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Central States Wrestling August 1985

El Dragon

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(Sorry for the not great format yet, have had computer problems all day and just wanted to make sure to get this up and not fall too far behind)


UWF/CSW Television Debut, August 4th 1985. Pre-Recorded on July 28th

Hosted by Larry Matysik and Gene Kininski

Larry Matysik: Central States Wrestling is Back on the Air! Hello everyone watching at home in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and parts of Illinois and Indiana! After 6 months, we are proud to debut the new and improved Central States Wrestling, brought to you by the Universal Wrestling Federation. There has been lots of changes around here in recent months, and to help familiarize you with the direction we are going to be going, we are happy to bring to you one of the voices of the UWF, Mr Jim Ross

Jim Ross: It sure is good to be here Larry, and thank you for having me, and it’s great to officially welcome you in person to the UWF. Let me just say that many folks down south are happy to have ya!

Larry Matysik: And we sure are happy to be a part Jim. Now, as you have been around it for a lot longer then I have, can you help familiarize the folks at home with what switching to the UWF means to them.

Jim: Well it means a bit of a new title structure for one thing. Now the main UWF titles are in a bit of flux, as the UWF World, Tag Team, and Six Man Tag titles are all being defended tomorrow night at CCW Beach Brawl down in Tampa Florida, which is a gigantic card. UWF World Champion Austin Idol defends his title against Jerry Lawler, The UWF World Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors, and they are 2 bad men Larry, are putting the belts on the line against the House of Humperdink, and the UWF World Six Man Tag Champions the Stud Stable are putting the belts on the line as well. Whoever wins will, I’m sure, have to making some title defenses against the best of your boys sometime soon, and we are greatly looking forward to the action

Larry: Thanks for coming up here Jim, and thank you for the welcome to the UWF!


Commercial Break


Match: Debuting British Import Marty Jones defeats Frankie Lane in 7 minutes of hard hitting action after a Belly to Belly Piledriver. Marty Jones was hyped up extensively by Matysik, stating how it’s common belief he’s one of the very best British wrestlers alive, and Jones does little to put that in question, with one of the best technical and hardest hitting displays the Central States crowd has seen in some time. Jones checked on Lane at the end of the match, and shook Lanes hand, with Matysik complimenting Jones sportsmanship and fair play.

After the match, Matysik and Kiniski hype up how Central States plans to determine the First UWF Central States Champion with there upcoming UWF Central States Mid American League. They go over the rules, as follows

Larry Matsyik: And that’s why we here at Central States are proud to announce the UWF Central States Mid American League! We here at Central States believe in going to great lengths to determine who should be the right man to carry us into this new period of promise, and we have came up with this league. Here is how it’s all going to work. We are going to be all around Missouri and Kansas for the month of August, and those shows will be centered around Mid American League matches. This upcoming week, we will be in Topeka on Monday, and Kansas City on Wednesday. Each of those shows will have 4 qualifying matches, with no time limit! Whoever wins those matches will be qualified to take part in the Mid American League. And after a couple more matches tonight, we should have the list of matches for each of those big shows!

Commercial Break

Match: The Black Dragon (Magic Dragon) w/ JR Foley defeats Art Crews by Countout in about 10 minutes. Another showcase for a foreign talent, Black Dragon was brought out to the ring by one JR Foley, who proceeded to take some cheat shots on the more established Crews over the course of the match. Dragon is a small guy, but has some good strikes that some submission attacks of note. Crews made a nice comeback, but after Foley tried to get involved again, Crews went to ring side to try to take him out, only for Dragon to hit a brutal looking sliding kick through the bottom ropes that took Crews out. The 10 count was pretty academic after that.

Foley then heads down to Matysik and Kininski, and starts ranting to the fans.

JR Foley: Did you see what my man just did to one of your boys Kansas City! He just took out one of your hometown favorites like it was nothing at all! Because he is one of the best in the world, and this is what he does! And let me tell you something Matysik, and you too Kininski. If those in charge of Central States Wrestling have any ounce of honor, they will recognize that my man the Black Dragon just beat a former NWA Television Champion! And I know for a fact that they had plans to put Crews right in the center of the that Mid American League. Well, if my man can beat Crews, you better come out here and tell me right now why the Black Dragon can’t be your first UWF Central States Champion! And if he’s not in that League, I will tell you right now I will make it my personal mission to make everyone in this companies life a living hell!

Commercial Break

After commercial break, Larry Matysik is joined by former Central States Heavyweight Champion Buzz Tyler!

