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With 2 weeks to go before Fall Brawl, tension is very high as both Ric Flair and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan are looking to complete their War Games team in this premiere episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Both Ric Flair, along with his associate The Giant - also part of his War Games team - and Hulk Hogan will be in Sacramento to address War Games and unveil more members of their team for the ultimate test of will and endurance.

Two matches will take place in this inaugural edition of Nitro:

Terry Funk & Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs Rick Martel & Konnan - With the World TV title being vacant following the departure of Lord Steven Regal, there will be a lot of jocking for position as the entire WCW roster will be looking to impress JJ Dillon and the Championship Committee to be considered in the coronation of a new champion. Which of these 4 men will be able to do so?

MAIN EVENT: The Stud Stable (Dirty White Boy & WCW Tag Team Champion Bunkhouse Buck, w/Col. Rob Parker) vs The Road Warriors - The Colonel pulled an audible recently on Saturday Night, announcing that Dick Slater wouldn't compete in the inaugural edition of Nitro in what was supposed to be a World Tag Team Championship match as instead, he'll send his newest recruit Dirty White Boy to team with Bunkhouse Buck. Parker cited that Dick Slater needs to prepare for his US Championshp Match at Fall Brawl against Sting. Will this derail the focus of the most dangerous tag team in WCW history?

Plus, Sonny Onoo has requested some time and apparently wants to speak to the Nature Boy himself! What does he have in mind?

Tune in this Monday Night at 9PM on TNT!


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September 3rd, 1995 – Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA


(After the opening credits, we go live inside Arco Arena for the premiere episode of WCW Nitro.)

Eric Bischoff: LIVE FROM SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, WE WELCOME YOU TO THE PREMIERE EPISODE OF THE MOST EXCITING HOUR OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ON CABLE TELEVISION, IT’S WCW NITRO! Hello everyone, I’m Eric Bischoff and I’ll be joined by the one and only Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. What a first show we have for you tonight as we’re less than 2 weeks away from Fall Brawl, coming to you live from Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday, September 16th. What we do know is that WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan will captain a team in War Games while “Nature Boy” Ric Flair will do the same. Brain, we know that the Nature Boy is counting on his alliance with newcomer The Giant to win War Games.

Bobby Heenan: When you have a gigantic man like The Giant in your corner, you better believe Ric Flair will want to capitalize on this. He’s not called “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” for no reason. He’s been the man for so long. Hogan doesn’t know what he’s dealing with, especially now that he no longer has his best friend in his corner. (HISTORY EDIT: Brother Bruti was in Hogan’s corner at Bash at the Beach vs Vader but in a controversial finish, Bruti turned his back on Hogan, causing a no-contest in the World title match. Later, Bruti started walking around with face paint and called himself Zodiac, forging an alliance with The Shark & The Giant, calling themselves the Triumvirat of Terror). There’s no way Hogan is coming out of Fall Brawl alive.

Eric Bischoff: Two tag team matches on our show tonight, including our main event featuring Stud Stable members Dirty White Boy & WCW Tag Team Champion Bunkhouse Buck against the Road Warriors but first, let’s go to Mean Gene Okerlund.




Mean Gene Okerlund: Thank you Eric. Ladies and gentlemen, at Fall Brawl, 2 teams will enter the cage and compete until one team surrenders. The captain of one team will be the former 14-team Heavyweight champion of the World. Welcome at this time, accompanied by his associate The Giant and Sensuous Sherri, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

(Ric Flair’s music hits and he walks out along with Sherri at his arm and The Giant right behind him. Flair is in street clothes while The Giant is sporting his singlet. They stop in front of the entrance area where Flair greets Gene.)

Mean Gene Okerlund: Alright, Ric, in less than 2 weeks, you’ll be captaining your own team, something that you’ve been familiar with in many ways historically with War Games and you’ve been keeping the alignment of your team very close to the vest. But we can only assume that this mountain of a man behind you (pointing at Giant), will also be involved in War Games.

Ric Flair: MEAAAAAAAN...........WOOOOOOOOOOO! BY GOD, GENE! You’ve known me long enough to know that this isn’t something that I will give away that easily. Especially when the opposing captain is not that much of a man himself, right now. Oh yeah, I’m talking about you, Hogan! I still can remember Bash at the Beach where you thought you would easily cruise along and beat Vader when all of a sudden, who you thought was your best friend, stabbed you in the back. And as you remember it now, you’re looking at the man who told him to do so. Because let’s make something perfectly straight, Hogan! You got something that belongs to me! Something that you stole from me one year ago! And I can assure you that it’s only a matter of time before you lose it! WOOOOOOOO!

