOH, I did expect Colon to win. But, really fun main event and Starr can easily return as a challenger in the future, or as the leader of a faction.

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WWC Super Estrellas de la Lucha Libre

July 17th - 1985

- Show opening -


A new opening this week - the fearsome guitars of Angus and Malcolm Young fire up and we hear the first minute or so of "If You Want Blood You Got It" by AC/DC played over some violent bloody clips of WWC action. This fades into a replay of the end of the Hiram Bithorn Stadium Spectacular, with Carlos Colon exiting the ring to the cheers of the crowd, holding the WWC Universal Title up high


-- In the arena --


Rickin Sanchez welcomes us to what is sure to be a big night of championship wrestling action. The events of Hiram Bithorn Stadium are fresh in all minds, and there's sure to be reaction. Carlos Colon, the new WWC Universal Champion, has demanded to continue his war against the forces opposing him - tonight, he's going to get his revenge on little Frankie Starr! Al Madril is here to talk about his new Caribbean Championship, we have an update on Victor Jovica, the new tag team champions The Invaders will be here, and we have a big debut - let's get to the ring!


Manny Fernandez vs. Rick Renslow


The Ragin' Bull has arrived in Puerto Rico! Rickin puts over Fernandez for his exploits around the world. Fernandez is working as a face and he takes apart the big man Renslow to showcase his skills here.


Manny Fernandez d. Rick Renslow via pinfall


Manny joins Rickin Sanchez at the announce table after the match. He's glad he has the opportunity to come compete for the great Puerto Rican fans, and he's happy to lend a hand to Carlos Colon, Victor Jovica, Hercules Ayala, The Invaders ... whoever could use some of that Ragin' Bull energy! He takes special exception to Al Madril - calling him a coward, a man who gives Latino a bad name. You're on notice, Madril!



Chris Colt vs. Ron Ellis


Chris Colt brings Damien Kane - a very subservient Damien Kane - to the ring with him. Kane watches, subdued, on the outside while Colt dismantles Ron Ellis for an easy victory.


Chris Colt d. Ron Ellis via pinfall


Rickin Sanchez catches up with Chris Colt after the bout. Colt explains that while he sees great potential in Damien Kane, the makings of a truly vicious man are there, he just needs help bringing that out. And the first step is to beat out the old, losing, pathetic ways of Kane. He slaps Kane for good measure, and Kane accepts his punishment.


It's time for what is sure to be a most interesting segment ...


Chicky's Sport Shop with Al Madril


Chicky, bandaged, welcomes us to the Sport Shop this week. He's not in the mood to talk about the rigged mess that was the cage match - the commission, the promoters, the fans, all of Puerto Rico has it out for Chicky Starr and he's not going to lay down and accept it. This island is against him, but Chicky Starr will prevail!


He brings out his guest - the NEW Caribbean Champion, Al Madril. It's time to celebrate!


"The Latin Lover" is accompanied by a very bad Mariachi three piece, and he's quite excited to have his new championship belt. Al Madril says that we were promised an update on Victor Jovica, and he's got the update himself - Jovica is hurt, he's gone forever, he's never coming back! Al Madril has proven he can overcome the best the Caribbean has to offer, and no one is going to take this title from him - in fact, he's coming for Carlos Colon's Universal Title too! The band plays on as Chicky and Al yell more threats to Colon and generally enjoy themselves.


Tamba the Flying Elephant vs. Tony Stetson


The Flying Elephant is accompanied to the ring by his manager Don Carson and associates Joel Deaton and Brad Rhenigans, The Rough Riders.


Tamba's winning ways continue. Fresh off his defeat of Mike George at Hiram Bithorn, he scores a 35 second victory here against Stetson, who sure looks hurt after the bout.


Tamba the Flying Elephant d. Tony Stetson via pinfall


After the bout, Tamba, The Rough Riders, and Carson are interviewed by Rickin Sanchez. Carson proclaims the virtues of his stable - a fearsome threesome the likes of which this dump has never seen - and promises they'll all be holding gold soon enough. This brings out the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champions, The Invaders, who don't appreciate the attitude from Carson and his stable. Just before things break down into chaos, The Super Medicos arrive on the scene to back up the champs! It's a standoff with Super Medicos and Invaders staring down The Rough Riders and Tamba The Flying Elephant - but things stay just this side of calm and no blows are thrown .. today.


