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Ladies and gentlemen my name is Dave Prazak and I’m pleased to announce that starting August 8th and every Saturday there after GTW will be bringing you Windy City Saturday Night live from the city with broad shoulders Chicago,Illinois. We’ll also bring you live events from Memphis each month as well as stops throughout the Midwest and Smokey mountain regions. Grind Time Wrestling will include current stars as well as your past heroes and the future of this business. Here at GTW we believe if you earn a shot you get that shot regardless of weight, ability or tenure. No politics, no bullshit and no limits. 

Coming from the heartland of America we want to embody the belief of working to get what you want. We believe blue collar gets you gold belts so if you grind you will shine. 

One thing we plan to put in motion to assure competition is always at the forefront is a reward/penalty system for open challenges. If a given wrestler is challenged to a match and accepts, that wrestler will be rewarded with future title shot considerations. On the flip side, if a wrestler declines an open challenge they will not be in title contention and could be subject to suspension. 

As far as talent is concerned, we will have many long time Memphis main stays to give you that classic southern feel if that’s what you crave. We’ll also have some of the best talent going today such as Eddie Guerrero as well as the brightest names from the underground circuit that will undoubtedly bring a hunger to GTW. 

Week 1 of our broadcast will feature an 8 man tournament to crown the first ever GTW champion. The participants involved will be Eddie Guerrero, “The Master of the Universe “ Sid, William Regal, Steve Corino, Jerry Lawler, “American Dragon”Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and the “Forgotten Soul” Raven. 

With many different styles, backgrounds and atmospheres involved here in GTW we are sure that we’ll have something for you. This also means tensions will run high and competition will be fierce . So please join me, the voice of GTW, Dave Prazak each Saturday as we Get our Grind On! 

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I like the group of talent that you have here, and it's not crazy to think that Eddie Guerrero would show up and do some work here. this also seems like a spot where Sid would come in for a shot here in a shot there. I really like the inclusion of regal because he seems like a stalwart that is going to be someone who carries your promotion. Then you've got a big group of very young and unproven talent. You went all in on drafting them and I think it's going to be fun to watch you develop them into what we think they are and how you can portray what you want them to be. Don't be afraid to ask for help when it comes to putting some of the stuff together, it can be very overwhelming without the right kind of planning. I've been doing this now for close to 11 years and I still get overwhelmed sometime lol.

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Great opening statement!  As a native Clevelander, I LOVE the blue collar mentality.  The open challenge penalty rule is a really interesting one, it will separate the gutsy guys from the cowardly ones.  I would suggest putting in an injury contingency or something of that nature so guys can't just challenge someone who is unable to compete in order to get them out of title contention.  But I like the idea and think it gives you a chance to create a lot of spontaneously memorable moments of incredible triumph or catastrophic failure.

As LowBlow said, reach out for any advice or with any questions.  I've been at this for a bit myself, with a history with LowBlow in fact, and we are always about lifting each other up and keeping this thing going strong.  I have limited experience with SirEdger but all the work I have done with him in these things has been positive, I would suggest he is the same way.

My best piece of advice is don't pressure yourself.  I have had some really amazing federations fall by the wayside because I set a schedule and expectation I was unable to meet.  It took the fun out of writing the shows for me when I felt under the gun.  So I have learned to pare down my shows to something I can accomplish without too many bells and whistles.  It's still hard work ... a Grind, if you will ... but ultimately fun and rewarding.  So welcome to the world of fantasy booking and writing!  I can tell from your intro you are more than ready!

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1 hour ago, jpchicago23 said:

Thanks man, this is my first time doing anything like this so I’m pumped. You guys have all been awesome so far 

There's a reason why I specifically advised everyone to go at their own pace with the posting. That's because there are people who are doing it for the first time or simply don't want to feel the pressure of absolutely posting something every day or every week. I felt like if there would be no pressure to do so, that would entice more people to join in. Seems to be working so far! ;)

Like Chacins said, we're always available to chat with if you need advice or have any questions. I've been doing fantasy booking for about 20 years now so I've seen my share of fantasy leagues in my lifetime. My first official advice to you; it's OK to try some stuff and fail. You might not find the format you're more comfortable with at first. You'll eventually find your groove; some prefer long and detailed writeups (Den Scorpio on Dawn of War is an absolute master at that, having written with him on the old tOa board where I started) and others will focus on short highlighted formats; some will use hybrids - that's all up to you. At the end of the day, you'll eventually putting your own imprint on that promotion and it will be all worth it ;)

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I don't think there's any hiding that our mindsets on this draft was very similar, to the point me and you might even be something akin to sibling promotions, and I'm super interested to see the directions you go. You already have a fantastic roster of young up and comers combined with really good top talent.