Sherri: You see, Gene, Ric and I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time now. Hulk Hogan has been a thorn to our side for so long and we are now this close from putting him away for good. Fall Brawl will be the perfect opportunity to do that. And whether it’s The Giant, The Shark, Zodiac or anybody else in WCW, we will put an end to Hulk Hogan by any means necessary!

Mean Gene: Alright, Eric, Brain, I guess we won’t get much more out of  Ric Flair and Sherri about their Fall Brawl team. So let’s get back to you, guys.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, Gene. Before we head to our next match, we need to address the World TV Championship situation. As you know, former champion Lord Steven Regal didn’t renew his contract with World Championship Wrestling and therefore, vacated his title a few weeks ago. The new spokesperson of the Championship Committee, James J. Dillon, will be announcing a special showcase between 16 WCW Superstars, that will stretch for the better part of 3 months, culminating to a new TV champion being crowned at Starrcade. The World TV Championship Series will start this Saturday on WCW Saturday Night and will also progress through her syndicated programming Worldwide and Pro. The two men who will have impressed the most the Championship Committee in the next 3 months will earn themselves a ticket for the World TV Championship match at Starrcade in December. And we’ll have 4 of those 16 men competing right up next in our first ever match on WCW Monday Nitro, right after the break!

Match #1

World TV Championship Series Showcase

Terry Funk & Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs Rick Martel & Konnan




Bischoff & The Brain spent many minutes hyping all 4 men as serious contenders to win the World TV Championship Series. Funk & DDP got the advantage early on the team of Martel & Konnan as they worked most of the match on Konnan. The tide turned as Konnan dodged a discus clothesline by DDP and hit a neckbreaker, tagging in Rick Martel. Both teams traded fists and eventually after a missile dropkick from Konnan on Terry Funk, Rick Martel hit the Slingshot Splash to score the victory on Terry Funk. Good start in preview of the WTCS!

Winners: Rick Martel & Konnan

***Commercial Break***




(After the commercial break, we’re back at the entrance area with Mean Gene Okerlund.)

Mean Gene Okerlund: Welcome back to WCW Monday Nitro and what a kickstart we’re having here! At this time, may I introduce to you two men who requested that interview time, along with Kensuke Sasaki, here is Sonny Onoo.

Bobby Heenan: Now, that’s my man, Bischoff. Sonny Onoo’s business acumen is unparalleled. He could even sell a Burger King franchise to Vader!

Eric Bischoff: Come on, Brain!

(Sonny Onoo walks out, all smiles with Kensuke Sasaki, as they pose in front of the entrance area to take a picture of themselves. Onoo joins Mean Gene and shakes his hand.)

Mean Gene: Alright, one Sonny Onoo, you requested this air time and we’re all wondering what it is about.

Sonny Onoo: Thank you, Gene-san. Now, as you may know, Sonny is a good businessman. Sonny loves to do business with people. All people, especially you, great American people. Now, Sonny hear earlier that Ric Flair wants to destroy Hulk Hogan. Sonny likes that idea. So, Kensuke-san and I want to make a business offering to Ric Flair.

Mean Gene: A business offer to Ric Flair? What could this be all about? (Gene is interrupted by the WOOOOs! of the crowd as Ric Flair walks back to the set, this time alone.) I guess we won’t have to wait to find out. Here comes the Nature Boy again!

Ric Flair: Alright, Sonny, you got the Nature Boy interested so make it worth my while because I got 25 women waiting for me at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel hollering to ride Space Mountain!

Sonny Onoo: Thank you, sir. Now, as Sonny said, I hear interview you did earlier when you talk about destroying Hulk Hogan at Fall Brawl. Now, Sonny doesn’t want to disrespect Nature Boy but we think you may be missing something.

Ric Flair: Say that again?

Sonny Onoo: Hear Sonny out....You said that you have perfect team to destroy Hogan yet you no have announce anything yet. We figure that you have nothing to announce because you have no team.

Ric Flair: Are you kidding me? Listen, buddy, I got the largest man in the world called The Giant in my corner, and you think I got nothing? You’re wasting my time.

