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AWA Special TV Show @ The Louisville Gardens 9-3-86



Lance Russell is standing in front of an AWA banner.

Lance: Hello everyone and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. We have a very special broadcast tonight that will feature a series of matches from the Louisville Gardens. You will see the Great Gagne defend the TV title against Tim Horner. The Beasts of Burden collide with the Golden Boys. The Union clashes with Soviet Steel. 6 man action as Vin Man's Family consisting of Timothy Flowers, Art Crews and Joe Savoldi will go up against Jerry Allen, Scott Putski and Earthquake Ferris. And of course Jimmy Snuka goes one on one with the Dream Machine. Before we get to tonight's action, I want to remind everybody of the AWA's blockbuster card coming to the Mid South Coliseum this Labor Day. 9 all-star match ups including Ricky Steamboat defending the AWA world title against Billy Jack Haynes. You'll see a complete rundown of the card at the end of this program. Right now let's go to Louisville as the Olympians are set for action. 


The Olympians vs. Neil Jurgens and Vic Dutro 

Olympians look crisp tonight as Rheingans pulls out his wrestling arsenal while Kazmaier dominates with his strength. The finish sees Rheingans execute a gut wrench suplex on Jurgens, tags in Kazmaier, who finishes things off with a bearhug. 


Commercial Break 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers/"The Ace" Art Crews and "The Hit Sensation" Joe Savoldi w/The Vin Man 


Jerry "Alright" Allen/Scott "Powerhouse" Putski and Earthquake Ferris 

Fun 6 man tag with plenty of seesaw action. It's clear these guys are trying to steal the show tonight and they have the fans rock'n. After 10 minutes, a pier six brawl breaks out. The Ref is tied up with Crews and Allen. Ferris swings Savoldi into the turnbuckles and follows with a big corner splash. Putski swings off the ropes but Vinnie reaches in and trips him. Putski stumbles into a cradle by Flowers. The Ref sees this, jumps over and counts 1..2..3! Flowers gets out of the ring and pulls Savoldi out while Allen punches Crews through the ropes. Vin Man runs over and gives his family a big hug. Ferris, Allen and Putski clearly want more of the family. 


Commercial Break 


The Golden Boys vs. The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker 

Explosive match! Nothing pretty, just 4 brutes slugging it out. After a few minutes, Spivey is working over Morgan. He back drops Morgan then tags in Kelly. They swing Morgan to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Nord runs in and the Golden Boys nail him with a double clothesline. The Ref guides Spivey back. Ox gets on the apron, Kelly runs over and grabs him and is ready to hit him but the Beasts stagger up and nail Kelly from behind with stereo forearm blasts. Spivey gets back in there and punches away on Nord. The Ref is trying to break them up. As Kelly uses the ropes to pull himself up, Ox nails him with a heart punch! Kelly goes down and Morgan follows with a standing leg drop. Nord rakes Spivey's eyes and yells at the Ref to turn around. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3. Spivey slams Nord but the damage to Kelly is already done. 


Commercial Break 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones 

The bell rings and Jones exits as Dream tries to ambush Snuka. Snuka is ready and gives Dream a series of chops. Dream takes a big swing but Snuka ducks and atomic drops Dream into the turnbuckles. Dream hits hard and stumbles into a back suplex 1..2..Dream gets his shoulder up. Snuka reaches down but Dream grabs his trunks and pulls him through the ropes. Dream distracts the Ref while Jones gets in some kicks on Snuka. 

Snuka finally gets on the apron but Dream runs over and forearm blasts him back to the outside. Dream goes to the apron. Snuka staggers up as Dream puts him down with a double axehandle. Dream does a little shuffle as the fans boo. Dream picks up Snuka and runs him towards the steel post but Snuka reverses it and swings Dream into the post just as the Ref hits the 10 count. It's a double count out. The bell is ringing as Snuka chases Jones around the ring. 


Commercial Break 


Brenda Britton is on screen.

Britton: (pouting) There's not going to be a Beauty Shop this week because my pretty face is still recovering from that cheap slap last week by that lowlife Sunshine, more like Rainy. I'm here to say that Rainy is banned for life from the Beauty Shop and I'm going to seek legal action on her. Toooodles. 


Special Advertisement for AWA's next closed circuit event



Friday, November 26th

St. Paul Civic Center 


Commercial Break 


The Union vs. Soviet Steel 

Roaring boos as Soviet Steel are in the ring waving their Russian Flags. 


Ross nails Markoff from behind with his US flag as Huber nails Soldat from behind with his sledgehammer! Ross sets his flag down. Union swing Markoff to the ropes and clothesline him down with Huber's sledgehammer! Ross picks up Markoff and holds him as Huber blasts Markoff in the head with the sledgehammer. The fans and the Ref are in a bit of shock as Markoff lays unconscious in his pool of blood. Huber tosses Ross the sledgehammer. Huber picks up Soldat and holds him as Ross gets ready to blast him. The Olympians hit the ring. Rheingans grabs Ross's shoulder and Ross turns around and blasts Rheingans with the sledgehammer! 

Everybody is in a stunned silence. Kazmaier looks in disbelief at Ross. Huber hurls Soldat out of the ring. The Union are explaining to Kazmaier that it was an accident. Ross throws the sledgehammer down and attends to Rheingans. Kazmaier grabs Ross and pushes him away.