Being honest, I'm rooting for Regal in the tournament. I think he'd nail the Heel Ace role and we never got to see it.

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*Breaking News* press conference to be held tomorrow to not only announce the 8th man in the title tournament but also a major announcement regarding the direction of GTW. Tuesday is shaping up to be a very eventful day for Grind Time Wrestling so don’t miss out. 

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Word from today’s press conference is that the 8th participant in this weekend’s title tournament is none other than Finlay. 


When asked what Finlay thought of the competition this weekend he simply replied “Ill fight my mother to win a championship so I don’t give a damn who the other 7 guys are” 


More to come shortly from today’s press conference as details are being ironed out. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Prazak here with an important announcement from today’s press conference. I’m being told that the decision has been made from GTW headquarters to use two head authorities/bookers for the promotion. This decision was made based on the fact that GTW wants to please as many fans as possible with also staying true to the regions it’s based in. In saying that, Gabe Sapolsky will be in charge of the Midwest mostly Chicago and St Louis and Jerry Jarrett will be in charge of the mid southern regions of Memphis and Louisville. This has also changed the tv programming for GTW. Every Saturday an episode will take place in Chicago with the following week in Memphis so each city will host the corresponding week. This will create a different atmosphere every other week and will allow the hometown fans to get the product they desire as well get acclimated to newer talent. Gabe and Mr Jarrett have radically different views on wrestling but each have the best interest of GTW in mind. I’m told we will have comments from some of the talent later this week in regards to the new direction of the promotion. 

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The first Round of the GTW tournament is this Saturday and the matchups have been announced. We will see Eddie Guerrero take on Raven, Steve Corino battles Jerry Lawler, Finlay takes on Bryan Danielson and William Regal will face CM Punk. Some interesting matchups of styles and experience here so be sure to tune in to see who GTW will crown as the first Heavyweight champion. 









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    Aug. 8th 2000


Ladies and Gentleman my name is Dave Prazak and I welcome you to the heart of America, I welcome you to Chicago, Ill., I welcome you to Grind Time Wrestling!!!!!! Tonight we have the 1st round of our World Heavyweight Title tournament as well as The SAT vs The Trailer Park Triad, Teddy Hart vs Blitzkrieg and an appearance from The Devil’s Reject Jeff G Bailey. 


Match 1:

Teddy Hart vs Blitzkrieg

We kick off GTW with a glimpse at the future of high flying. Blitzkrieg and Teddy start off with a little showing off as they exchange flips and arm drags much to the enjoyment of the Chicago crowd. Thinks get tense as Teddy turns a handshake into a clothesline and mounts offense on Blitzkrieg. Teddy gets ahead of himself and is thrown to the outside followed by a big dive from Blitzkrieg. Back and forth action in the ring leads a ref bump as Blitzkrieg comes off the top. Teddy with the low blow then the Hart attack for the cheap win.


Winner- Teddy Hart


Match 2:

First Rd GTW Heavyweight Title Tourn.

Bryan Danielson vs Finlay

Pre match promo from Danielson as he mentions he’s learned a thing or two about Finlay during his time training with William Regal. Danielson believes he’s on his way to being the best technical wrestler in the business and says Finlay was barely a name in the 90s and we are in a new era of wrestling. Match starts with some arm focused limb work from Danielson. Finlay gets the advantage by overwhelming Danielson with stiff strikes and a scoop slam. Finlay starts roughing up Danielson and almost makes him tap with a half crab. Finlay feels as if Danielson is done early and signals for the tombstone. Danielson with a tight small package for the flash pin 3. Danielson points to his head while his arm is raised. 

Winner- Bryan Danielson 


Match 3:

First Round GTW Heavyweight Title Tourn.

Eddie Guerrero vs Raven

This match starts with both men receiving a good reaction from the crowd and loud E C Dub chants towards Raven. The match starts off fast paced with Guerrero mounting offense until Raven drop toe holds him into the ropes. Raven sets up for the Evenflow but Eddie holds the ropes. Frog splash from the top gives Eddie a hard fought victory. 