Sonny Onoo: Wait, wait, wait....hold on...(Sonny takes a wad of cash out of his jacket’s pocket and shows it to Flair)....Sonny sure that we can talk this out. All we asking is give Kensuke-san a chance to prove he worthy of joining your team at Fall Brawl. That’s all we ask.

Ric Flair: Listen, Sonny, I know all of the credentials of Kensuke Sasaki. He’s one of the greatest professional wrestlers in Japan and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. So I tell you what, why don’t you two drive to Atlanta this Saturday night and why don’t we see Kensuke Sasaki wrestle The Giant. If Kensuke impresses us enough, we will definitely consider adding Kensuke to the team.

Sonny Onoo: Thank you. Sonny is very pleased. We’ll see you on Saturday night.

(Flair and Sonny Onoo shake hands while Sasaki nods his head in agreement to Flair’s decision)

Mean Gene: Alright, Eric, Brain, some interesting development here! Back to you guys!

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, Gene, well Brain, quite an interesting development here with Sonny Onoo’s offer!

Bobby Heenan: You’re not kidding. Listen, Flair’s right: Kensuke Sasaki is a great athlete. Probably the best in the Orient. But when you got a Giant in your back pocket, do you really need Sasaki? Even as good as he is. That’s something to consider here for Flair. But I’m very confident that this will be a triumphant decision from the Nature Boy.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t go anywhere, fans, when we come back, it’s our main event as the Stud Stable clashes with the Road Warriors, next!



Stud Stable (Dirty White Boy & WCW Tag Team Champion Bunkhouse Buck ,w/Col Robert Parker) vs The Road Warriors

During the match, Eric Bischoff mentions that Dick Slater is currently preparing for his WCW US Title match vs Sting at Fall Brawl, as well as a Cheese Grater on a Pole Match vs Tatanka on WCW Saturday Night this weekend. (HISTORY EDIT: The Stud Stable brutally assaulted Tatanka earlier that summer on Saturday Night with Dick Slater using a cheese grater to bust open Tatanka, who suffered multiple facial lacerations and a concussion, sidelining him for a few weeks. Tatanka returned recently on Worldwide and challenged Slater to a match.) Thus why, Dirty White Boy is teaming up with Bunkhouse Buck here. Obviously, the lack of chemistry is a disadvantage for Col. Parker’s men, considering the legendary opposition in front of them. Luckily for the Stable though, Hawk rams his shoulder in the turnbuckle and this allows Dirty White Boy & Bunkhouse Buck to work on Hawk a bit. At one point, Animal was able to get the tag but a well-placed distraction from Parker nullified the tag. The Stable worked some more on Hawk until a miscue from DWB and Buck allowed Hawk to tag in Animal, who cleans house. All hell breaks loose but in the end, Bunkhouse Buck falls prey to the Devastation Device, and Animal pinned Buck to get the win.

Winners: The Road Warriors

(After the match, Meng charges the ring and attacks the Road Warriors and it’s a 3-on-2 on the Warriors until Hulk Hogan charges the ring and takes charge, ridding the Stud Stable of the ring, even taking a shot at Col. Parker. The crowd roars as Hogan and the Road Warriors stand side-by-side in the ring. Mean Gene Okerlund comes to the ring for an impromptu interview.)

Mean Gene Okerlund: Complete pandemonium here inside the Arco Arena as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan came to the aid of the Road Warriors. Now, Hulk, obviously, knowing the kind of man you are, you couldn’t let this pass and you had to do something.

Hulk Hogan: LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, MEAN GENE! You’re right, I couldn’t let Hawk and Animal getting beaten up by those lowlifes of Stud Stable so I had to do something and help them. But this wasn’t just about me helping them but it’s also about them helping me. You know by now that Lex Luger will be on my team at Fall Brawl, brother. (HISTORY EDIT: Hogan granted Luger a spot on his team as Luger came to his aid at Bash at the Beach after Brother Bruti/Zodiac turned his back on him). But with those shady tactics by Flair and Sherri, I need to make sure that I have the absolute best team to win War Games, dude. And when I think of the absolute best, I cannot overlook the baddest tag team on the planet, brother. Hawk and Animal, I want you guys to be on my team at Fall Brawl!

Mean Gene: HOLY BALLS!