Huber blasts Kazmaier from behind with the sledgehammer! Ross looks at Huber, pauses, then stomps away on Kazmaier.

The fans are still in shock. 

Ross picks up his US flag and waves it over the fallen Olympians as Huber puts his foot on Markoff and holds his sledgehammer high. 

What just happened?!?! 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"The Great Gagne" (C) w/Johnny Valiant vs. "White Lightning" Tim Horner 


Valiant grabs the TV title from the Ref and exits. The bell rings. Gagne arrogantly walks up to Horner and looks him over, smirks and offers a handshake. Horner hesitates but extends his hand only for Gagne to take his hand back and shake his head at Horner. 

They lock up and Horner arm drags Gagne over. Gagne gets up and charges but Horner arm drags him over again and works the armbar. The fans are laughing as Gagne screams in agony. Gagne manages to reach the ropes. Valiant screams at the Ref to make Horner release. Horner releases but nails Gagne with a forearm blast, swings Gagne to to ropes and dropkicks him down. Gagne staggers up but Horner dropkicks him back down. Gagne wobbles up and into a scoop slam. Horner follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Horner swings Gagne to the ropes but Gagne reverses it but Horner swings back and hits a flying cross body press 1..2..Gagne barely kicks out as the fans gasp. Valiant hops on the apron and yells at Horner. Horner walks towards Valiant. Valiant hops down and continues to yell up at Horner. Gagne staggers up and hits Horner from behind with a flying knee.

Gagne regroups. Gagne chokes Horner on the bottom rope, then swings back off the ropes and hits a body guillotine on Horner. Gagne hoists Horner up and hits a delayed vertical suplex 1..2..kick out. Gagne picks Horner up and punches him, then swings him to the ropes and hits a high flying dropkick. Gagne yells "That's how it's done!" as Valiant applauds. Gagne arrogantly covers 1..2..Kick Out. A frustrated Gagne berates the Ref as does Valiant. Gagne picks up Horner but Horner out of nowhere hits a jawbreaker on Gagne! 

Both men are lying side by side as the fans cheer Horner on. 

Horner slowly rises and pumps his fists. Gagne staggers up but Horner grabs him, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Gagne staggers up and Horner clotheslines him down. Horner swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop

Ding Ding Ding

The camera catches Valiant running away from the timekeeper's table 

The Ref signals for a DRAW. Gagne will retain the TV title. 

The fans are booing and yelling at the Ref that Valiant rang the bell. By the time the Ref, Horner and timekeeper conversed, Gagne and Valiant were already gone. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Well fans, I hope you enjoyed this special AWA TV broadcast. I was just as shocked as the fans after what went down between The Union and Olympians. Both the Olympians and Soviet Steel had to be helped out of here. I'm sure we're going to see more of the Beasts and Golden Boys. Nothing resolved between Snuka and Dream Machine. Gagne retains the TV title under quite a bit of controversy. I hope to have a lot of answers next week. Speaking of next week, listen to this main event. Scott Casey goes toe to toe with Jose Estrada. That should be a wild one. Ok, well as promised here's a rundown of this Labor Day's card at the Mid South Coliseum. I'll see you there. 



Labor Day @ The Mid South Coliseum


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 


Titles vs. Titles 

AWA World Tag Champs The Awesome Twosome vs. National Tag Champs Cabin Fever 


AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin 


Winner gets a World Title Shot 

Nick Bockwinkle vs. Wahoo McDaniel 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee


The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 


Carlos Colon vs. Tiger Jeet Singh 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 


Larry Z and Giant Haystacks vs. El Canek and The Cobra 




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Vin Man helps his trio get a big win over their rivals. Now that's family!

Ox aides his Beasts claim first blood over The Golden Boys.

Snuka & Dream Machine go to a draw. Hopefully Labor day will prove more conclusive.

First The Union go too far against Soviet Steel but then they beat down The Olympians! You've done such a great job with this midcard three-way tag feud.

Such a inventive finish to the TV Title match. Valiant tricks the ref into calling a draw. Horner certainly has claim on a rematch.

Great show from the Garden.

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AWA @ The Mid South Coliseum Labor Day 9-6-86



Larry Zbyszko and Giant Haystacks vs. El Canek and The Cobra 

This match kicks things off with a bang. Cobra impresses fans but frustrates Larry with his high flying arsenal. Canek and Haystacks get a big reaction when they're in the ring together. At the 10 minute mark, Canek and Cobra double clothesline Larry over the top rope. Canek and Cobra start hammering away on Haystacks but can't get him off his feet. Canek and Cobra swing off the ropes but Larry nails Cobra on his back with a pair of nunchucks! Canek nails Haystacks with a flying shoulder block that reels Haystacks against the ropes. Canek sees Cobra is down. He then looks to the outside and sees Larry with the nunchucks. Canek dives through the ropes with a Tope on Larry! The fans are off their feet cheering. However, inside the ring, Haystacks regroups, picks up Cobra and executes a falling front slam 1..2..3! 