Tyler: Oh, it’s good to be home! And it’s good to be going for some gold Larry! You see, when I heard Central States was back and chugging, there was no way I wasn’t going to come back and re-establish that this my time to stand out. And you better believe that pretty soon, Buzz Tyler is gonna be holding UWF Gold around my waist!

Before Matysik can interject with more, he is interrupt by the legendary Bulldog Bob Brown.

Brown: Oh Tyler, I think you’d have learned by now. Any time the Central States Heavyweight Championship is going to be on the line, you are gonna have to go through me. And everyone here, especially the great people here in Kansas City, knows that there is no force of man that is going to stop me!

There is a brief stare down, before Matysik interjects

Matysik: It is worth noting, as well as you both being included in the field of the Mid American League, you have both put yourself together into the running for the Central States Tag Team Titles. And on top of that, you guys are teaming in the Main Event tonight against the Della Sorra Brothers. It might be wise for you Gentlemen to calm down.

Tyler and Brown continue their tense stair off, before Tyler smiles, and retaking the mic.

Tyler: Oh Larry, you should know how me and Bulldog work. I’ll knock him out whenever we get in the ring for that title, but we’ll knock out anyone out on the way to that belt. And Della Sorra boys, I got nothing against you guys. I heard you’ve done some good work up there in Canada. But you are out of your league tonight boys. We are the foundation of Central States, and we are going to be for a long long time!

MATCH: Lanny Poffo defeats Spike Huber w/ Dick the Bruiser with a School Boy rollup in 6 minutes. Poffo seemed to have a bit of an ego about him, and when he was controlling Spike, he was taunting Spikes Father in Law, Dick the Bruiser at ringside. Huber took control and was looking to be in good shape before Poffo pulled out the rollup, and looked to have a hand full of tights as well.

Commercial Break

MATCH: “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young defeats Dave Taylor in 9 minutes via Pinfall after a 2nd Rope Dropkick. Both of these guys were not very well known in this area, but both put on a pretty solid match that was easy to get behind. Taylor is another one of those British imports, and works a pretty hard hitting style, but doesn’t have Jones sense of fair play. Young worked some good control into this, and hit a sharp 2nd rope dropkick on the jaw to score the duke.

Larry Matysik excitedly says they have finally revealed to him the qualifying matches for the Mid American League, and they are as follows.

Scheduled for August 7th in Topeka Kansas

The Following Matches are Qualifying Matches for the Mid American League!

Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Lanny Poffo

Gary Royal vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe vs. The Black Dragon w/ JR Foley

Plowboy Frazier vs. “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young

Also on the card

Bulldog Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler vs. Kelly and Nick Kiniski

Marty Jones, Ben Bassarab, and Norvell Austin vs. Jack Victory, Dave Taylor, & Eli the Eliminator

The Dream Machine vs. Art Crews

Scheduled for 8/9 in Kansas City, Kansas

The Following Matches are Qualifying Matches for the Mid American League!

Nick Kiniski vs. Norvell Austin

Buzz Tyler vs. Kelly Kiniski

Ben Bassarab vs. Marty Jones

The Dream Machine vs. Bulldog Bob Brown

Also on the Card

Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe & Lanny Poffo vs. Dave Taylor and Jack Victory

Dominick DeNouchi, Spike Huber, and Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. The Black Dragon w/ JR Foley and the Della Sorra Brothers

Jimmy Valiant vs. Plowboy Frazier

Tickets are still available for both shows, so grab them fast to see history in the making!

Commercial Break

MAIN EVENT: Bulldog Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler defeat the Bob and Gino Della Sorra in 12 minutes when Bulldog pins Bob with a Legdrop. Mostly domination from Brown and Tyler though the Della Sorra Brothers got some good offense in here and there. Brown and Tyler seemed to be trying to one up each other to try to prove a point. The show ends with them jaw jacking a bit at each other.

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Great start and welcome to the come. The UWF is so excited to expand into the plains!


-The Mid-American League seems like it is a cool way to crown a champion and I look forward to reading it.


-JR. Foley makes a great heel manager and along with the hated Japanese Black Dragon, they could bring some serious heat.


- For someone who kind of just picked a roster from what was left, I really think you got some big stars which could produce some great UWF Championship matches. The players who have been around awhile have rosters a little to big to play the territory game but your is perfect. People like Buzz Tyler, Jimmy Valient and Sweet Brown Sugar are really championship material but we had pushed them into jobber roles. You actually have a very realistic roster for 1985! Perfect!!!!