Animal: You know something, Hogan, you’re right on one thing and that’s that we are the baddest tag team on the planet. But more importantly, the fact is that we have experience in War Games and we also have years of history working against Ric Flair. Just like Lex Luger, we know what it takes to beat Flair inside War Games. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do at Fall Brawl! Tell ‘em, Hawk!

Hawk: WEEEELLLLLLL! So once again, Ric Flair, we shall dance together, one more time. And just like the good ol’ days, it’s gonna be very very painful and we’re the ones who’ll have all the fun at your expense. It doesn’t matter who you bring with you because when it’s all said and done,  we will wreak havoc, cause you pain and leave a path of destruction throughout all of Raleigh, NC! OOOOOOOOOOOH, WHAT A RUSH!


(Hogan and the Road Warriors hi-five each other and pose together for the crowd as Mean Gene Okerlund sends off the viewers to close the show.)

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Nitro kicks off in Sacramento! I especially love this because I went to a lot of events in the old Arco Arena. I really hope Kensuke gets on Flair's team. Right now, Hogan has the advantage with Luger and the Road Warriors. Gotta say, Hogan enlisting the Road Warriors is pretty damn genius. However, Flair always has something up his sleeve. TV title picture looks intriguing. I really liked Martel in this era. Looking forward to more TV title showcase matches. Great debut as WCW fires the first shot in the Dawn of War. 

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Great kickoff for Nitro, you have everyone's voice down in their promos and I could hear them in my head as I read them.

I love the concept of the World Television title series....a great way to reboot the title and give it some more prestige in the process.

Great stuff with Hogan and Flair throughout and now I'm intrigued with what will happen at Fall Brawl.

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 Bischoff is already putting the screws to the WWF by rewriting the back history of Luger over the summer. Forcing me to rewrite my Bulldog heel turn promo. 

Intriguing TV Title situation, can't wait to see who ends up deserving of the championship match down the line. It's going to be a tough decision with that list of guys. Should lead to tons of great action.

Enjoyed all of the angles and promos to further things. 2 matches felt really light on action for me. The matches you did have were fun.

Nitro is off to a fast start. 

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Yeah, sorry about screwing up your plans a bit lol

I'm gonna be on gauging mode for the first few Nitros just to see what fits best. I already planned on having more matches for next week's edition of Nitro. Will probably do quick recaps of Saturday Night for now. I might go to a full written show down the road but I'll focus on Nitro & PPV write-ups.

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Airing September 8th, 1995 - Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko


Match #1

Road Warrior Animal fought Gary Albright to a double countout. A massive brawl in the end involving two tough sonsofbitches. Ric Flair came out to observe the match and try to get an upper hand by cheapshotting Animal after the match but Gary Albright shoved Ric Flair, visibly upset that the Nature Boy tried to get involved in his business!

Match #2


Sting defeated Lex Luger with a roll-up to retain. Both Sting & Luger shook hands and hugged afterwards. Schiavone & Zbyszko hyped how much Sting seems to be ready for Fall Brawl next weekend against Dick Slater for his US title match.

Match #3

Konnan defeated Meng with a small package. After the match, UNIBOMB & AL SNOW charge the ring and attack Meng! What are they doing in WCW???

Match #4

Brian Christopher defeated Johnny Grunge with a Flying Leg Drop

-Next, Mean Gene Okerlund is ready to interview Rick Martel. Martel says he's thrilled about the World TV Championship Series starting and he plans on earning himself a ticket to Starrcade and win the title. Martel is then interrupted by Col. Robert Parker and his Stud Stable. Parker says that Martel doesn't stand a chance since Dirty White Boy is also involved in the World TV Championship Series. Martel says that Parker can send anyone from his Stud Stable and he still will beat them. Martel is then attacked by Dirty White Boy and joined by Bunkhouse Buck and Dirty Dick Slater. Slater has with him the same cheese grater he used on Tatanka earlier this summer. We cut to a commercial break before we see the Stud Stable provoking another disgusting attack on Martel!

Match #5

The Giant (w/Ric Flair & Sensuous Sherri) beat Kensuke Sasaki (w/Sonny Onoo) at the 15-minute mark with a Chokeslam

Match #6

Vader beat Jerry Sags with the Vader Bomb

Match #7

Zodiac (w/Shark) beat Steve Corino

Match #8



WCW Tag Team Champion Dick Slater (w/Col. Robert Parker) beat Tatanka after interference from Parker. Slater attempts to injure Tatanka one more time after the match but RICK MARTEL runs in, all bandaged up to chase away the Stud Stable!

