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Lawler/Dundee bringing weekly show back to Memphis broadcast TV

Sean Liska

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I feel like this is a board where this tidbit of news will brighten some people's days. Here's all we know at this point, believe me I've searched, a quote from Lawler on his latest podcast.


"“We did a pilot episode of our classic wrestling show here in Memphis. And it got picked up! September 9, we are going to get Bill Dundee back in the studio and we are going to shoot the first episode of Jerry Lawler’s Classic Memphis Wrestling. The Memphis wrestling that everybody grew up here in Memphis watching Saturday mornings. That’s going to be a weekly show coming up in Memphis on Channel 30, CW 30 here in Memphis.”


Lawler and Dundee being on local Memphis TV on a weekly basis just brings a smile to my face. I have no idea if it's just highlights or if they're going to tape any new stuff. Of course we'll have to be on the lookout for whether or not any classic stuff we don't have emerges.

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Lawler was on Busted Open Radio and revealed some more details.


"What I've started back on our local CW station in Memphis is a show called 'Jerry Lawler's classic Memphis Wrestling'. It's just a show where I try to have a guest on every week that was from that era and show their matches. If you remember, there was a show called 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000'. That's the type of project we were doing. We were doing updated commentary on the matches. It started in April, and we are moving it to Saturday morning's at 11am, which is the same time Memphis Wrestling was on back in the day. It won't be live matches. We will show classic matches with updated commentary."

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