Winner- Eddie Guerrero 

Post match- Raven is seen visibly upset with himself about the loss but the fans give him an ovation and chant E C Dub E C Dub. Then a red spotlight is shown at the entrance ramp and a video medley plays on the screen of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, as well as highlights of ECW over the years. The video then transitions into a medley of Slipknot, Lamb of God, and DevilDriver followed by hardcore matches from Indy promotions with younger talent. Out comes Jeff G Bailey with his face painted in a demonic style and tells Raven, “Just like Grunge, ECW is dead”. You can free your soul now and join the new hardcore movement or you can be a martyr for the past and die as well. Raven leaves the ring confused and we have a ton of questions about Baileys motives. 

Match 4:

The SAT vs The Trailer Park Triad

Next up we have the SAT(Red and the Maximos) vs the Trailer Park Triad(Hamrick,Noble,Kash). Lots of face paced offense here to bring the crowd back into things. We get a lot of double and triple team offense from both sides. Hamrick is thrown out of the ring and does the infamous Hamrick hump.  Finish comes after the Spanish Fly to Kash as Noble is hit with the Code Red.

Winners- The SAT


Match 5 :

GTW World Heavyweight Title Tourn. 

William Regal vs CM Punk

Loud ovation for Punk as he is the hometown hero here. Regal comes out with Danielson in his corner rooting his teacher on. Regal gets on the mic and thanks Danielson for taking out his rival Finlay and tells him he will graduate from finishing school after watching what he’ll do to Punk. Match starts hot Regal jumping Punk at the bell and grinding his face into the mat with arm submissions. Regal is showing his technical prowess and the crowd is chanting C M Punk to get him back into the match. Punks comeback is cut off by a European uppercut from Regal as he struts around the ring. Punk is on the mat as Regal is stretching him and Danielson gets in his face shouting “ That’s my teacher, learn from this”. Danielson turns around and shows off what Regal is doing as Punk rolls out of the hold and sends Regal into the corner. Punk then goes outside to attack Danielson and throws him into the barricade. This allows Regal to gather himself and hit a European uppercut as Punk is entering the ring. Regal slaps on the Regal stretch and Punk has no choice to tap. Danielson celebrates in the ring by Regals side.

Winner- William Regal


Main Event

GTW World Heavyweight Title Tourn. 

Steve Corino vs Jerry Lawler

Lawler and Corino are both introduced and get a heavy applause each. Lawler is a bit miffed that Corino is getting the same reaction as him and grabs the mic. Lawler: “ You idiots here in the big city will cheer anyone that the dirt sheets love won’t you? “ Just because someone has worked for ECW doesn’t make them a maineventer. Just because someone can bleed doesn’t mean they can wrestle either. Memphis is where hardcore started and I’m tired of people not respecting us. Corino grabs the mic away and says if you want respect here then earn it. You’ve wrestled in one state for 30 years and want everyone to down? You’re not a king here until they say you are as Corino points to the crowd and gets a huge ovation. Lawler takes the mic back and says ok pal, you say you’re the King of Old School, I say Memphis is hardcore, how about we make this a No Dq match? Corino agrees and we’re off. Wild brawl that spills into the crowd to start. Stiff punch exchange from both men until Corino sends Lawler into the ring post busting him open. Action returns to the ring with Corino on offense. Corino hits a superplex on Lawler for a 2 count. Lawler hits a low blow to change the momentum and starts pummeling Corino with fists while he’s mounted on top of him. Lawler reaches in his trunks to pull out a chain but turnabout is fair play as Corino hits a low blow of his own to take the advantage back. Corino hits a pile driver on Lawler and with the cover gets the 1....2... the ref is pulled out of the ring by none other than The Superstar Bill Dundee. Dundee throws powder in Corinos face as PG 13 enter the ring and smack him with a hubcap. Corino is a bloody mess as Lawler hits the pile driver for the finish. Lawler grabs the mic and says “This is your King” before the group of four Memphis mainstays jump Corino. 

Winner- Jerry Lawler


Dave Prazak- Well folks, that was a hell of a first show. I honestly don’t know what to expect next week in Memphis but I’ll see you guys there. 

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This was a fun debut for Grind Time.

I was a little confused at first on whether Bryan Danielson was a face or heel since he was facing Finlay but cut a heelish promo first, but I got plenty of clarity as he seconded his mentor.  They should make for a really great combination to watch wreak havoc on Grind Time.

I picked Raven to win and felt Eddie getting the duke was a little bit of an upset.  I like unpredictability.

I also like how you are setting the stage for the Memphis/Chicago feud between what is becoming almost like a faction warfare situation.  Memphis pulls out the win here, we'll see what happens in their home turf.  I do like that you protected an older Lawler here by making the match hardcore, as I think in 2000 he would have a hard time keeping up with Corino.

