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Love the build towards Wrestle Rock.

I must admit when i first read the team of adias and Hennig i wasn't sure if I could get behind them but boy did that soon change with how great of a heel Hennig is . I smell a crazy crowd and a white hot tag coming during the clash.

Moretti putting the collar on Sunshine will lead to some heavy revenge for sure.

2 huge brawls on the card with the Memphis Street fight and the No holds barred match but both look to bring a different style of brawl.

Everything is building great. can't wait for the show as top to bottom  and culminating in the huge 5 on 5 2 ring cage war.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 6-18-86


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Right off the bat, huge main event tonight as AWA World champ Ricky Steamboat teams with Wahoo McDaniel to take on Tony St. Clair and Nick Bockwinkle. My goodness that's a match you want wont to miss. Also tonight Matt Borne clashes with Ron Garvin. In a battle of bodyguards match, Crusher goes up against Duke Myers. I'll be speaking with Carlos Colon as well as Bill Dundee. All that and so much more. Let's get to the action. 


The Golden Boys vs. Sam Smith and Riley Ferguson 


Golden Boys have really been coming together as a unit and they're looking good tonight as they get the win with a double Gourdbuster! 

During the match the camera spotted The Vin Man lurking from the aisle. 

Golden Boys cut a promo about their upcoming match with The Highwaymen at WrestleRock. They say they need this win bad so they can get themselves a future title shot. They also warn Vin Man to steer clear of them. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Giant Haystacks comes out, confronts Jose Lothario, chokes him until he passes out then double choke slams him on the concrete. Lothario is stretchered out. 

Resnick: Fans you just saw that disgusting act of violence by Giant Haystacks. Jose Lothario announced that El Canek would be in action today but I understand El Canek has been at the hospital with Lothario and had to cancel today's appearance. We do have words from El Canek from the hospital earlier this week. 

Canek speaks while subtitles roll across the screen.


Canek: Haystacks! You've gone to far and way over the line! I will see to it that you will feel all the pain Jose has felt. 


Resnick: Giant Haystacks might be the most devastating force I've ever seen but at WrestleRock he's going up against a strong and determined El Canek. That will be one colossal showdown. Let's go back to the ring. 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Trent Watkins 


Idol must be feeling good because he spends a lot of time showboating and flexing for the fans. Idol wins the match with the Las Vegas Leglock. 


Resnick: Ok Austin, you and Rocky Johnson will finally settle things at WrestleRock for the National title. I know you scored a win over him at the tournament but Rocky says lightning wont strike twice.

Idol: Well darling, he certainly is living in fantasy land isn't he? Johnson! Time to get a grip on reality brother. Just face the cold hard facts. I'm walking out of WrestleRock with the National title and that's something you're just going to have to live with. 

Idol gives the booing fans a double bicep pose


Idol: You see, Johnson just doesn't measure up daddy! 


Commercial Break 


Da Crusher w/Brad Rheingans  vs. Duke Myers w/Greg Gagne 


Myers attacks at the bell and nails Crusher with a forearm blast to the back of the head. Myers grabs the top rope and stomps away on Crusher. Myers kicks Crusher out of the ring. Gagne runs over and kicks Crusher. Rheingans runs over, tackles Gagne and unloads with punches. Myers goes to the outside, loads his forearm pad and blasts Rheingans from behind. Crusher gets up, twirls Myers around and unloads with punches. The Ref hits 10 and signals for the Double C.O. 


Resnick: (looking over his shoulder then back to the camera) They're still going at it. Those four will meet at WrestleRock in an elimination tag match. Hopefully this will all get settled once and for all. 


Commercial Break 


Southern Justice vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


The arrogant Battens finish things off with a double Hot Shot. 


Resnick: Ok, with me now is Jerry Jarrett. 

Jarrett is quickly interrupted by the Battens.

Brad: Excuse us oh mighty one but you said you were going to announce our opponents for BattenRock. 

Bart: Yea, quit stalling. We want to know who we'll be showcasing our talents against at BattenRock. 

Jarrett: (smiling) Well boys, everything is set. At WrestleRock, your opponents will be none other than The Fabulous Ones! That's right, fresh off their tour of Japan, the Fabs will be coming to the Liberty Bowl and they will be facing the two of you. Sound good?

Battens are actually speechless as the fans keep cheering.

Jarrett: Good luck boys. 

Jarrett exits.

Battens regroup.

Brad: Hey, we're not scared. At BattenRock, the not so fabulous ones don't stand a chance. 

Bart puts his arm around Brad and walks him out.

Resnick: How about that! The Fabulous Ones will return at WrestleRock.

Battens come back

Bart: It's BattenRock! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: I'm here with Carlos Colon. Carlos, you heard last week's comments by Curtis Iaukea. He says this is war and at WrestleRock Kamala is going to end you in the No Holds Barred match. 

Colon: Iaukea has tried and tried to put me out but him and all his monsters have failed. I...

Kamala attacks Colon! Resnick runs out of there. 


Kamala chops away on Colon as Iaukea cheers him on. Kamala grabs Colon and holds him as Iaukea swings his kendo stick but Colon ducks and Iaukea hits Kamala. Colon puts Iaukea down with a jumping headbutt. Colon punches away on Kamala but Kamala rakes his eyes, grabs him and swings him into the steel post. Colon is lying against the post. Kamala charges but Colon moves at the last second. Kamala hits hard and falls back. Both men are lying there as several wrestlers come out to stop further fighting. 


Commercial Break 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. Clinton Stitch


Dundee's confidence is at an all time high as he struts around the ring having a great time. Dundee slams his opponent, goes to the top rope and hits the Bombs Away for the win. 


Resnick: Bill, your feud with Lawler goes back a long way. Will it finally end at WrestleRock when the two of you face off in a Memphis Street Fight? 

Dundee: First off, will Lawler even show? I mean where's that coward been? 

Resnick: At home healing his broken ribs thanks to you. 

Dundee: That's right thanks to me. Hey, I did everybody a favor. That guy is nothing but an ego maniac and a pompous jackass. I should be the one getting cheered. I'm a hero. If he does have the guts to show, well then I'm going to break more than his ribs. If Lawler were here right now, I would punch him right in the mouth. But he aint here because he's a coward! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Ruthless Moretti grabs Sunshine and puts the chain collar around her neck giving her quite a scare. 


Resnick: Fans, with me now is the AWA TV Champion Scott Casey. Scott, I know that was hard to watch. How's Sunshine doing?

Casey: Of course she's a bit shaken up but she'll be ok. She's a fighter. Moretti! You went way to far! This is more about the TV title. This is personal. You made a big time mistake boy and at WrestleRock you're going to have to pay big time! 

Thundering boos as Moretti walks out stroking his chain and smiling. Immediately security runs out. Casey tries charging but Security holds him back. Moretti keeps smiling at Casey and waving his arms for him to fight. More security comes out to prevent that and it takes all hands on deck to hold Casey back.  



Commercial Break 


AWA National Tag Champs The Beasts of Burden and Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker vs. Tim Patton, Arnie Goldstein and Maurice Thorpe 


Total annihilation! Beasts put down Thorpe with double boots to the face. Haynes comes in and finishes the match with a full nelson. Beasts run over and knock Patton and Goldstein off the apron. As if that wasn't enough. Haynes holds up Thorpe as Ox puts him down with a heart punch! 

Ox cuts an intimidating promo saying Cabin Fever doesn't have a clue what they're dealing with at WrestleRock. And the imposter Billy Jack Strong is leaving WrestleRock without his name and dignity! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Please welcome out the Rock n Roll Express.


Massive cheers as Ricky and Robert head down the aisle hugging the girls and high fiving the guys. 

Resnick: You guys get a well deserved AWA world tag title shot at WrestleRock but I've just been informed that next week Ricky Morton will go one on one with one half of the tag champs Brian Adias. Lot going on. 

Robert: You said it Ken. RnR came to the AWA with one goal in mind and we're going to achieve that at WrestleRock. 

Ricky: That's right! We heard the champ's comments last week and they seem to be underestimating us a bit. Hey that's ok. Brian Adias you're going to get a preview next week. 

Boos as The Awesome Twosome stroll out with the belts on their shoulders just oozing confidence. 


Adias: Listen up! Next week's butt whipp'n I give you will in fact be a preview of what's in store for you two jokes at WrestleRock. 

Hennig: I hear you two are a pretty good little team but you're not awesome. We're awesome! Now that we're up close, I have to say, you two don't look like much. I really don't get the hype. 

Ricky: Well hey, we can go right now! 

RnR jump in the ring with fists up.

The fans boo as Hennig and Adias laugh and walk away. 


Commercial Break 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne w/Paul Jones 

These two have been going at it all over the AWA and tonight is no different. It's nothing but a hard hitting slugfest. Garvin starts to get the upper hand when RIP OLIVER hits the ring and attacks Garvin. As the Ref signals for the DQ, BOBBY JAGGERS runs in and hammers away on Oliver. All 4 men are fighting. BARON VON RASCHKE hits the ring and joins in but wait, here comes THE SPOILER! It's a pier six brawl! Paul Jones is signaling to the back. THE CARTEL comes out but before they get to the ring, THE SUPERFLYS come out from the crowd, hop the railing and hammer away on The Cartel! It's nothing but chaos! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: My goodness, all I can say is I hope 2 rings and a cage can contain all those men at WrestleRock. That might be one of the most brutal matches I'll ever see. And remember, the only way a team can win the match is by handcuffing all 5 of their opponents to the cage. A rage in the cage it will be. 

Cheers as 'Boogie Fever' plays over the speakers


The Bruise Brothers come out wearing new suits, new sunglasses, gold watches and alligator shoes. 

Lance: My oh my, you guys look pretty darn good tonight. 

Cash: Lance, take a look at the footage.

Footage from last week is shown as The Bruise Brothers walk out during the RnR/Priceless match and steal the Billionaires titles. 

Snowman: You like our watches Lance? Solid gold baby. 

Cash: You know we took those Billionaires titles to my guy Clay over at the pawn shop and turns out they were worth more than a pretty penny. Hey, we figured since they hit us over the head with those titles a couple weeks ago, Priceless owed us some, some, what's the word Snowman? 

Snowman: (laughs) Compensation. 

Cash: HAHAHA, compensation indeed. And if Priceless has a problem with that, well I guess we can settle the matter at WrestleRock.

Bruise Brothers stroll out.

Lance: (laughing) Ok there you have it. Makes sense to me. Well fans, our big main event when we come back. Should be an outstanding one. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Champ Ricky Steamboat and Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair and Nick Bockwinkle w/Les Thornton 


Defiantly one of the biggest matches ever on AWA television. 

The fans cheer as Steamboat and St. Clair start things off. They both trade arm drags and hip tosses along with some chain wrestling but end up in a stalemate. Both men give each other a look and tag out. 

Bock and Wahoo goes a bit differently. Wahoo is still pretty pissed about Bock's tournament post match attack on his knee. Wahoo chops away on Bock, swings him to the ropes and gives him a big back drop. Bock staggers up and Wahoo scoop slams him down and follows with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Wahoo grabs Bock's leg and kicks away at the knee then quickly applies the figure four! Bock is screaming in pain. St. Clair runs in and drops a knee on Wahoo. Steamboat runs in and chops St. Clair back to his corner. The Ref guides Steamboat back which allows St. Clair to drag Bock over and tag himself in. 

St. Clair picks up Wahoo and hits a snap suplex, goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. St. Clair swings Wahoo to the ropes, somersaults and nails him with a diving headbutt to the mid section. St. Clair tags in Bock. They hoist Wahoo up and hit a double vertical suplex 1..2..Steamboat breaks it. St. Clair throws a punch at Steamboat but Steamboat ducks and punches him back to the corner. The Ref regains control. 

Bock hits a gutwrench suplex on Wahoo, picks him up and hits a back breaker 1..2..Kick Out. Bock yells at the Ref. Bock swings Wahoo to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Wahoo kicks him, dives over and tags in Steamboat. 

Steamboat picks up Bock and atomic drops him into the turnbuckles, Bock hits and staggers into a back suplex by Steamboat 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat reaches down to pick up Bock but Bock rakes his eyes, crawls over and tags in St. Clair. St. Clair charges but Steamboat back drops him. St. Clair staggers up and Steamboat chops him down. Bock runs in and Steamboat chops him down. Bock staggers up and backwards as Wahoo nails him with a chop. The Ref guides Bock back. Steamboat swings St. Clair to the ropes and dropkicks him down. Steamboat swings off the ropes but Bock kicks him on the back. 

Wahoo runs over, grabs Bock and hurls him into the ring. Wahoo picks up Bock and chops him into the corner and unleashes a flurry of chops. 

Steamboat staggers up as St. Clair nails him with a European uppercut. Steamboat falls back against the ropes then comes forward and nails St. Clair with a chop. They engage in a European uppercut/Chop fight.

Ding Ding Ding! 

The TV time limit has expired. The match is a DRAW. 

Wahoo stops his flurry as Bock sinks down and rolls out of the ring. Steamboat and St. Clair are still going at it. Les gets in the ring and grabs Steamboat but Steamboat turns around and chops Les down. St. Clair seizes the moment and nails Steamboat from behind with a clothesline. St. Clair picks up Steamboat and executes his floating butterfly suplex. Wahoo runs over as St. Clair and Les roll out of the ring. Boos as Les raises St. Clair's arm. 


Brenda Britton and the WrestleRock 86 Report.




WrestleRock 86 

Saturday July 3rd

Liberty Bowl Stadium, Memphis TN, also available on closed circuit TV 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Tony "Simply The Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Rock n Roll Express 


AWA National Title Bout

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. Ruthless Moretti 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Cabin Fever 


Rage in the Cage! 2 Rings Steel Cage- winners must handcuff all 5 opponents to the cage

The Spoiler/Ron Garvin/Bobby Jaggers and The Superflys vs. Baron Von Raschke/Matt Borne/Rip Oliver and The Cartel w/Paul Jones



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee



Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 


The Golden Boys vs. The Highwaymen 


Tag Team Elimination Match

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. The Great Gagne and Duke Myers 


Battle of the Billy Jacks- Loser Leaves Town 

Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Southern Justice 


Special performance by Rock n Roll legend Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show






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The Golden Boys may yet become the true golden boys of the AWA if they can get past the Highwaymen. Oh and can't forget about the Vin Man. Yeah!

The AWA is headed for a real international incident when El Canek collides with Giant Haystacks.

Idol's making quite the case for his becoming National champion.

Crusher & Duker go to a double c.o ahead of the big tag at WrestleRock. Looking forward to this one.

Southern Justice vs The Fabulous Ones at BattenRock!

Colon & Kamala can't wait for their match at WrestleRock and neither can I!

The Superstar is ready to take down the king...if he even shows.

Casey is gonna tear into Moretti come WrestleRock i just hope he doesn't get too carried away.

Ox & crew do what they do best...smash goobers & scare the crap outta people.

Go Rock n Roll!...that's it that's the post.

Rugged Ron & the Maniac predictably ends with all their buddies getting involved. There may be too much rage for the cage to contain.

Bruise Brothers pawn the Billionaire Tag Team Titles! LOL.

Wahoo & Steamboat vs Bock & St Clair. Yeeeesss! The only problem is we didn't get winners.

I'll never understand how you can write this 15 match supercards. 

Not gonna lie, kinda nervous my day booking GAB is competing against WrestleRock.

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Awesome show as we head towards WrestleRock

The Golden Boys angle has me very interested.  Can't see what role Vin Man plays in all of this.

Another angle that I can't wait to see play out is El Canek vs Giant Haystacks.... something must give here... might even be the ring if in is not re-enforced

BattenRock looks like trouble for Southern Justice

The tag team division is deepere then ever... RnR, Fab Ones, Bruise Brothers... that's a lot for the fans to cheer for.  Love the Bruise Brothers going to the pawn shop to sell the Billionaires title.

On 6/20/2021 at 2:10 AM, Autistic Dragon said:

Not gonna lie, kinda nervous my day booking GAB is competing against WrestleRock.

Don't be nervous.  This might be the best day yet in the history of Dawn of War!

Really love these southern type brawls to end the AWA shows.  