Next week in action on Saturday Night:

Chris Adams, Terry Funk and the debuts of Unibomb & PJ Walker!

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WCW Saturday Night was pretty action packed. Albright establishes himself as a tough customer. Main event type match as Sting gets a big win over Luger. Martel feuding with the Stud Stable should be a lot of fun. Martel might need some back up. Kensuke falls short against the Giant. I wonder if he impressed Flair enough to get a spot in War Games. LOL, unique main event as Fuller helps Slater get the win. Both Sting and Slater seem to be ready for their US title match. 

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September 10th, 1995 (Montgomery Civic Center, Montgomery, AL)

(After the opening credits and a recap of last week’s show, we go to Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan at the broadcast table.)

Eric Bischoff: AFTER A SUCCESSFUL PREMIERE EVENT, WE WELCOME YOU ONCE AGAIN TO WCW MONDAY NITRO AND WE ARE LIVE FROM MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA! Hello everyone, I’m Eric Bischoff and joining me tonight, as always, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Some major questions that need to be answered tonight. But none more intriguing than what will happen to Ric Flair’s team for War Games.  As you know, last week, Sonny Onoo offered for Kensuke Sasaki to join Team Flair at War Games. Flair said that if Kensuke Sasaki can impress enough against The Giant last weekend on WCW Saturday Night, he would consider it. And while Sasaki didn’t get the W, it still was an impressive performance.

Bobby Heenan: Like I said last week, Kensuke Sasaki is one of the top athletes in the world, one of the best of his generation. But going against The Giant was an impossible task. This man is dangerous. And he’s in the back pocket of the REAL World Heavyweight Champion. So I don’t know what will happen tonight, but I can assure you that Kensuke Sasaki would make a great addition to team Flair if Ric accepted.

Eric Bischoff: Also, we need to come back on the events of last weekend on Saturday Night when the Stud Stable tried to injure Rick Martel the same way they did with Tatanka this summer. You saw the brutal Cheese Grater on a Pole Match in which whoever could grab the Cheese Grater could use it. Slater did a number on Tatanka once again and thankfully, Rick Martel was able to come to the rescue as you see here (Footage of the ending of WCW Saturday Night is shown with Martel coming to the aid of Tatanka against the Stud Stable) But I understand that our colleague Tony Schiavone is standing in the ring and we’re about to hear from Rick Martel.

Tony Schiavone: Thank you very much, Eric. Ladies and gentlemen, you witnessed just like I did the vicious attack perpetrated by the Stud Stable against Tatanka and Rick Martel this weekend and Rick Martel has requested this time so ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rick Martel!

(Rick Martel comes out to a nice ovation and joins Tony Schiavone. Martel sports a band-aid on his forehead, as a result of the attack from the Stud Stable.)

Tony Schiavone: Now, Rick, first of all, I understand that you have an update on the condition of Tatanka after his match with Dick Slater on Saturday Night.

Rick Martel: Well, unfortunately, Tatanka has been injured again at the hands of the Stud Stable and will be on the sidelines just for a short amount of time. And while Tatanka and I have a heated history of being rivals, we still have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. And I would’ve loved nothing more than having him by my side right now. But the truth of the matter is that it’s impossible at the moment and I can’t fight the Stud Stable alone. So I decided to find myself someone I can trust. And who better than the reigning United States Heavyweight Champion.....STING!

(The crowd roars as Sting makes his way to the ring to join Rick Martel and Tony Schiavone. They high-five each other and Sting stands next to Martel.)

Tony Schiavone: What an ally indeed. The Man Called Sting himself!

Sting: AAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! You know, Tony Schiavone, it’s a crying shame that I wasn’t in the arena when Rick was brutally attacked by the Stud Stable because trust me, I would’ve shoved that cheese grater down Dick Slater’s throat! Now, it seems like we have a major problem here because Col. Parker thinks that he runs this place and he can allow anything and everything to happen. Not on my watch, buddy! So, anyway, I had a few days to think about something and I believe that Rick will agree with me that we need to kill 2 birds with one stone. Rick, do you have something planned on Sunday?

Rick Martel: Technically, not right now!

