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With the wrestling world in total chaos, there have been reports of many small feds forming to answer the opening. With the Mexican scene 

struggling with the larger feds deaths, it appears that the legendary Negro Casas has taken it upon himself to try to bring the industry back to it's

feet. Casas has been trying to push for as many of the top Luchadors in the country to unite under his banner, promising good pay days 

and growth for more future paydays, claiming he has a deal in place to help the talent gain greater exposure outside of Mexico.




Meanwhile, while the wrestling news that has been dominant out East has been the formation of U-COSMOS, their has been a quiet undercurrent of news coming out of 

Yokohama. Jushin "Thunder" Liger  has apparently been in contact with many top junior heavyweights in the wrestling world, trying to make

arrangements to find housing in the Yokohama area. Meanwhile, while many expected Akira Taue to either join the U-COSMOS

with his old tag partner in Kawada, or follow Kobashi and Misawa to the United States, but the rumor has it he has put money down into a promoters license.



This news seemed straight forward enough, except for a very surprising development. Taue and Liger were seen on a long international

flight to the United States last night, apparently heading to the Charlotte area. Even more surprising then the two making there way stateside, is

that they were seen by a fan waiting for a flight to arrive, and greeted one Negro Casas, also 

making his way to the area. The 3 men were seen leaving in a shared vehicle.


Breaking News: Press Conference to be Held Tomorrow!


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I love this, you are taking the same tact as me ... building a little mystery and intrigue.  You have talent coming in from all over the world, it gives Pro Wrestling Outlaws a global feel already.  I like how you are putting together a puzzle right before our eyes.  Can't wait to see what the press conference is all about!

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Breaking News: Announcement of "Pro Wrestling Outlaws" 

In a press conference this evening in Charlotte, Akira Taue, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, and Negro Casas were joined by the apparent center piece of the rumored 

alliance, by the surprise of the evening, one Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat explained that they and a silent partner have made the decision the best way

forward for the wrestling industry worldwide is to align there interests, trying to get as many top young talents and talented wrestlers they could under

the banner of one company, which they have called "Pro Wrestling Outlaws", often just calling themselves "OUTLAW" for short. 


Steamboat laid out the plans for the company in with a clear mindset to run shows all over the the Carolina's, Ohio, and specifically in Philly and Jersey, but they also plan

to be running constant shows in Japan and Mexico as well. However, while the live shows will run consistently, there main talent base will generally stick together in the

different areas they will be "touring". The plan is to run there first 6 weeks of television (Which will be airing on networks of some repute in all 3 countries) from the United 

States, before heading to Mexico to run 6 weeks, and then Japan for the same, to give the company a base in all 3. 


Steamboat was also pleased to announce that there first live show, which will be aired live in the United States and filmed to be ran in Mexico and Japan with

alternate commentary, would be coming up on the 3rd of August. Steamboat announced the start of the OUTLAW World Championship Tournament, which will

include 16 competitors, including Liger and Casas themselves. Taue was sad to report he was having Visa issues and will instead be focusing on solidying

the company in Japan and thus will not be included. But, they did announce a slew of names, from Dick Togo coming in from Japan, as well as beloved

luchadors Blue Panther and Atlantis, top young independent talent like Christopher Daniels, and even some bigger names like Rey Mysterio Jr.

Steamboat also went into detail that they will reveal the silent partner he talked about earlier in the interview on the show as well. 



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PWO: Outlaw Wrestling Episode 1, August 2nd 2000, Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


The show 

The show opens with Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan welcoming everyone to PWO. Tenay hypes up the the workers, while Heenan seems decently reluctant in his new atmosphere, talking about how much of a madhouse this place is.