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Thanks man that means a lot. This was my first show written so I didn’t want to throw everything in there but I did want to plant seeds for the future. I’m glad that my protection of Lawler came across bc that’s definitely what I wanted. I have my three main storylines set with Memphis/Chicago or more so North/South, Jeff G Bailey’s faction and The Regal/Danielson dynamic. 

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I like the debut here... I'd be interested to see where you're at in Chicago... lots of areas to run shows around there. Bryan Danielson gets a huge win, Eddie Guerrero with a huge win, Regal with the win, and then Lawler... That's a pretty good foursome to headline things with some really good workers in the background to keep building.

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GTW Live from Memphis, TN Aug 15 2000


Dave Prazak opens the show and before he gets his full introduction out Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer blasts over the loud speakers. Out comes Jerry Jarrett with a grin on his face. Jarrett: Now hold on Prozac you might call the shows up north but I’ll be damned if you’re calling a show in the south, let alone Memphis. Now get your city slickin behind out of the booth and let a real legend do his thing. Out comes Lance Russell to a huge ovation from the Memphis faithful. Jarrett tells the fans now they have someone that speaks their language. And another thing, Mr Sapolsky thinks he can call all the shots around here but this ain’t Chitown, this is my town. Jarrett then calls for CM Punk and Colt Cabana to come out to the ring. Alright guys I know you were scheduled to compete in a tag match tonight but instead you’ve got the night off. Punk and Cabana look in dismay as Jarrett says unless you want to clean the toilets? Now head back up north and don’t let the door hit ya. Lance Russell then welcomes us in to start the night off. Bill Dundee comes out to join Lance on commentary and we get to the action. 

Match 1:

Slim J and Jason Cross vs David Young and Jimmy Rave 

Nice solid tag match with some high spots from the team of Cross/Slim J and some grounded offense from the team of Rave/Young. Finish comes as Rave slingshots Jason Cross into a spine buster from Young.

Winners: Rave/Young

We go back to the announce booth as Dundee tells Lance, see we have some good young talent here in the south too. The only difference is that they’re underneath like they should be so they can earn a spot instead of it being given to them. Lance retorts with, now I don’t know Bill those guys up north have a ton of potential as well.


We go backstage as Raven is seen grabbing Jeff G Bailey by the throat. You want to deliver on that threat now Bailey? Where’s your new extreme? Where’s this new era of hardcore now? Bailey, barely able to speaks says whoa whoa whoa, I’m a lawyer Raven. I’m just the messenger here. The Reverend is who you want. Raven backs off looking confused....The Reverend? Bailey replies laughing, yes the Reverend is after you and wanted me to relay the message. I can be bought and had a job to do so don’t blame me. Then out of nowhere Raven is attacked from behind by a large man and drug into the dark. 

Back to the ring as Tracey Smothers vs Brian Christopher is up next. Short southern style match sees Smothers win with a roll up after a missed leg drop by Christopher. Both men shake hands after the match to a nice ovation. 

Back to Dundee and Lance on commentary, Dundee states see our guys still got it. We give the fans what they want, names they know with a style they love. Lance then says I don’t think these fans only like one style of wrestling Bill but they sure do love their favorites. 

Next out is PG 13 as they approach the announce table. JC Ice gets on the mic and says they are the best tag team going in GTW and issues an open challenge. We aren’t scared of any of those little boys up north especially in our own backyard. Gimme back my Bullets plays over the loud speaker and out come The Briscoes. Jay Briscoe grabs the mic and says you boys might think just bc we’re from up north a little ways that we don’t got not backwoods in our blood huh? Well you got us all messed up bc we came up the hard way too. We busted our ass to make it to GTW and we’re out here to accept that challenge. 

Action is moved to the ring as we have an impromptu match of PG 13 vs The Briscoes. Very nice tandem offense by The Briscoes to start that was cut off by PG 13 cheating every chance they got. Finish comes as JC Ice misses Mark Briscoe with the hubcap and hits Wolfe D followed by a springboard doomsday device. Huge upset win for The Briscoes as PG 13 is livid in the ring. 

Backstage we get an interview with Eddie Guerrero as he is set to take on Bryan Danielson in the 2nd round of the Title tournament. Eddie has huge praise for Danielson saying I look forward to competing against him bc he has a bright future in this business. He’s one of the best technical wrestlers I’ve seen in a long time I just hope he can wrestle me straight up and doesn’t need Regal to help him. We then get a word from Danielson as he says he will be aiming to make Regal proud and prove he can out wrestle one of the best of all time in Guerrero. He says next to my mentor William Regal I am the best wrestler on this planet and I’ll prove that tonight. 