Sting: Well, I know that I’ve got something planned on Sunday defending the US title against Dick Slater but I was thinking that MAAAAAYBE, MAYBE you and I could get ourselves some tag team gold. Like the WCW World Tag Team Championship! (crowd roars) Hey, look, I’m in great shape, I don’t mind pulling double duty on Sunday, especially if  we can kick the Stud Stable’s asses. Now, Bunkhouse Buck, Dick Slater, if you’re the so-called studs you say you are, you’re gonna accept that challenge! We won’t be too hard to find, we’ll be in Raleigh, baby! AAAAOOOOOOOW!

Rick Martel: You know what they say, Tony; revenge is a dish best served cold but I don’t mind when it’s a bit hotter!

Tony Schiavone: Talk about a big challenge! Sting & Rick Martel vs The Stud Stable for the WCW World Tag Team Championship?  What a huge announcement! Eric, Brain, back to you!

Eric Bischoff: How about this, Brain? Sting and Rick Martel joining forces and challenging the Stud Stable for the World Tag Team titles at Fall Brawl?

Bobby Heenan: See, this isn’t smart. The Stud Stable have strength-in-numbers. They also got Dirty White Boy and Meng, of all people. Sting and Martel will get slaughtered this Sunday. And I used to think Martel was a smart man. Now, I’m not so sure! He’ll regret this, I tell you.

Eric Bischoff: Now, before we go to our first match, I understand that Mean Gene Okerlund has some breaking news backstage about the Ric Flair/Sonny Onoo summit. Gene, what do you got?

(We cut to Mean Gene Okerlund standing in front of a door backstage)

Mean Gene Okerlund: Thank you, gentlemen. As you can see, behind this door, Ric Flair and Sonny Onoo have been meeting throughout the entire day and it’s interesting to notice that with them, are Kensuke Sasaki and The Giant. Now, I can only assume that this is about War Games and things might have evolved in a positive manner for Sonny Onoo as --- (the door opens and out comes Ric Flair, Sonny Onoo, Kensuke Sasaki & The Giant) Wait a minute, here they are....Gentlemen, excuse me, Sonny Onoo, if you can, how did the meeting go?

Sonny Onoo: Meeting went very well. Sonny very pleased with meeting. Sonny can officially say that Kensuke Sasaki is part of Ric Flair team for War Games this Sunday.

Mean Gene Okerlund: So, Ric, I guess this completes your team for War Games and –

Ric Flair: Not so fast, Gene. Actually, we’ve had a slight of change of plans. There will be a replacement in the team. The Giant has other plans.

Mean Gene Okerlund: Wait a minute...what do you mean by that?

The Giant: You see, Gene....beating up on Hulk Hogan is fun but I was thinking about – you know – showcasing my talent, if you know what I mean.

Mean Gene Okerlund: No, I don’t know what you mean and quite frankly, it starts to scare me a bit.

Sonny Onoo: Let’s say that Sonny made offer to Ric Flair that Ric Flair can not refuse.

Mean Gene Okerlund: What kind of offer?

Ric Flair: You’ll have to wait until Sunday, Gene. Just like everyone else. But I can promise you this; no one will see this coming! WOOOOOOOO!

(The quartet leaves as Mean Gene Okerlund sends the show to a commercial break)


Match #1

“The Total Package” Lex Luger vs “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher

Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan hype what just happened in regards to Fall Brawl and War Games and they also talk about the debut of Brian Christopher and his family heritage. This prompted Bobby Heenan to make that joke on commentary:

“You know if Brian Christopher is ashamed of his family name, he can borrow mine. He’ll definitely look smarter than his biological father rather than an overgrown teenager.”

As for the match, Brian Christopher got a good headstart by jumping on Luger right from the sound of the bell. Christopher with a couple of dropkicks. Some crowd taunting as well in the process. However, Luger’s power was too much to overcome after Christopher attempted a top rope crossbody that Luger turned into a powerslam. After a series of flying clotheslines and back body drops, Luger puts Christopher into the Torture Rack and Christopher must submit!