Ricky Steamboat makes his way to the ring to a good reaction, and he welcomes everyone to PWO. He said tonight they would see 4 first round matches in the World Title Tournament, but explains they are not announcing brackets to keep things lively. As he's finishing that description, a man walks down to the ring, who some fans recognized as The Sinister Minister. He grabs a microphone, and introduces himself to the crowd as Reverend James Mitchell, and he said he's been waiting for this day for years, saying he trusts Steamboat to run a promotion that will better reflect what culture should be from previous companies in the area. Before Steamboat can even respond, the arena goes black.... and when the lights turn on,  Sabu has arrived! Mitchell tries to run from the ring, but Sabu attacks him, beating him down,  all while Steamboat just stands back making sure not to get involved. After Mitchell is properly beat up, Steamboat and Sabu stare each other down, before Steamboat extends his hand.... and Sabu accepts, as Steamboat  announces Sabu as the silent partner.


First Match in PWO history:

PWO World Title Tournament 1st Round Match

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. La Parka

The first match in PWO history features 2 names pretty well known to the the average fan here in Philly. Tajiri had been developing as a local favorite, and Parka has a good deal of fame at this point in his career. Both men got positive reactions, and proceed to have a damned fun match, setting the mood for the rest of the show. They get a good amount of time, with La Parka clearly being set up as the heel being in charge of the match. Near the end, things break down and fitting more ECW tradition, and it being a La Parka match, a Chair gets involved. With the ref knocked down, Parka goes for a Chair Shot on a kneeling Tajiri... Only to be met by the Green Mist! Tajiri hits a sharp Brainbuster as the ref comes to, and scores the 3 count


Winner and moving onto the second round in 11:41: Yoshihiro Tajiri  


Blue Panther & Shiryu (Kaz Hayashi) vs. Super Crazy and Atlantis

Super Crazy is by far the most well known of the guys included in this match, and is getting the best reaction. Panther and Atlantis have some fun mat exchanges to open the match to familiarize them with the crowd. During this match, Tenay announced that this is a preview of a tournament match, as it was formally announced that Blue Panther and Super Crazy will square off for Cam-Am Pro in a PWO World Title Tournament 1st Round Match. Panther gets the one up in this one however, as Super Crazy misses a Moonsault onto Panther, who quickly hit a La Magistral for the win.


Winners in 9:02: Blue Panther and Shiryu


Title Tournament 1st Round Match

Taka Michinoku vs. Low-Ki

Low-Ki is hyped up by Tenay as one of the top young talents coming up in wrestling today, and one of the most explosive athletes wresting has potentially ever seen, and he gets some early moments to really show it off, hitting a Handspring Jumping Enziguri into the Corner, and Springboard Enziguri for close near falls early. But Taka is a vet at this point, and Ki hasn't really faced anyone of his level before. Eventually, Taka sets Ki up for the Michinoku Driver, but Ki surprises him by sliding out and applying what Tenay informs us is the Dragon Clutch,  including a Body Scissors to drag Taka off his feet. After about 10 seconds of trying to fight it off, Take is forced to tap, giving Low-Ki the biggest victory of his young career

Winner in 8:51 and moving onto the second round: Low-Ki


The Hardy Boys vs. Michael Shane and Spanky

The Hardys got a huge pop, one of the largest of the night, as they seem to be one of the fastest rising acts in wrestling. They are opposed by two young wrestlers representing the Texas Wrestling Acadamy, the school of Shawn Michaels, and they seem like a very cocky duo. The Hardys have the crowd and experience behind them, but the youngsters put in a good showing, controlling Jeff after Shane dodged a Twisting Moonsault from Jeff. But eventually Jeff manages to make the hot tag on Matt, and after disposing of Shane, The Hardys put away Spanky with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb

Winners in 7:14: The Hardy Boys


Title Tournament 1st Round Match

Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Christopher Daniels

An interesting dynamic as neither guy was particularly well known. Ogawa had been an All Japan lifer before the great split, but has never really worked the States. Daniels is another top up and comer from the indy scene, looking for his big break. And this match is worked as two babyfaces doing babyface stuff: handshaking before the match, technical ring work, and the crowd in Philly is kinda not buying what they are selling to a degree. Eventually Daniels has taken control and has him set in a double underhook pedigree position, but Ogawa lowers his head and ends up headbutting Daniels low. Daniels is stunned, and Ogawa quickly rolls him up into a Small Package for a cheap victory, which actually gets some applause.