Carlos Colon is out for an interview before his match. He says Frankie Starr delayed the inevitable a few weeks ago when he got in the ring instead of Chicky - this time, Frankie is going to get all that he has coming to him, just like Chicky got what he had coming to him. As for Chicky, Carlos is tired of hearing that the island is against him - Chicky just couldn't get the job done when the chips were down.


Non-Title Match

Universal Champion Carlos Colon vs. Frankie Starr


Carlos absolutely crushes Frankie Starr, as you might expect, until, as you might expect again, there are some shenanigans afoot. Chicky, Al, and the mariachi band are out during the match. The band plays as Chicky yells at Carlos and Al Madril celebrates with his title. Carlos takes an obvious exception to this, and he gets out of the ring. He confronts Chicky, who almost immediately starts running away towards the celebrating Madril and the band - and the band attacks Carlos! A vicious guitar shot takes him down! The band rip off their costumes and it's El Satanico, MS-1, and Pirata Morgan! LOS INFERNALES have arrived in WWC! Rickin sells the viciousness of this rudo trio from Mexico for the fans who don't know them, as they assault Colon while Madril and Starr gloat. Chicky has a microphone- you see, island scum, I've brought some outside help to combat the prejudice of the Puerto Rican promoters! These world-class athletes from Mexico are going to show you what REAL LUCHA LIBRE is like!


... and here's the cavalry, finally! Hercules Ayala and Manny Fernandez charge out of the locker room to fight Los Infernales, Chicky, Frank, and Madril! It's a big time brawl! The Invaders are out to help the PR contingent! This is wild!


The brawl continues between the mass of humanity in the ring for a couple minutes, and we are unfortunately going to have to go off the air before this is resolved!


Carlos Colon vs. Frankie Starr - No Contest -





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What an introduction for Los Infernales! I did not see that coming. Awesome stuff.


The idea of those three bleeding and brawling in a Mexico vs. PR feud was way too tempting to pass up. We can't have three of the best workers in history chilling on the sidelines in 1985!

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Capitol Sports Promotions & the World Wrestling Council present


July 24 - 1985

Rickin Sanchez introduces us to the show this week. We have one half of the Rough Riders - the vaunted amateur wrestler Brad Rheingans, taking on Hercules Ayala in a big main event. We’ve also got the debuts of the three Mexican men we saw last week, as well as a special Sport Shop, and so much more!

Chicky’s Sport Shop w. Los Infernales

Normally we have a match to kick-off the show, but the public is demanding an explanation - who are Los Infernales, and why are they here?

Chicky Starr says that should be obvious. It was a glorious four week reign of Chicky in WWC - but there were certain people here who just couldn’t stand to see that happen. They put every obstacle they could think of in front of Chicky - and he conquered them all, by the way - until they shackled him into a no-rules cage against a mad man. No dignified champion in wrestling would subject themselves to that type of contest for a title, but Chicky agreed to it, because he wanted to prove he’s the greatest. And, with the deck stacked against him, he came up just short.

Chicky knew he wasn’t going to get fair treatment here in Puerto Rico - so he decided to look elsewhere.

El Satanico introduces himself, Pirata Morgan, and MS-1. They are Los Infernales. They’ve conquered Mexico, and they’ve set their sights on Puerto Rico. They’ve proven themselves as the dominant trio in lucha libre, and they pride themselves on their heritage - and it’s a heritage they’ve seen disrespected here on the island, with the way the people treat the Latin Lover Al Madril.

Al Madril - proudly holding the Caribbean Championship - wonders aloud to himself - where is that Victor Jovica? Is it true that Al Madril has driven him completely out of professional wrestling, left him an invalid, a retired, unemployable loser? It could be true - it definitely could be true. Nobody knows where Victor is, nobody even cares enough to find out, it seems. Al Madril has erased him from history, and it’s just the beginning of his championship reign.

Chicky concludes the show with some more thoughts of his own. His personal climb back to the Universal Title starts tonight, against Manny Fernandez. The Ragin’ Bull is going to be tamed by the great Chicky Starr!