Winners of the match- Larry Zbyszko and Giant Haystacks 


Carlos Colon vs. Tiger Jeet Singh

The match never officially starts and neither wrestler ever gets inside the ring. As soon as they see each other, they attack. They brawl all around the ring. They slam each other into the steel posts. They ram each other into the guard railing. They use whatever they can find to hit each other with. They battle into the crowd and then back around the ring. They don't give the fans an official match but they give them a 10 minute bloody brawl. Singh staggers over and picks up his sword. Colon staggers up and Singh clotheslines him with the sword. Singh starts mercilessly hitting Colon with his sword. Security finally rushes out but Singh starts hitting them with his sword. Singh puts Colon in the camel clutch and wrenches back with the sword under Colon's chin. Colon is spitting up and passes out. It takes about 20 security guards to get Singh off. Singh walks away but swings his sword at several booing fans. 

Official ruling- No Contest 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless 

This match gets going quick as it opens with a pier six brawl. The rest of the seesaw match is hard hitting with impressive teamwork by both teams. Bruise Brothers get control as Cash sends Morrow flying across the ring with a jumping headbutt. Wells charges in but Snowman puts him down with a sphere. Bruise Brothers swing Morrow to the ropes and put him down with a double elbow smash. The Ref guides Snowman to his corner. Cash hoists Morrow up for a vertical suplex but Wells clips Cash's knee (with a vicious football cheap shot) as Morrow falls on top. The Ref turns around in time to count 1..2 (Snowman charges Wells and blasts him)..3! Snowman gets Morrow off of Cash and hurls him out of the ring. Snowman attends to Cash while Cash is holding the back of his knee while grimacing in pain. 

Winners of the match- Priceless


Winner receives a World Title Shot 

Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

Of course these two give the fans a clinic. Wahoo is hard hitting and rough while Bock works over Wahoo's leg. At the 30 minute mark, both men have been through a battle and are worn out but they continue to take it to each other. Wahoo limps around as he chops away on Bock. Bock fires back with forearm blasts. They have a furious exchange. Wahoo barely gets the upper hand and swings Bock to the ropes, Bock quickly comes back and both men's heads collide! Both men fall down but Bock lands on top 1..2..3! Both men are busted open and neither man is moving. Medics come out to help. 

Winner of the Match- Nick Bockwinkle 


The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 

Tag team wrestling at its best! This is one exciting and fast paced match that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams shine with their high octane offense and crisp double team maneuvers. They're going all out tonight. After 20 minutes, all 4 men are fighting. Keirn pounds away on Morton in the corner while Lane punches at Gibson in the opposite corner. Fabs make the signal and swing RnR into each other but RnR grab each other's arms, spin around and dropkick the Fabs back into the corners. RnR charge in and pull off stereo monkey flips. Fabs start to stagger up just as RnR hit stereo sunset flips 1..2..3! Huge Pop! 

RnR jump up, hug and celebrate as the fans go wild! 


From behind the Fabs nail RnR! Fabs put the boots to RnR. They swing Gibson to the ropes and double hot shot him on the top rope. They swing Morton to the ropes and double dropkick him down. The Fabs put their boots on RnR and raise their arms up as the fans pelt them with garbage. 

Winners of the Match- The Rock n Roll Express





AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin 

Idol tries to do a lot of showboating but that stops quick when Garvin nails him with an open hand chop. The first few minutes is all Garvin as he roughs up Idol pretty good. Idol finally has to roll out of the ring. Garvin goes out after him but Idol runs back into the ring. As Garvin slides under the ropes, Idol brutally stomps away. Idol swings Garvin to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Idol swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. A frustrated Idol chokes away on Garvin, stands up and gives Garvin a boot rake across the head. Now idol gets his showboating in. 

Idol hoists Garvin up for a suplex but Garvin blocks it and suplexes Idol! Garvin regroups and does the Garvin stomp on Idol as the fans cheer. Garvin swings Idol to the ropes and clamps on the sleeper! Idol's arms are flailing and he hits the Ref. The Ref goes down as does Idol. 

Boos as Richard Charland and Gino Brito run down the aisle and into the ring. Garvin tosses Idol, then knocks Brito down with a punch. Charland nails Garvin from behind with a lowblow. Charland picks up Garvin and hits an inverted piledriver! Charland helps Brito up and they exit. 

Idol and the Ref slowly rise. Idol staggers around then sees Garvin down. Idol goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with an elbow drop 1..2..3! 

Winner of the match and still AWA National Champ- Austin Idol


Titles vs. Titles 

AWA World Tag Champs The Awesome Twosome vs. AWA National Tag Champs Cabin Fever 

Well Curt Hennig wanted this and he got it. Adias wasn't to keen on the idea and you can tell the world champs aren't on the same page. Cabin Fever take advantage and take it to the Awesome Twosome. They work over Adias pretty good. Hennig looks frustrated from the apron. Adias is finally able to make the tag. Hennig gives Adias a disappointing look then gets in the ring. Hennig swings Manny to the ropes but Manny comes back and shoulder blocks Hennig down. Manny tags in Boone. Hennig gets up but Boone plows him through the ropes. Adias hops down and the champs try to get on the same page. 