-Don't be afraid to ask for anything. The UWF tries to help each other out.

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UWF/CSW Live in Topeka Kansas, August 6th 1985

Mid American League Qualifying Match

Gorgeous” Gary Royal defeats Tiger Conway Jr. in 11 minutes by making Conway pass out in the Rear Naked Choke.

Interesting thing right off the bat for Royal: He came to the ring with the Central States Television Championship. It is worth noting, he was the champ as of Central States break from the NWA, but all titles had been declared vacant since. Either nobody told Royal, or he simply doesn’t care. This was a solid contest, with Conway getting some nice moments, but Royal was hitting pretty darn hard in this, and finally put him away with the Choke.

After the previous match, JR Foley comes to the ring, followed by 2 men in black masks, Foley gets on the mic and introduces his 2 newest clients, The Cobra and Super Ninja. He throws down an open challenge to meet this new force

The Cobra and The Super Ninja defeat Tito Sansa and Denis Goulet in a bit more then 5 minutes when Super Ninja defeated Goulet with a Diving Knee Drop from the Top Rope

Well, this is a really good way to debut some new talent. Sansa never even got into this match, as this was just 5 minutes of them destroying Goulet. Cobra was much quicker and sharper then almost anyone on the roster, and Super Ninja, who has to be at least 6’6 was much more agile then almost any guy his size I remember. Very impressive debut for JR Foley’s newest clients.

Mid American League Qualifying Match

Handsome” Jimmy Valiant defeats Lanny Poffo in 8 minutes after Poffo missed a Moonsault, and Valiant went for a quick pin.

Interesting styles clash, as Poffo is significantly more athletic, were as Valiant plays to the crowd much more. Valiant had the crowd going really good, and Poffo was getting more and more irked by the crowd reaction as the match went on. Poffo’s Moonsault attempt was spectacular, but Valiant was too experienced to get caught by the high risk move. It was a very close 3 count, and Poffo argued with the ref over it being 3, and you could hear his “Do you even known how to count to 3?” from the back seats.

Marty Jones, Ben Bassarab, and Norvell Austin defeat Jack Victory, Dave Taylor, and Eli the Eliminator in 14 minutes when Bassarab pinned Eli with a Running Powerslam

Fun little contest here. Jones and Taylor had a couple of exchanges that were pretty well done, Bassarab and Jones got into some one upsmanship going into there big qualifying match this week as well. Worth noting was that Victory and Taylor had a pretty decent control segment going on Austin, but it all went to nothing when Eli couldn’t hold control which led to the hot tag to Jones. Bassarab came in off a blind tag when Jones had things mostly under control, and caught Eli by surprise to pick up the pinfall, lifting the larger Eli up quite impressively in the process. Jones, retaining his focus, still shook hands with Bassarab in anticipation for there match on Wendsday.


Mid American League Qualifying Match

Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young defeats Plowboy Frazier in 6 minutes after falling out the back of a Powerslam attempt and winning with a School Boy

Pretty classic Big Man vs. Little Man match. Frazier is a big big boy, not very mobile, but can play the immovable object well enough. Young showed some good fire, even with Frazier not acting too heelish, managing to avoid most of Fraziers big moves. Got a pretty decent pop for scoring the duke here too.




The Dream Machine defeats Art Crews in 8 minutes with a Small Package

Interesting match here. Dream Machine isn’t overly known in the area and was mostly brawling while Crews, beloved in his home state of Kansas, was trying to show Central States made a mistake by not putting him in for a Qualifying match for the MAL. Crews overzealousness might have cost him though, as a Suplex attempt was countered into a Small Package to give Dream Machine some momentum going into his match with Bulldog on Wednesday.

Mid American League Qualifying Match

The Black Dragon w/ JR Foley defeats “Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe in 14 minutes with the Rolling Sleeper

Zumhofe had a decent reaction going for him, and Dragon was already hated, with Foley getting even more heat going his way. Probably the best straight up match of the night so far, with some really fun exchanges going on. Foleys involvement led to Dragon scoring a low blow behind the refs back, which led to him applying his Rolling Sleeper necklock for the win.


Main Event: Bulldog Bob Brown and Buzz Tyler defeat Kelly and Nick Kiniski when Buzz Tyler pinned Kelly Kiniski in 18 minutes after a Running Powerslam.