Winner in 9:30 and moving onto the second round: Yoshinari Ogawa


Before the Main Event can start, Spike Dudley makes his way to the ring, and claims that he came to Pro Wrestling Outlaws to find the biggest dog in this yard and show him he's the real biggest man in the company. That led to a giant pop as Vader made his way to the ring!

Spike Dudley vs. Vader

A total and complete demolition here, as Spike tries to attack Vader, and Vader proceeds to beat the piss out of him. Spike keeps trying to lock the head to set up the Acid Drop, but everytime he does, Vader just shoves him off and beats him more. Eventually Vader hits a Vader Bomb and gets an easy 3.

Winner via pinfall in 3:52: Vader


Main Event

Title Tournament 1st Round Match

Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Both Liger and Rey got huge pops on their entrances, and the crowd is buzzing for getting to watch this matchup. Unlike the earlier match with the face/face dynamic, this one the crowd seems to buying into a lot more, already liking both masked men. And this is what you'd want from these 2, a highly competitive match with lots of back and forth. At about the 15 minute mark Liger starts taking control. Every time Liger goes for a finishing blow, Rey has a counter, and Liger has to completely give up on the Ligerbomb after Rey has Rana'd his way out 3 times. Liger even tries to bust out a Shooting Star Press at the 29 minute mark, but Rey gets the knees up, and the 30 minute time limit 

30 Minute Time Limit Draw


After the match, Rey offers Liger a handshake, and Liger seems to think about it for a long while, before agreeing to shake it.

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I liked the intense opening between James Mitchell, Sabu, and Steamboat.  Great way to kick things off and set a tone for the rest of the show.

I agree with LowBlow, I like what happened between Spike and Vader, curious to see where each character goes from here.

I am going to also agree with the two gents above me about the Mysterio/Liger draw.  I assume this means a double elimination from the tournament?  If that is the case, I am going to differ from said two gents and put my money on Tajiri being a darkhorse to win this thing.

This was a really fun first show, I like the wrestling style in this promotion, a lot of action and fun matches.

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This email was posted on the Pro Wrestling Outlaws website, pwoutlaws.com, talking about there planned Live Event calender"


PWO Live Event and VHS Pre-Orders Now!

We over at Pro Wrestling Outlaws are pleased to announce that our live events, which will be starting up this week on Wednesday, will be available to be purchased on our website at launch of promotion! In order to bring as much action to fans as possible, we will be recording our live events for any and all fans who wish to watch the action in any of our main homes, with commentary for multiple languages on release! All PWO Live Shows will be recorded with 1 Hard Camera over the ringside area as well as 2 camcorders ringside to offer you, our fans, the best quality release footage possible! Deals for these Tapes will be sold as 15 dollars for 1 show, 25 for 2, or a full months worth of shows for 50 dollars! We will have commentary done in English, Spanish, and Japanese, out as little as 2-3 weeks after the events! And if you choose to commit to us at a 500 dollar mark, we will automatically send a years worth of shows, one every month, no promises, as well as free tickets to a show of your choice, as well as an Autographed picture from any wrestler you choose on the roster! Please contact us either via our work phone listed on our website, or work email of [email protected].

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PWO: Outlaw Wrestling Episode 2, August 9th 2000, Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 



PWO World Title Tournament First Round Match: Negro Casas defeats Matt Hardy with a Victory Roll while holding down the ropes in 14:12

The Haas Brothers defeat Two Local Competitors (Izzy and Deranged) in 4:13

PWO World Title Tournament First Round Match: Dick Togo defeats Atlantis in 9:16 with a Top Rope Senton

Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeat Low-Ki and Homicide in 13:31 when Taka Michinoku hits Homicide with the Michinoku Driver II

Rey Mysterio Jr defeats Chris Hero in 9:12 with a Diving Top Rope Rana

Jushin "Thunder" Liger defeats Christopher Daniels in 8:41 with a Running Ligerbomb

Main Event: PWO World Title Tournament First Round Match, Impromptu No Disqualification Match: Sabu defeats Jeff Hardy in 14:51 via pinfall after Jeff Hardy missed a Swanton Bomb of a Ladder through a Table.