After a few more minutes of Cabin Fever being in control, the tide turns when Manny has Adias covered but Hennig nails Manny with a knee drop from the middle ropes. The Awesome Twosome finally start to live up to their name as they work Manny over. Hennig takes Manny down with a drop toe hold as Adias hits an elbow drop on Manny. Adias covers but can't keep Manny down. Adias swings Manny into the corner and follows with a running forearm blast. Adias grabs Manny and executes a Russian Legsweep 1..2..Manny gets his foot on the ropes. Hennig begs for a tag. Adias tags him in. Hennig hops on the turnbuckles and crashes down with a double axehandle on Manny 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig swings Manny into the corner and charges in but Manny moves, dives over and tags in Boone! Boone grabs Hennig and just tosses him across the ring. Hennig gets up and staggers back, then quickly tags in Adias. Boone grabs Adias, swings him to the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam 1..2..Hennig kicks Boone. Manny runs in and is all over Hennig with punches. Manny swings Hennig to the ropes and hits the flying burrito! Hennig slowly rolls out if the ring and to the ground. 

Cabin Fever swing Adias to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Hennig slowly climbs to the apron but doesn't get in the ring. Boone hoists Adias on his shoulders and hits a Samoan drop 1..2..3!! 

Huge Pop! 

Hennig hops down and walks away in disgust. 

The fans cheer as Cabin Fever hold up both sets of titles.

Winners of the match and now the Unified AWA tag team champs- Cabin Fever 



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 

The bell rings and within seconds these guys have a classic Memphis punch exchange. Dundee kicks Lawler low, then hits a snap suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Dundee swings Lawler to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Lawler swings back and clotheslines Dundee down. The next couple minutes is all Lawler as he punches and stomps away on Dundee. Lawler puts his knee on Dundee's chest, holds his fist up to the cheering fans and wails away on Dundee, busting him open. Lawler swings Dundee to the ropes and puts him down with a fist to the face. Lawler hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop but Dundee moves. 

Dundee clears the cobwebs, picks Lawler up and rakes his face across the top rope. Dundee chokes Lawler on the top rope then flings him back. Dundee chokes Lawler on the bottom rope, swings off the opposite ropes and hits a body guillotine. Dundee picks up Lawler in a bearhug and snake eyes him on the top turnbuckle. Dundee hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. An irate Dundee hurls Lawler out of the ring. Dundee goes to the apron. Lawler rises but Dundee kicks him in the head. Dundee hops down, picks up Lawler and rams him face first into the steel post. Now Lawler is bleeding. Dundee hurls Lawler into the ring. Dundee goes to the top rope and arrogantly holds his arms out then crashes down with the Bomb's Away but Lawler moves! 

Both men are down as the fans are up and cheering Lawler on. 

Both men slowly rise. Lawler pulls the strap down as the fans go crazy. Lawler punches away on Dundee, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Dundee rolls out of the ring. Lawler goes outside, grabs Dundee and slams him into the steel post. Lawler grabs Dundee's head and slams it several times on the apron, then hurls Dundee into the ring. Lawler goes to the top rope. The fans cheer as Lawler crashes down with the fist drop 1..2..3! 

The fans roar as a bloody Lawler raises his fist in victory.

Winner of the match- Jerry Lawler 



AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 

The introductions are made as the fans are electric for this anticipated rematch. 

Ox grabs the mic "Steamboat! That world title will go home with Billy Jack by any means necessary!" 

Steamboat takes the mic "You know Ox Baker, I've seen you interfere in a lot of matches, mine included. So I brought along an insurance policy"

The fans cheer as Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka comes down the aisle! 

Ox and Billy are livid but the Ref is going to allow it. Snuka is in Steamboat's corner smiling over at Ox. Ox is furious. 

The bell rings and Billy charges but Steamboat ducks and chops away on Billy. Steamboat throws Billy off with arm drags and hip tosses. Billy goes to the outside and confers with Ox. Billy gets in the ring and challenges Steamboat to a feat of strength contest. Billy holds up his hands. Steamboat grabs them and Billy kicks Steamboat in the gut. Billy grabs Steamboat and executes a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Billy picks up Steamboat and slams him by the ropes. Billy grabs the ropes and drops several knees on Steamboat. Billy grabs the top rope and chokes Steamboat with his boot. The Ref guides Billy back. Ox reaches in and chokes Steamboat but Snuka runs over and chases Ox away. 

Billy swings Steamboat to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Steamboat hits a sunset flip 1..2..Kick Out. Both men quickly rise. Billy takes a wild swing but Steamboat ducks and atomic drops Billy into the turnbuckles. Billy staggers back as Steamboat hits a back suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Both men get up and Billy just about decapitates Steamboat with a clothesline. Billy regroups.

Billy hits a backbreaker on Steamboat, holds him and hits another one, holds him and hits a third one. Billy stomps on Steamboat's back then clamps on the Boston Crab. Billy wrenches away as the Ref checks on Steamboat. Steamboat uses all his strength and reaches the ropes. The Ref tells Billy to break. Billy wrenches away then breaks at the 4 count. As the Ref is conversing with Billy, Ox reaches in and rakes Steamboat's eyes. Snuka runs over and grabs Ox! The fans cheer as Snuka hits a jumping headbutt on Ox! 

Billy goes to the ropes and yells down at Snuka. Billy goes back to Steamboat, reaches down but Steamboat cradles him 1..2..Billy barley kicks out. Both men rise as Billy blasts Steamboat with a forearm shot, then follows with several more brutal shots. Billy hoists Steamboat on the turnbuckles and hops up. Billy goes for a superplex but Steamboat punches away and finally punches Billy off. Billy staggers up and Steamboat nails him with a flying brain chop. Billy goes down. Steamboat swings off the ropes and comes down with another chop to the head. Steamboat takes a breather. 