This proved to be a much more even affair then the Della Sorra boys provided on Friday. The Kiniski’s worked over Tyler a good deal in this match, doing some decent damage to the leg, including a prolonged Nick Figure 4 segment. The Brown/Tyler one upsmanship had to take a second place to just finding a way to win the match over the game brothers. In the end, a miscommucication from Kiniski Brothers led to Buzz getting Kelly for a Running Powerslam, though he more fell into I then charged. Bulldog and Buzz win, but Buzz’s leg isn’t looking great going into his match Wendsday.

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I will say my favorite part about taking Central States is I can run something like this and people would have no clue who was going to win. If WWF, USWA, AWA, or Mid Atlantic did the same concept, you could probably knock it down to 2-3 guys right off the bat. I get the element of people not being sure which direction I'm going, and that makes this really damn fun to me.

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UWF/CSW Live in Kansas City Kansas, August 8th 1985

Mid American League Qualifying Match

Marty Jones defeats Ben Bassarab in 16 minutes via pinfall when Jones rolls through a Bassarab Diving Crossbody.

A match that seemed very even, with both men trying to out think the other. Bassarab had a little more power then Marty, but Marty seemed able to out think Bassarab at various stages. Jones tried to get Bassarab up for the Belly to Belly Piledriver multiple times, but Bassarab kept finding counters. Finally Jones caught Ben over confident, and scored the big win. After the match, Jones offered Bassarab a hand shake once again, and Bassarab accepted and wished him well in the MAL.

Handsome” Jimmy Valiant defeats Plowboy Frazier in 7 minutes when Frazier missed a Splash, and Valiant capitalized with an Elbow Drop to score the win.

Frazier was in a foul mood after his loss the other night to Skip Young, and was looking for some measure of redemption against Jimmy Valiant. Valiant seemed to frustrate Frazier at every turn however, and in the end missed a potential killshot with a Splash and paid for it. Frazier remains frustrated, and Valiant stays hot going into the Mid American League.

Mid American League Qualifying Match

Nick Kiniski defeats Norvell Austin with a German Suplex in 8 minutes

Austin’s athleticism against Kiniski’s more grounded approach. Austin seemed to have the crowd behind him a bit more, but sadly for him, that wasn’t enough today. An attempted Diving Headbutt found nothing but canvas, and Kiniski followed up with a German.

Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young defeats Art Crews in 12 minutes with a Running Crossbody.

Art Crews run of rough luck continues. This was a very competitive match, with Crews having support in his home state, but Young getting a good reaction as well. Crews scouted the Missle Dropkick, and managed to avoid it and got a nearfall out of it, but Young rebounded nicely. He, much like Valiant, picks up some momentum.

Mid American League Qualifying Match

Buzz Tyler defeats Kelly Kiniski in 7 minutes after countering a Figure Four into an Inside Cradle

Tyler’s leg wasn’t in great shape after the main event in Topeka, and Kelly took advantage of that as much as possible. Tyler was in pure survival mode just about the entire time period. He got some decent strikes in, but Kelly was working over the leg from opening to closing bell, before Tyler pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a counter to the Figure Four to secure his spot.

Post match, Kelly Kiniski offers a handshake to Tyler, congratulating him for his victory. Tyler accepts, but Kelly uses his grip to hold Buzz in place… As Nick Kiniski attacks with a Chop Block from behind on the damaged leg. The fans turn on the Kiniski’s rapidly, as Kelly locks in a Half Boston Crab as Nick stomps on the exposed knee. Tyler is screaming out in pain, before Bulldog Bob Brown runs out to send the Kiniski’s packing. Tyler can’t manage to stand up, as Brown has to help Buzz to the back.

Dave Taylor & Jack Victory defeat Lanny Poffo and “Rock and Roll” Buck Zumhofe in 9 minutes when Victory pins Zumhofe with a Victory-Plex.

Zumhofe and Poffo, what seemed like a decent bet for a fun tag team, never seemed to really find there footing together. Victory and Taylor, on the other hand, seemed to work rather well together, controlling Zumhofe most of the match. Zumhofe finally got some time to make the tag, but went for offense instead, which led to loud proclamations from Poffo of “Tag me in your Idiot!”. That led to an argument between the 2, in which Poffo sucker punched Zumhofe in the face! Zumhofe, was stunned, and Victory took advantage by hitting the Victory-Plex rapidly, as Poffo already was walking to the back.

