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January 15th, 2019
The Return of Extreme Championship Wrestling - Live Report

With little fanfare and out of nowhere, professional wrestler and former face of ECW, Tommy Dreamer sent out 3 tweets Tuesday morning, urging fans to show up to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA to "witness something special."

300 people were told they would get in to the venue that can fit many more.

Upon entering the 2300 Arena fans were greeted with a familiar sight, though lost long ago...


One by one, you heard the gasps. And then the chants.


When 300 individuals had entered, the doors to the arena were shut. The lights went out to more gasps and applause. A familiar, distorted synth filled the arena, followed by a few simple guitar shots and...


The applause and chanting reached a fever pitch, before the lights turned back on - in the middle of the ring, Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer: "They say the classics never go out of style.... I dare you to show me you mother fuckers."


Dreamer: "As of January 1st, World Wrestling Entertainment has relinquished the rights to the name of Extreme Championship Wrestling. They keep the old shit. The footage, the history. Their own fucking narrative. Today? Today we start new. ECW is now owned, in full, by Tommy Dreamer. ECW now belongs back where it belongs - with you. Are you READY? Tonight is just a preview of what will become. The names that I have signed to be here, to wrestle for YOU, they will be revealed soon. And to the 85,000 of you watching right now on YouTube... I hope you're ready to get hardcore. Enough of me fuckin' yapping. E-C-W IS BACK.

The crowd roared with applause and screams as Tommy left the ring, slapping hands with just about everyone he could. Before heading behind the curtain to the back, he reached behind and pulled out a Singapore Cane to loud applause. Hoisting it in the air, Dreamer headed to the back.

January 15th, 2019 ECW Results:

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) def. The Workhorsemen (James Drake & Anthony Henry)
In a match worked with high intensity, but little in the way of weapons, the first ECW match in its rebirth had that familiar feel of tag team chaos. All 4 men took dives to the outside at one point, Ortiz and Drake battled it out with big strikes, while Santana and Henry paired off in a battle of two of the most athletic men in wrestling today. LAX secured the victory with a huge Powerbomb/Blockbuster combo on Henry.

Jeff Cobb def. Darby Allin
Always the underdog, Darby fought valiantly against the power Cobb, but after about a dozen suplexes, including an overhead toss over the top rope to the floor, the Tour of the Islands put Darby to rest.

Chris Dickinson Vs. Demus 3:16 went to a no contest
These two insane dudes brawled through the crowd, broke about a half dozen tables, used glass bottles on one another and drew blood, but the match ended after The Dirty Daddy completely brutalized Demus with 3 consecutive Pazuzu Bombs on the stairs, before walking away from the match. Demus was helped to the back.

Trevor Lee came out, flipping off the crowd and to massive applause turned to boos quickly. He cut a promo about how embarrassing Philadelphia is, how any title that comes out of this shitty revival promotion belongs to him and proceeded to challenge anyone in the back to a match. After leaving the crowd hanging for a few moments, before "Ultimate Flow" by Clipse & The Re-Up Gang blasts over the speakers. The crowd remains silent, when out from behind the curtain an unexpected face pops out. Clad in a blue and green singlet, with blue wrestling jacket on top - it's Big E Langston! The crowd roars with exciting at Big E being out of the WWE and in ECW. Trevor is terrified, but plays it cool and attacks as Big E enters the ring. Big E eventually shrugs him off, before dominating Trevor for a few minutes. When Big E sets up Trevor for the Big Ending, Pierre Carl Oullete aka PCO rushes out and attacks Big E with a chair! Trevor and PCO lay waste to Big E, bloodying him, before they are run off by Jeff Cobb, who clears the ring and helps Big E to the back.

The familiar sounds of punks talking to one another for 20 seconds fills the speakers before:
"To all my friends present, past and beyond
Especially those who weren't with us too long
Life is the most precious thing you can lose
While you were here the fun was never ending
Laugh a minute was only beginning
Canton, Colvin, Nichols, this one's for you"


With his signature index finger in the air, Biff Busick storms out from behind the curtain in his familiar black and yellow trunks, while the crowd sings along to his iconic theme. The crowd applauds and screams, breaking out into BIFF chants as his theme comes to an end. But then the lights go out, while "For Whom the Bell Tolls" creeps over the loudspeakers.


