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[2019-04-07-WWE-Wrestlemania 35] Shane McMahon vs The Miz (Falls Count Anywhere)


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I had an inkling that this match could be fun but it really delivered way beyond the sum of its parts for me. The build-up has been done really well on TV.

Shane's entrance, conducting the ring announcer calling his name and his general heeling in the early minutes was fantastic. He was stiffing the shit out of Miz and busted him up with a TV monitor. The Miz Dad stuff went as well as it possibly could and Shane mockingly helping him to put his fists up was another great touch of heeling. And then, maybe for the first time in his career, Miz started laying his shit in as they fought through the crowd. If ever there was a time to do it, it's after your dad gets jumped by your fierce rival. Shane was great at getting his shit kicked in and he actually sold his leg impressively. The bump Shane took from the golf cart to the concrete floor was the damndest thing I've seen in a long time. I've watched the GIF a million times and laughed/screamed every time. Shane also took a sick bump for the Skull Crushing Finale and then the scaffold superplex to finish was absolutely wild. The camera work on that was amazing. I can see people complaining about Shane getting the fluky win but I think there's more mileage in this heel Shane character and I guess they couldn't have babyfaces win all night.

Shane is so much better as a heel getting his shit kicked in than as a conquering babyface and Miz was actually pretty strong as the vengeful babyface. This was all gaga but to me, that's (at least in part) what wrestling is all about. Excellent fun with numerous moments that made me gasp or laugh out loud. Give me this shit over the self-conscious indy epic with a million superkicks, ridiculous nearfalls and no-selling. Loved it.


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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-04-07-WWE-Wrestlemania 35] Shane McMahon vs The Miz

This was really good. Might even be the best Shane McMahon singles match ever. Shane's heat segment that started off the match was awesome - loved the cat & mouse game that he played, which lead into that said heat segment, and as he keeps on punching Miz with those ridiculous strikes of his, he comes off as such a massive dickhead. The showdown between him & Miz's dad was a perfect segue into Miz's comeback; Miz came back into the thing with a house of fire, and the match quickly spills outside, playing awesomely into the Falls Count Anywhere gimmick. Loved the whole finishing stretch which was just Miz kicking Shane's ass all over the place, until they found their way into that structure where Miz suplex'd Shane from. Loved the finish as well - thought it was pretty much perfect given the character Shane portrayed in the match & in the lead up. AWESOME match. As I said, probably the best Shane 1-on-1 contest ever. ***1/2

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2019-04-07-WWE-Wrestlemania 35] Shane McMahon vs The Miz (Falls Count Anywhere)
3 minutes ago, catsfan1984 said:

So there is no way that this was the blow off match, I am guessing they have another one at money in the bank or Shane takes a break and he comes back for Summerslam. Loved the finish 

I think they need to blow it off with Miz Dad actually getting a shot in on Shane to help Miz win. A low blow or something.

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Typically most WWE No DQ stipulations rely on plunder, so I was pleasantly surprised when this ended up being a really good brawl across the stadium. Even before the huge superplex spot this was just an awesome spectacle of a fight. I'm still not crazy about Miz being a face but he really delivered in this type vengeful role. Don't think I would have had Shane win here but I'm guessing it's to extend the feud.

Very much worth watching. ****

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Can't remember the last time I was so pleasantly surprised by a match. For all the athleticism on display in modern wrestling, I think the current product has been hindered by the lack of tangible heat and hatred in feuds. I felt both in vast quantities here. As someone whose favorite territorial angle is Tommy Rich's mother bit from Memphis, I fell easy prey to the involvement of Miz's dad. Just a tremendous brawl that built to a spectacle for the final bump. One of my favorite matches in a long time,

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