Winner: Lex Luger


Match #2

The Fantastics vs The Triumvirat of Terror (Zodiac & The Shark)

The broadcast mentions that The Shark is still gonna be part of  Team Flair at War Games, while assuming that Zodiac will not be too far behind to lurk around on the show. The Fantastics’ undeniable chemistry plays in their favors early, using their quickness and agility and they’re doing a great job to keep Zodiac in the ring instead of bringing in The Shark. However, the tide turns when Bobby Fulton is sent crashing on the barricade after The Shark launches him from the ring apron – a rare positioning mistake from The Fantastics here. Zodiac and Shark taking turns working on Fulton’s injured back and he’s in dire straits until Zodiac, accidentally headbutts Shark, stunning both men a bit, allowing Fulton to make the hot tag and clean house. However, things don’t turn out too well as while the referee is distracted by Rogers and Shark outside, Gary Albright charges the ring and hits a powerslam on Fulton! Zodiac covers Fulton and scores the victory. When Gene Okerlund asked Albright why he did this, Albright simply answered “Because I can” and walked to the back.

Winners: Zodiac & The Shark



Rocco Rock (w/Johnny Grunge) vs Dutch Mantell

A match that isn’t very long, with less than 10 minutes remaining in the broadcast. Dutch Mantell shows a nasty streak as the veteran gets the advantage early but Rocco Rock could match that nastiness move for move and after a timely distraction by Johnny Grunge, Rocco Rock hits the Drive-By on Dutch to score the victory.

Winner: Rocco Rock

Eric Bischoff: Alright, we’re now only 6 days away from Fall Brawl and we now know that The Giant will be replaced by Kensuke Sasaki for War Games. It makes you wonder what kind of plan Ric Flair & Sonny Onoo have for that match with that mystery member.

Bobby Heenan: Right now, they got the psychological advantage given that  they know something that Hogan’s team doesn’t know. So I can’t see again how Hogan can win.

Eric Bischoff: So do you know something we don’t Brain?

Bobby Heenan: Maybe! But I ain’t gonna tell anyone. Why would I?

(Bischoff and Heenan’s banter is interrupted by Lex Luger, storming the set. Luger grabs Bobby Heenan’s headset and puts it on. He turns in front of the camera.)

Lex Luger: Ric Flair, I don’t know what games you’re trying to play but we’ll make something perfectly clear; whatever you have in mind for War Games, myself, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and the Road Warriors, we’re gonna be ready for you. You might think that you’ve got an edge on us because of that mystery partner of yours but you seem to forget that Hawk, Animal and I know you better than anyone else. And more importantly, we’ve been inside War Games. And we’ve been there against you. Hell, I’ve been inside War Games on YOUR team. So don’t act like you’ve got that much of an advantage on us because you know it’s wrong. The bottom line is this; you can bring in whoever you want to help you out but at Fall Brawl, this Sunday, Hogan, Hawk, Animal and I will be victorious. And when it will be all said and done, the last thing on your mind will be wrestling Hogan for the World Heavyweight title. Because we will break you and send you packing! And if The Giant changes his mind and wants to join in, he’s more than welcome. There’s never a bad time for the Torture Rack!

(Luger leaves the set as Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan send off the viewers to conclude this edition of Monday Nitro.)





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You and I spoke already and I am pretty excited about the outlook of Nitro. You continue to find the fine line between angle/match. With an hour... really 45 minutes... you put a lot into the show.  I think that you have the opportunity to get a better idea on who you have and how to use them over the next couple of weeks as we are so early in this project to make any kind of assumption yet. The main event talent is strong and with the rest of the pieces coming into place, this will be a fun evolution of Nitro to see just how it would compare to what happened IRL. 

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Man, the build to War Games has been full of excitement and intrigue. What does Flair have up his sleeve??? I like the Sting/Martel alliance. I know the Stud Stable have the numbers but they better be ready. Luger was fired up tonight! I already prefer the Triumvirat of Terror over the Dungeon of Doom LOL. Even though he came up short, fun seeing Dutch Mantel get a nice last run. Looking forward to Fall Brawl! 

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First, it was cool to see Saturday Night get some play. 

Solid story pieces for your main eventers. Solid win for Luger, good to see the Fantastics getting some work. Still trying to figure out what a Triumvirat is but it still sounds better than Dungeon of Doom. The Albright stuff was fun too. I like that you're keeping Bobby Heenan involved in commentary. 

Going up against Raw for the first time I must admit I was hoping for a little more competitiveness in the match selection.  I was looking forward to the Monday Night Wars kicking off this week with a bang and posted my show early in hopes it would give you time to "bring it". I was hoping you would bring the ZING I needed to keep me engaged in my writing as was done in real life between the two companies. I was excited to see what you were going to do to compete with Raw, but Rocco vs. Dutch just didn't do it for me personally.

