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The Living Legend Takes The Reins of GCW

In a statement released earlier today, new pro-wrestling start-up, Gold Coast Wrestling announced that veteran superstar, Larry Zybysko, dubbed "The Living Legend" will be working for the company as their Commissioner. While not in sole charge of the wrestling aspects of the company, he will wield significant power and be the on-screen voice of the decision making committee moving forward. "As far as I'm concerned, there's only one man that can keep the peace amongst these behemoths in GCW and that man is The Living Legend" said Zybysko as he also detailed further plans for their championship scene, heading into the television debut.

As GCW tape multiple shows in one night, there will be an 8-man tournament, running across multiple shows, leading to a huge main event at GCW Glory Days in September where the winner will become the inaugural GCW World Champion. While Larry was tight-lipped about specific participants, he was glad to confirm that Bill Goldberg would be one of the entrants. Goldberg was, as per, tight-lipped, simply being quoted as asking "Who's next?" in his quest for wrestling dominance.

Amongst the gathered stars, young and old, are high-flying sensations like Rob Van Dam, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera; powerful, wrestling machines like The Big Show, Scott Norton and Taz and long-time veterans such as The Villanos, Dutch Mantell and Japanese legend, Atsushi Onita. Zybysko has promised a "diverse and exciting" line-up, reflecting the "new direction for professional wrestling into the new millennium"

"GCW Revolution" will come to the air soon, emanating from various cities across California but the company are "hopeful" for progression across the US, as well as strong working relationships with international promotions. "Onita is a new import for us but we're hoping that he isn't an outlier. Wrestling is more international and wide-reaching than ever and we want to represent that as best we can"

Gold Coast Wrestling: Pro Wrestling with a Hollywood Smile

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1 minute ago, SirEdger said:

You might want to readjust your dates though. We're starting in August 2000, using our current calendar (a bit complex to research everything to fit exactly like it was in 2000) so make sure to avoid any confusion with the rest of our events ;)

Shit, you're right. Edited that. I like long-term booking but waiting that long to crown a champ is preposterous.

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After reading this piece, I think Larry Zbysko is the absolute perfect choice for your figurehead.  He has always been a "take no shit" type, even as a WCW color guy, and he has just the right attitude for what it seems like you are going for.

You did well pitching the diversity of your roster, while singling out Goldberg as the obvious centerpiece.  But will he get the title in the tournament, or will one of the talented upstarts find a way to get past him?  

This will be a fun one to read!

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GCW Revolution Episode 1

- In front of a packed, raucous crowd in the heart of California, Kevin Kelly and Paul Heyman welcomed us all to Revolution, Gold Coast Wrestling's premier TV show; an hour of fine pro wrestling with that Hollywood shine. Kevin Kelly was frightfully excited but Paul Heyman couldn't quite believe he'd been relegated to commentary duties so soon after beginning his own revolution with ECW. He barely had time to say any more when Shane McMahon made his way into the arena through the rabid crowd. Holding a microphone in his hand, he told everyone that he's come to clear up some "misconceptions" Everyone in the past has always tagged him as "Daddy's Boy", the heir apparent to an empire, living off his old man's money and handouts. "No more! They tell me there's a revolution to be had here in GCW and I'm here to show everyone that I'm so much more than my father's millions. I'm here to manage, I'm here to make my own money and I'm here to establish my own dynasty"

Psicosis and Juvi Guerrera def. Essa Rios and Hector Garza: In a lighting-quick affair, GCWs cruiserweight talent was on full display as all 4 men put together an incredible show. Death-defying dives and offense all hit with laser precision but it was the experience of Psicosis and Juvi that won out. Despite Juvi attempting to put his smoothest moves on the ladies at ringside, "The Juice" got it together long enough to incapacitate Garza while his partner pinned Garza for the first win in Gold Coast Wrestling.

-- As we cut backstage, commissioner, Larry Zybysko stood with two gorgeous looking title belts over his shoulders. "What you all just saw there was a perfect example of what I want Gold Coast Wrestling to be; the world's best athletes given the chance to WRESTLE and earlier in the month, I told you all about the GCW World Championship and now, following that display of tag team wrestling, it's high time I told you all about these World Tag Team Championships" While GCW is running an official tournament for the top singles belt, the tag team belts will be slightly different; over the next month, leading to Glory Days, each team will be given ample opportunity to show their talents in the GCW Tag League. "This league is open to any combination and any team on the GCW roster so I'd suggest you sign up soon" said Larry Z as he promised that the wheat would soon be separated from the chaff.

- Dutch's Double (Mike Enos and Lance Cade) def. Local Enhancement Talent: As a match, this was nothing of too much interest as Enos and Cade showcased their talents; Enos' veteran grit matched with Cade's youthful, raw talent but the presence of Dutch Mantell at ringside with them was enough for the crowd to take notice. Once the match was wrapped up neatly, Dutch took the mic, very interested in Commissioner Zybysko's latest announcement. Christening his charges as "Dutch's Double", he went on to promise that his boys were taking home the titles when it was all said and done. "Now, being out here with all the beautiful people is nice and all but all y'all have no clue how to fight and I promise, Cade and Enos, my boys can get the job done.