Steamboat reaches down but Billy rakes his eyes. Billy grabs Steamboat, hoists him up and slams him throat first on the top rope. Billy stomps on Steamboat's upper back. Billy picks Steamboat up and clamps on the full nelson! Billy wrenches it on big time as Steamboat frantically fights it.  Steamboat runs towards the turnbuckles and drops down as Billy's head slams down on the turnbuckle. Steamboat rolls out of the ring. Ox goes over and kicks Steamboat. Snuka once again grabs Ox, headbutts him, then slams him down on the concrete.

Billy staggers up. Steamboat jumps on the apron and hits Billy with a slingshot shoulder block. Steamboat gets up and clears the cobwebs. Billy gets up, charges and nails Steamboat with an elbow. Billy swings Steamboat into the turnbuckles and charges in but Steamboat hops on the turnbuckles and hits a reverse press 1..2..3!!! 

Mega Pop! 

Snuka runs in the ring and hands Steamboat his world title. Steamboat hugs Snuka, then raises the title high. 

Winner of the match and still AWA World Champion- Ricky Steamboat 









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Canek & Cobra give the fans hope but in the end Haystacks is just too much.

I love how Colon & Singh are both like "Ya know what, screw the match let's just kill each other" Rather surprised Singh is the one standing tall though. I was expecting Colon to finally go off the deep end.

The new (& dare I say improved) Priceless get a defining win over The Blues Brothers. Do i sense a title shot on the horizon?

Bockwinkel & Wahoo Rocky 2 this mother with Bock with a lucky landing earns a World Title shot.

RnR win but don't look like it as The Fabs jump'em & damn near start a riot.

Idol retains thanks to Charland & Brito. This is why you only have one rivalry going at a time Ronnie.

Cabin Fever become the unified champions as Henning turns even more heel by abandoning Adias.

Lawler & Dundee produce another classic that ends with the King bloody but triumphant.

Steamboat withstands the combined onslaught of Hayes & Ox to retain the World Title. With a bit of help from Snuka (I wonder if he expects something in return?) Bring on Bockwinkel!

The AWA knocks it out of the park on Labor Day!

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First... Huge time for the AWA with some big cards coming pretty close together.  As for Louisville, it did a nice job of building to the Labor Day Special.

I must admit that the match between the Union and Soviets had me on the edge of myself and then the Olympians show up and we go crazy.  Awesome ending!!!

I was really rooting for TIm Horner even though I knew it was too good to be true.

On to the Mid-South Coliseum....

The first match had me very interested as you had built up El Canek so much in the previous big show and now added Larry Z to this crazy feud that I was unsure which way you were going to go.  Nice ending with Haystacks taking out The Cobra as this allows the feud to go on!

Smart ending to Colon and TIger Jeet as this one is just getting under way.

No matter what else is on the card, Priceless vs The Bruise Brothers is going to be one of my favorites.  Interesting ending here.  Is Cash really hurt?  Will Snowman need a new partner as Morrow did when he added Wells.  Can't wait to see where this one goes.  In real life, if Snowman could have been a better company man like you have made him, he could have had a better career.  From what I have seen, he had it all.

Great war between Wahoo and Bock... Good choice in the end with the stipulations you put in place where the winner gets a world title shot.  Bock would make a better opponent for Steamboat... if he is still champ.... I haven't gotten to that part yet.  I try to read match by match or segment by segment then respond.  It keeps me on the edge of my seat.

To me, the winner of the RnR Express vs Fab Ones or throw in the Midnight Express here also against either one, doesn't matter as it is for tonight only.  These teams were so good that they could wrestle every night for 6 months and one would never go over the other.  Each night could have a different outcome and the fans would still want more.  Unsure if this is your take, but looking forward to the next time they meet.  RnR get the win tonight... but tomorrow... who knows?

The title bout with Austin and Garvin was one I had no idea which direction you were going.  Idol and Garvin both make good champs.  Nice ending here with the interference.  I think we might get a rematch or Garvin finds some firends and we get a big tag match.

WOW.... WHAT A TAG BATTLE.  I guess Hennig's mouth couldn't cash the check it wrote.  I bet Adias is fuming.... but... is there anything he could do about it.  I bet we find out.

Really well written main event with Steamboat being right where he should be in the end.... the AWA World Champ.  Steamboat vs Bock will be a classic.


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Ricky Steamboat remains champion, yes! A well deserved win for Cabin Fever, and a unification match is always a great way to get someone over. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias need to get their heads back in the game, pronto!

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The AWA Labor Day Show has had a tremendous build! 

The Odd Couple of Haystacks/Larry Z get the win!

Huge win for Priceless!! The beginning of big things I hope!

A classic with Wahoo and Bock! I know who I hope walks out the AWA Champion tonight!

Rock & Roll pull off the victory but the Fabs get the last laugh tonight!

Idol retains the National title but Garvin might not be willing to let that stand.

Holy crap! I did not see the tag title match going down this way! Congrats to Cabin Fever but are the Awesome Twosome done as a team???

YES!! The classic blood battle I grew up on between Dundee/Lawler! Perfect for the Mid South Coliseum on a holiday! Lawler gets the win and all is right in Memphis!

Smart move by the Dragon having Snuka watch his back for Ox Baker's shenanigans! Yes yes yes Steamboat retains and now we are promised Steamboat vs. Bockwinkel for the AWA World title! This is going to be epic!

