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RIP Jim Crockett Jr


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As I mentioned in the AEW thread, Robert Gibson confirmed on his Facebook page that Jim Crockett passed away from organ failure today at age 76. 

Only need to look at tonight's Dynamite to see the effect of his legacy still going on strong today. 

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8 minutes ago, flyonthewall2983 said:

I think there could be a case to be made to say that he changed wrestling as much as McMahon did, but history is written by the victors and all of that.

Come on now, you know the very first supercard on PPV was WrestleMania. Starrcade was some regional show in a smoke filled southern arena.

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I love Memphis, but I think my favourite territory to watch is 1983-86 JCP (never really liked Mid-South too much, as controversial as this might be). This is terrible news, although not surprising. And he passed away the day his promotion got a two-hour tribute on national cable. Rest in peace.

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