Pirata Morgan & MS-1 vs. Joe Lightfoot and Don Running Bear

A very quick debut for Morgan & MS-1, who demolish Lightfoot and Running Bear with ease. The tag team champions - The Invaders - make their way to the announce desk during this match, offering some thoughts for Los Infernales - assuring the people of Puerto Rico that they will defend these Caribbean Tag Team Titles with the honor they deserve!

After the match, Morgan & MS-1 shoot death glares at The Invaders, who stand up from the desk and look ready to fight, but Los Infernales make an exit before a brawl can begin.

Morgan & MS-1 d. Lightfoot & Running Bear via pinfall


El Satanico vs. Ron Ellis

It’s the debut of the great El Satanico, who puts on a clinic against Ellis. This is simply a showcase for Satanico - who is cruising along, and scores a quick, easy pinfall for a simple night’s work - that is until, in street clothes, it’s Carlos Colon! He’s fired up after being attacked last week, and he’s throwing fists everywhere against Satanico, who fires some shots back of his own before bailing out of the ring! Pirata Morgan & MS-1 are out to flank Satanico, and here are The Invaders to stand tall alongside Colon! What an explosive situation developing here in WWC!

Carlos Colon rushes to Rickin Sanchez at the announce desk and he grabs the microphone. Carlos wants Los Infernales, Chicky, and Madril to watch themselves - nobody comes here and bad-mouths the good people of Puerto Rico the way they have! Carlos isn’t going to stand for it, and other great men like Hercules Ayala, Victor Jovica, and Manny Fernandez aren’t going to stand for it either!

El Satanico d. Ron Ellis via pinfall


Tamba the Flying Elephant vs. Bulldog Bob Brown

Tamba the Flying Elephant, lead to the ring by his unnamed handlers and Don Carson, makes quick work of the veteran Bulldog - squashing him in under a minute to continue his winning ways.

Tamba the Flying Elephant d. Bulldog Bob Brown


Manny Fernandez vs. Chicky Starr (w/ Al Madril)

Manny continues to skyrocket up the standings here in Puerto Rico, taking the fight right to Chicky Starr. Chicky just can’t match the intensity of the Ragin’ Bull. Al Madril on the outside is a tougher challenge - his constant jaw-jacking at Fernandez and threats to interfere are the only way for Chicky to gain a momentary advantage. Finally, Manny gets the victory, and a tense stand-off with Al Madril immediately ensues.

Manny Fernandez d. Chicky Starr via pinfall



Hercules Ayala vs. Brad Rheingans (w/ Don Carson & Joel Deaton)

Rheingans provides Ayala with his toughest competition thus far, using his amateur background to counter the power of Hercules. This is a back and forth contest but eventually Ayala takes control - which brings Carson and Deaton into the affair. The attempted interference is the catalyst for The Super Medicos to rush from their locker room, grabbing Carson and Deaton to keep them away from the ring. This allows Ayala the opening he needs to score the victory.

His celebration is shortlived - as the Medicos brawl with Carson, Deaton, and now Rheingans, Tamba The Flying Elephant has returned to join the fray - it’s a big stare-down between Hercules Ayala and Tamba The Flying Elephant! These two monstrous men refuse to back down!

The ring fills with officials, who make sure this doesn’t come to blows .. yet.

Hercules Ayala d. Brad Rheingans via pinfall


We have time for some standby action this week!

Omar Atlas & Salvatore Bellomo vs. Joe Savoldi & Steve Simpson

Atlas & Bellomo, the grizzled veterans, take on two young studs. Salvoldi and Simpson are bigger, faster, and stronger, but they aren’t as wily as the veterans. Atlas and Bellomo whether the initial shine from S & S, but turn the tide with some well-executed (and questionably legal) double team tactics, eventually scoring the win.

Atlas & Bellomo d. Savoldi & Simpson via pinfall


Valente Fernandez vs. Mr. Hito

With TV time running out, Fernandez works quick. He scores a victory over the veteran with a flash rollup just before the show goes off the air for the week!

Valente Fernandez d. Mr Hito via pinfall

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