Great job! You always deliver especially on the big shows!


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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 9-10-86


Highlights are shown from the Labor Day event in the Mid South Coliseum. Included is Jimmy Snuka helping Ricky Steamboat even the odds in his world title match against Billy Jack Haynes. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight, Jerry Allen takes on Joe Savoldi. Scott Casey and Jose Estrada will clash. And in a special challenge match, Dream Machine once again goes up against Jimmy Snuka. I'll be speaking with Jerry Lawler as well as the now unified AWA world tag team champs Cabin Fever. All that and a lot more. Well I hope we have extra security on hand because Tiger Jeet Singh will be in our opening match. 


Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Franklin Stills 


Needless to say this is just a brutal beating as Singh decimates his opponent before putting him out of his misery with the camel clutch. Thundering boos as Singh goes to the outside and grabs his sword. He takes a swing at Resnick and Resnick throws his mic down and runs away. Singh picks up the mic. 


Singh: Carlos Colon! I paid a vast amount of money and waited patiently all year long to see your demise but it never happened! Your time has come! Last week I made you suffer until you passed out. It felt so good to hurt you. So gratifying! I am actually glad all the others failed because it's so much more enjoyable inflicting pain on you myself. I will take great satisfaction in....



Singh is attacked by Carlos Colon (wearing a neck brace)! Colon punches away on Singh and throws him over the guard rail and into the crowd. Singh grabs a fan's cup and throws the beverage in Colon's face. Both men continue to brawl in the stands as security goes out after them, while trying to keep the fans safe. 


Commercial Break


Resnick: My goodness, that was an explosive situation. I would like to thank our security staff for keeping all these great AWA fans safe. Coming out now is Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, I understand you have an announcement regarding what just happened. 

Jarrett: Indeed I do Ken. Tiger Jeet Singh and Carlos Colon have been involved in nothing short of a war for the past year and a half. This must end and it must end soon. So, next week at the Rupp Arena, Colon and Singh will wrestle in an anything goes falls count anywhere loser leaves the AWA match. That's all there is left to say and do. Like I said, this ends next week. 

Resnick: Wow! Jerry Jarret delivering a bombshell. After all this time, it all comes down to one match, next week. Fans, you wont want to miss that one. Well, back to the ring. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Trent Watkins 


Garvin looks pissed tonight as he back drops Watkins and follows with a KO punch for the win! 

Resnick: Ron Garvin, on Labor Day, you were so close to winning the National Title until interference by Richard Charland and Gino Brito costed you that opportunity. 

Garvin: Hey, Charland! You want a fight? Well, you came to the right guy! If a fight's what you want, a fight is what your damn well going to get! 


Commercial Break 


Jerry "Alright" Allen vs. "The Hit Sensation" Joe Savoldi w/The Vin Man 


The bell rings but Vin Man wont leave the ring. Vin and Savoldi are bantering with the Ref as the fans boo. Allen climbs to the top rope. Allen leaps off and nails Savoldi from behind with a missile dropkick. Savoldi crashes into and knocks Vinnie through the ropes. Allen picks up Savoldi and hits a bridging back suplex 1..2..3!!! 

Huge Pop! 

Art Crews and Timothy Flowers hit the ring but Allen rolls out and celebrates with the fans before exiting. 

A moment later Vinnie gets in the ring and starts berating Savoldi. Savoldi has enough and pushes Vinnie. Crews and Flowers attack Savoldi and all 3 men stomp away on Savoldi. Flowers hoists Savoldi up and piledrives him down as Crews follows with a leg drop from the middle ropes. Vinnie picks up Savoldi and hurls him out of the ring. Boos as Vinnie grabs the announcer's mic. 

Vinnie: We came out here to make a statement but instead that doofus Savoldi embarrasses me and the family. No room in the family for a doofus like that. No room. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from Labor Day is shown as Cabin Fever defeats the Awesome Twosome in a titles vs. titles match. 


Resnick: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome out the unified AWA world tag team champs, Cabin Fever. 

Massive cheers as Manny Fernandez and Grizzly Boone come out with both sets of tag titles. 

Resnick: Congratulations on winning the AWA world tag titles. I know you have some things to say so go right ahead. 

Manny: Thanks Kenny. As we were told, we have to vacate the National tag titles. So Kenny, here you go. 

Cabin Fever hands over the National titles. 

Resnick: You boys did a fine job as National champs but bigger and better things ahead right? 

Boone: That's right! We're now that AWA world champs and we're ready for all comers! 

Manny: You said it daddy! Cabin Fever is on top of the mountain and we plan on staying up here for a long long long time! 

Cheers as Cabin Fever hold up the world titles and walk out slapping hands with the fans. 

Resnick: What a great team they are. I understand the AWA will have an announcement regarding the National titles in the near future. 


Commercial Break 


Advertisement for SuperClash is shown.

Friday, November 26th 

St. Paul Civic Center 


Priceless vs. Gary Williams and Vic Dutro 


Priceless look in sync tonight and win the match when Wells hits a football tackle on Dutro, then tags in Morrow, who finishes things off with a Hangman's neckbreaker. 


Priceless bring over a bottle of champagne to Resnick. 

Wells: Resnick, we know you're not a stiff like that Lance Russell, so here, indulge with us.

Resnick: And what is the special occasion? 