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 6-25-86



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Lot's of action tonight as we head into WrestleRock 86. You'll see Ricky Morton take on one half of the AWA world tag team champions Brian Adias. Also in action will be AWA National Champ Rocky Johnson, Kamala, Wahoo McDaniel, Cabin Fever, The Highwaymen, Priceless and Superstar Bill Dundee. Billy Jack Strong takes on Steve O. And listen to this, The Spoiler faces Baron Von Raschke in the main event. I've been told that Rip Oliver, Matt Borne, Ron Garvin, Bobby Jaggers, The Cartel and The Superflys have all been banned from the building. I'll be speaking with both AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat and the number one contender Tony St. Clair as they get ready for their big match at WrestleRock. Fans, lets get to the ring. 


AWA National Champ Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson vs. Trent Watkins 


The fans are up and cheering as Johnson gives Watkins a big back body drop. Watkins slowly rises as Johnson hits a sunset flip for the win. Johnson holds up his National title to the cheering fans, then goes to ringside where Ken Resnick is waiting. 


Resnick: Tremendous win for the National Champion. Rocky, you face Austin Idol at WrestleRock. Last week he said you don't measure up to him and he's leaving Liberty Bowl Stadium with the National title. 

Johnson: Oh I heard him. I've been listening to his big mouth for weeks. Not only am I leaving WrestleRock with this here National title but I'm gonna shut Idol's mouth for good with these here fists! 

Cheers as Rocky does some shadow boxing before exiting. 


Commercial Break 


Priceless vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


Morrow and Fergie do not look happy tonight as they come to the ring without their Billionaires titles. 

Priceless work over their opponents with ease. Fergie nails Lopez with a billion dollar knee lift then tags in Morrow. Morrow picks up Lopez and hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win.


Resnick: (smiling) Well it looks like the Bruise Brothers are looking pretty snazzy these days thanks to your Billionaire titles. They said it's compensation for you two hitting them over their heads with those titles a few weeks ago. 

Fergie: Ken Redneck! You better wipe that smile off your face before we knock it off! We're furious! 

Morrow: What those poor boys did was commit a theft! It's outrageous. We earned those titles and worked hard defending them night after night. At WrestleRock de poor boys will pay for their crime and pay dearly! 


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack Strong vs. Steve O 


Strong waits in the ring. Steve O comes down the aisle but is jumped from behind by Billy Jack Haynes and Ox Baker! Haynes heads up the aisle as Strong goes out and the brawl is on! 


Strong and Haynes trade blows. Strong gets the upper hand and hurls Haynes into the ring. Ox tries to attack Strong from behind but Strong turns around, pounds away on him then grabs him from behind and overhead back suplexes Ox on the concrete! The Ref just backs off and lets them fight. Strong rolls into the ring but is met by several knees from Haynes. Haynes stomps away on Strong, picks him up swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Strong swings back and clotheslines Haynes! Strong picks up Haynes and delivers a delayed brainbuster! The fans cheer as Strong gives them a double bicep pose while Haynes is laid out in front of him. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Wow, we just had quite the impromptu match. The AWA is only big enough for one Billy Jack. That will get settled at WrestleRock when they meet in a loser leaves town match. Speaking of WrestleRock, my guest at this time is the controversial Ruthless Moretti.


Resnick runs back as Moretti pops on screen swinging his chain and smiling. 

Moretti: (Bigger smile) What? Are you nervous Resnick? Calm down.

Resnick: Just put that away ok. Look, what you did to Sunshine was way over the line and come WrestleRock you will have to deal with a very angry Scott Casey. 

Moretti: You see Resnick, my master plan to win the TV title is working. I have this here chain and he has his. I'm talking about Sunshine. (laughs) He's so focused on that ditz that he's forgetting that I'm here to win the TV title. Let him be mad, I don't care. But I'll tell you something, after I win the TV title, I bet that ditz leaves him and I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to hook up with a real man like me. (Laughs) But I wouldn't take her. 

Moretti wraps his chain around his fist and threatens Resnick then smiles.

Moretti: Just kidding. 

Moretti leaves. 

Resnick: He's disgusting and is only adding fuel to the fire.  


Commercial Break 


Cabin Fever vs. Neil Jordan and Quinton Barnes 


Cabin Fever give their opponents a rough beating. Boone tags in Manny. Boone swings Jordan to the ropes and Manny hits the flying burrito for the win! 


Cabin Fever cuts a promo and says they've gone toe to toe with the Beasts of Burden and realized they can tame the Beasts and at WrestleRock they're going to do just that and take home the National tag team titles. 


Commercial Break 


Ricky Morton w/Robert Gibson vs. AWA Tag Team Champ Brian Adias w/ Curt Hennig 

The bell rings but all 4 men are still in the ring exchanging heated words. The Ref gets control without incident as Gibson and Hennig go to the outside. 

Adias tries to attack Morton but Morton hip tosses him over. Adias gets up and Morton dropkicks him out of the ring. Hennig runs over and helps Adias regroup. Gibson walks towards them and Hennig points and yells at him to walk away. Hennig puts his arm around Adias and starts to escort him away from the ring. Morton runs out, grabs both of their heads and knocks them together. Morton grabs Adias and hurls him back in the ring. Hennig gets up and heads towards the ring but Gibson cuts him off and pounds him back.

Morton swings Adias to the ropes and back drops him. Adias staggers up and Morton scoop slams him down, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Morton continues to work over Adias as Gibson cheers him on. The tide turns when Hennig trips Morton and Morton staggers into a forearm blast by Adias. Gibson chases Hennig but Hennig runs around the ring to avoid him. 

Adias picks up Morton and hits a vertical suplex. Adias rakes his boot across Morton's face,  picks him up and slides his face along the top rope. Adias chokes Morton on the top rope then flings him back. Adias chokes Morton while yelling out at Gibson. Hennig laughs and cheers Adias on. Adias picks up Morton and hoists him up in a vertical suplex position but Gibson reaches in and trips Adias. Morton falls on top 1..2..3! 

Big POP! 

Hennig runs around but Gibson back drops him on the concrete! 

Gibson runs in the ring and helps Morton up then raises his arm. Adias staggers up and charges but RnR turn around and hammer away on him, swing him to the ropes and hit a double dropkick! 

The fans are up and cheering. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: The champs looked off their game as they wobbled their way back. I think they have a tough task ahead when they defend their AWA world tag titles against the RnR Express at WrestleRock. Speaking of tough tasks. One of the featured matches at Liberty Bowl Stadium will be El Canek facing Giant Haystacks. I understand Jose Lothario is still in the hospital but is doing much better. Joining me now is the man who put him there, Giant Haystacks. 


Boos as Giant Haystacks slowly walks out.

Resnick: I have to ask, what was the purpose of doing that unspeakable act to Jose Lothario? 

Haystacks: It was a message! Lothario came out here week after week giving us updates on El Canek. He did this because Canek was to scared to come out here. I put Canek out with ease. He doesn't want this match because he knows he's no match for me! I wanted to remind him what he's dealing with and Lothario was the sacrifice. It's all your fault Canek. You should of just went back to Mexico and let all this go. You're a foolish man Canek and your life will never be the same after WrestleRock! 


Commercial Break 


The Highwaymen vs. Todd Rooney and Gary Williams 


Highwaymen do a number on their opponents before finishing them off with the spiked piledriver. 


Resnick: Ok, you two will face the Golden Boys at WrestleRock and I'm sure the winner will be in line for a title shot. 

Hickerson: Yea, we heard those wimps talking about how bad they want this win but let me clear something up, they aint gonna get it! 

Duncum: Those punks must have forgotten who they're going up against...

Boos as the Vin Man strolls out. 


Vin: Whoa, hold on boys. Just listen to me for a second. Nobody knows those meatheads like I do and I can help you win. All you have to do is give me a chance. 

Hickerson: You hard of hearing boy? You best stay out of our way. This is your last chance! 

Duncum: And you better unnastan! 

Highwaymen push Vinnie out of the way as they exit.

Vin: Sounds good guys. I'll see you at WrestleRock. I'll see you there to Razzy! Vin Man Yea! 

Resnick: I feel sorry for him. 


Commercial Break 


Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Carl Kellerman 


Before the match, Iaukea stops for a interview.

Iaukea: Carlos Colon! I hope you're watching because I want you to watch this match very closely. The blood of this poor soul is on your hands. Kamala! Attack! 


Kamala just mauls Kellerman. Kamala swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a double thrust shot. Kamala picks him up and choke slams him down. Kamala swings off the ropes and hits the splash 1..2..3! 

Iaukea is pointing his kendo stick and yelling up at Kamala. Kamala hurls Kellerman out of the ring. Kamala goes out, picks him up and rams him into the steel post. Kellerman is a bloody mess. Kamala holds up Kellerman as Iaukea nails him with his kendo stick! Officials and wrestlers run out to stop this. 


Commercial Break 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Paul Canton 


Wahoo wins the match with a tomahawk chop! 

Wahoo cuts a promo and says Bockwinkle better be ready for a wrestling match at WrestleRock. He says he might be pissed at Bock but he wants to beat Bock with pure skill and that's what he'll do. He's going to show Bock who the superior wrestler is. 


Commercial Break 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. Riley Davidson 


Dundee showboats and yells Lawler's name the entire time before winning the match with the Bomb's Away. 


Resnick: Ok Dundee, I want you to wait here and listen to these comments from Jerry Lawler.

Lawler is at his home. 


Lawler: Dundee, my ribs wont be 100% at WrestleRock but brother that sure as hell isn't going to stop me! Every time I wince in pain I think of you and all that does is get me mad. I'm going unleash all this anger on you in that street fight. This wont be a fight. It'll be a beating! I'm going to beat you down until you're bloody and begging for mercy and then I'm going to beat on you some more! Get ready Bill because the King is coming back! 


Resnick: Pretty serious words. 

Dundee; You said it. They're just words. Lawler is nothing but words. I told you he's full of hot air. I'm the real deal, that's why you've seen me out here week after week wrestling while that coward is at home. At WrestleRock, the only person getting a bloody beating will be that phony King. The Superstar runs this place and Lawler, you or anybody else better not forget it! 


Commercial Break 


The Spoiler vs. Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones 


These two will be on opposing teams in the 2 ring steel cage match at WrestleRock. Both sides have been going at it for weeks with interference which is why Jerry Jarrett banned everybody from the building tonight. 

As soon as the bell rings, Spoiler charges Jones but Jones quickly runs out of the ring. Baron takes advantage and nails Spoiler from behind. Baron had put Spoiler out with a concussion so he starts pounding away on his head. Spoiler is down and Baron stomps away on his head. Baron picks up Spoiler and slams his head several times on the turnbuckle, then grabs him and hits a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Baron chokes away breaking at the 5 count. Baron grabs Spoiler's head and slams it in his knee. Baron picks up Spoiler and body slams him down then stomps away on his head. Baron holds up the claw. 

Baron swings Spoiler to the ropes and goes to clamp on the claw but Spoiler kicks him in the gut and hits a jaw breaker. Both men are down. Jones is screaming for Baron to get up. Spoiler rolls over, grabs the ropes and helps himself up. Baron staggers up and Spoiler scoop slams him down. Spoiler grabs Baron's arm and lifts him up. Spoiler hops up on the turnbuckles, walks across the ropes and comes down with a fist to Baron's head. Spoiler puts his knee on Baron's chest and pounds away on his head. Spoiler picks up Baron, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a big right punch. 

The fans go wild when Spoiler signals for the claw. Spoiler waits as Baron staggers up. Spoiler clamps on the claw! Spoiler wrenches away! 

Paul Jones gets in the ring and hits Spoiler with his cane. The Ref signals for the DQ. Jones runs outside and throws a chair into the ring. Jones gets in the ring and grabs the chair. He holds it up and is ready to swing it down on Spoiler but Spoiler nails Jones with a lowblow! Jones goes down. Spoiler gets up and hurls Jones out of the ring. 

Baron wobbles up and picks up the chair but Spoiler turns around and blasts Baron. Spoiler gets the chair. Baron gets to his knees and Spoiler cracks him over the head with the chair! Spoiler sets the chair down. Spoiler picks up Baron and clamps the claw on his bloody face! Spoiler wrenches away then pulls Baron in, hoists him up and piledrives him on the chair! The Ref is trying to stop this. Spoiler drops down and once again applies the claw! Spoiler wrenches away until officials  run in to stop things. 


Commercial Break 


Lance Russell is standing by ringside. 


Lance Russell: My goodness. Baron Von Raschke was just stretchered out of here. This could change things drastically for WrestleRock. A lot will be settled on July 3rd inside Liberty Bowl Stadium. Ok, at WrestleRock, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against the number one contender and undefeated Tony St. Clair. Please welcome out the world champ Ricky Steamboat. 


Massive cheers as Steamboat comes out waving and holding up the world title. 

Lance: Ricky, every since you defeated Terry Funk for that title, you've been a fighting champion, taking on all comers. However, Tony St. Clair is a different kind of challenger isn't he? 

Steamboat: Lance, one thing I've prided myself on is my ability to adapt to any kind of challenger. Mr. St. Clair does pose a different threat but I have tremendous faith in my abilities and athleticism. I've been with the best and I've beaten the best.....

Boooooos! As Tony St. Clair and Les Thornton come out. Les is waving the Union Jack Flag. 


Lance: Wait a minute, just hold on gentlemen, you will get your chance in a moment, I don't want any more trouble tonight. 

Les: There will be no trouble. We're simply coming out here as gentlemen. Mr. Steamboat, we heard you use words such as athleticism, ability and best. My friend, Sir Tony St. Clair is simply the best, so when you mentioned that word, well that gives us the right to come out here for a discussion. 

Steamboat: You know something Les? You and Tony really like to throw that around don't you? Hey, I'm not denying Mr. St. Clair's reputation. I never have. But you seem to be inflating his head quite a bit. Just remember, pride commeth before the fall. 

Les: Thank you for your words of wisdom Champ. Remember those words after you feel this.

St. Clair nails Steamboat with a European uppercut, then quickly grabs him and executes a floating butterfly suplex onto the nearby table! Steamboat crashes through the table!

Lance: Come on! 

Tony St. Clair snatches the mic. 

Tony: Mr. Steamboat, you will address me as Sir Tony Simply the Best St. Clair! 

St. Clair picks up the AWA world title.

Tony: And after WrestleRock, you and all these idiotic Americans will address me as the AWA world champion! 

 Tony St. Clair holds up the title as Les Thornton waves the Union Jack Flag while Lance and the medics tend Steamboat. 



Brenda Britton and the WrestleRock 86 Report 




WrestleRock 86

Saturday, July 3rd

Liberty Bowl Stadium, Memphis TN 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Rock n Roll Express 


AWA National Title Bout 

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Cabin Fever 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/ Sunshine vs. Ruthless Moretti 


RAGE IN THE CAGE- 2 ring steel cage match! All 5 opponents must be handcuffed inside the cage to win the match 

The Spoiler/Ron Garvin/Bobby Jaggers/The Superflys vs. Baron Von Raschke/Matt Borne/Rip Oliver/The Cartel w/Paul Jones



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee



Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 


The Highwaymen vs. The Golden Boys 


Battle of the Billy Jacks- Loser leaves town

Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 


Tag Team Elimination Match 

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. The Great Gagne and Duke Myers 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Southern Justice 


Special musical performance by rock n roll legend Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show! 







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A couple of nice squash/promo combos get us going. Poor boys! LoL!

Things heat up as the Billy Jacks don't want to wait till WrestleRock. One has got to go!

Moretti is his usual pleasant self. I think we just may see a new TV champ.

Cabin Fever are ready to tame the Beasts of Burden and become the new National Tag Champs.

Rock n Roll prove they can not just outwrestle the Champs but outcheat them too. Love it!

If I were Canek I might consider coming down with a cold come the 3rd.

Can the Highwaymen just kill Vinnie already?

Speaking of murder,R.I.P Carl Kellerman.

Wahoo vows to outwrestle Bock? Ok let's see how it goes.

Lawler chimes in from home but it doesn't faze the Superstar.

Spoiler just knocked the Baron too the other end of the state!

Sir Tony "Simply the best" St Clair reclaims the edge over Steamboat in violent fashion! Can Steamboat recover? I'll certainly be tuning in to find out.

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WrestleRock has been built so well. I can't wait! I have faith in Ricky Steamboat. I know the dragon can't fail! I'm really looking forward to seeing the Rock 'n' Roll Express trying to dethrone the great team you've developed as champs!