The Black Dragon, The Cobra, and the Super Ninja w/ JR Foley defeat Domick DeNouchi, Spike Huber, & Brett Wayne Sawyer in 7 minutes when The Super Ninja hit DeNouchi with a Top Rope Dropkick

Apparently Foley got his men to replace the Della Sorra Brothers in this one, and it seems like he has a fantastic assortment of talent here. Sawyer in particular got a good run here, but this was basically a mauling, with Foleys men not needing any chicanery here. At one point, Super Ninja literally held Spike Huber up at ringside so Dragon can hit his trademark Baseball Slide, that just about took Huber out of the match completely. The Sawyer/Cobra stretches of this were quite good, Cobra seems to be one of the better wrestlers here. And the crowd gave gasps at Ninja’s top rope dropkick, as he seems much to large to be doing something that athletic. Foley seemed very pleased.

Main Event

Mid American League Qualifying Match

The Dream Machine defeats Bulldog Bob Brown in 16 minutes after Brown missed a legdrop, and Dream Machine hit him with a Back Suplex.

Brown seemed to be struggling in the early going getting his head into the match, still seething with anger over the attack on Tyler. Dream Machine seems much more focused on his game plan of turning this into a flat out fight, which might have back fired, as it pulled Brown back into the match quickly. That said, Brown was making a lot more blind charges then he usually does, and his attempt at the Leg Drop didn’t land, leading the Machine striking fast to score what many would consider a large upset. After the match, Machine offers a hand, only for the Kiniski Brothers to try to attack Brown from behind. However, instead of helping them out, Dream Machine steps in and starts beating back the threat of the brothers with Browns help. The show ends with Brown and Dream Machine standing tall, and Brown taking the handshake of the Dream Machine.

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I like the writing style this event. Very clean very easy to read. You're doing a good job getting everything going and slowly creating some Buzz for the promotion. The unity with the UWF will be the thing that really put you over the top along with acquiring some different Talent through trades and loans and then the draft in December you'll be able to put a couple of pieces together that should be pretty beneficial for you in the long run.

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UWF/CSW Television, aired on August 9th, prerecorded on August 2nd

Hosted by Larry Matysik & Gene Kiniski

UWF CSW Wrestling this week opens with just Larry Matysik in studio, welcoming us to the show, and saying that a lot has happened since this episode was pre-recorded, so he’s here to address some key notes for fans in the Central States area.

First of all, he addresses the brand new UWF Heavyweight Champion Jerry “The King” Lawler, while also giving us some highlights from CCW Beach Brawl, including The Rock and Roll Express winning the UWF Continental Tag Team Titles, Harley Race winning the UWF Continental Heavyweight Title, Bruno Sammartino’s shocking betrayal of Dusty Rhodes, and finally Jerry Lawler emerging victorious of Austin Idol, and the post match attack of Idol. Matysik congratulates the new UWF Champion, and says excitedly that he will be coming up here for live events later this month.

He also announces that Central States has negotiated so that there television is moving to Tuesday Nights starting on August 20th, and that to celebrate there new time slot, UWF Champion Jerry Lawler will be in attendance at there next tapings on August 13th, and told folks to buy tickets as fast as possible for the show in the Kansas City area.

Then, he went onto the other major news, which was the continuation of the UWF Mid American League! He gave us our very first real explanation of the rules.

Starting this week, the Mid American League gets under way, and we wanted to make sure everyone at home what the leagues rules are. 8 Men Qualified for the Mid American League this past week, and those men will be put into 2 different “blocks”. Each member of those blocks will be facing each, over the next 3 weeks, and the 2 winners of each block will face each other in the Finals in 3 weeks in St. Louis! Here is how points will be rewarded

3 points for a pinfall or submission victory

2 points for a countout or disqualification victory

1 points for both men in the event of a draw

0 points for a loss of any kind

All matches that take place will have a 20 minute time limit except for the Title match, which will have a 60 minute time limit. If, after all league matches are done, and there is a tie, the person who had the 1 on 1 victory will move on to the finals. If the 1 on 1 match is a draw, the title match will become a Triple Threat match!

Now, to announce the Blocks. Block A’s Participants are “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, “Gorgeous” Gary Royal, “Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young, and the Black Dragon!

Now, Block B is a little more odd. Buzz Tyler rightfully won his placement into this tournament, but due to an attack from Kelly and Nick Kiniski, Tyler has sustained a leg injury that will keep him out of action for the next few weeks. Sadly, that means he can not compete in the Mid American League. In order to replace him, at our show in Olathe on the 14th, the main event will be a Last Chance Battle Royal, with the winner taking the last spot in Block B.

