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WWE TV 06/22 - 06/28 If you ain't testin', you ain't gettin' the Rona


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Major cuts at FS1:

WWE Backstage will no longer be a weekly show.

Ryan Satin is gone.

I feel bad for Satin. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the guy or anything, it has to suck to lose your dream job after only a few months.

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1 minute ago, SirEdger said:

So, what will they pay Paige for now?

She has a new blonde look. Makes me wonder if she knew about the cuts and has been planning for life after WWE.

Kind of a shame, as there is surely something she can do. (Unfortunately, manager wasn't it, commentator wasn't it, talking head wasn't it. Not sure what else there is...)

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I don't know if there was a match I've gone from "hey this should be pretty good to "oh my god I do not care anymore" faster than the Street Profits vs Viking Raiders.

They could have had a decent series of matches, but we got endless lame comedy bullshit instead.

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