As if summoned from the desires of 300 bloodthirsty fans, Nick Gage appears on the entrance, before making his way to the ring. He doesn't enter, but reaches under, pulls out a garbage can, a cane, crutches, metal pans, tables, and Biff has had enough and hits a over the top dive onto Gage, knocking him down. It doesn't take long though for Gage to use the weapons laying around the ring and turn the tide of the match. He bloodies Biff up repeatedly with the cookie sheet and Singapore Cane before hitting a Frog Splash through a table for the win. Gage stands tall in the ring, while a bloody Biff stands up, extending his hand. Gage daps him, and cuts a promo as Tommy Dreamer comes to the ring applauding.

The YouTube feed is cut there, sending the wrestling world buzzing with all the exciting moves happening in 2019.

Stay tuned this week as Dreamer officially announces his plans for ECW to the press.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for being gone for two weeks dudes, just happens. 

 I will not be doing a full roster reveal for awhile. I may do it in chunks as wrestlers debut on shows - which might make the thread a little difficult to follow, but whatever. ECW will be about "surprises" like the Monday Night Wars, like PWG, like other promotions. It will slowly be unveiled, and once stables are also unveiled, I'll make a post about them as well.

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ECW ARENA, Philadelphia, PA

The second, limited seating "pop-up" show for the new ECW took place on Friday, February 1st to a "sold-out" crowd, that turned away hundreds.

Tommy Dreamer addressed the crowd to to start the show, encouraging them that ECW was back, that wrestling was back, that hardcore was back and that passionate fans were back. He told the fans that with the new ECW, they should expect to see new names, old names, surprises and BLOOD. He stated that the first 4 shows of ECW will begin to show off the roster, with new faces each week. Matches will be announced, but this is DIY shit, this is ECW and you should ALWAYS expect the best in wrestling from around the world to show up. Tonight, the fans are going to see Japanese hardcore icon Masashi Takeda. Next show? Next show - back in the USA...SHINGO TAKAGI.

Match 1: Hijo del Vikingo vs. SUGI
Two of the best high flyers in the world opened the show with an insane display of athleticism and complete disregard for their own bodies. The young upstart Vikingo hit a dive from the ring over the guardrail onto SUGI at one point, causing the crowd to erupt. After trying for his signature inverted 450, SUGI was able to hit a brainbuster and a double moonsault for the victory. The two shook hands after the match.
SUGI d. Higo del Vikingo via Double Moonsault

David Starr walked out of the back, looking smug as hell - wearing a retro looking track suit and sneakers. For a guy who loves to talk shit to anyone, he chose not to pick up the microphone today and just sat in a chair at ringside, intent to watch the next match.

Match 2: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs. Darby Allin
Darby showed a lot of heart once again in this match, paired against another legit fighter in Lawlor. Throughout the match, Lawlor tried to get Darby on the ground and pound him, tried to stretch him and repeatedly tried to pick his leg apart. Darby withstood the pain until he could no longer even stand. A desperation "Coffin Drop" dive was countered into a Katahajime, but while Darby didn't tap, the referee called the match off, leaving Darby as a helpless pile on the ground. Lawlor gloated and celebrated his victory as Starr stood up from his ringside chair clapping, before walking away.
Tom Lawlor d. Darby Allin via Referee Stoppage

Match 3: MOOSE w/ Stokely Hathaway vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
The legend 2 Cold Scorpio got berated by Stokely Hathaway prior to Moose's entrance. Stokely made sure to let Scorp know he has no business here anymore, this ain't the NWA, this isn't 1994. His man is the future. And in this match, Moose showed it. The crowd were lukewarm to Moose, pumping their first almost out of obligation, but the dynamic of the match did get the crowd heavily invested. Despite his 50 years, Scorp moved surprisingly well in the ring, even hitting a flying body press to the outside. Scorpio didn't stay on top long, though, as Moose was able to power his way to victory, eventually 2 Cold away with the spear, pin and a few extra stomps from Stokely afterwards.
MOOSE d. 2 Cold Scorpio via Spear