The Winner will join, The Dream Machine, Marty Jones, and Nick Kiniski.

Also, as a last announcement, for our upcoming show in Overland Park on the 16th, we are pleased to announce a tournament for the UWF Central States Tag Team Titles! It will be a 1 night tournament, but we are greatly looking forward to crowning our first champions! And now back to our originally planned wrestling.


After his victory over Jason Rogers, Lanny Poffo came over to the hosts table, wondering were the real competition was, and that he was going to be coming for gold sooner rather then later.

JR Foley comes out with all 3 of his talents, and declares there is nothing in the UWF that can stop these 3 monsters. To illustrate his point, they go out and perform an extended squash over 3 local talents, taking there time dissecting every one of them to send a message.

Valiant, after a convincing win over Ronnie Brooks, gives a typical Valiant hyped up promo, about how he came to Central States to prove to everyone in the UWF that he is destined for greatness, and all his fans know he will become Central States Champion before long.

In the Main Event, 2 odd 6 man teams of Bulldog Bob Brown, The Dream Machine, and Marty Jones squared off with Dave Taylor, Plowboy Frazier, and “Gorgeous” Gary Royal. Gary Royal came out with the Central States Television Championship , with Matysik declaring that Royal was the last champion before the big recent switch. It was a good competitive 14 minute contest in which Brown eventually scored the win on Taylor after a Legdrop.


Kelly and Nick Kiniski defeat Lonny Warner and Axl Jennings in 4 minutes with a German Suplex

Lanny Poffo defeats Jason Rogers by pinfall after a Moonsault in 3 minutes.

Jimmy Valiant defeats Ronnie Brooks in 4 minutes after an Elbow Drop

TV Main Event

Six Man Tag

Bulldog Bob Brown, Marty Jones, & The Dream Machine defeat Dave Taylor, Gary Royal, & Plowboy Frazier when Brown pinned Taylor after a Leg Drop

(Sorry for the rough shape of this one, I literally had a show written out before I realized the show's taping date wouldn't work with my original plans, will be quicker on the next one)

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I actually loved the format here. The angles were clearly explained and those you want to push got their due time.


I am so excited that you have joined the UWF. Your creativity is clear. From the Mid-American League to the Battle Royal for the last spot. A very fun read. I also think your roster is very realistic for the time.


Keep up the good work! The plains states are in good hands!

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UWF/CSW Live in Olathe Kansas, August 14th, 1985.

Non League Match

The Black Dragon w/JR Foley defeats Marty Jones in 16 minutes after JR Foley hits Jones with a Cane behind the refs back

Opening with a bang here, as two Mid American League Participants step into the ring to try to build momentum into there first matches in Overland Park. And this was some good stuff, as the usual technical expertise of The Black Dragon was overshadowed by Jones picking out weak spots in his game. Dragon’s equalizer, of course, is Foley, he picks his shots masterfully in the match. Late in the Match, after Jones counters an attempted Baseball Slide, Dragon feigns an eye injury, and while the ref checks on him, Foley blasts Jones in the back with his cane, allowing Dragon to score a quick rollup victory.

After the match, JR Foley grabs a microphone, and announces he’s been doing some dealing behinds the scenes. He claims the only reason why two men of the experience and talent of The Cobra and Super Ninja were not put into the qualification for the Mid American League, was because they were not officially signed until the matches were announced. So, he has worked it so that both The Cobra and Super Ninja will be in the Last Chance Battle Royal later tonight. He also adds, that after they dominate the battle royal, they will then dominate the Central States Tag Team Tournament on Friday,

Dingo Warrior defeats Domick DeNouchi in 3 minutes with a Running Splash

A bit of a surprise here, as Dingo Warrior, a USWA wrestler, shows up here unannounced. And he destroys the veteran DeNouchi very rapidly and impressively. Still not sure what exactly he’s doing here, though.

Dave Taylor defeats Brett Wayne Sawyer in 13 minutes with an Abdominal Stretch

Taylor worked over the midsection hard in this contest from the opening bell, and it ended up being something that helped him get the victory.

Mid American Cup Block A Match

Handsome” Jimmy Valiant defeats “Gorgeous” Gary Royal in 11 minutes with a School Boy Rollup. Valiant moves up to 3 points, Royal remains at 0.

Royal demands during the pre-match intro to be announced as the “True Central States Wrestling Television Champion”. And he mostly dominates Valiant, using his superior technical skill. But Valiant always has a firey comeback in him, and it’s strong today, and he eventually overwhelms Royal to get the first victory in the Mid American Cup.