Morrow: HAHAHA, two reasons. To our Labor Day victory over de Bum Brothers and more importantly, to our long overdue and well deserved world tag team title shot. Dat is correct. In 2 weeks at de Market Square Arena, we will become de new AWA tag team champions. Now, please join us in a toast. 

Resnick: I really can't. I am on the clock. 

Wells: You really are a stiff. The AWA needs to hire Gordon Solie. 

Morrow: Let us go George. We have a lot of celebrating to do. As for you Cabin Fever. Live life to de fullest because all de glory will be taken away from you in two very short weeks. 


Commercial Break 


Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs. "El" Jefe" Jose Estrada 


Estrada arrogantly strolls to the ring, smoking a cigar. He stops by Resnick and blows smoke in his face, then throws the cigar down and stomps on it. Casey and Sunshine head down the aisle as Casey swings his bull rope. Casey gets in the ring and charges Estrada with the bullrope as Estrada quickly goes to the outside. The Ref cools things down as Sunshine leaves the ring with the bullrope. 

The bell rings and these guys club away at each other. Casey gets the upper hand and blasts away on Estrada, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Estrada staggers up and Casey dropkicks him down. Estrada staggers up and Casey scoop slams him down 1..2..Kick Out. Casey swings Estrada to the ropes and clotheslines him down, swings off the ropes and hits a leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. Casey swings Estrada into the corner and charges in but Estrada puts his knees up and Casey hits them head on. Estrada regroups.

Estrada swings Casey into the opposite corner and follows with a running forearm blast. Estrada nails Casey with several elbow shots to the head then starts choking Casey breaking at the 4 count. Estrada kicks away as Casey falls into the corner. Estrada picks up Casey and hangs him upside down in the corner. Estrada kicks away then yanks Casey down. Estrada grabs the top rope and drops several knees on Casey, then chokes him with his boot. Estrada picks up Casey and vertical suplexes him 1..2..Casey gets his shoulder up as Sunshine cheers. This infuriates Estrada. Estrada goes to the outside and goes after Sunshine. Estrada grabs her, yanks the bullrope away from her and threatens her with it. 

Wham! From behind Casey nails Estrada. Casey punches away on Estrada. The Ref goes to the outside and makes sure Sunshine is ok. Casey grabs the bullrope and clotheslines Estrada with it. Casey hurls Estrada back in the ring. The Ref goes back inside. Estrada slowly rises as Casey nails him with a bulldog 1..2..3! 

Huge Pop! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, I'm here with the winner Scott Casey and of course Sunshine. I can still see the cigar burn that Estrada did to you weeks back. So tonight's win must be very rewarding. 

Casey: Yes it is! And now that that's over, it's time for me to get my TV title back. 

BOOOOS as Brenda Britton comes out with several officials and a man in a suit. 


Britton: Oh I hate to spoil your night but I'm going to do it anyways. (Looks at Sunshine) Now you didn't think I would forget about that slap did you? Oh no no no no. You see this gentleman is my lawyer and he has your walking papers. 

Resnick: Wait a minute, what are you talking about? 

Britton: I am the host of the highest rated segment in wrestling and I have friends in high places. The AWA needs me. What it doesn't need is a no class animal like Rainy. I filed assault charges and little Miss Rainy is now suspended indefinitely from the AWA. So bye bye baby, hit the road honey! (laughs hysterically) 

Sunshine charges and Britton backs up screaming. Security and Casey hold Sunshine back. 


Commercial Break 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Neil Jordan and Arnie Goldstein


Massive boos as the Fabs run in and hurl Arnie out of the ring. They beat up Jordan, swing him to the ropes and hit a double dropkick for the win. 


Resnick: Well on Labor Day, the Rock n Roll Express got over on you....

Keirn: Hold on! Which team was laid out when it was over? Which team walked away and which team was helped out? 

Resnick: Well...

Lane: Well nothing! We proved that the Fabs are the greatest team in wrestling and the Fab wannabes are just that, wannabes. Hey, we're willing to do anything to prove who the best team is.

Keirn: Are those posers willing to do the same? 


Commercial Break 


More Labor Day footage is shown as Jerry Lawler defeats Bill Dundee.



Resnick: Joining me now is the King Jerry Lawler! 

Huge ovation as Lawler comes out in a polo shirt and jeans. 

Resnick: Jerry, it seems you finally put an end to things or at least we think so, with Dundee. 

Lawler: Ken, I have to say, beating Dundee at the Mid South Coliseum was nothing short of amazing. A sweet victory it was. And now it's time to move on. Austin Idol, I haven't forgotten about you boy. We have unfinished business and I'm coming after you and the National title! Get ready Idol! We've got a date with destiny darling! 


Commercial Break 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. Todd Rooney


Bock has a Band-Aid on his forehead from his match with Wahoo but it doesn't slow him down. Bock works over Rooney and finishes things off with the figure four. 


Resnick: Congratulations are in order to you Nick Bockwinkle. You have earned a world title shot and I understand that match will take place in 2 weeks at the Market Square Arena. 