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Between Wretlerock and the Great American Bash shows and Survivor Series we are going to be turly spoilt for great wrestling action in the coming weeks,

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All roads lead to WrestlRock!

The RnR Express with a little heel action here adds a whole knew element to them.  This is going to be fun to watch.

The Billy Jack's feud is one that I am really enjoying.  

Wahoo vs Bock, Lawler vs Dundee are huge as a victory here could send them to the top of the contender's list for the AWA World Title!

Brusie Brothers vs Priceless is..... well.... Priceless!

Can't wait for the write up for GIant Haystacks vs El Canek.

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AWA WrestleRock 86 Preview 


Saturday, July 3rd

Liberty Bowl Stadium, Memphis TN

Also available on closed circuit TV throughout all AWA arenas


The Fabulous Ones vs. Southern Justice (Batten Twins) 

Southern Justice came on the scene with a hot start until they lost a TV match to Adrenaline Rush. Afterwards Southern Justice attacked Adrenaline Rush. A week later, Southern Justice challenged Adrenaline Rush to a rematch at WrestleRock but were informed Ben Bassarab was seriously injured during last week's attack. However, Jerry Jarrett had a solution for the bragging Battens and told them they would be facing the Fabs at WrestleRock. Fabs will be returning from a tour of Japan and their first stop back is WrestleRock or as Southern Justice calls it, BattenRock. 


Loser Leaves Town 

Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 

The battle of the Billy Jacks started when Haynes attacked Strong during a match claiming he stole the Billy Jack name. Strong returned weeks later and returned the favor saying his name is Billy Jack. Haynes says there's only room for one Billy Jack in the AWA and challenged Strong to a loser leaves town match at WrestleRock. Strong gladly accepted. 


Tag Team Elimination Match 

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. The Great Gagne and Duke Myers 

Months ago, Gagne felt his life was in danger when fans kept throwing garbage at him during matches and wrestlers were beating him up. So he went out and hired Duke Myers as his bodyguard, calling him Duker. Thanks to Duker, Gagne was winning a lot of matches against Rheingans. Rheingans countered Duker by hiring his own bodyguard, none other than Da Crusher. The matches have gone back and forth along with DQs and C.O.'s, and bodyguards getting involved. At WrestleRock, whoever gets eliminated first will leave his partner in a very dangerous situation. 


The Golden Boys vs. The Highwaymen 

Vin Man and Kevin Kelly were like family. After the last USWA event The Happening, Vinnie went MIA without a trace leaving a depressed Kelly wondering. Dan Spivey came to the AWA and snapped Kelly out of it by suggesting they form a team. It worked as the Golden Boys have been on quite a roll. Then out of the blue Vinnie returns and wants to patch things up with Kelly. The Golden Boys said thanks but no thanks. An embarrassed and angry Vinnie vowed revenge and got former family member Chick Donovan to team with him against the Golden Boys. Golden Boys squashed them and put a hurt'n on Vinnie. The Highwaymen are coming off a hard hitting feud with Cabin Fever and want to prove their still in contention. However, Vinnie has been pestering them about letting him be in their corner at WrestleRock. Highwaymen have just about lost their patience. 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 

Bruise Brothers are coming off a successful run as USWA/AWA world tag team champions. Morrow and Fergie went on a vacation and came back rejuvenated and ready to roll as Priceless. A few weeks ago on TV, Priceless interrupted a Bruise Bros interview. Things got heated and Priceless ended up hitting the Bruise Bros over their heads with their Billionaires Titles. A week later, during a Priceless/RnR match, the Bruise Bros came out and stole the Billionaires Titles. A week later, the Bruise Bros came out on TV with a new wardrobe and gold watches. They pawned the Billionaires titles, calling it compensation. A week later, Priceless called them Poor Boys and said they will pay for their crimes. 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

These ring veterans were scheduled to meet in the first round of the Memorial Day Tournament. The promos were all about mutual respect. That went out the window. The match ended in a draw and a frustrated Bock attacked Wahoo, hitting his knee with a chair and applying the figure four. Wahoo healed up and the two have been on opposite sides in tag matches with neither gaining an advantage. Wahoo says he's going to outwrestle Bock at WrestleRock. Bock says Wahoo is going get a serious wrestling lesson. This should be a classic. 


Giant Haystacks vs. El Canek 

At The Happening, Haystacks interfered in the St. Clair/Canek special International Bout. Haystacks broke Canek's ribs and gave him a concussion. Haystacks wasn't employed by the AWA and was sent home. Weeks later, Jose Lothario on behalf of Canek challenged Haystacks to a match under the AWA banner. Jarrett felt he owed Canek and granted it. In the following weeks, Lothario gave updates and showed footage of Canek training. Haystacks made his AWA TV debut by demolishing 3 opponents. A week before Canek was to make his TV debut, Haystacks brutally attacked Lothario and put him in the hospital. Canek cancelled his TV match because he was at the hospital with Lothario. Haystacks says it was a message and Lothario should have minded his own business. Canek vowed Haystacks will feel the same pain and more. 



Winners have to handcuff all 5 opponents inside the cage

The Spoiler/Ron Garvin/Bobby Jaggers/The Superflys vs. Baron Von Raschke/Matt Borne/Rip Oliver/The Cartel w/Paul Jones

A lot of heated feuds in the cage. The root would have to be Paul Jones and The Spoiler. It started when Jones offered to manage Spoiler and Spoiler politely declined. A furious Jones felt humiliated. Jones brought in Super Destroyer and the two masked men feuded all over the loop. That feud ended at The Happening when Spoiler defeated Super Destroyer in a mask vs. mask match. Not done yet, Jones brought in Matt Borne and Rip Oliver to eliminate Spoiler. Turns out Spoiler had some allies in Ron Garvin and Bobby Jaggers. Garvin and Borne have been slugging it out while Jaggers and Oliver have been tearing it up. Jones upped the ante and brought in Baron. Baron put Spoiler out with a chair shot followed by the claw. Spoiler eventually came back and last time they met, Spoiler returned the favor by piledriving Baron on a chair and applying the claw. 

The Superflys and Cartel feud started when Ricky Santana and Fidel Castro attacked Siva Afi and Cocoa Samoa. They put Cocoa out of action. Siva called up Jimmy Snuka. Snuka and Siva attacked Santana and Fidel. This time Fidel was put out of action. El Jefe himself Jose Estrada vowed revenge and continued The Cartel with Santana. These teams have been involved in some wild and bloody matches. 

Which team will survive?  



Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 

This actually goes all the way back to the USWA's WrestleStorm 2. Colon ended his bloody feud with Tiger Jeet Singh by defeating him in a Caribbean Death Match. Weeks later, Kamala and Iaukea arrived in the AWA and attacked Colon. We find out, Singh had paid Iaukea a lot of money to eliminate Colon. Over the next few months, Colon had to fight off several monsters like Mark Lewin, Kendo Nagasaki and Kamala. Colon kept fighting. Kamala got the upper hand when he was the last man standing in a 6 man steel cage elimination match at The Happening, thanks to Abdullah the Butcher. Colon was sidetracked by Abby but eventually knocked him out of the AWA. Meanwhile, Kamala and iaukea wanted the world title. Kamala sent a message to Steamboat by attacking Colon and put him out for weeks. Iaukea thought this was the end of Colon. No Way! Colon made his return on Memorial day and costed Kamala his title match with Steamboat. Even Steamboat was caught off guard by Colon's beating on Kamala and Iaukea. Iaukea has vowed to honor his promise to Singh and that Kamala will eliminate Colon once and for all. The last time these two were in the same building, they had a bloody brawl. A lot of people say Colon has a look in his eyes they've never seen. 



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee

These two have been going at it off and on since the USWA days. Their AWA feud began in April at the St. Paul card when Dundee attacked Lawler after his match with Roy Lee Welch. They traded wins across the loop and ended up meeting in the first round of the Memorial Day tournament at the Mid South Coliseum. Lawler got the win. Later, Dundee attacked Lawler after his match with Austin Idol. Dundee ended up breaking Lawler's ribs and eventually costed Lawler the tournament. Lawler has been at home healing, giving promos from home. Dundee has been on TV calling Lawler a coward. Will this finally get settled at WrestleRock? 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Cabin Fever 

The Beasts have held the titles since April and have steamrolled the competition. Cabin Fever came to the AWA with a solid reputation after a successful run as Pacific Coast Champs. Cabin Fever got involved in a hard hitting feud with The Highwaymen. On Memorial Day, Cabin Fever defeated The Highwaymen in a Tornado match to earn this title shot. After that bloody match, The Beasts attacked Cabin Fever to let them know what they're dealing with. Weeks later, Cabin Fever came back with an attack of their own, proving they're more than up for the challenge. This will truly be a fight for the titles. 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. Ruthless Moretti 

Casey has enjoyed a solid run as TV champion with Sunshine being his biggest supporter. Moretti came on the scene and immediately made an impact by using his chain on several opponents. Casey defended his title against Moretti with the match ending in a double c.o. A pissed Moretti attacked Casey with his chain and hung him over the top rope. The following week, Sunshine gave an update on Casey and had words for Moretti. Moretti came out smiling and made some distasteful remarks towards Sunshine. Sunshine slapped him and what followed was shocking as Moretti put the chain collar around Sunshine's neck and told her to bark like a dog. The following week an enraged Casey cut a serious promo on Moretti. Moretti came out smiling and stroking his chain. Security was on high alert and ran out. Moretti taunted Casey while Security held Casey back.   


AWA National Title Bout 

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

This has been mainly a battle of words between two very charismatic individuals. But Idol's arrogance and bragging rights went way up after he scored a win over Johnson at the Memorial Tournament. Johnson didn't make excuses but said lightning wont strike twice. Idol says he has the better body and Johnson just doesn't measure up and the title will look so much better around his waist. Johnson says he's going to shut Idol up at WrestleRock. 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Rock n Roll Express 

Fresh match here. Hennig and Adias formed a team and had the fans support. Things changed when they ended the popular title reign of the Bruise Brothers with very questionable actions. They became very pompous and annoying even naming themselves the Awesome Twosome. RnR came to the AWA and quickly rose the ranks to get this title shot. The champs dismissed this as a challenge and said RnR isn't in their league and they're not impressed with their background. That arrogance costed them when Ricky Morton defeated Brian Adias on TV. During the match, Hennig interfered but later Gibson proved RnR can fight fire with fire and helped his partner get the win as well as a satisfying double dropkick on Adias. It seems wherever RnR go they hold gold. Will the Awesome Twosome's reign be a short one? 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton

Thornton claimed St. Clair was the greatest wrestler in the world and was set out to prove it here in the USA. At last year's Parade of Champions, St. Clair defeated Rick Martel to win the USWA TV title. St. Clair had an amazing year long reign, defeating all challengers. Due to his part at The Happening, St. Clair was stripped of his title and suspended for 30 days. Thornton and St. Clair didn't blink. Instead they went on a European tour and remained undefeated. When they came back, they received an invitation for the Memorial Tournament. St. Clair earned this world title shot by defeating Jerry Lawler in the finals (at the Mid South Coliseum!) St. Clair has been on the biggest roll in AWA/USWA history.

Steamboat has taken the AWA by storm! He arrived in April and won a TV battle royal to earn a world title shot against Terry Funk. In St. Paul, Steamboat defeated Funk for the title. Funk even grabbed the house mic and said Steamboat was a hell of a man. Steamboat has successfully defended his title against all comers.

Things got heated between these two at the contract signing. St. Clair ended up taking Steamboat down with a drop toe hold and slapping his head just to let him know he's going up against a wrestling machine. A week later, Steamboat came out and took down both St. Clair and Thornton with a top rope flying press. They've traded back wrestling wits and went to a stalemate during a TV tag match. However, St. Clair got in the last move by executing his finisher (Floating Butterfly Suplex) on Steamboat and sending him through a table. This will no doubt be a classic when Steamboat and St. Clair wrestle for the AWA world title at WrestleRock 86. 


All that and a special performance by rock n roll legend Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show! 






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Good job reminding us all of the great feuds you got going!  15 Matches... WOW!  The crowd is going to love this.  July 4th weekend is going to be one of the best in the game so far!

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AWA presents 


WrestleRock 86


Saturday July 3rd

Live from Liberty Bowl Stadium and available on closed circuit throughout all the AWA arenas



Lance Russell, Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne are standing at ringside

Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to WrestleRock 86. This will truly be the event of the summer. Here to help open things up are the two men who partnered up to revive the AWA. I'm talking about Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne. Verne, I know the past few months you've been working non stop behind the scenes making sure these great fans get to see the AWA in their town. 

Verne: Lance, I've been busy 24/7 but I wouldn't have it any other way. The AWA has re established itself in Minnesota and Wisconsin and has established itself in Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. And here we are tonight at the Liberty Bowl for WrestleRock. (turns around and smiles) I mean just look at this great crowd. Jerry, thanks for all your hard work in putting together this amazing card. Floor's yours.

Jarrett: Thank you Verne. (Looks at the crowd and smiles) All our hard work has truly paid off. I said this event was all about settling things once and for all and hopefully that happens. Lance, we've said enough, I'm sure this crowd is ready for some action. 

Lance: I think you're right but before we get to our opening bout, I understand Ken Resnick is in the locker room with Paul Jones. Ken, take it away.


Resnick: Thank you Lance and I want to welcome all our great AWA fans to WrestleRock 86. With me now is Paul Jones. Paul I understand you have an announcement regarding the big rage in the cage match tonight. 

Jones: Thanks to the Spoiler's unethical, immoral and down right disgusting actions two weeks ago, Baron Von Raschke will not be able to compete tonight. Being the miserable and heartless soul the Spoiler is, I'm sure he's laughing it up right now. Well Number One Paul Jones always gets the last laugh. Oh, I went out and found a replacement. Taking Baron's spot tonight will be none other than the Dream Machine! 

Dream Machine bursts on camera,

Dream: Hey Lance! I know you're watching. Did you miss me babay? We had so many wonderful USWA moments and now we're reunited under the AWA banner. As for you Spoiler! WrestleRock is your last dance babay! 

Resnick: What a way to start the show. Dream Machine will replace Baron in the Rage in the Cage match. I'm sure Lance is thrilled Dream Machine is back. Fans, let's get to our opening match of WrestleRock 86. 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Southern Justice 

Boos as Southern Justice walks down the aisle wearing 'BattenRock' T-Shirts. The place goes nuts as 'Boys are Back in Town' plays over the speakers and the Fabulous Ones head down the aisle looking a bit more serious and focused than usual. Of course they did just get back from a tour of Japan. 

Lane starts off against Brad and has Brad flustered as he takes him over with a couple hip tosses. Bart runs in and gets hip tossed. Keirn runs in. The Fabs double hip toss Bart back to his corner, then swing Brad to the ropes and send him high and over with a double back drop. Fabs continue to work Brad over with quick tags and exciting double team maneuvers. The shift changes when Bart (on the apron) nails Keirn with a knee to the back. Brad tags in Bart.

Southern Justice heels it up and works Keirn over with some rule breaking double teaming. Every time Lane runs in, the Ref guides him back which of course Southern Justice takes advantage of. More heel heat as the Batten twins pull several switch a roos without tagging. The tide turns when Southern Justice attempts a double clothesline but Keirn ducks it, swings back and clotheslines them both down, then dives over and tags in Lane! 

Lane is on fire as he takes it to the Battens. Battens regroup and try to double team Lane but Keirn runs in and all four men are fighting. Battens take control and swing the Fabs to the ropes and go for stereo back drops but the Fabs hit stereo sunset flips 1..2..3! Huge Pop! 

While the Fabs are celebrating, Battens try a sneak attack but the Fabs turn around and hammer away. They send Brad through the ropes with a double dropkick. Lane karate kicks Bart into a belly to back suplex by Keirn. The Fabs pick up Bart and hurl him over the top rope. 

Winners of the Match- The Fabulous Ones 


Battle of the Billy Jacks- Loser Leave Town 

Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 

The Ref makes sure Ox is out of the ring as he signals for the bell. The Billy Jacks don't waste any time and have a furious exchange. Haynes gets the upper hand, swings Strong to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Strong swings back and clotheslines Haynes down! Haynes staggers up as Strong scoop slams him down. Strong hops on the middle ropes and comes down with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Strong picks up Haynes and swings him towards the corner but Haynes reverses it and whips Strong into the corner. Ox runs over and grabs Strong's boots as Haynes charges in with a running clothesline. Haynes grabs Strong by the hair and tosses him across the ring. 