The Fabulous Ones” of Steve Keirn & Stan Lane defeat Bob and Gino Della Sorra in 12 minutes when Stan and Steve hit a Double Team DDT on Gino.

A big surprise here as the Fabulous Ones, The UWF Southern Tag Team Champions, come up to Central States for a go, and they give a fantastic performance, really getting the crowd behind them. The Della Sorra Brothers put up a good fight, but the Fabs are great here, and pick up the win.

After the match, Stan Lane grabs a microphone, saying that they loved performing for the great fans up here in Kansas, and he is happy to announce that in 2 days, they are going to be adding to there gold, as the Fabulous Ones are entering the UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament!

Sweet Brown Sugar” Skip Young defeats Spike Huber in 6 minutes with a Second Rope Dropkick

Skip Young continues his winning ways, as he too gains momentum going into the Mid American League. Huber is pretty solid in this contest, but Young just has a little too much speed and fight in him, and hits a beautiful dropkick straight to the face to score the win.

Jack Victory defeats Art Crews in 8 minutes with the Victory-Plex

Crews bad luck in his home state continues. Victory is a young bruiser, but Crews had him technically out classed most of the way. The problem came when Crews got a little too cocky with his advantage, and Victory used some underhanded tactics to lead to his Victory-Plex to score him a singles victory.

Mid American Cup Block B Match

Nick Kiniski defeats The Dream Machine in 9 minutes via Countout, after hitting Dream Machine with a German Suplex on the floor, and barely getting in the ring in time to beat the count. Nick Kiniski moves up to 2 points, The Dream Machine remains at 0.

Only in our 2nd Mid American Cup Match, and we have something that already resembles a grudge match, as Dream Machine went out of his way to fight along side Bulldog Bob Brown after the Kiniski Brothers tried to take him out. And this one has a much more violent feel then anything before it, as it starts to feel personal very quickly. Were as the earlier match felt like 2 men trying to get points, this felt like 2 men trying to hurt each other, and that they certainly did. After brawling on the floor off and on all match, Kiniski ran Dream Machine Shoulder First into the ring post, then hit a brutal looking German Suplex onto the ringside floor. Nick barely got into the ring in time to save this from a draw, and it cost him a point, but he certainly seemed to greatly hurt Dream Machines chances going forward.

Last Chance Battle Royal: Winner is the last man in the Mid American League

Participants: Plowboy Frazier, Norvell Austin, Kelly Kiniski, Ben Bassarab, Buck Zumhofe, Lanny Poffo, Tiger Conway Jr., The Super Ninja, The Cobra, and Bulldog Bob Brown


As soon as the bell rang, Kelly Kiniski tried running from the hills outside the ring, but Bulldog wasn’t having any of that, following him to the floor and starting a wild brawl between the 2. While this brawl was going on, The Battle commenced in the ring, with Tiger Conway Jr being eliminated pretty quickly form the opportunistic Cobra. Lanny Poffo was trying his best to try to get lost in the crowd, picking cheap shots whenever he could. Finally, when everyone else had cleared out a bit, it came down to the 2 big men in Frazier and Ninja. Frazier seemed to have a bit more power, and was striking at Ninja at the ropes, trying to put him over, but Ninja ducked under a Frazier punched and then tossed him over with a small assist from the Cobra. With the other biggest man in the match out, it seemed like things were very much going the way of Foley’s Men. After another couple of minutes, Brown and Kiniski finally made there way back to the ring, with Kiniski looking worse for wear, and Brown wastes no time with a running clothesline eliminating Kiniski. However, with his focus still on his enemy, the opportunistic Lanny Poffo strikes, and dumps the Central States Legend over to the shock of everyone. Poffo points at his head, taunting Brown for not having his head in the game…. Only to turn around to a Buck Zumhofe dropkick, dumping Poffo as well! We are down to 5! And Foleys Men immediately try to take down all 3 of the remaining men, Zumhofe, Bassarab, and Austin. Norvell Austin shows some great fire, briefly getting an advantage on both men, and even knocks down the big Super Ninja with a big dropkick! Before he can celebrate too much though, as Cobra drops him with some painful looking knee strikes. He picks up the grounded Bassarab, and tries to toss him over...Only for Bassarab to counter the momentum, and throw him toward Zumhofe, who lowers the top rope leading to Cobra plunging over the top! Both Zumhofe and Bassarab are pumped up and the crowd is getting behind them as well. Both Zumhofe, Bassarab, and the recouping Austin both turn to stare down Super Ninja just as he stands, and you can quickly see the 3 men coming to the same conclusion: Get the Big Man Out, worry about the rest later, as all 3 attack Super Ninja to the crowds approval. They get some good offense in, with Bassarab taking the weakened Ninja and hitting him with a Flying Bodypress! After that, Norvell Austin goes to the top rope, and Zumhofe and Bassarab keep Ninja at bay as Austin hits a Diving Headbutt off the top rope! Austin is knocked loopy, but Bassarab and Bumhofe are playing to the crowd, setting up to eliminate Ninja the same way they eliminated Cobra. Bassarab tries to whip Ninja into the ropes as Buck gets prepped to lower the top rope, Only for Ninja to hit a running Boot to Zumhofe sending him over the top rope. Bassarab tries to follow up on Ninja, but Ninja just grabs him by the back of the head and tosses Bassarab out as well! We are down to 2! Ninja looks shaken, having endured a great deal of punishment, but he’s standing, as Austin looks up at him like he’s some sort of monster. Austin seems to realize he can’t waste any time, and starts bringing the attack on the still somewhat dazed big man, hitting him with punches and clothesline, but nothing takes the big man over the top rope. Finally, Austin hits a big dropkick to Ninja, but it’s not enough to take Ninja over the top. Austin hits another one, and Ninja is reeling, almost over! Austin goes for a 3rd, but Ninja moves out of the way, and as Austin stands up, he gets met with a Giant Dropkick from Ninja himself, that sends Austin spiraling to the floor. We have our winner, as JR Foley heads in from the back to celebrate with his man.