Curious to see what's next for Nitro. In the mean time Fall Brawl will be a good one. I don't know if the Hulkster can trust Lex. 

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I get it. I knew that it'd be a possibility that the "main event" wouldn't satisfy most but I wanted the show to end with Lex Luger's promo. I'm off the belief that what matters most when you book a show is what takes place last in it, whether it's a match or a promo. I wanna take Dawn of War as an experimental lab so to speak to see what will stick and what won't for Nitro. Comments like this one aims me in the right direction so it's always appreciated ;)

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Airing September 15th, 1995 - Hosted by Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko


Match #1

Chris Adams beat WCW World Tag Team Champion "Dirty" Dick Slater with a Superkick after Sting & came to ringside to take care of Bunkhouse Buck, who was trying to interfere in the match. Postmatch, Sting grabbed Col. Robert Parker and put him in a Scorpion Death Lock while Adams took care of Slater!

Match #2

Terry Funk beat Steve Corino with the Spinning Toe Hold. Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko announce that Funk will take on The Giant at Fall Brawl in the World TV Championship Showcase Series

-Up next, Rick Martel comes out to the ring for his scheduled match when all of a sudden, LORD STEVEN REGAL shows up with the World Television Championship. Regal is joined by Lee Marshall who asks his presence here. Regal claims that the rumors of him jumping ship to the newly-reformed NWA are false as WCW have never been truthful with him about his contract negotiations. Regal claims that he re-signed with WCW, contrary to what WCW management might say. Therefore, there is no reason for the World TV Championship Showcase Series as he's the rightful TV Champion. However, as long as Regal doesn't get his new contract, he's holding that title hostage and will not return it to World Championship Wrestling until this happens. Regal wants a fight with Rick Martel right now!

Match #3

Rick Martel beat Lord Steven Regal with the Slingshot Splash. Postmatch, Regal took the TV title and hit Martel with it!

Match #4

The debuting Unibomb (w/Al Snow) destroyed Chas Rollins in 45 seconds. Postmatch, Al Snow cuts a promo with Lee Marshall about how Unibomb will destroy Meng at Fall Brawl tomorrow night in their Showcase Series match!

-Backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund is joined by Konnan, as we learned that Konnan will take on Ice Train tomorrow night in a World TV Championship Showcase Series Match at Fall Brawl. But tonight, Konnan takes on newcomer PJ Walker in singles action. Konnan says he cannot afford to look past Walker but he knows that tomorrow night is a huge night to make a statement and get his name in the TV title picture. He doesn't care if Lord Steven Regal is back or not because at Starrcade, he's walking out as the World TV Champion, no matter what.

Match #5

Ice Train beat Johnny Grunge by submission with a Full Nelson

Match #6

PJ Walker upsets Konnan after manager Jason Knight came out and hit Konnan with a kendo stick while referee Mickey Jay was checking on Walker. Postmatch, Walker seemed shocked and confused about Jason's interference, as Jason only smiled and walked away...

Match #7

Vader & Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Fantastics after a Vader Bomb from Vader on Bobby Fulton

To close the show, at the WCW Control Center, the full card was announced for Fall Brawl:



Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger & the Road Warriors) vs Team Flair (Ric Flair, The Shark, Kensuke Sasaki & ???, w/Sensuous Sherri & Sonny Onoo)


Sting (c) vs Dick Slater (w/Col. Rob Parker)


Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater (w/Col. Rob Parker) vs Sting & Rick Martel


Diamond Dallas Page vs Ultimo Dragon (w/Sonny Onoo)

Vader vs Jerry Sags

Terry Funk vs The Giant

Meng vs Unibomb

Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty) vs Zodiac (w/The Shark)

Ice Train vs Konnan

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So fun seeing WCW Saturday Night as part of your lineup. LOL, great visual of Sting clamping the Scorpion Death Lock on Parker. Great segment with Lord Regal. Him holding the TV title hostage will be a fun storyline. Like the attention Martel is getting here in WCW. Unibomb going against Meng will be crazy! PJ Walker scores a huge upset over Konnan. I wonder what Jason Knight's intentions are? What a great makeshift team of Vader and DDP as they get a solid win over the Fantastics. Cant wait for Fall Brawl as a lot of questions will be answered. 

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