Haynes stomps away on Strong, lifts him up, presses him up and drops him across the top rope. Strong is hanging half way over the top rope. Haynes distracts the ref as Ox grabs Strong and pulls him over and onto the concrete. Haynes goes to the outside, picks up Strong and slams his head on the apron, then hurls him back in the ring. Haynes climbs to the top rope. Strong rolls over on his back as Haynes crashes down with a flying leg drop. Haynes arrogantly covers without hooking the leg 1..2..Strong barley gets his shoulder up. A pissed off Haynes picks up Strong and swings him into the corner and charges in but Strong raises his knees and Haynes runs right into them. 

Strong regroups and pumps his fists. Haynes staggers up, Strong grabs him behind the waist and sends him flying with an overhead back suplex. Strong picks up Haynes and delivers another overhead back suplex. Strong picks up Haynes and holds him up then delivers a vertical suplex 1..2..Haynes barley kicks out. Strong swings Haynes to the corner and charges in with a running forearm blast. Strong swings Haynes to the opposite corner and charges in with another forearm blast. Strong grabs Haynes, hoists him up and executes his delayed brain buster 1..2..(Ox reaches in and puts Haynes foot on the rope) The Ref sees Haynes foot and stops his count. Strong gets up and has words for Ox. Ox hops on the apron and raises his fist. Strong steps up, Ox takes a swing but Strong blocks it and knocks Ox down on the apron. Haynes staggers up and clotheslines Strong from behind, sending him through the ropes. 

Haynes pulls in the Ref and is arguing with him about something. Strong slowly gets on the apron. Just as Strong gets through the ropes, Ox nails him with a double axe handle to his upper back. Haynes attacks Strong with several rabbit punches, then clamps on the full nelson! Haynes wrenches away as he swings Strong around, then slams him down 1..2..3! 

Ox runs in and raises Haynes arm. Haynes has that intense look in his eyes. He picks up Strong and once again clamps on the full nelson. He stops and holds him. A smiling Ox raises his fist and nails Strong with the heart punch as Haynes throws Strong down. Thundering boos! 

Winner of the Match- Billy Jack Haynes 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. "Ruthless" Moretti 

The boos reign down as Moretti enters the ring smiling and stroking his chain. Boos turn to cheers as Casey (white cowboy hat and black vest with TV title around his waist) and Sunshine head down the aisle. Sunshine stays on the outside as Moretti smiles and points to her while slowly swinging his chain. Casey enters the ring, takes off his title and holds it up like he's going to hit Moretti. The Ref quickly gets control. Moretti slides under the ropes, holds his chain up at Sunshine, smiles and puts it on the timekeepers table. Moretti slowly walks towards Sunshine. Wham! From behind Casey unloads on Moretti. Casey hurls Moretti back in the ring as the Ref signals for the bell. 

Casey is all over Moretti with punches. He swings Moretti into the corner, hops up on the turnbuckles and the crowd counts along as Casey hits him 10 times. Casey follows up and monkey flips Moretti over. Moretti sits up as Casey hits a neck snap. Casey puts his knee on Moretti's chest and punches away. Moretti is bleeding. Casey picks up Moretti, holds him then puts him down with a big right punch 1..2..Moretti gets his shoulder up. Casey swings Moretti into the corner and charges in but Moretti staggers forward and puts Casey down with a big boot. 

Moretti regroups. Moretti snap mares Casey over and hits him with several headbutts on the back. Moretti clamps on a headlock and wrenches away. Casey almost fights his way out but Moretti rakes his eyes, grabs him by the hair, runs with him and slams his head on the turnbuckle. Moretti slams Casey's head several more times on the turnbuckle, grabs his hair and rakes his face across the top rope, then chokes him on the top rope and flings him back. Moretti swings Casey to the ropes and puts him down with a flying back elbow smash 1..2..Kick Out. A frustrated Moretti bites away on Casey's head. Now Casey is bleeding. Sunshine is cheering Casey on and Moretti tells her to shut up. Moretti puts a front facelock on Casey and is ready to slam him down but Casey back drops him over. 

Moretti gets to his feet but Casey scoop slams him down. Casey fires up! Casey stomps away on Moretti then rakes his boot across his head. Casey picks up Moretti by his hair, runs with him and slams his head on the turnbuckle. Once again the fans count along as Casey slams Moretti's head on the turnbuckle 10 times. Moretti is in a daze. Casey clamps on a headlock and hits a running bulldog! Casey picks up Moretti and hits another running bulldog! Casey picks him up again and hits a third running bulldog 1..2..3!!! Huge Pop! 

Sunshine runs in the ring and hugs Casey. The Ref hands Casey his TV title. Sunshine raises his arm as Casey holds up the title. They exit then Casey stops and looks at the timekeeper's table. Casey grabs Moretti's chain. The fans cheer as Casey gets in the ring. Casey grips the chain. Moretti finally staggers up and Casey puts him down with a chain clothesline! Casey drops the chain on Moretti's chest and happily heads out with Sunshine. 

Winner of the Match and still AWA TV Champ- Scott Casey 


Lance: Scott Casey retains the TV title with a very satisfying victory. Well we all know about the history between The Bruise Brothers and Priceless. That match is up next....hold on a second, looks like we have a visitor. Johnny Valiant, what in the world are you doing here? 

Johnny is wearing a shiny jacket, sunglasses and is smoking a cigar.

Johnny: Johnny V is here in the AWA and it makes perfect sense to introduce my new client at this grand event. This man is going to set the AWA on fire. This man is a true entertainer in every sense of the word and will soon be wearing AWA gold. He's the hottest property in wrestling. Ladies and Gentlemen, a star will be born tonight, please welcome out the Hit Sensation Billy Joe Travis!

Billy Joe comes out with a guitar, black slacks, unbuttoned satin shirt with a gold chain around his neck 

Billy: Thank you for that fitting introduction Johnny. We're going to make a lot of money here brother. Now Lance, not only can I wrestle but I can sure play this here guitar. This guitar was given to me by Mick Jagger. Now, this is WrestleRock and I'm going to debut my new song for all these people. Why you booked a has been like Chuck Berry to play here tonight is beyond me (BOOOOOOS) I'm the hit sensation and I'm going to upstage that washed up old man right now. (BOOOOS) What's with you ungrateful idiots? 

Johnny: Don't listen to them. Show them what you got baby. 

Billy: Alright! Here we go! 

All of a sudden "Boogie Fever" plays over the speakers and the Bruise Brothers make their way down the aisle. 

Lance: (smiling) Well, I guess your debut will have to wait.

Johnny and Billy throw an epic tantrum and storm off. 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 

Bruise Bros enter the ring wearing their recently new blue pants, glitter blue vests, sunglasses, blue fedoras and gold chains. They slap each other five and pump their fists to the fans. Boos as Priceless comes down the aisle wearing suits and carrying champagne bottles. They stop on the outside and take their suits off. They're wearing matching green tights with glitter dollar signs on the back along with matching green knee pads with dollar signs on the front. They hold up their champagne bottles and point them up at the Bruise Brothers before setting them on the table. They threaten the timekeeper and tell him he better not sneak a sip. 

The bell rings and Priceless stalls. The Ref turns his attention to the Bruise Bros. Priceless tries a sneak attack but the Bruise Bros were ready and take it to them. They grab Fergie and double headbutt him out of the ring. They kick Morrow and double slam him down. Cash continues to work over Morrow. He swings Morrow to the ropes and puts him down with a high knee, then tags in Snowman. Snowman picks up Morrow, swings him to the ropes and nails him with a flying clothesline. Morrow bumps around and rolls to the outside. Priceless regroups. Morrow gets in and tags in Fergie. 

Snowman immediately plows Fergie with a running shoulder block. Cash sticks out his boot. Snowman picks up Fergie, runs him across the ring and slams his head on Cash's boot. Snowman tags in Cash. Cash swings Fergie to the ropes and flips him over with a knee to the mid section. Morrow runs in and Cash back drops him. Morrow staggers into the corner and Snowman nails him with a forearm blast. Cash grabs Fergie and swings him into Morrow but the Ref gets sandwiched and goes down. 

Cash checks on the Ref. Morrow grabs Cash and hits a falling DDT. Snowman runs in and pounds away on Morrow. Morrow is on the ropes. Snowman swings off the ropes and hits a clothesline, sending them both out of the ring. 

Boos as Johnny V and Billy Joe come down to the ring. Billy Joe gets in the ring with his guitar. Cash staggers up and Billy Joe breaks his guitar over Cash's head! Cash just falls down. Billy Joe and Johnny V exit. Fergie rolls over and covers Cash. The Ref slowly crawls over and counts 1..2..3! 

On the outside, Snowman clears the cobwebs, sees Cash down and rolls in there to tend to him.  Morrow grabs Fergie's boots and slides him out. He takes him to the timekeeper's table. Opens a bottle of champagne and pours some in his mouth. Fergie wakes up. Morrow gives him a bottle, takes the other one and they have a celebration toast. 

Winners of the Match- Priceless



Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 

Anything goes in this one! 

Kamala and Iaukea head down the aisle. Iaukea is swinging his kendo stick as Kamala wears his face mask and slaps his belly. The fans go wild as Colon runs down the aisle and nails Iaukea from behind! The kendo stick goes flying as Iaukea rolls down the aisle. Colon punches away on Kamala, rips off his face mask and hits him several times with it. Colon throws down the face mask and kicks away on Kamala. Kamala goes to his knees. Colon keeps punching his head. Colon pauses then hits Kamala with a knee lift. Colon drops several knees on Kamala, grabs his head and bounces it several times on the aisle. Kamala is bleeding. Colon clamps on a headlock and goes to town on Kamala's head with punches. 

Wham! Iaukea hits Colon's back with his kendo stick! Colon stumbles forward. Iaukea hits him a few more times with the kendo stick. Iaukea helps Kamala shake the cobwebs. Colon slowly gets up but Kamala puts him down with a back kick. Iaukea backs up as Kamala slowly picks up Colon and slams him down on the aisle. Kamala picks up Colon, takes him towards the ring and swings him into the steel post. Kamala picks up Colon and slams his head on the steps. Now Colon is bleeding. Kamala hurls Colon into the ring. 

Kamala gets in the ring, slaps his belly and circles his prey. Colon slowly rises but Kamala chokes him with both hands, lifts him up and slams him down. Kamala goes down and chokes away on Colon. Iaukea is shouting at the Ref telling him it's over. The Ref is watching Colon as Kamala chokes away. The Ref is about to call it but sees Colon make a fist. Kamala picks up Colon, swings him to the ropes and sidewalk slams him down. Kamala picks up Colon, swings him to the corner and follows with a corner splash! Colon staggers forward and falls down. Kamala clamps on a nerve hold and puts the pressure on. Frustrated that Colon wont give up, Kamala hurls him over the top rope. Iaukea runs over and stomps on Colon.

Kamala goes to the apron. Iaukea lifts Colon up as Kamala comes down with a brain chop. Iaukea gets in a few more stomps. Kamala grabs a cable wire and chokes away on Colon. Colon is spitting up in agony but wont give up. Kamala goes all out choking him with the cable wire, then slams Colon down. Kamala backs up, runs forward and goes for a big splash but Colon moves! 

Both men are down and reeling. Iaukea picks up his kendo stick, walks over and is ready to swing down on Colon but Colon punches him in the gut, then punches him again, grabs the kendo stick and whacks Iaukea over his head. Colon regroups, hobbles up and has a look of pure rage. He picks up Iaukea, slams his head on the timekeeper's table several times, grabs him and swings him face first into the steel post. Now Iaukea is bleeding. Colon hops on the apron, then goes to the top rope. Kamala finally rises and Colon just about takes his head off with a flying clothesline! Colon gets up, bloodied and battered, lets out a scream. Colon grabs the kendo stick and hits Kamala over and over again like a madman. 

Colon lifts Kamala up and body slams him on the concrete! Colon grabs the kendo stick, puts it under Kamala's chin, puts his knee in Kamala's back and wrenches back with the kendo stick. Colon uses all his strength. Kamala is passed out! The Ref sees this and signals for the bell. Colon gives one last squeeze and releases. Colon has a tired, painful, agonizing and satisfying look on his face as the Ref raises his arm. 

The fans cheer but are in awe at what they just witnessed. 

Winner of the Match- Carlos Colon 


The fans get to catch their breath as they watch a recap of the history between El Canek and Giant Haystacks 


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 

You talk about a visual as Giant Haystacks and El Canek have a show stopping stare down. 

The bell rings and Haystacks and Canek are face to face. Haystacks starts roaring at Canek and threatening him. Haystacks pushes Canek back. Haystacks throws a big punch but Canek blocks it and fires away with several punches. Canek swings off the ropes and goes for a shoulder block but Haystacks puts Canek down with a shoulder block instead. Haystacks nails Canek with a clubbing shot and follows with several more. Haystacks grabs the top rope and chokes Canek with his boot. Haystacks picks up Canek, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a giant forearm smash. Haystacks picks up Canek, puts him in a front facelock and hits his back with several clubbing shots, then tosses Canek across the ring. 

Haystacks waits as Canek rises, then bulldozers him over with a running shoulder block. Haystacks takes a couple steps then drops a huge elbow on Canek 1..2..Canek gets his foot on the rope! An angry Haystacks applies a double nerve hold on Canek. The fans try and fire Canek up. Canek starts to rise but Haystacks tosses him across the ring. Haystacks picks up Canek, holds him, then slams him down with authority. Boos as Haystacks raises his arms. Haystacks picks up Canek, swings him to the corner and follows with a running splash but Canek moves! 

Haystacks hits hard and wobbles back. Canek uses all his strength, gets up and pounds away on Haystacks. Canek takes a deep breath and continues hammering away but Haystacks doesn't go down. Canek swings off the ropes and hits Haystacks with a shoulder block, swings off again with another shoulder block. Haystacks is wobbling back. Canek runs to the top rope and leaps off with a flying shoulder tackle! Haystacks goes back against the ropes and the TOP ROPE SNAPS! The fans lets out a gasp as Haystacks takes one of the nastiest falls ever! He hits the apron and falls to the outside! 

The Ref counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! 

Haystacks is still out as medics rush out to tend to him. Canek gets his armed raised, walks out, looks down at Haystacks and continues walking. 

Winner of the match by C.O.- El Canek 


Lance: I can't believe what we just saw. I've never seen anything like that. The ring crew is repairing the top rope as we speak. It looks like Giant Haystacks is up and believe it or not is walking out on his own accord. Unbelievable. 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Cabin Fever 

With these two teams, you know it's going to be nothing but a hard hitting brawl and it is. 

The bell rings and all four men are fighting. Ox gets out of there quick. The Ref lets it go as both teams tear into each other. Manny and Rip Morgan are brawling in the corner as Nord and Boone have a heated exchange in the middle of the ring. The Ref finally tries to get control as he watches Nord and Boone go at it. In the corner, Rip rakes Manny's eyes and holds him. Ox gets on the apron and is going to heart punch Manny but Manny mulekicks Rip and ducks as Ox nails Rip! Manny swings off the ropes and hits the flying burrito on Morgan! The Ref sees this and counts 1..2..3! 


Nord doesn't know what happened and is huffing in confusion. The Ref hands Manny the titles as Boone realizes what happened. Manny and Boone hold up the titles as the fans are up and cheering. Ox can't believe it as he's stomping around furiously. 

Winners of the Match and NEW AWA National Tag Team Champs- Cabin Fever! 


Lance: How about that. Cabin Fever are the new National tag team champs. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Ox Baker. Fans, up next is the Rage in the Cage match. While the cage is being set up, here's a special video piece on all the hard work put into getting this stadium ready for WrestleRock. I want to personally thank all the people involved and the effort they put into this. What an amazing job. At the end of the video, we'll hear some special comments from Chuck Berry. He just turned 60 and couldn't think of a better way to spend his Birthday. Enjoy. 



RAGE IN THE CAGE- 2 Rings inside a steel cage. 

Handcuffs are hanging from inside the cage and the only way to win is you must handcuff all 5 opponents. 

The Spoiler/Ron Garvin/Bobby Jaggers/The Superflys vs. Dream Machine/Matt Borne/Rip Oliver/The Cartel w/Paul Jones 

'Time has come today' by the Chambers Brothers plays as the teams line up on opposite sides. The fans are ready for this one.