Tiger Conway Jr by The Cobra

Plowboy Frazier by The Super Ninja

Kelly Kiniski by Bulldog Bob Brown

Bulldog Bob Brown by Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo by Buck Zumhofe

The Cobra by Ben Bassarab and Buck Zumhofe

Buck Zumhofe by Super Ninja

Ben Bassarab by Super Ninja

Norvell Austin by Super Ninja


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Central States Wrestling is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads. Your format and unpredictability make it fun to read. Things like the Mid American League and the Last Man Standing Battle Royal hook us as we can't wait to see what happens. It doesn't matter what a roster looks like, the top dogs of a promotion are the stars and then it is up to us to make them household names.


You are doing just that with people like Sweet Brown Sugar and JR Foley. Also thanks for pushing the other UWF Promotions. You are a real team player! Glad to have you on board.

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UWF/CSW Live in Overland Park Kansas, August 16th 1985

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals

The Fabulous Ones of Stan Lane & Steve Kiern defeat The Cobra and The Super Ninja w/ JR Foley in 17 minutes when Kiern rolled up Cobra after Kiern and Lane did a blind switch behind the refs back.

However, JR Foley is NOT happy with the result one bit, and orders his men to continue the assault post match. In the resulting fight, both Lane and Kiern are left laying and Lane in really rough shape after Super Ninja hits a Top Rope Knee Drop on him to conclude the onslaught.

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals

Nick and Kelly Kiniski defeat Art Crews & David Wayne Sawyer when Kelly Kiniski makes Sawyer tap out to a Half Boston Crab.

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals

Dave Taylor & Jack Victory defeat The Dream Machine and Jimmy Valiant in 12 minutes when Dave Taylor pins The Dream Machine with a Shoulder Breaker.

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter-Finals

Buck Zumhofe & Ben Bassarab defeat The Della Sorra Brothers with Bassarab hit Gino Della Sorra with a Bassarab Running Powerslam followed by a Zumhofe Top Rope Splash.

The Black Dragon w/JR Foley defeats Tiger Conway Jr. in 6 minutes via count out with a Baseball Slide

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals

Nick and Kelly Kiniski defeat The Fabulous Ones via pinfall after a German Suplex on Stan Lane by Nick Kiniski

UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Finals

Buck Zumhofe & Ben Bassarab defeat Dave Taylor & Jack Victory after Bassarab hit a Running Powerslam on Victory, leading to a Top Rope Splash from Zumhofe.

Lanny Poffo defeats Norvell Austin via pinfall with a rollup with a handful of tights in 14 minutes.

​UWF Central States Tag Team Title Tournament Finals

Nick and Kelly Kiniski defeat Buck Zumhofe & Ben Bassarab to became the 1st UWF Central States Tag Team Champions!

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