Match 4: Ciclope vs. Masashi Takeda
300,000 Thumbtacks Match

The crowd was buzzing for the debut of these two insane death match wrestlers. Ciclope made his entrance first, dragging a case of light tubes with him. Following him, Masashi Takeda, causing the crowd to chant TA-KE-DA TA-KE-DA as he entered. The two went at it right away. Starting with heavy strikes with fists and light tubes. Takeda dominated most of the match, pulling a garbage can from under the ring and putting Ciclope through a table in the corner as well. With Ciclope recovering in the corner, Takeda finally went to the opposite corners to fetch the thumbtack bags - 3 LARGE bank deposit bags, all pouring thumbtacks into the middle of the ring, creating a seeming mountain. Takeda grabbed Ciclope out of the corner, but he used pieces of the table to get back on top and turn the tide. A powerslam attempt into the thumbtacks was reversed, allowing Takeda to hit a spinning german suplex into the mountain of tacks. He picked up Ciclope again and hit the Reverse U-crash into the tacks, drawing lots of blood on Ciclope and himself, but earning the pin to HUGE applause and chants of E C DUB. Takeda smiled to the crowd mouth dripping blood.
Masashi Takeda def. Ciclope via Reverse U-Crash into thumbtacks

Match 5: Trevor Lee & PCO vs. Big E. Langston & Jeff Cobb
In the main event, stemming from the beat down on the last show, Big E was ready to rip off the heads of Trevor and PCO before the two even entered the ring. Trevor took his time, taunting Big E & Cobb as well as the crowd, talking shit to anyone who wanted to hear. This was hardly a match, not a single tag was made, but a bell was rung. Cobb and PCO brawled on the outside, while Big E & Trevor Lee tried to work the ring, Trevor trying to escape the wrath of the big man. About 5 minutes in, Demus 3:16 ran down the aisle with a chair, whacking Big E right across the head with it. Lee laughed and took the chair for himself, attacking Big E's knee while Demus went to the outside to help PCO. Cobb fought valiantly on the outside, even dropping both wrestlers with big throws on the outside. As Cobb was about to pick-up PCO, however, from out of the crowd a short man with bleached blond hair ran and his face painted in black and white, ran up behind Cobb and clipped him behind his knee, buckling it. The man, maybe 5'3" took off his shirt, revealing his ripped physique, grabbed Cobb in a waistlock, and quickly bridged him over in a german suplex. A better look at the man revealed him to be El Lindaman, looking more sadistic and crazed than he ever has.
No Contest

Trevor Lee got on the microphone as Tommy Dreamer ran in from the back to check on Cobb & Big E. PCO, Demus & El Lindaman joined Trevor in the ring, kneeling in front of him, all looking particularly...off.

"You have all born witness to the Congregation of Lee"



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Oh man legit didn’t know he had a Cult of Lee stable in Impact, hahahahah. I’ll have to look up who was in that!

My idea with him is sort of based on some fantasy Steve Corino booking I did back in 1999 or 2000 where he controlled Super Crazy and Tajiri (pre “the network”).

This actually will probably not be my main heel stable in the long run but will be sort of the agents of chaos (maybe akin to the Dudleys). I wanted 3 very different, foreign wrestlers who are all kind of psychotic in their own ways. PCO as the big bruiser, Demus as the insane wild card who will like light someone on fire and Lindaman as the dude who will actually wrestle anyone.

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Not going to use the faketweet thing here, but just wanted to post a card:

ECW: The Return. Show #3
Friday - 2/8/19
2300 Arena

Aramis Vs. El Lindaman
Alex Colon Vs. Demus 3:16
Chris Dickinson Open Challenge
Moose w/Stokely Hathaway Vs. Anthony Henry
LAX Vs. 2 Cold Scorpio & B-Boy
Shingo Takagi Vs. Biff Busick

+ Special Announcements from Tommy Dreamer

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