The Bell rings. One Ref opens his door and the other Ref opens the opposite door. Both teams run in and it's on! 

Superflys and Cartel go at it in one ring while Dream, Spoiler, Garvin, Borne, Jaggers and Oliver brawl in the other. Paul Jones is on the outside yelling. Spoiler punches away on Dream Machine, grabs him by his mask and hurls his body into the cage. Garvin is up on the turnbuckles punching down on Borne while Jaggers is grinding Oliver's face across the cage. In the other ring, Siva slams Santana and follows with a standing leg drop. Snuka hoists Estrada up and atomic drops him into the cage. 

This gets bloody quick. Oliver is the first to bleed as Jaggers continues to grind his face into the cage. Spoiler grabs Dream by the arm, hops on the turnbuckles, walks across the ropes and comes down with a fist to the head. Garvin swings Borne into the ropes and puts him down with a big right punch, then picks him up and hurls him face first into the cage. The Superflys pummel away on the Cartel in opposite corners, then swing them into each other. Cartel stagger back, Superflys grab them and hurl them into the cage. 

A few minutes go by and Oliver, Borne and the Cartel are all bleeding. 

Jaggers goes for a hangman's neckbreaker on Oliver but Borne kicks Jaggers in the gut. Oliver quickly grabs Jaggers and hurls him into the cage. Garvin goes after Borne but Oliver clips Garvin from behind. Borne slams Garvin, gets on the top rope and crashes down with a knee drop. Borne picks up Garvin and slowly rakes his face across the cage. Garvin is bleeding. Borne and Oliver attack Spoiler. Dream Machine gets up and joins in. All 3 men pick up Spoiler and hurl him into the cage.

In the other ring, Estrada low blows Snuka then gets up and clotheslines Siva from behind. The Cartel pick up Siva and both of them slam his head into the cage several times. Siva is a bloody mess. The Cartel pull him out and hit a double rib breaker, then pick him up and handcuff him to the cage! 

Siva Afi has been handcuffed

The Cartel continue to beat up Siva while he's handcuffed. 

Oliver picks up Jaggers and goes for a suplex but Jaggers blocks it and suplexes him back. Jaggers gets up and executes a hangman's neckbreaker on Oliver, then drags him over and handcuffs him. 

Rip Oliver has been handcuffed

Borne stops beating on Garvin and goes after Jaggers but Jaggers back drops him into the cage. Dream is pounding away on Spoiler and goes to handcuff him but Jaggers clotheslines him from behind. Jaggers hoists Dream up for a suplex but Borne runs over and sweeps Jaggers with a baseball slide. Dream falls on top. Borne grabs Jaggers and attempts to cuff him but Jaggers fights it. Dream runs over and pounds away on Jaggers as Borne is finally able to cuff him.

Bobby Jaggers has been handcuffed

In the other ring, Siva is knocked out as he hangs there. Cartel pick up Snuka and swing him to the ropes but miss a double clothesline, Snuka swings back and clotheslines them both down. Snuka picks up Estrada and sends him flying over the top and in between the rings with a jumping headbutt. Snuka grabs Santana and sends him into the cage with a jumping headbutt. Snuka grabs Santana and slams his head intro the cage several times until Santana is a blood mess. Snuka yanks him over and hand cuffs him. 

Ricky Santana has been handcuffed.

Garvin and Borne continue to slug it out while Spoiler and Dream Machine tear into each other. Spoiler has Dream against the ropes and goes for a charging clothesline but Dream back drops him into the cage. Dream staggers over, grabs Garvin from behind and hurls him face first into the cage. Borne and Dream double team Garvin. Dream holds Garvin as Borne comes off the top rope with a double axehandle. Dream and Borne pick up Garvin and cuff him. 

Ron Garvin has been handcuffed

Jones is jumping up and down in joy as he tells Dream and Borne to destroy Spoiler. 

In the other ring, Snuka is pounding away on Estrada. Snuka reaches down but Estrada rakes his eyes. Estrada smiles as he slowly rakes Snuka's face across the cage. Both Snuka and Estrada are bleeding. Estrada yanks Snuka over and goes to cuff him but Snuka drops down and lowblows Estrada. Snuka regroups and slams Estrada's head into the cage. Snuka picks up Estrada and vertical suplexes him back. Snuka flashes the sign. The fans go wild as Snuka goes to the top rope. But wait! Snuka goes to the top of the cage! Snuka flashes the 'I love you' sign and leaps off and crashes down on Estrada! The fans are going wild! Snuka slowly gets up, drags Estrada over and cuffs him! 

Jose Estrada has been handcuffed

Jones yells up at Dream and points to the other ring. 

Snuka slowly rises but Dream clotheslines him down. Dream picks up Snuka and hot shots him into the cage. Dream grabs Snuka and cuffs him. 

Jimmy Snuka has been handcuffed

Borne looks over at Dream and smiles. This was all Spoiler needed as he clamps the claw on Borne and quickly cuffs him! 

Matt Borne has been handcuffed

Jones is livid! 

It's down to Spoiler and Dream Machine

Dream runs over but Spoiler punches away, grabs him by his mask and hurls him into the cage. Spoiler grabs Dream, runs with him and hurls him on the opposite side of the cage. Spoiler picks up Dream and hurls him into the other side of the cage. Dream is down. Jones runs over and hands Dream a foreign object through the cage. Jones then goes and distracts Spoiler. Spoiler tells Jones "When I'm done with him, you're next!" Dream slowly puts the object in his mask.

Spoiler reaches down and pulls Dream up but Dream headbutts him with the loaded mask! Dream regroups, lifts Spoiler up and gives him another loaded headbutt. Spoiler is out. Dream picks up Spoiler and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Dream picks up Spoiler and hits another swinging neckbreaker as Jones cheers him on. The fans are in riot mode as Dream picks Spoiler up again, slaps him and hits another swinging neckbreaker. Dream slowly grabs Spoiler, drags him over and cuffs him.

Spoiler has been handcuffed.

Jones yells for the Ref to open the cage door. He does and Jones runs in and hugs Dream Machine. "You did it! You did it!" Jones runs over and gives Spoiler a cheap kick. 

The winner and last man standing- The Dream Machine




Lance: What a tremendous show so far. We've seen titles change hands and we've seen some true ring wars. Before we get to our next match, I believe Ken Resnick is standing with another wrestler who'll be making his AWA debut very soon. Go ahead Ken. 

Ken: Thank you Lance, so far WrestleRock has been nothing short of incredible. Standing with me now is a big man ready for the AWA competition. I'm talking about Earthquake Ferris. 

Ferris comes in. 

Ferris: Thank you Ken, it's my pleasure to be here at this historic event and I hope to be wrestling at the next one. I'm here and ready for the best competition the AWA has to offer. 

Ken: Ok, Earthquake Ferris coming in. What a specimen he is. Let's get back to WrestleRock 86. 


Tag Team Elimination Match 

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. The Great Gagne and Duke Myers 

Fans throw garbage at Gagne as Duker raises his fist and warns them. The bell rings as Rheingans and Crusher hit the ring and go to town. Crusher swings Duke to the ropes and back drops him. Rheingans swings Gagne to the ropes and hits a swinging side suplex. Duke and Crusher go to their corners as Rheingans works over Gagne. Rheingans swings Gagne to the ropes and gives him a big hip toss. Gagne crawls over and tags in Duke. Rheingans smiles and tags in Crusher. Duke and Crusher have a nice little brawl. Duke clamps on a headlock and backs up but he doesnt see Crusher make the tag to Rheingans. Crusher swings Duke to the ropes and hits him with a bolo punch as Rheingans nails him with a neckbreaker 1..2..3! 

Huge pop! Duke is eliminated and Gagne must go at it alone. 

Gagne looks over at Crusher and Rheingans, watches Duke roll out and exit, shakes his head and says "No Way!" 

The fans boo and throw more garbage as Gagne walks up the aisle. Boos turn to cheers as Crusher and Rheingans run after him, grab him and carry him back to the ring. They toss him in there. Rheingans gets in the ring as Crusher goes to the corner. Rheingans picks up Gagne and slams him down. Rheingans tags in Crusher. Crusher holds Gagne up and punches him, Gagne twirls around and into a punch by Rheingans. Crusher and Rheingans continue to punch Gagne back and forth until Gagne is bleeding. Crusher holds Gagne up and drops him, then tags in Rheingans. Rheingans lifts up Gagne and hits a gut wrench suplex 1..2..3! 

Rheingans and Crusher smile and shake hands then exit. 

Gagne is knocked out and a bloody mess. 

Verne Gagne slowly walks into the ring with a towel. He looks down at Greg and shakes his head. Verne lowers down, wipes the blood off Greg's face and helps him out. 

Winners of the Match- Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

Two legendary wrestlers stare at each other while the announcements are made. The bell rings and Bock has a few words for Wahoo. 

They lock up and Bock clamps on a headlock. Wahoo pushes him to the ropes and puts him down with a shoulder block. Bock bounces back against the turnbuckle, smirks and nods at Wahoo. Bock gets up and arrogantly paces. They lock up and Bock pushes Wahoo against the ropes. The Ref wants a clean break. Bock slowly backs up, holding up his hands, then goes for a cheap shot but Wahoo blocks it and goes off on Bock with several chops. Wahoo pushes Bock into the corner and within a minute, Bock's chest is beet red from all the chops. Wahoo pulls Bock out and vertical suplexes him back. Wahoo picks up Bock and slams him down, takes a couple big steps and drops an elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Wahoo swings Bock to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Bock kicks him. Bock stumbles back and regroups.

Bock remembers Wahoo's bad knee and targets it. Wahoo rises and Bock kicks him behind the knee. Bock sets Wahoo's leg in the bottom rope and stomps down on the knee. Bock follows with several sentons on his knee. Wahoo's in pain. Bock drags Wahoo out and applies an Indian Deathlock but Wahoo pulls with all his strength and reaches the ropes. Bock releases. Bock picks up Wahoo, swings him to the ropes and dropkicks him down. Bock picks up Wahoo and attempts a piledriver but Wahoo back drops him over.

Wahoo falls back, gets up and limps around. Bock slowly rises but Wahoo puts him down with a chop. Wahoo regroups. Bock gets up and goes towards Wahoo but Wahoo grabs him and hits an inverted atomic drop. Bock wobbles with his knees crossed as Wahoo clotheslines him down. Wahoo swings off the ropes and hits a leg drop 1..2..Bock gets his shoulder up. Wahoo swings Bock to the ropes, kicks him in the mid section and gut wrench suplexes him over 1..2..Kick Out. Wahoo swings Bock to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow blast. Wahoo hoists Bock up and piledrives him down! Wahoo covers 1..2..Bock's foot is under the ropes. 

Wahoo swings Bock into the corner and slowly walks towards him with fists up. Bock is begging. Wahoo gets closer and Bock kicks him a bit low. Bock rolls out of the ring, pulls Wahoo's legs around the ring post and slams his knee into the post! Wahoo is in serious pain. Bock grabs Wahoo's leg and again slams the knee into the post. The Ref warns Bock. Bock waves him off and gets back in the ring. Bock pulls Wahoo out and clamps on the figure four! Bock wrenches away. The Ref sees enough and signals for the bell. 

The Ref raises Bock's hand then signals for help. Once the medics tend to Wahoo, the Ref makes it clear to the announcer that he stopped the match. 

Referee stops the match therefore the Winner of the Match- Nick Bockwinkle 



The Golden Boys vs. The Highwaymen 

Highwaymen look double tough as they come down the aisle wearing cowboy hats and long trench coats. Golden Boys enter the ring wearing gold glittered robes. 

The bell rings but both teams get distracted when The Vin Man shows up, walks around the ring, pulls out a chair and sits down. 

While the Golden Boys are having words with Vinnie, Highwaymen take advantage and jump them from behind. They hurl Spivey out of the ring and work over Kelly until the Ref makes Hickerson go back to his corner. Duncum swings Kelly to the corner and charges in with a shoulder thrust. Duncum hits Kelly with several shoulder thrusts, pulls him out and slams him down. Duncum gives Hickerson the signal. Duncum swings Kelly to the corner and Hickerson blasts him with a punch. Vinnie smiles with approval. Duncum tags in Hickerson. They swing Kelly to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Hickerson drops a knee 1..2..Kick Out. Hickerson stomps away on Kelly, picks him up and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Hickerson swings Kelly into the corner and charges in but Kelly lunges forward, clotheslines Hickerson, dives over and tags in Spivey! 

Spivey swings Hickerson to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Duncum runs in and gets clotheslined. Spivey swings Hickerson to the ropes and executes a twirling side slam. Spivey tags in Kelly. They hoist Hickerson up and double suplex him down. Kelly drops an elbow 1..2..Duncum breaks it. Here comes Spivey and the fight is on! Spivey and Duncum fight through the ropes. Kelly reaches down to pick up Hickerson but Hickerson rakes his eyes. 

Vinnie gets out of his chair and climbs to the top rope. 

Hickerson picks up Kelly and bearhugs him. Kelly claps his ears. Vinnie jumps off but Kelly sees him and pushes Hickerson into him as Vinnie nails Hickerson. Kelly hits a standing leg drop on Hickerson 1..2..3! 

Kelly runs to the outside and helps Spivey with Duncum. Duncum rolls back into the ring. Golden Boys raise their arms to the cheering fans and head back up the aisle. 

Duncum helps Hickerson up and asks what happened. Hickerson yells and points down at Vinnie. Vinnie shakes the cobwebs then looks up at the Highwaymen. Vinnie is terrified as he pleads for his life. The Highwaymen help Vinnie up and pat him on the back. Vinnie smiles. The Highwaymen then start pounding away on Vinnie! They punch him down and stomp away. Duncum goes to the middle ropes and Hickerson hoists Vinnie up. Highwaymen just about spike piledrive Vinnie's head through the canvas. Highwaymen are satisfied and even get some cheers. Poor Vin Man. 

Winners of the Match- The Golden Boys 



AWA National Title Bout 

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

Idol struts into the ring wearing a shiny red glitter robe. Massive cheers as Johnson grabs the top rope and jumps into the ring shadow boxing. During the introductions, Idol unwraps his robe and gives Johnson a little boogie shuffle. Johnson unstraps his title and holds it up at Idol. 

The bell rings. Idol gives Johnson a double bicep pose, wipes his sweat off his chest and flings it at Johnson. Johnson runs after him but Idol runs out of the ring. Idol jaws with the fans not realizing Johnson is standing right behind him. Idol turns around and Johnson unloads then hurls him back in the ring. idol backs up against the turnbuckle and tells the Ref to get Johnson back. Johnson looks out at the cheering fans then charges in and unloads on idol with kicks and stomps. Idol holds on to the ropes as Johnson tries to pull him out. Johnson kicks him and yanks him up and out as Idol slams down on his back. Johnson swings off the ropes and goes for a jumping elbow drop but Idol moves.

Idol picks up Johnson, swings him to the ropes but misses a back elbow smash, Johnson swings back and sends Idol flying with a beautiful high dropkick. Idol staggers up and Johnson dropkicks him down. Idol gets to his knees and Johnson hits a sunset flip but Idol is tangled in the ropes. Johnson gets up but Idol grabs his trunks and pulls him through the ropes. Idol regroups. 

Johnson gets on the apron, Idol grabs him and attempts to suplex him back in the ring but Johnson blocks it, hoists Idol up and drops him on the ropes. Johnson gets in the ring, pulls Idol up by his hair and yanks him back in the ring. Johnson reaches down and Idol tries to lowblow him but Johnson grabs his arm and smiles. Johnson picks up Idol, Idol misses with a wild swing and Johnson unloads with rapid fire jabs, then winds up and puts Idol down with a big right punch 1..2..Idol barley gets his shoulder up. Johnson picks up Idol but idol rakes his eyes and swings Johnson to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Johnson swings back and hits a Thesz press but Idol holds on and hot shots Johnson on the top rope. Johnson falls back as Idol pushes forward with a handful of tights 1..2..3! BOOOOOO!

Idol quickly rolls out if the ring and grabs the National title, then staggers his way up the aisle. Idol turns around and raises the title high as a disappointed Johnson looks on. 

Winner of the Match and NEW AWA National Champ- Austin Idol 




Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 

Thundering boos as Dundee arrogantly walks down the aisle wearing jeans, boots and a T-Shirt that has Lawler's face crossed out on it. He gets in the ring and grabs the mic. 