Cut to the ring as we get our first tournament match with Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Guerrero. Dundee on commentary says he respects Eddie bc he has earned his way in this business and his family is rich in wrestling history. He doesn’t think Danielson deserved to be in the tournament in the first place though. Great back and forth match with both men exchanging holds and reversals until Danielson misses a corner drop kick and Guerrero hits a frog splash for the win. Winner and advancing to the finals Eddie Guerrero. 

A dejected Danielson heads to the back and is cut off by Regal. You idiot Regal exclaims! You were supposed to win so you could lay down for me in the finals after I beat Jerry Lawler. You ruined it. Danielson looks on and apologizes and said he was proud of himself for going toe to toe with Eddie. Regal says get your ass out there and challenge him to a rematch. He has to accept your challenge or he gets penalized for it, now go on get out there. 

Back to the ring, Danielson begrudgingly tells Eddie to get his ass back out here if he’s a man. Eddie looking confused says come on man I won straight up you’re a good wrestler I was just better tonight. Danielson says do you accept or not? Eddie then jumps in the ring and for the second time tonight we have Guerrero vs Danielson. Tons of near falls in this match as both men are emptying the tank and look exhausted. Finish comes as Danielson is laid out from a brain buster and as Eddie climbs the ropes Regal comes from the back and hits him with brass knuckles. Danielson gathers himself and covers Eddie for the 1,2,3. Danielson now has advanced to the finals thinking he beat Eddie on his own. Danielson heads to the back as Regal greets him saying “You’re welcome”. Danielson is confused as we get set for our main event of the night, Jerry Lawler vs William Regal. 

Lawler comes out to a huge pop from the hometown crowd as Regal is booed upon arrival. Slow match to start things off as both men feel each other out. A bit of a styles clash as Regal wants to ground Lawler but Lawler wants to brawl with Regal. Regal slides outside after a flurry of punches to stall Lawlers offense. We cut to the back as Danielson is watching a replay of Regal knocking out Guerrero giving him the win. Danielson is fuming, you think I’m going to lay down for you! Back to the ring as Regal has the Regal Stretch on Lawler, Danielson comes out to the ring to cheer on Regal. Lawler is able to escape the hold but Regal transitions into a Boston crab. Regal reaches back for Bryan to grab his hand but is met with a brass knuckle shot of his own from Danielson. The crowd goes wild as Danielson walks to the back saying “ I lay down for no one” Finish comes as Lawler picks up a limp Regal and hits him with a piledriver. Next week the finals are set as it will be Danielson vs Lawler for the title. Show closes as Lawler stares down Danielson on the walkway. 

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He talked about there being a lot to this show in terms of text and I will agree with you at some point but also I think it's beneficial to try to build up your promotion and the characters that you have. I know at one point I was just writing who won the match and then spending more time writing the promos and the angles to help develop everybody. Sometimes that kind of stuff is important too. One thing I would encourage you is to maybe do a little formatting to separate what's going on however I get this ECW sense of the scratch scratch angle scratch scratch interview scratch scratch match scratch scratch angle kind of ordeal which is pretty cool. The other little thing I would do is maybe put who is wrestling in the match just to keep it clear about what is exactly going on. other than that I think you've got a lot of good details and a lot of good things moving forward.

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I will echo LowBlow in that this would be, if nothing else, easier to read if formatted.  But the substance of what you are doing is definitely there!  A lot of good stuff going on, I like how you are working your undercard guys through storylines instead of just throwing them out there.

The north versus south thing is great, too!  I am hoping we see the wrestlers really start to get into it, creating factions and maybe even seeing some heels and faces helping each other out for the greater good of their region.  You are really leaving yourself a wide open door with infinite possibilities with this.

I was surprised to see William Regal reveal his plans on camera, but that is wrestling logic 101.  I was a little more surprised to see Danielson turn on him already.  I figured it was coming, I just expected their relationship to be drawn out more.  It seemed a little abrupt to have it all go down on one show.  But on the other hand, you now have a great dramatic title match set-up and a ready made top of the card feud between Regal and Danielson.  And let's not forget Eddie Guerrero, who I imagine is feeling pretty screwed and none too pleased about it right now.  He has a vendetta with both guys!  So again, you do a great job of leaving your doors open for the future.

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