Ricky Steamboat announces in via a vote from the Owners Committee of PWO, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Jushin "Thunder" Liger have been cleared to both move onto round 2, in a Triple Threat Match, by a Vote of 3-2. Liger and Mysterio's opponent, as well as the brackets for the tournament, still remain unannounced. 


The Main Event was main No Disqualification when Jeff Hardy specifically asked for it going into the main event. The match was a crazy spectacle, with Tables, Chairs, and Ladders involved. At the end of the match, Matt ran out to check on his brother, and Jeff shook Sabu's hand after th match. 


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I always like the team of homicide and Hernandez but I'm not sure where they're at at this point in their careers. Interested to see how you play things out. Sabu versus Jeff Hardy is definitely one of those matches that everybody would love to see just how they can up and one another. I also like the movement of Ray and Jewish and lager they're definitely two aces to rely on and hopefully they'll see each other again in the future.

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I have Jewish heritage and would love a lager right now!  

Ok, we got jokes, people.

This show, and your promotion in general, seems like it is action packed, no down time.  You have so many good workers.  Clearly no restholds in PWO!

I wonder if there will be any controversy surrounding the decision to move Rey and Liger forward.  Could be a springboard to something, I will keep my eye on that moving forward.

So no Hardy vs. Hardy in the tournament, but the right guys all went over here in my opinion.  Makes me wonder if they will team up or continue their singles aspirations.  That main event would sure have been a fun watch!

I am going to say Jushin Liger wins the tournament, for now, and reserve the right to change my mind.

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PWO Live Event Results for the Week of August 9th through August 15th, available at PWOWrestling.com


August 12th, Live in front of 1,500 fans in Cleveland Ohio

Men's Teioh defeats Estrella De Tiro (Paul London under a mask) in 8:17 with a Miracle Destiny (Chokebomb)

Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeat Michael Shane and Spanky in 10:40 when Michinoku hit Shane with a Michinoku Driver.

Vader defeats Jody Fleisch in 5:17 when Vader countered the the 720 Phoenix DDT by turning it into a Chokeslam.

La Parka defeats Shiryu in 9:14 with the La Parkinator

Aja Kong defeats Meiko Satomura in 13:19 with a Backfist

Sabu and the Hardy Boys defeat Chris Hero, BJ Whitmer, and Xavier w/ Prince Nana in 15:21 when Jeff Hardy pinned Whitmer after a Swanton Bomb

Main Event

Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Low-Ki defeat Negro Casas, Dick Togo, and Yoshinori Ogawa in 28:27 when Low-Ki pinned Ogawa after hitting a Phoenix Splash. This was a match with tons of miscommunication, specifically with Casas and Togo having problems with each other.


August 14th, Live in front of 1,300 fans in New Jersey

Vader defeats Xavier w/ Prince Nana in 4:16 with a Powerbomb.

In an impromptu match, Vader defeats BJ Whitmer w/ Prince Nana in 3:12 with a Chokeslam

In another impromptu match, Vader defeats Prince Nana in 16 seconds with a Powerbomb.

Spike Dudley defeats Chris Hero in 13:11 after he hit the Acid Drop

Atlantis defeats Christopher Daniels in 12:58 with a La Magistral cradle. 

The Hardy Boys defeat Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki in 14:51 when Matt Hardy pinned Taka Michinoku after rolling out the back of Michinoku Driver and rolling into a Cradle. 

Yoshinori Ogawa defeats Samoa Joe in 8:12 with a rollup with a handful of rights.

Sabu, Rey Mysterio Jr, Low-Ki, and Super Crazy defeat Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Dick Togo, and Negro Casas in 31:02 when Super Crazy pinned Tajiri with a Moonsault. Things got moderately heated in this match between a few people, with Tajiri and Crazy reunining there old rivalry, and Togo and Casas having problems getting along once more. 

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Pro Wrestling Outlaws TV: August 16th, Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Announcers Mikey Tenay and Bobby Heenan. 