"I know you fans paid a lot of money to see me beat up that coward Lawler but that aint going to happen. Why? Because he's gutless and that gutless yellow coward isn't showing up. That's why!" 

The fans go wild as Lawler appears on the aisle wearing boots, jeans and a black shirt with a gold king's crown on it. Dundee stomps around then charges up the aisle. The bell rings and these guys have a slugfest! They punch back and forth with neither man gaining an advantage. Lawler starts to win the exchange and punches away on Dundee's head. Lawler measures each punch as he continues to use Dundee's head as a punching bag. Lawler grabs Dundee by his hair and runs him down the aisle then slides him across the timekeeper's table. Dundee slides off and on the ground. The fans are up and cheering as Lawler holds up his fist to them. Lawler approaches Dundee but Dundee grabs a soda from a fan and throws it in Lawler's face. 

Dundee staggers around and falls down. He gets up and regroups. Dundee grabs Lawler and hurls him into the fans. Dundee grabs a trashcan. The fans help Lawler up. Lawler heads back in but Dundee slams the trashcan over his head. Dundee grabs Lawler and hurls him into the ring. Dundee goes to the top rope, arrogantly holds out his arms and crashes down with the Bomb's Away! Dundee covers 1..2..NO! Dundee shakes his head and pulls Lawler up. Lawler is bleeding. Dundee clamps on a headlock and tags Lawler with several punches. Dundee picks up Lawler and scoop slams him down. Dundee struts around as the fans boo. Dundee goes back up to the top rope. He signals that it's over and goes for another Bomb's Away but Lawler moves and Dundee crashes to the mat. 

Both men slowly get to their knees and slowly exchange punches. Back and forth. Lawler rakes Dundee's eyes then rubs his face in the mat. Lawler throws Dundee out of the ring and regroups. Lawler goes to the outside and grabs the ring bell. Dundee staggers up and Lawler blasts him with the bell! Dundee is a bloody mess. Lawler picks up a lifeless Dundee and hurls him back in the ring. Lawler goes to the top rope and raises his fist. Lawler dives down and nails Dundee with the fist drop 1..2..3! 

A bloody Lawler stands up and puts his foot on Dundee's chest then raises his fist to the cheering fans.

Winner of the Match- Jerry Lawler



AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Rock n Roll Express 

Huge ovation as RnR head down the aisle hugging girls and high fiving the guys. Boos as The Awesome Twosome come down the aisle. Adias is wearing bright neon orange colored wrestling pants while Hennig sports the same colored singlet. The titles are proudly on their shoulders. They enter the ring and show off their titles while shaking their heads at RnR. 

Morton and Adias start the match. Morton frustrates Adias with several hip tosses and arm drags. Morton tags in Gibson, they swing Adias to the ropes and double hip toss him over. Hennig charges in and they double hip toss him over. Adias staggers up and RnR grab him and hit a double suplex. Hennig gets up but gets double dropkicked out of the ring. Adias rolls out and the fans cheer as RnR are fired up tonight. 

The champs regroup and Adias tags in Hennig. Hennig locks up with Gibson and Gibson takes him over with a side headlock. Hennig manages to get to his feet and pushes Gibson towards the ropes but Gibson holds on to the headlock and once again takes Hennig over. Adias comes in and kicks Gibson's head. Morton charges but the Ref guides him back. Hennig and Adias double slam Gibson. 

Hennig swings Gibson to the ropes and puts him down with the Hennig axe. Hennig covers 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig tags in Adias. They yell "Watch this" to Morton. They swing Gibson to the ropes and hit a double dropkick. Adias covers 1..2..Morton breaks it. Hennig pushes Morton, Morton tackles Hennig and punches away. The Ref gets control. Adias hoists Gibson up and hits a delayed vertical suplex then tags in Hennig. Hennig runs around Gibson then hits a running neck snap, rolls up, runs over and slaps Morton. Morton runs in but the Ref holds him. Adias comes in, they swing Gibson to the ropes and go for a double back drop but Gibson kicks Adias, dives over and tags in Morton! 

Morton fires away on Hennig, swings him to the ropes and hits a flying back elbow. Adias gets up and Morton dropkicks him out of the ring. It's all Morton.

There's a grumbling in the crowd as THE FABULOUS ONES run to ringside. They yank Gibson off the apron and double team him with punches. Lane grabs a chair as Keirn holds out Gibson's ankle. Lane hits Gibson's ankle several times with the chair. Keirn picks up Gibson and hits a shin buster only on his ankle. The fans are shocked as The Fabs run back up the aisle. 

Morton has no idea this happened as he's in the ring taking it to the champs. Morton has Hennig in a headlock and goes to tag Gibson but Gibson's on the outside lying in pain. Morton is confused when he looks down and sees Gibson. Morton releases the headlock and starts to go through the ropes but Adias runs over and clocks him, then drags him back in the ring. Adias picks up Morton and airplane spins him, then slams him down. Hennig rises, grabs Morton and executes the fisherman's suplex 1..2..3! NOOOOOO! 

The champs pick up Morton and hurl him out by Gibson. Morton reaches over and hugs Gibson. The champs get their titles and have a super bowl type celebration. 

Winners of the Match and still AWA World Tag Team Champs- The Awesome Twosome 


Lance: Fans, I don't know what to say. I have no idea what that was all about and why the Fabulous Ones did what they did. What a shame. That's the same ankle Robert Gibson had problems with earlier this year. Just a damn shame. Ken Resnick tried to get a word with the Fabs but they were out of here. Well WrestleRock 86 will no doubt be talked about for years to come. A historic night indeed. I look forward to our next closed circuit event. That will come from the St. Paul Civic Center, Thanksgiving weekend as the AWA presents SuperClash. Fans. catch your breath because our world title bout is next. Then the night will be capped off by a special performance by Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show. Ok, I believe we're set for our main event. 


A special music video to The Go Gos 'We got the Beat' is played showing highlights of both Steamboat and St. Clair 



AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Tony "Simply The Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton 

'Baba O'Reilly' by The Who starts playing along with a light show. Les Thornton walks out waving the Union Jack Flag. Thundering boos. St. Clair comes out wearing a UK themed glitter robe. Thornton couldn't be happier as he leads the confident St. Clair down the aisle and into the ring. More boos as Thornton continues to wave the flag in the middle of the ring. 

The place erupts as "Sirius' by the Alan Parsons Project plays. Lights flash everywhere as Steamboat comes out wearing a black headband and red gi. Steamboat proudly wears his title around the gi. Steamboat hops on the apron and gives the cheering fans a wave. 

The introductions are made and the stare down is intense. Both men look extremely focused. The Ref holds up the title and we're ready to go. Thornton gives Tony last minute words and heads out. The Ref signals for the bell and it's on. 

The two men cautiously circle each other and lock up. They push each other back and forth then Tony hip tosses Steamboat over. Tony is very happy with himself as Thornton cheers him on. Steamboat gets it together and locks up again. Tony once again hip tosses Steamboat over. Boos as Tony smiles and bows to the fans and then to Steamboat. Steamboat says "OK" and locks up again. This time Steamboat hip tosses Tony over. A miffed Tony charges and Steamboat arm drags him over, Tony gets up and Steamboat arm drags him over again and clamps on an armbar. Tony rises as Steamboat keeps him in an armbar. Tony does a flip and puts Steamboat down with a heels first dropkick to the chest. They lock up again, Tony clamps on a headlock, Steamboat pushes him to the ropes, Tony comes back with a shoulder block, swings back off the ropes, Steamboat jumps down, Tony comes back, Steamboat leapfrogs over him, Tony swings back and Steamboat puts him down with a big chop. Tony staggers up and Steamboat scoop slams him down and follows with a standing fist drop 1..2.Kick Out. Steamboat vertical suplexes Tony then goes to the top rope. Tony staggers up and Steamboat nails him with a tomahawk chop 1..2..Kick Out. Thornton was worried. Steamboat clamps on a chinlock. Tony struggles his way up then hits a jaw breaker to break the hold.

Tony snap mares Steamboat, clamps on a chinlock and hits Steamboat with several knees to the back. Tony swings Steamboat to the ropes and hits a twirling back breaker. Tony picks up Steamboat and hits a standard backbreaker. Tony wastes no time and applies the Boston Crab. Steamboat is grimacing in pain as Tony wrenches back. Steamboat uses all his might and reaches the ropes. Both Thornton and Tony yell at the Ref. Tony releases the hold, grabs the top rope and stomps down on Steamboat. Tony picks up Steamboat, swings him to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Steamboat grabs Tony and executes a tornado DDT! Both men are lying side by side. Both men slowly rise and Steamboat puts Tony down with an enzuigiri. Steamboat regroups as Thornton cheers Tony on. 

Steamboat picks up Tony, Tony misses with a wild swing and Steamboat atomic drops him into the turnbuckles. Tony hits hard and staggers back. Steamboat grabs him and hits a back suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat quickly goes to the top rope. Tony rises and Steamboat crashes down with a double axehandle 1..2..Thornton gets on the apron and stops the Ref's count with a distraction. Steamboat gets up and chops Thornton off the apron as the fans cheer. Tony crawls up, runs over and sends Steamboat through the ropes with a high knee. Tony rests on the ropes. 

Steamboat gets on the apron at the 8 count. Tony grabs him and vertical suplexes him back in the ring. Tony swings Steamboat to the ropes, somersaults and nails Steamboat with a diving headbutt to the mid section. Tony body slams Steamboat, swings off the ropes and hits a Senton 1..2..Kick Out. Tony looks frustrated. He picks up Steamboat and hoists him on the turnbuckles. Tony hops up and hits Steamboat with several forearm blasts then hoists him up and delivers a Superplex 1..2..Steamboat barley gets his shoulder up. Thornton puts his head on the apron in disbelief. Tony can't believe it. He picks up Steamboat and hurls him out of the ring. Tony goes to the outside, picks up Steamboat and tries to suplex him but the fans cheer as Steamboat blocks it and suplexes Tony on the concrete! Both men are lying side by side. 

The Ref gets to 8 when Steamboat slides in the ring to break it then rolls back out. Thornton tries to hit Steamboat with his flag but Steamboat turns around, kicks him then slams him down on the concrete as the fans are up and cheering. Steamboat hurls Tony back in the ring. Steamboat follows, swings Tony to the corner and chops away, swings him to the opposite corner and follows with a running knee to the mid section. Steamboat hoists Tony on the turnbuckles (facing then crowd) Steamboat hops up and executes a back suplex 1..2..Tony gets his shoulder up. Now Steamboat cant believe it. Steamboat picks up Tony but Tony quickly grabs him and snake eyes him on the top turnbuckle. Once again both men are lying side by side. 

As both men rise, Tony nails Steamboat with a knee lift. Tony regroups. Tony grabs Steamboat's head, runs towards the ropes, jumps over and snaps Steamboat's head on the top rope. Steamboat flings back and down. Tony goes to the top rope. Steamboat slowly rises and Tony nails him with a flying clothesline 1..2..NO! Steamboat gets his shoulder up. Tony hits the canvas in frustration. Tony gets mad, pulls Steamboat up and clamps on the sleeper! Steamboat fights the sleeper. Tony hops on his back and continues to put the pressure on. Steamboat runs backwards and slams Tony into the turnbuckles to break the hold. 

Out of desperation, Steamboat scoop slams Tony, goes outside to the apron and comes back with a sling shot splash 1..2..Kick Out. A groggy Steamboat picks up Tony, swings him to the ropes and now he clamps on a sleeper! Tony fights it but eventually goes to his knees. In an incredible display, Tony gets a second wind and rises. Steamboat jumps on his shoulders as Tony continues to rise. Tony stands up with Steamboat on his shoulders and goes back with an electric chair drop!. Again, both men are down. The Ref starts to count. Thornton is hitting the apron and yelling for Tony to get up while the fans are up and cheering Steamboat on. Both men rise at 9. 

What follows is a furious exchange. Tony hits Steamboat with European uppercuts while Steamboat counters with vicious chops! Tony wins the exchange and lifts Steamboat up for another electric chair drop but Steamboat rolls through with a cradle 1..2..Tony kicks out as the fans yell "OH!" Both men rise, Steamboat chops Tony, swings him to the ropes, Tony reverses it and goes for a back drop, Steamboat hits a sunset flip but Tony holds on and shoulder presses Steamboat 1..2..Kick Out and another gasp from the crowd. Thornton is beside himself. 

Both men rise and the fans are roaring as they get into another European uppercut/Chop exchange! Tony uppercuts Steamboat to the ropes and charges but Steamboat back drops him over the top rope! Thornton points up and yells at Steamboat. Thornton goes over and helps Tony up. Steamboat swings off the ropes and hits a suicide dive on both men! The fans are going bonkers! Steamboat hurls Tony back in the ring and quickly goes to the top rope. Tony staggers up, camera flashes go off as Steamboat sails through the air and nails Tony with a flying press! Everybody is shocked when Steamboat doesn't cover him. Steamboat picks up Tony and executes a floating butterfly suplex (Tony's finisher) The fans count along with the Ref 1..2..3! 

Massive POP! 

The Ref hands Steamboat the world title and holds his arm up. Steamboat hops on the turnbuckles and holds his title high as the fans cheer. 

Winner of the match and STILL AWA world champion- Ricky Steamboat! 



Lance: What a tremendous match. My goodness. Ricky Steamboat is still AWA world champion. Tony St. Clair gave him everything he had. Fantastic effort. What a great way to end the action here at WrestleRock 86. Stay tuned for post match festivities. Fans, on behalf of the AWA thank you for being a part of WrestleRock 86. 
















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WrestleRock is finally here!

The Fabs may have just shut Southern Justice up for good. Any more BattenRock shirts left?

The battle of the Billy Jacks is over and it's the original Billy Jack Hayes who stands tall with HIS name reclaimed.

In the end all Moretti's ruthlessness couldn't stand up to a pissed off cowboy.

I never heard of Billy Joe Travis before but I can't wait till the Bruise Brothers get a hold of him. Big win for Priceless though.

Colon shows Kamala who the real savage is. Title shot coming soon?

Haystacks losing cause a rope snapped under his weight is the kinda thing that'd be scary at the time but'd be hilarious today.

Oh damn Ox screws up royal and costs his beasts the National Tag Titles! I'm sure he'll humbly accept responsibility.

Rage in the cage is the best kind of car crash. Capped off by sole survivor Dream Machine Babay!

Gagne (& Duker) get the asswhooping he's had coming forever. Seems Verne is finally ready to take action regarding his son.

Bock is vicious in route to a win by referee stoppage.

Vin Man cost the Highwaymen a win and gets piledrove to hell. Idiot.

The Universal Heartthrob finally has the one thing that can make him look even better,Gold. 

The king makes a triumphant return putting down the Superstar in the latest chapter in their never ending feud.

Heel Fabulous Ones! Was that ever a thing?

St Clair & Thornton both try everything they can think of but WrestleRock belongs to the Dragon!

Doesn't matter if you're USWA or AWA, your supercards rule!

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WrestleRock is the biggest event since you took over the AWA and it doesn't disapoint!  Great job with this event in what might just be the biggest day in Dawn of War yet!

Great way to hype up the card even more with Dream Machine coming out.  AWA worked so closely with Memphis that he would be known throughout the territory.

I think everyone knew that this is WrestleRock and Not BattenRock and that they were in a little over their heads with the Fab Ones.  This match rocketed the Fab Ones back towards the top of a very crowded tag division... can't wait to see how far they rise.

Nice job with the Loser Leave Town Match. I think the biggest thing here was you bringing Ox in as a manager...awesome personality and perfect for Dawn of War.  

Casey with Sunshine gets a nice win but the highlight of the segment was Johnny V with Billy Joe Travis.... some bad music at WrestleRock makes you a heel from the start!  Not to mention the Guitar shot on Cash.... WOW... I bet Travis pays for this somewhere down the road.  Priceless over Bruise Brothers .... Hope we see more of this or maybe not.... Cash vs Travis is interesting also.  You have a few choices here and I can't wait to see where you go.

You have to pay Colon extra.  He is the AWA's man anytime we want a bloody, wild feud.

Beast of Burden vs Cabin Fever followed by Rage in the Cage.... this is not your Father's Awa.... this is a precursor to ECW.... Love the violence here.  Rage in the Cage might just be the best and most creative match we have had in Dawn of War in the 30 months of this game.  AWESOME!!!  Wow, Dream Machine's stock price rose quick tonight!!

