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Mount Olympus, Winter 2018: A Brief History of Pop Music and Pro Wrestling in the 1980s

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Mount Olympus is back! On this edition Kelly and Johnny, the Golden Lovers of wrestling podcasters, get together to talk about the amazing fusion of pop music with pro wrestling in the 1980s!


Among the myriad of topics discussed...


- Lord Landsdowne: Innovator of the musical entrance
- Gorgeous George and Pomp and Circumstance
- The Freebirds change the game
- Music in Mid South, Memphis, WCCW and the Carolina's
- Hulk Hogan, Eye of the Tiger, and the Rock and Wrestling Connection
- Plus much, much more


Crank it up and enjoy another fun episode of Mount Olympus!


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I have to defend the DiBiase theme on these grounds: the "vibe" of the song with "money money money" is a direct lift of "Louie, Louie"....they kind of sound alike.


Also Hogan had "Hulk Hogan's Theme" for a hot second between Eye of the Tiger and Real American....and I liked that one quite a bit and so did the guy who composed it since it got reused in "Ravishing" by Bonnie Tyler. Still love Hogan in WCW with "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" and playing the belt like a guitar.


Really enjoyed this show.

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