PWO World Title Quarterfinal Round Matchup

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

A rivalry renewed, as Tajiri and Crazy met up for a chance at the semi-finals. A strong reaction for both men, and the highlight from August 16th show, advertising it as being available for shipping soon, with Crazy scoring the pinfall over Tajiri. And this match has a strong crowd, and the two have the chemistry that has always made this a memorable matchup. This one has Tajiri working subtle heel, without outright cheating. Eventually Crazy misses a Moonsault, and Tajiri immediately grabs a hold of him and hits a Brainbuster, and becomes the first man to the quarterfinals.

Winner via Pinfall in 15:59, and moving on to the Semi-Finals: Yoshihiro Tajiri

Post Match,  after Tajiri is celebrating, Super Crazy stands up waiting for him, and extends his hand out to Tajiri, who accepts it to some applause. As Crazy goes to pull away, Tajiri pulls him in, seemingly going for the Green Mist... but he doesn't actually do it, just goes through the motions leaving Crazy to sprawl backwards and the crowd to give an audible "oooh", before Tajiri walked away with a grin, giving Crazy a slight bow. 


As we come back from the Commercial Break, Prince Nana is in the ring, surrounded by his 3 clients Xavier, BJ Whitmer, and Chris Hero. Nana cuts a promo, introducing his clients, stating Xavier is the best pure athlete in pro wrestling, Whitmer is the toughest man in the world, and that Hero is the best technician in the industry, and says he bought these 3 men to be the founding members of The Embassy. He declares they were gonna take all the championships and declares the first Embassy open challenge on, saying Xavier and Whitmer are ready for any sort of tag team challenge. That led to


La Parka and Pirata Morgan vs. "The Embassy" of BJ Whitmer & Xavier w/ Prince Nana

Parka comes out with a new ally as Pirata Morgan joins him for... well, it would probably shouldn't be called a match. Whitmer and Xavier gain a little control over Parka first off, but then this devolved rapidly when Parka grabbed a chair at ringside and cracked Whitmer in the head. The match was called via DQ and the brawl was on, as Pirata and Parka just go to god damned town, though Whitmer and Xavier do there best to fight back, and even manage to bust open Morgan, who quickly started to get the crowd behind him. They eventually manage to fight here way to the back... revealing Nana and Hero hiding at ringside during the brawl

Winners via Disqualification in 3:12: The Embassy. 


Post Match, Nana grabs a microphone after the match announcement, and hypes up the Embassy being 1-0 (with Heenan and Tenay pointing out they had already wrestled matches at PWO events, and this is there first win), and says but that isn't good enough, and he wants to start 2-0 and show the dominant force th Embassy will be. So he declares Hero is welcoming all challengers, which Hero looks somewhat hesitant about. It becomes even more hesitant when his challenger comes out...


Vader vs. Chris Hero w/ Prince Nana

A total massacre. Hero tries to use his technical wrestling to counter the big man, and even tries to strike with him a couple times, and it goes as expected. Hero does get one impressive spot, hitting a Bodyslam on the big man, and he looks ready to finish, before Vader just pummels him long enough to hit a brutal powerbomb for the finish

Winner via pinfall  in 4:34: Vader


Post Match, Nana is on the apron complaining to the ref and declaring Vader cheated in someway. Vader goes to swing at Nana, who bails out, but with Vader's back turned Spike Dudley runs in from the crowd, and hits an Acid Drop on Vader off the ropes! Spike quickly exits back through the crowd, with a recovering Vader looking on with anger


Akira Taue & Genichiro Tenryu vs. Two Local Competitors (Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt)

An introduction to two Japanese Legends, as Taue and Tenryu make a statement victory. The percent of the crowd who knows who they are isn't super high, but there are enough people there who are thrilled to see the two that the atmosphere is somewhat infectious. Taue and Tenryu basically beat the snot out of to the two locals, ending when Taue and Tenryu due an old Taue tag match move of there own, hitting a Powerbomb by Tenryu and Chokeslam by Taue on Dutt. 