Verne looking down at Greg and shaking his head might be the most interesting moment of the night.... What comes next is very interesting.

Great way out of the Bock-Wahoo match.  It was a classic and both men are still strong as ever.  

Canek vs Haystacks was one that I have been looking forward to.  Canel is someone that many people are not so familiar with but he is Big Time.  Glad you had him win this won and I can't wait to see what is next.

Here comes Eartquake Ferris.  I need to do a little research here.  I like when we use some of the lesser known guys.

Nice use of the Vin Man... who seems to keep finding trouble.

Idol vs Rocky was a nice culmination to a great feud!!  Idol will be great on the mic after this win.

I always thought that we would eventually get the Fab Ones vs The RnR Express.... just had no idea that it would be tonight!  I wonder if this is good for Hennig and Adias or bad.  It helped them through WrestleRock but now they got two top teams in line for a title shot.

Steamboat vs St. Clair.... Instant classic.  Not as familiar with St. Clair as I should be but this match seemed to rival Steamboat-Flair.  

Let's get ready for some music!!!!


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To call this big night a success would be the understatement of the year!

Dream Machine is the shot heard round the world before a single blow has been thrown, babay!

Fabulous Ones get the big duke in the opener and off we go.

BJH wins the big Loser Leaves Town match in controversial fashion. I can see Strong's legs swinging during that finishing move.

Nice win for Casey after that 3rd bulldog...

My jaw is still hanging from the Bruise Brothers- Priceless finish. Did not see it coming.

Damn man... Colon and Kamala was a walk through Hell and back. Colon actually outlasted the Uganda Headhunter. Jarring visuals, especially at the end. Kamala will still be seen as a monster, coming out of this.

The visual of Haystacks taking that awkward, nasty tumble has me like "Yikes", especially for a guy his size. Cool visual.

Cabin Fever win the gold, literally, out of nowhere! Nice moment.

Dream Machine is money right off the bat. Big unveil, big, controversial win in what can only be described as an utterly chaotic War Games-like melee.

Rheingans and Da Crusher get the duke. Interesting stuff there with Verne & Greg in the post-match. I sense this is only the beginning.

Man... methinks that referee is gonna have some 'splaining to do when Wahoo is back on his feet. This, I would think, paves the way for this issue to continue with Bockwinkle, but who knows. Wahoo will always be able to say he didn't submit.

Nice win for the Golden Boys. Thinking the Highwaymen didn't draw it up this way.

Whoa, Rocky drops the Title. Can't say I saw that coming, but would like to think there's another stop or 2 on this road with these 2.

What a battle with King & Dundee, with an appropriate end that you can just see it in your mind's eye.

Wow... did NOT see the Fabulous Ones pulling something like that on Rock N' Roll. But boy, is this gonna be the mother of all tag team feuds. Can only imagine how long Gibson could be out, after this. Champs remain the Champs in the process. Man, things are heating up in that tag division.

Main Event time. And MY, did it deliver! Seeing The Dragon as the top guy during his physical peak is all the feels for me. And boy, did this ever not disappoint. Great build, great payoff, with the Champ standing tall in the end. This is what makes a main event title defense by a top babyface great. Awesome job here. And what a way to close the show!

Tons to be done coming out of all this. GET TO WORK! :D Really, awesome show that lived up to the hype, and then some. I'm still all in! 

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WrestleRock absolutely did not disappoint! That's a great way to resolve the world title match, keep the Rock 'n' Roll strong without stopping the momentum of Hennig and Adias. Ricky Steamboat keeps hold of the title as I knew he would, he's totally unstoppable!

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I always loved the name "WrestleRock"...you are always the man when it comes to big events and this was no exception....going to spend some time going back and getting caught up on all the happenings in the AWA that got us here. Loving Steamboat as champion!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 7-9-86


Show kicks off with a montage of all the WrestleRock highlights. Scott Casey hitting 3 bulldogs on Moretti. Highwaymen spike piledriving The Vin Man. Rheingans and Crusher pinballing Greg Gagne with punches. Billy Jack Haynes clamping the full nelson on Billy Jack Strong. Carlos Colon forcing Kamala to pass out! Jimmy Snuka performing the Superfly Splash from the top of the cage! Dream Machine standing tall. Giant Haystack's brutal bump after the rope snaps! Jerry Lawler fist dropping Bill Dundee. It ends with Ricky Steamboat holding up the AWA world title. 


Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League wrestling. Well, WrestleRock 86 is in the books and what a tremendous success it was. Austin Idol is our new National Champ. Cabin Fever are the new National tag team champs and Ricky Steamboat is still the AWA world champ. I have to say, Steamboat and St. Clair might of been the best wrestling match I've ever seen. The biggest shock of the night was the Fabulous Ones attacking the Rock n Roll Express. I have no idea what that was about but tonight Ken Resnick will be interviewing the Fabs. They sure owe us all an explanation. I understand Robert Gibson will be out for awhile as his ankle heals. After what went down at WrestleRock, tonight The Snowman takes on Billy Joe Travis. I'll also be talking with Ricky Steamboat. All that and...

Boos as Austin Idol comes out with the National title proudly on his shoulder.


Idol: (holds up the title to the camera) I hate to say I told you so but I told you so! Oh Lance, darling, does this title look great on me or what? I've got so much charisma, athleticism, ability that it's only right a man like me holds this here title. It's about time the AWA had a champion with my kind of star power. To all those so called wrestlers that are even thinking about coming after my title, keep dreaming because there's no way I'm losing this. Austin Idol is the man! Deal with it! 

Idol gives the camera a bicep pose and exits. 

Lance: A confident National Champ, I guess I knew that was coming. Let's get to the ring for the debut of Earthquake Ferris.


Earthquake Ferris vs. Neil Jurgens 


Ferris enters the ring wearing a boxing robe. 

Ferris gets in a good showcase as he uses his power to wear Jurgens down. Ferris swings Jurgens to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow drop, then swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the 1..2..3! 


Commercial Break 


The Golden Boys vs. Clint Walker and Sam Smith 


Golden Boys look crisp tonight and win the match with a double gourdbuster! 

Resnick: I have to say WrestleRock was one of the greatest nights in wrestling I've ever been a part of. I'll tell you, a lot of wrestlers put it all out there and are still at home recuperating. Two men who are here are the Golden Boys. Dan Spivey, Kevin Kelly come on over. I've been informed that you guys are the number one contenders to the world tag team titles. I understand that match has been signed for the Milwaukee Auditorium in just 3 weeks. Exciting news. 

Spivey: Kev, I told you this would work and brother it has. 

Kelly: You said it! Awesome Twosome, we're coming after you and those titles! 

Spivey and Kelly double fist bump.   


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, please welcome out Verne and Greg Gagne. 


Verne comes out with Greg lagging behind. Greg's head is bandaged up. 

Resnick: Verne, I understand you requested this time. It's all yours. 

Verne: Thank you Ken. Every since Jerry Jarrett and I partnered up, I took a behind the scenes role. Greg, for the last year I've watched you make a fool of yourself and the Gagne name. Still, I held back and kept out of it. Greg, I can't do that anymore. Your behavior is out of control and I hope WrestleRock was your wake up call. Son, clear your head, take some time off and re focus. You have the talent. I know you can bring credibility back to the Gagne name. Sound good? 

Greg looks down, then out at the fans, then at his Dad. 

Greg: No that doesn't sound good. Hey, the only reason this happened to me was because I was in there with not one but two cheating lowlifes that had no regard for the rules. Dad, I am championship caliber. I've never asked you for anything but now I think it's time you did something for me. 

Verne: (shaking his head) Fine Greg, let's hear it.

Greg: I want a TV title match here on TV in 2 weeks. Yea that's right. I want the world to see me beat that paper champ Casey. Then I'll finally prove what I already know. I'm the better Gagne. And who better to represent AWA TV than a Gagne? 

Verne: (pauses) I don't know Greg. You have to earn that shot and quite frankly I haven't seen you earn anything. Then again, maybe you need to be humbled a bit. I'll have to pull a lot of strings but I'll see what I can do. 

Greg: See! You still don't have faith in me. I have faith so I'll tell you what. If I fail to win the TV title, I'll leave the AWA. 

Greg is mad when the fans start cheering. 

Verne: Greg, you're making a big mistake. But fine, I'll see what I can do. 

Greg: You do that. Just remember, we're the Gagne's and we run this place. Make it happen. 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Champs Cabin Fever vs. Gary Williams and Todd Rooney 


Boone slams Rooney and tags in Manny. Boone swings Rooney to the ropes and Manny puts him down with the flying burrito for the win! 

The Beasts of Burden hit the ring and attack Cabin Fever! Beasts put the boots to them. Ox Baker enters the ring with the National titles. Rip takes one and whacks Boone over the head with it. Ox swings Manny to the ropes and Nord blasts him over the head with the other title! 


Resnick: Ox Baker! What was that all about? 

Ox: What a sham! Everybody saw what went down at WrestleRock. The Ref didn't have any control. The match was never official. The national titles belong to the Beasts of Burden. Jerry Jarrett! Look at the tape, it's all there. Give us back our titles or this is only the beginning! 


Commercial Break 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. Frank Lucero 


Bock's confidence is at an all time high as he takes Lucero to school. Bock finishes him off with the piledriver! 


Resnick: Nick Bockwinkle, at WrestleRock you defeated Wahoo McDaniel due to the Ref stopping the match. 

Bock: I commend the Referee. He literally saved Wahoo McDaniel's career. I gave Wahoo the wrestling lesson I said I would give. That is exactly why I'm standing here and he is not. Now, it's only fitting I receive a world title shot. 

Resnick: Just a second. Before we go there, you might want to listen to these comments by Wahoo.


Wahoo is sitting back with his leg up and knee taped.

Wahoo: Nick, at WrestleRock you got your hand raised. I can live with that. However, this isn't over. Let's say you and I have another match only this time let's make it an Indian Strap Match. My knee will be good enough by Milwaukee so that sounds good to me. Come on Nick, teach me another lesson. 


Bock: (pauses) Wahoo McDaniel seems to be a gluten for punishment. I will stoop down to his level and relish the fact of beating him at his own game. When that is over, Wahoo will be out of wrestling and I will no doubt receive a title shot. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink neon 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.



Britton: Hi everybody! Did you miss me? (BOOOOS) Not even you people can ruin this night. Oh it feels so good to be back. And what a show to come back to. Thanks to me, WrestleRock was a huge success and speaking of WrestleRock, my guests tonight are Paul Jones and the last man standing from the Rage in the Cage match, none other than the Dream Machine!

Jones is all smiles as he leads Dream Machine out. 


Dream: Oh Brenda, how I missed you. Did you miss me babay? 

Britton: I sure did! Your performance at WrestleRock was astounding! Paul Jones, I know your elated. 

Jones: Brenda! I can hardly control myself! For months all I wanted to do was get rid of that ungrateful Spoiler. I tried and tried and finally this man, the Dream Machine did it! Brenda, he did it! Finally! (deep breath) Now it's my turn to reward you Dream. I'm going to get you a world title shot and you're going to win it! 

Dream: Paul, that's all I need to hear. You get me that match and the world title is ours! Count on that babay! 

Britton: All seems right in the AWA. Until next week, toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


As the announcer gets ready to make the introductions, the mic is snatched out of his hand by Gino Brito Jr. 

Brito: Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to make sure my client was given a proper introduction. Please rise and give proper respect to the Wrecking Machine Richard Charland. 

Charland takes off his black T-Shirt. He's wearing black boots, knee pads and trunks. 


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. vs. Willie Lopez 


Charland destroys his opponent with suplexes, slams, stomps and punches. He lifts Lopez up and hits a reverse atomic drop, kicks him and hits a double armed DDT for the easy win. 


Resnick: Very impressive.

Brito: You call that competition. I thought the AWA had serious competition? This is a joke and waste of time. My client will not set foot in the ring again until we find suitable competition. 

Charland stares Resnick down before exiting. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, here we go. My guests at this time are the Fabulous Ones. 


Thundering boos as the Fabs walk straight to Resnick.

Resnick: I don't know where to begin. I just don't understand. These fans loved you and what you did to the Rock n Roll Express was downright heartbreaking. 

Keirn: Heartbreaking? You want to know what's heartbreaking? We busted our butts for these people. Went to war against the most hated teams in wrestling and won. 

Lane: Then we represent the AWA in Japan. We showed them what the AWA was all about. 

Keirn: So we get a call from Jerry Jarrett to appear at WrestleRock. Not for a well deserved title shot. Oh no! 

Lane: No, he books us in the opening match! That's a slap in the face! 

Keirn: So we had to take it while those Fabulous Ones wannabes are granted the title shot. 

Lane: Well there was no way in hell we were going to just sit back and be cool with it. 

Keirn: So we took matters into our own hands and showed those wannabes who's really the best team in the AWA. 

Lane: And when that baby Robert Gibson is done sulking, the Fabs will be ready. 

Keirn: Rock n Roll is going away and the Fabs are here to stay! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from WrestleRock is shown as Billy Joe Travis hits Porkchop Cash over the head with his guitar and costs the Bruise Brothers their match with Priceless. 


The Snowman vs. "The Hit Sensation" Billy Joe Travis w/Johnny Valiant 


Johnny V and Travis strut to the ring.


Snowman plows over Johnny V. Snowman unloads on Travis and slams him down on the concrete. Snowman grabs a wooden chair. Travis gets to his knees and Snowman shatters the chair over his head! 

Snowman grabs the mic. 

"That makes us even boy!" 

The match is a no contest. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, next week Jerry Lawler, Carlos Colon, AWA World tag champs The Awesome Twosome and TV Champ Scott Casey will be back on AWA television. Joining me now is the reigning AWA world champion, Ricky Steamboat. 


Mega pop as Steamboat comes out in a collared shirt and slacks. He holds the title up as the fans continue to cheer. 

Lance: Ricky, listen to that ovation. I said it earlier but your match with Tony St. Clair was nothing short of spectacular. 

Steamboat: Lance, Tony put me through the toughest challenge to date. It took everything I had mentally and physically to walk out with this title. 

Boos as Tony St. Clair walks out wearing a suit. 


Tony: Mr. Steamboat, this is your time and I'm going to make this brief. Even though I lost that match, it was the greatest match I've ever wrestled. You won the match and you have my upmost respect. 

Tony sincerely extends his hand. 

Steamboat pauses, nods and shakes his hand. 

St. Clair exits. 

Lance: I sure wasn't expecting that. What a great display of sportsmanship. 

Steamboat: The respect is mutual. I appreciate that, thank you Mr. St. Clair. Lance, as you know, the champ is always waiting for his next challenge. 

Lance: Indeed, I've been informed that in 3 weeks you will be defending your world title against Billy Jack Haynes in Milwaukee. 

Boos as Ox Baker comes out.


Ox: I've been waiting all week for this announcement and I'm not as nice as Tony St. Clair. The loss certainly has destroyed his confidence. He better pack it up and go back to wherever he came from. Ricky Steamboat, you have no idea what you're going up against. Billy Jack Haynes has power you've never felt. He has a mean streak you've never dealt with. In 3 short weeks you will feel pain you've never felt and the title will be ours! 

Steamboat: Let me assure you Ox, I've been in the ring with monsters, powerhouses, technicians and brawlers. I can adjust and I can adapt which is why I'm the world champ. 

Ox: (laughs) You're a very foolish man Steamboat. Tick, tick, tick, your time is coming. 

Ox exits.

Steamboat: Lance, I'm up for the challenge and I'm up for Billy Jack Haynes. I plan on remaining AWA world champion for a long time coming. 

More cheers as Steamboat goes out and slaps hands with the fans. 

Lance: He's a champion full of class. Fans, I'll see you next week. 







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How nice of Idol to liven up Lance's intro. The Universal Heartthrob is gonna make a fun champ.

A successful debut for Earthquake Ferris.

I'm pulling for the Golden Boys to become Tag Champs.

I got a funny feeling that the Gagne men are up to something. Watch this space.

Ox & his Beasts accept their defeat less than gracefully.

Bock vs Wahoo Indian Strap match, Let's get it!

Dream Machine gonna celebrate his surviving Rage in the Cage by becoming World Champion Babay!

