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World Cast: A WCCW Review

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Episode #1




Pete, Kelly and Johnny are back in action with this all-new podcast devoted to a chronological look at WCCW's World Class TV show, as found on the WWE Network. First up is January 2, 1982. There is a different host and different theme music. "Big Daddy" Bundy is wearing jeans and a rope belt, and Kevin Von Erich is wearing wrestling boots. Yes, this isn't the World Class everyone knows and loves quite yet!

Sit back and enjoy this journey through a bygone era with the boys, it's going to be a blast!

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Episode #2




January 9, 1982


Papa Fritz is Here! The master of the Iron Claw invades the commentary booth and poor Gene Goodson wishes he was back doing ads for North Central Ford in Richardson, TX. Tonight's big main event is Kerry Von Erich vs. The Great Kabuki, and in addition to that Pete, Kelly and Johnny talk about Fritz, Bill Irwin, Armand Hussian, Jose Lothario, Killer Tim Brooks and Captain Frank Dusek. Sit back and enjoy another fun episode of World Cast!

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For reasons I can't explain, the timing on the PTBN add-drop on EP2 cracked me up. You guys were nerding out over comic book references and we get:

Johnny: Top that, geeks.


Kelly: I can't.


Pete: I can't either.



Lord Alfred Hayes: Promotional consideration paid for by the following!


Too funny.

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Episode #3




February 6, 1982


People complain about the Mae Young Classic having bad commentary. Please. It's nothing compared to the nightmare team of Gene Goodson and Armand Hussian from this episode. This is BAD commentary, folks. Pete, Johnny, and Kelly try to ignore it long enough to analyze the action, which features Richard Blood (not one of the great Richard Blood's, but he's alright), Jose Lothario, Big Daddy Bundy, Bugsy McGraw vs. Al Madril in an American title match, Larry Higgins (?), Tony Torrez (???) and El Negro Assassin (?!?!?!?). Sit back and enjoy another waltz across Texas with the boys!

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Haha...yeah, any time here or in the past when I forget to properly break for ads I try to find a natural moment to insert them. If you thought this was good, wait until the next show for an almost perfect unplanned ad break


Just listened. That was amazing. A tip of the cap to you, sir.

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Episode #4




It's episode 4 and Pete and Johnny are minus one while Kelly enjoys his honeymoon.

The wrestling might not have been a homerun, but the Gene Goodson was on fire. Kerry and Kevin talking rats, and love Letters. Gary Hart as the gold standard. This was a blast to talk about.

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WCCW 10 2/27/82

Kelly is still on his honeymoon so It's Johnny and I having fun.

We start off with some Bobby Heenan stories. Then we shift to the episode. Mark Lowrance replaces Gene Goodson. Still Johnny finds stuff to laugh about. Rempalgo Leon impresses. Gary Hart kills it on his promo . Bundy showing some early badassness. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

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Episode #6


https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-6 (PTBN link to follow)


March 13, 1982 (WCCW 12)


You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have World Class in early-1982. The Good: NWA champion Ric Flair is in town! The Bad: Kevin Von Erich doing color commentary (really, really bad). Through it all Pete, Kelly and Johnny have a blast, so sit back and enjoy another fun episode of World Cast!

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Episode #7




March 20, 1982 (WCCW 13)


DEAR LORD, AN ACTUAL VERY GOOD (PERHAPS EVEN GREAT) MATCH!!!!! From out of nowhere, Jose Lothario and Busy McGraw shake the Sportatorium to its core and Pete, Kelly and Johnny lose their shit. Also, Al Madril provides the best color commentary yet, and we get footage of Kerry vs Kabuki in front of a heated San Antonio crowd (don't blink cuz you might miss it). All this and more on the latest episode of World Cast!

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Episode #8


https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/world-cast-8 (PTBN link to follow)


April 3, 1982 (WCCW 15)


It's the End of an Era as Pete, Kelly and Johnny bid adieu to the original theme song, the guest color commentator and the darkly lit, one camera set-up Sportatorium. The future awaits! But no rush though, as Black "Blackie" Gordman, Al Madril, Tom "Boogaloo" Shaft, and The Spoiler make sure things still have a distinct 70s flavor (this promotion will be damn hot by the end of the year, we promise!). Catch all this and much more on World Cast!

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