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OK, as you know guys, I plan on coming back in the game and I've been juggling with a few ideas other than a new territory and I wanted to run this by you, guys. Kevin is already aware of it as I discussed it with him first but I just want to gauge your interest.

Instead of going with a brand new territory, I'm considering the option of running monthly supercards featuring talents from all over the game (think about AWA SuperClash III but hopefully better than the real one lol). I want to make clear right away that I have zero intentions to infringe on any storylines and everything nor would I book title matches or anything, unless other writers would suggest it to further their own storylines. Of course, I'll always be looking for input and suggestions on those cards as well to make it as enjoyable as possible. The goal with this is two-fold:

1) Book some big feel matchups that writers could hype up in their own programming as well with promos and collaborative work, if possible

2) I also want to use this as a chance for midcarders from various territories to boost their exposure and maybe break the glass ceiling within their own territory. I don't necessarily plan to have jampacked Wrestlemania or Starrcade-level type of cards every month as some of those cards would feature talents midcard and low midcard tiers.

Typically, I plan to hold those shows on the last day of every month and I would formally request some specific talents that I want to book on that show. If those aren't available for various reasons (whether you need them for a bigger show or simply just unavailable for scheduling conflicts within your own territory), I would gladly take any replacement you would offer and book the card accordingly. Long story short, I wanna try something different for this game and my hope is to have a more detailed writeup for this monthly thing and since I know that the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup was something that everyone really enjoyed in the previous game, I feel like it's worth the try.

Open to any feedback, comments and suggestions to make this as good as possible! If this doesn't pass the test, I'll then just jump in as a regular territory, no biggie ;)

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Sounds interesting, but the USWA (myself/Blehschmidt/Spaldoni) have spent a lot of time coordinating our schedules to make our rosters interchangeable and easy to work with, so the three of us that make up the "USWA" are going to pass on participating in this endeavor, but I'm sure with Rain and Kevin and whoever else that's able to participate you'll have plenty of wrestlers to work with.  Good luck and welcome back!

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Thanks for the feedback, gladly appreciated.

But after consideration, given the complexity of the USWA, as Gene explained to me in his feedback, I don't want this to affect the game too much so I'll go back to my original plans of a good ol' regular territory with my usual trademark outside bookings every once in a while. Thanks to those who offered me a few workers already, I'm gonna officially get back in the trenches in January!

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