The Fabs make a logical argument...which is the best argument for heels.

Billy Joe Travis got himself a hit alright.

Steamboat must've got mood whiplash going from the surprisingly respectful St Clair to the menacing Ox Baker. Pumped for Steamboat vs Hayes!

The AWA doesn't seem to be slowing down after WrestleRock!

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Great follow up show to WrestleRock!

Always good to see Idol....especially when he's sporting new gold....puts him at his arrogant best!

Good to see the heel Greg Gagne story still going on here.....I'll be interested to see how Verne handles this situation. 

I love Bockwinkel, looking forward to this strap match with Wahoo!

Dream Machine still making things happen here all these months later.....love it!

I really like the Fabs as the arrogant hard edge heels against the Rock & Roll Express....this could be a feud of the year here for the AWA!

Always liked Billy Joe Travis, enjoying his antics here so far. 

Steamboat going from St. Clair to Billy Jack is going to be a major change of pace......but I'm sure he's more than up to the challenge. 

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Enjoyed the follow up to WrestleRock.  I like when we get some new people involved.  It forces me to do a little research.  I admit I know nothing of Earthquake Ferris!  

Interesting interview with the Gagne's.  Verne admitting to pulling some strings.....hmmmm.  I don't trust either one of these two right now.

Excited to see more Bock-Wahoo.

The Beauty Shop is Back!!!  Nice job.  Glad the Dream Machine is back getting more attention then when he was with me.  He deserves it.

Charland and Gino bring some instant heat.  I like new heels!

Nice to see more of the Snowman!

Awesome respect shown by St. Clair.  Looking forward to seeing what's next for him now.

Steamboat vs Haynes!  This should be interesting.  Steamboat can do it all and can carry anyone in the ring.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 7-16-86



Lance Russell: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tremendous show lined up as you will see the Bruise Brothers go up against Priceless. Newcomer Jerry Allen goes one on one with Art Crews. Jerry Lawler, Carlos Colon, TV Champ Scott Casey, AWA world tag team champs the Awesome Twosome will all be here. Billy Jack Haynes will be in action. Billy will be wrestling Ricky Steamboat for the world title in 2 weeks at the Auditorium in Milwaukee. All this and much more. Before we get started I want to bring out Jerry Jarrett who has a special announcement.

Jarrett: Thank you Lance. We all saw what happened last week when Ox Baker's Beasts of Burden attacked the National tag champs Cabin Fever. Now, I heard Ox's protest of the match at WrestleRock when his team lost the titles to Cabin Fever. He might have a point, however that attack was uncalled for. I have spoken to Cabin Fever and I have decided that next week at the Cook Convention Center, Cabin Fever will defend the National tag titles against the Beasts inside a steel cage! 

Lance: Oh my, that's big news indeed. Jerry, I know you want this resolved and a cage should do just that. 

Jarrett: Exactly. No interference and no excuses. 

Lance: Sounds like a plan to me. Fans, you wont want to miss that one. Let's go to the ring. 


Brad Rheingans vs. Trent Watkins 


Rheingans puts his wrestling skills to work tonight before winning the match with a gut wrench suplex. 


Resnick: Brad, another tremendous win. You've been on a roll here in the AWA and I understand your bodyguard Crusher has left the area.

Rheingans: Crusher did me a huge favor by watching my back. You saw us shake hands at WrestleRock as his services came to a very satisfying conclusion. Crusher, thanks again buddy. Now it's time to get focused on winning a championship. 


Commercial Break 


TV Champ Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs. Sam Smith 


The fans cheer as Casey gives Smith a big back drop. Casey picks up Smith and swings him hard into the turnbuckles. Smith hits hard and staggers forward as Casey nails him with a bulldog for the 1..2..3! 


Resnick: Scott Casey and Sunshine come on over. Scott you have been a fighting champ and have taken on all comers. I understand you have an announcement for us. 

Casey: Last week you heard Greg Gagne out here asking his Dad to pull some strings and get him a TV title shot for next week. Greg said if he doesn't win the title he'll leave the AWA. Well, Verne had a long talk with me and said I wasn't obligated to defend this title against Greg and he said he would leave it up to me. Sunshine, why don't you tell everybody our answer. 

Sunshine: With pleasure. Scott Casey has never and will never back down form a challenge. Greg, we accept your challenge but be very careful what you wish for because after next week you'll be standing in the unemployment line. Don't ever call Scott a paper champ again! 

Cheers as Casey hold up the TV title while Sunshine holds up his other arm. 


Commercial Break 


"The Ace" Art Crews vs. Jerry "Alright" Allen 


During introductions, Allen is jumping up and down and gives a thumbs up and yells "Alright" 

Crews walks out wearing a vest with an Ace card on the back. He walks over to Resnick 

Crews: I know everybody is excited that the Ace is back in the game. I've been in Vegas and I've been cleaning house. Time to let it ride in the ring. Just watch me Resnick! 


Pretty good back and forth match. Allen excites the fans with some high octane moves and gung ho attitude. Crews stops his momentum with an eye rake and works over Allen with classic heel tactics. Crews almost puts Allen away with a reverse neckbreaker but Allen gets his foot on the ropes. Crews spends to much time arguing with the Ref as Allen regroups and goes to town on Crews. Allen is on the verge of winning when the 10 minutes expires and the bell rings signaling a draw. 

Just as Allen is about to exit, Crews dropkicks him from behind and sends Allen through the ropes. Crews goes out and slams Allen on the concrete. Crews walks over to Resnick.

Crews: That idiot ruined everything! This was my night! Now he's got to pay the house.

Crews picks up Allen and once again slams him on the concrete. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: With me right now is Greg Gagne. Greg, your challenge has been accepted. Next week you get your TV title match with Scott Casey.


Gagne: Was there any doubt? I'm a Gagne and the better Gagne. I'm the Great Gagne! My dad doesn't have any faith in me which is why I'm putting my AWA career on the line. I'm going to prove to him, all these idiots and that paper champ Scott Casey that I'm the most purest wrestler in the AWA. Oh an by the way, Sunshine, don't ever tell me what not to say. You better know your place and you better stay out of my way or else. As for you paper champ Casey, your TV title reign concludes next week. Plain and simple. 

Gagne exits. 

Resnick: Ok, should be an outstanding match up. Ok fans.....wait a minute, Larry Zbyszko,! What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you until next week.


Larry: Listen up Spudhead, I couldn't wait until next week. You know, I've been beating up Harley Race for the last 18 months and now it's time for a change of scenery. I'm here to make a lot of money and wear gold. 

Resnick: Well, I heard things with Harley went a bit differently then you say.

Larry: Hey! Watch your mouth Resnick! Got it! 

Resnick: Ok, just relax. Next week you'll be in the ring going up against the internationally known Cobra. Are you prepared? 

Larry: Am I prepared? You really are a moron Resnick. I'm done wasting my time with you. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs The Awesome Twosome vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


Nothing but arrogance as Hennig comes out wearing his neon orange singlet and Adias wears his neon orange wrestling pants. They enter the ring and hold their titles high to thundering boos. 

The champs show their opponents why they're wearing the gold as they simple out wrestle and out class them. The match ends when Adias executes the airplane spin on Dutro then tags in Hennig. Hennig hits the Fisherman's suplex 1..2..3! 


Resnick: Curt Hennig and Brian Adias, I must get your opinion on what went down at WrestleRock? 

Adias: What the hell are you talking about?

Hennig: What went down is we successfully defended our world titles against the inferior Rock n Roll Express. 

Resnick: I'm talking about the Fabulous Ones interfering. 

Adias: We would of won the match anyways so that's a non issue. Jeez, Larry Z was right, you are a moron Resnick. 

Resnick: Fine. Ok, what about your upcoming title defense in 2 weeks at the Auditorium in Milwaukee against the Golden Boys? 

Hennig: The who? You mean those two big meat heads? Yea, like they have a chance. Ok, we're done here.

Adias: Just remember, we're awesome and your not!  


Commercial Break 


Carlos Colon vs. Peter Noonan 


Colon comes out to a massive pop. He waits in the ring but his opponent doesn't come out. Thundering boos as Curtis Iaukea comes out and grabs the mic from Resnick. The Ref is holding Colon back and begging him not to go out there.

Iaukea: Carlos Colon! I told you I will not go away and this will not be over until I fulfill my promise to Tiger Jeet Singh. Your misery is just beginning.


Carlos is hit from behind by MR. ITO! 


Ito hits and stomps away on Colon, then hurls him outside the ring. Ito picks up Colon and slams his head on the timekeeper's table. Ito grabs a cable and chokes Colon with it. Iaukea runs over and nails Colon with his kendo stick. Ito chokes away until Colon passes out. Security rushes out. Ito releases, then picks up Colon's head and slaps him across his face. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody! I'm so excited to be back in action. That was some show last week with my dear friend the Dream Machine. This week I'm looking to make some new friends. Please welcome out Gino Brito Jr. and the wrecking machine Richard Charland. 


Gino comes out and kisses Brenda's hand. Charland gives her a respectful nod. 

Britton: Gino, last week your man Richard Charland was so impressive and no wonder why you call him the wrecking machine. However, you were pretty disappointed in the competition. 

Gino: Utterly disappointed. So disappointed that my client will not set foot in an AWA ring until we find suitable competition. It's for the safety of all the wrestlers. You saw what this man is capable of. He destroys anything in his path. From what I've seen in the AWA, I think we might have to venture elsewhere. Major League of professional wrestling? I beg to differ. 

Cheers as Brad Rheingans comes out.

Britton: Hey wait just a minute! How dare you. You weren't invited.

Brad: Relax, I'm not going to cause any trouble. I just can't sit back and listen to this garbage anymore. You want some competition? I'll wrestle your client. 

Charland steps forward but Gino backs him off.

Gino: (sizes Brad up) You? You want to wrestle the wrecking machine? 

Brad: Yea, I'll wrestle him.

Gino: (smiles) Well, I guess a victory over you might mean something around here. Consider it done. 

Brad: Tell your client he better get his wrestling boots on. 

Rheingans exits as Charland is fuming.

Britton: As always, it happens right here on the Beauty Shop. Gino, I can't wait to watch the wrecking machine shut that stupid Brad Rheingans up. Until next week tooooodles.   


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker vs. Todd Rooney 


Billy Jack is ruthless as he tosses Rooney all around the ring. Billy finally puts Rooney out of his misery (well not really) with the full nelson to easily win the match. 


Resnick: Ox, a lot on your plate. Next week at the Cook Convention Center, the Beasts take on Cabin Fever for the National tag titles inside a steel cage. Then in 2 weeks at the auditorium in Milwaukee, Billy Jack Haynes takes on Ricky Steamboat for the AWA world title. 

Ox: It's all coming together! My Beasts will reclaim what's rightfully theirs as they will annihilate and destroy Cabin Fever inside the cage. A cage is home to the Beasts! Say your prayers Cabin Fever. Speaking of prayers, Steamboat better be saying his as well. In 2 short weeks Billy Jack Haynes will use all his strength and power to dethrone Steamboat and take his title. 

Billy: Steamboat! I know you can't handle what I've got! I'm gonna snap you and break you in half! I'm taking the title and there's nothing you can do about it! 


Commercial Break 


"El Jefe" Jose Estrada vs. Neil Jurgens


Estrada oozes confidence as he walks to the ring with a cigar in his mouth. He's wearing a green vest with "El Jefe" written on the back. Green trunks and green knee pads. Huge gold chain and sunglasses. 

Estrada makes quick work of Jurgens and finishes him off with a high knee lift! 


Resnick: Estrada, I assume you're now flying solo again? 

Estrada takes a puff of his cigar and blows it in Resnick's face. 

While Resnick is coughing, Johnny Valiant comes out holding a box. 


Valiant: Mr. Estrada, obviously you're a man who knows his cigars. In this box, I have the best cigars money can buy. I offer this gift to you.

Valiant hands Estrada the box. 

Estrada takes one out and sniffs it then smiles.

Estrada: What can I do for you? 

Valiant: I just need a moment of your time. Can we go somewhere private and converse? 

Estrada: Lead the way

They exit.

Resnick: Not sure what that was about and not sure I want to know. Our main event when we come back 


Commercial Break 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless


Some bad history and unfinished business between these two teams. 

Priceless attacks at the bell but Bruise Brothers were ready. All 4 men are brawling as the Ref lets it go. Cash pounds away on Fergie in the corner while Snowman is all over Morrow in the opposite corner. Bruise Bros swing Priceless into each other. They bounce back. Cash grabs Fergie while Snowman grabs Morrow. They hit stereo jumping headbutts and Priceless go flying out of the ring. 

After Priceless regroups, the Ref gets control. 

Fergie is in there with Cash. Cash pounds away on Fergie, swings him to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Cash tags in Snowman. Snowman presses Fergie up and slams him down then follows with a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Morrow breaks it with a stomp to the head. Cash runs in but the Ref guides him back. This allows Morrow to execute a swinging neckbreaker on Snowman. Cash drags Fergie to the corner and tags himself in as the fans boo.

Morrow picks up Snowman and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Morrow swings off the ropes and hits a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Morrow drags Snowman to the ropes and chokes him on the bottom rope. Morrow tags in Fergie. Morrow holds Snowman while Fergie comes off the top rope with a knee to the back. Fergie slams Snowman and covers 1..2..Kick Out. Fergie swings Snowman to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Snowman swings back and clotheslines Fergie down then dives over and tags in Cash.

Cash is all over Fergie. He punches away, swings him to the ropes and hits a crossbody/diving headbutt 1..2..Morrow breaks it with a leg drop. Snowman runs in and knocks Morrow through the ropes with a running forearm blast. Snowman picks up Fergie and twirls him around for a slam but one of Fergie's boots hits the Ref and the Ref goes down. 

Snowman drops Fergie and checks on the Ref. Cash gets up. Morrow sneaks in the ring and drags Fergie out. The Bruise Bros see this and head to the outside. Fergie picks up a chair. The Bruise Bros double clothesline Morrow down. They turn around as Fergie is ready to hit them with the chair. Fergie stops and is terrified. The Bruise Bros kick Fergie and double suplex him on the concrete. Snowman hoists Fergie up and executes a running powerslam on the concrete! The Bruise Bros hurl the lifeless Fergie back into the ring. The Ref slowly gets to his knees as Cash covers Fergie 1..2..3! 

Huge Pop! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: That was some match we just witnessed. Poor Carl Fergie had to be stretchered out of here. Fans, next week the Dream Machine will be in action. Larry Zbyszko takes on The Cobra. The Superflys return to action. Big TV title match as Scott Casey defends against Greg Gagne. AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat will be in action. Right now I want to bring out none other than Jerry The King Lawler.


Huge ovation as Lawler (wearing his king's crown) holds his fist up and smiles. 

Lance: Jerry, I know you heard the news. In 2 weeks at the Auditorium, you get a National title shot at Austin Idol. Your thoughts?

Lawler: Lance, now that I'm finished with Dundee, it's time to get a title. Idol's been shooting his mouth off and now its time to back up the talk. We're no strangers to each other and we've got another round to go. Idol! I want that title and in 2 weeks I'm coming to get it! 

Lance: Ok, the King wants some gold. Fans, I'll see you all next week. 





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Jarrett opens the show with huge news, Beasts of Burden vs Cabin Fever in a Cage!

Rheneigans grabs a win,gives a touching send-off to Crusher & accepts Charland's challenge. Eventful week.

Casey & Sunshine accepts Greg's challenge. I've still got a weird feeling about all this.

I like the new direction of Crew's "Ace" shtick. Really like the new mean streak.

I managed to catch some reruns of AWA on ESPN a few years ago. The episodes were from a little before they shut down & I remember Larry Z being a big part of the show. Looking forward to seeing him cause trouble here.

Awesome Twosome being their usual D-bag selves.

Colon comes out for a match with a jobber but gets laid out by Iaukea's newest assassain Mr Ito. That's the great thing about a wrestler feuding with a manager, it lasts as long as the manager can convince people to fight for them.

The one and only Billy Jack is ready to become World champion!

I understand why Johnny would consider Estrada worth recruiting but he better remember who "El Jefe" is around here.

Bruise Brothers damn near murder Fergie on live TV! Be a shame to lose Priceless but I'd understand.

Lawler vs Idol for the National title. Bring it on!

I don't know where the Hammund Arena is but you've made it the place to be every week for fans of the AWA.


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