- Next up, Kevin Kelly told us that we were about to get a glimpse of some of the promising athletes coming to GCW in the coming weeks. First up, we saw the team of 3 Count; Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and Jason Jett but, curiously, we didn't see them wrestling but rather, practising their dance choreography...Despite the pleadings of their wrestling coach, the boys seemed more concerned with hitting their spots than hitting their moves. Gangrel followed as this time, we got some wrestling; his usual smash-mouth style complete with liberal use of that viscous liquid as we got a great glimpse of AJ Styles' high-flying, innovative offense. Though young, big things are promised and hoped for. And finally, came the international enigma, Onita. We saw deathmatches, barbed wire boards and general, unrestrained violence from a man who promises to bring an undoubted edge to GCW

- Scott Norton def. Carly Colon: In a result that just about everyone saw coming, Scott Norton took home the win against youngster, Carly Colon. Though Carly offered a promising start, it was clear that Norton was simply toying with him and the powerhouse soon took over, planting him with a shoulderbreaker for the win. Not content with that though, he continued, planting him with another shoulderbreaker until referees flooded from the back to regain some control. Norton signed off his carnage, looking right into the camera and promising that he was going to become World Champion, no matter who he hurt.

Rob van Dam def. Little Guido: In a main event that made Paul Heyman very excited, two ECW alumni met up in the main event and delivered a compelling, enjoyable match despite the styles clash. RVD was hugely popular as the leader of the FBI, Guido didn't have an answer for the kicks and the flashy offense in the early stages, choosing to retreat into the arms of his large compatriot, John D.Rossi at ringside. Even though John wrapped his XXXXL leather jacket around Guido, it matter not as RVD came flying out to level things up. As the match rolled on, Guido did gain some advantage as D.Rossi used his wiles to send RVD crashing into the ring post when the ref was distracted but it didn't matter in the end as RVD hit a string of flashy offense, culminating in a Five Star Frog Splash for the impressive victory.

- Then, for the final segment of the evening, Larry Zybysko was seen again, this time in the ring alongside a plinth with a carpeted covering on top, hiding the GCW World Championship. "Before I show this beautiful championship belt, let's remind everyone of the path we're going to walk to get there" Over the next month, there will be an 8-man tournament with the final two meeting each other in the main event of Glory Days. "We know that Goldberg is one of the men but it's time to find out who the other seven are!" On the large screen in the arena, we finally got to see the confirmed bracket.

Match A - Scott Norton vs. Scorpio

Match B - Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles

Match C - Onita vs. Taz

Match D - Goldberg vs. "Superstar" Stevie Richards

Furthermore, your semi final will be

Winner of Match A vs. Winner of Match D

Winner of Match B vs. Winner of Match C

"And, next week, we're going to see Goldberg take on "Superstar" Stevie Richards in the first tournament match!" But, as Zybysko tried to move on to unveiling the belt, the music of the aforementioned Stevie Richards hit as he hit the arena, rocking his new "Hollywood" look. Complete with sunglasses, leather jacket and whitened smile, Richards grabbed a microphone and stopped the Commissioner in his tracks. "Look, I appreciate you making a tournament and all but, everyone knows that, next week, the hottest star in the Hollywood sky, Stevie Richards, is going to pin Goldberg. And then, I'm going to beat everyone else and take this title so why don't you just unveil the belt, hand it over to me now and then I can sail off on my yacht into the sunset, just like the end of "Tall Noon!"" Larry couldn't help but correct Stevie to inform him it was "High Noon" but he did tell him that the tournament was going to continue BUT, he could hang around to see the belt be unveiled. Richards obliged as Larry whipped off the covering, showcasing the gorgeous World Title belt. Resplendent with studded gold and a thick leather belt, even Stevie was impressed. So much so, he tried to grab it immediately, assuming that his earlier plan was still valid. Larry wasn't going to stand for that as a genuine tug of war began over the newly displayed belt.

This didn't last long though once Goldberg's music hit! The crowd rose in unison, awaiting the man himself and sure enough, when he strode through the smoke and pyro, the reaction was enormous. Inside the ring, Stevie didn't know where to put himself and, as Goldberg entered, he thought that reason would prevail. Instead, next week's opponent launched forward with a spear that sent the sunglasses careening off his face. Goldberg wasn't done, hoisting Richards up and planting him with a huge Jackhammer and dispatching him out of the ring. As Goldberg and Larry shook hands however, the fans took notice of a commotion at ringside. Standing on top of the announce table was Taz! With his black towel covering his face, it was hard to tell but his eyes had to be locked on Goldberg. It wasn't over yet though as Shane McMahon reappeared, hopping the rail with a stack of papers in his hand. Once more though, nothing could be done as the lights suddenly cut out. A few long moments passed and then, the large screen suddenly lit up with Japanese text: "BE. AFRAID. AO." As the lights came back up, there on the ramp, decked out in his leather jacket was Onita! He casually placed a chair down, took a seat and lit a cigarette, choosing to stare holes in his future opponents as the debut episode of Revolution went off the air.


Two notes: Bear with me as I work on the format and lay out and also, John D.Rossi is John Tenta, re-cast as Guido's heavy in the FBI.

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Pretty exciting kickoff show!

I have always thought Scott Norton was so underrated and could be pushed as a monster.  So I hope he is not being built up to just get squashed by Goldberg in round 2, but I am curious to see where this thing goes.

Dutch's Double are a good combination of guys, Enos and Cade were talented enough workers but kind of suck on the mic, so pairing them with Dutch who is a freakin' genius on the mic was a great move.

The tournament looks pretty off the hook.  My picks for the first round are Goldberg, Onita (although I struggled a bit with this one), RVD and Norton.  RVD/Styles will be the match of the entire tournament, I bet.  That kid might not be ready yet, but he is something special.

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I think you told me that you've never done this before... well... you're definitely off on the right foot.  You're stuff is easy to read and has a good flow. I echo the sentiments of some of the others... I like Scott Norton a lot...  I hope he can do something big here. I am thinking we'll see RVD and Goldberg do well in the tournament. I don't know which I will pick yet... but I'll be tuning in to see.

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