Winners via pinfall in 5:03: Akira Taue and Genichiro Tenryu


Before the ring announcer can announce the next match, James Mitchell storms to the ring, and grabs the microphone, and demands Sabu comes out, not caring if Sabu might be wrestling in the main event. When he's met by silence and no response, he points out that if Sabu is actually one of the owners of this fed, it would surely look terrible if one man could stop the show, as he has no intention of leaving the ring until Sabu comes out. That also is met with silence. He then says Sabu is clearly a coward who can't even stand to a non athlete, and is in the process of pulling up a chair when the lights go out, and when they come on Sabu is in the ring, with Mitchell holding the chair to defend himself. Before Sabu can do anything, he is jumped by The Haas Brothers, who start beating him down in the ring. Before the damage can become too severe though, the crowd goes crazy as Matt and Jeff Hardy run down to the ring to make the save, and both sides end up being at a stalemate. Ricky Steamboat comes down, and declares if they wanted this fight, they are free to it, and orders a matchup between the Hardys and the Haas Brothers right now!


The Hardy Boys w/ Sabu vs. The Haas Brothers w/ James Mitchell

An interesting contrast of styles here, as the Hardys are trying to make this match wild, while the Haas Brothers are much more comfortable keeping the match as slow as possible. It's an interesting match, with Mitchell seemingly helping his new followers at every step he could. Eventually Sabu has had enough, and chases him up the ramp. While this is going on, the Ref gets distracted, and misses Charlie hitting Matt with the Ring Bell, and Russ makes the cover while Jeff and Charlie brawl on the outside.

Winner via pinfall in 9:16: The Haas Brothers



Christopher Daniels vs. Estrella de Tiro (Paul London)

Daniels has had some problems coming out of the gate in retaining fan interest, and he gets a shot to stand out here against the young Estrella de Tiro, a young masked competitor. Daniels gets most of this match, though Tiro gets some fun spots to show what he's got going for him. Half way into the match Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring, making her first showing in PWO, and walks around the ring watching the contest. This distracts Daniels a bit, looking around confused, and this leads to Tiro scoring with a really nice looking role up. Eventually Tiro goes for a beautiful Shooting Star Press, but Daniels gets his knees up, then hits the Last Rites for the win. 

Winner via Pinfall in 6:24: Christopher Daniels


PWO World Title Quarter Final Match

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Dick Togo

Big reactions for both Liger and Rey, and a less big reaction for the so far impressive but not as established Togo. This was a wild match, with Liger and Mysterio almost working together for stretches of this to neutralize and take Togo out of the match to resolve there issue. It works at times, but mostly this is a triple threat match without much time with any of the 3 outside of the action, as Togo is even able to control both men for stretches, using his high impact offense to gain control. Many big near falls go on as this match goes on, as the crowd gets further and further into it. It feels like Rey has the fall first when he hits a Top Rope Rana on Liger while Liger has a Boston Crab on Togo, but Togo manages to break the cover. Liger gets a big moment late in the match, as he hits a Running Ligerbomb on Mysterio, and was seemingly going to get the pinfall, but Togo took out the referee by Sentoning on top of him. Togo and Liger proceed to brawl on the outside, with Liger gaining the upper hand, before Taka Michinoku, Shiryu, Men's Teioh, and Sho Funaki run down, and distract Liger, though there is no outright assault. This gives Togo th echance to come to the top rope, and hit a Top Rope Senton on Rey, with the ref recovering to make the pinfall while the members of Ka En Tai hold Liger back

Winner by pinfall in 23:51: Dick Togo

Kai En Tai celebrate in the ring, as Liger seems to consider engaging the 5 men, but reluctantly pulls Mysterio out of the ring, leaving Togo to celebrate his victory as the show goes off the air.

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Tajiri remains my pick to win the whole thing.

I love what you are doing with Vader.  I hope he continues to maul everyone and anyone in his path until a real challenge presents itself.  Great use of the Embassy in that segment, too, Hero was the perfect foil to help get Vader over.  I am wondering if Spike Dudley has a death wish, though.

Big win for the Haas brothers.  They could do big things in PWO

Wow what an upset win for Dick Togo!  I am sticking with Tajiri as my pick, but this was really interesting to see Togo advance.


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