Bock: Yes, I did earn it with a very convincing win over Wahoo McDaniel. I told him and all these simpletons that he could not defeat me in a wrestling match and quite frankly he didn't. And now it's on to you Mr. Steamboat. No doubt about it, you've had a tremendous championship reign. However, you have not entered the ring with yours truly. That my friend is an entirely different ballgame. Just ask Wahoo. You're in for the wrestling experience of your life and at the end of that experience, you will watch me raise the AWA world title over your defeated soul. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Before we get to our big main event. Next week we will hear from The Union and why they did what they did to the Olympians. Big match up as The Cobra goes one on one with Giant Haystacks. The Rock n Roll Express will be here and I understand Jerry Jarrett will have a special announcement regarding them and the Fabulous Ones. World Champ Ricky Steamboat will be here. And the main event will be a rematch as the Great Gagne defends his TV title against Tim Horner. Our main event is up next. 


Commercial Break 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones 


These two have been going at it with no clear winner. 

The bell rings and Jones continues to jaw at Snuka. Dream charges but Snuka grabs Jones and swings him into Dream. Jones goes flying through the ropes. Snuka puts Dream down with a jumping headbutt and follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Snuka swings Dream into the corner, charges. hops up and monkey flips Dream over. Dream sits up as Snuka hits a neck snap. Jones hops on the apron but Snuka chops him down. Snuka runs towards Dream but Dream stumbles into the Ref and Snuka hits the Ref. The Ref goes down. 

Thundering boos as BILLY JACK HAYNES and OX BAKER hit the ring! They mow over Snuka and put the boots to him. Billy picks up Snuka, clamps on the full nelson! Billy wrenches away then tosses Snuka across the ring. Billy and Ox exit. Dream and Jones share a laugh. Jones revives the Ref. Dream swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop on Snuka 1..2..3! 

Jones rushes over to Resnick

Jones: You know Resnick, the AWA seems to be throwing title shots to everybody except the one who deserves it. Nobody deserves one more than the Dream Machine. Sole survivor in the Rage in the Cage match at WrestleRock. And he just soundly defeated the Superfly. 

Dream Machine: That's right babay! Dream Machine is every wrestler's nightmare! I want Steamboat and I want the AWA title! 


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You really know how to make Singh feel like a big deal as he squashes a guy,scares the shit outta Resnick & brawls with Colon. Looking forward to their blowoff at the Rupp arena.

Charland & Brito may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Classic heel shtick by Vin Man,cost your man the match then kick him out of the group.

Looking forward to the announcement regarding the National Tag Titles. I'm sure it'll be exciting.

Priceless are getting their title shot! Yes!

Casey gets some much deserved revenge on Estrada but his celebration is cut short as Brenda gets Sunshine suspended!

Fabs are particularly obnoxious tonight.

Glad to see Lawler hasn't given up on the National Title.

Bock is at his arrogant best & he'll need to be to beat Steamboat.

And whoever walks out of that one has to worry about the Dream Machine babay!

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AWA @ The Roanne Fieldhouse 9-12-86



The Cobra defeated Rene Goulet with a senton 


The Union defeated Steve O and Tony Garea when Ross super kicked Steve O into an airplane spin/Samoan drop by Huber. Union got booed big time


Giant Haystacks defeated Earthquake Ferris- Haystacks knocked Ferris down with a running shoulder block and followed with a big elbow drop for the pin. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr.- The bell rang and Brito was arguing with the Ref from the apron. Charland walked over and started berating the Ref. Garvin swung Charland around and knocked him out with a punch to get the 1..2..3! Huge Pop for Garvin! 


"The Ace" Art Crews and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers w/The Vin Man defeated Jerry "Alright" Allen and Scott "Powerhouse" Putski- Vinnie hit Putski with a forearm blast from the apron and Crews and Flowers followed with a double DDT for the win. 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel defeated Larry Zbyszko by C.O.- Wahoo frustrated Larry so much that he simply walked away.


 Jerry "The King" Lawler and The Rock n Roll Express defeated National Champ Austin Idol and The Fabulous Ones- After nearly an hour of non stop action, Lawler pinned Idol with a roll up during a pier six brawl. 



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The Union's new attitudes pay off with a win.

Ferris may be big but he can't stand up to a Giant!

Garvin one punch K.O's the Wrecking Machine! Love it!

Vin Man helps his trimmed down Family get one up on their rivals.

Larry Z walks out on Wahoo. 

Lawler has to be in Idol's head after getting the pin in the main event.

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Jerry Jarrett is serious about putting an end to this Colon/Singh feud and this match he's signed next week should get it done!

Charland is a tough guy but I wouldn't start shit with Garvin!

Savoldi pays the price for being a "doofus" lol. Gotta love the Vin Man!

Cabin Fever vacate the National tag titles...a lot of great contenders to compete for those belts.

Priceless are going to take those World Tag Team titles! Resnick should have taken his opportunity to drink with the future Champs. 

Wow, Casey gets the big win over El Jefe but then Brenda immediately "rains" on Sunshine's parade. This should be interesting to see if it sticks.

The Fabs, Bockwinkel, and Lawler are all very confident coming out of the Labor Show in Memphis! 

Dream Machine gets the win over Snuka with help from Billy Jack and Ox Baker!

Now to the Roanne Fieldhouse:

Hopefully the ring was re-enforced for Haystacks vs. Earthquake Ferris!

Rugged Ronnie knocks out the Wrecking Machine!

Crews/Flowers hit a double DDT after a shot from Vin Man....NICE!

What a main event!! Lawler gets the pin on Idol!!

Very fun show!!

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Great week for the AWA

Like the change of pace you threw at us this week.  Usually the angles build until the next supercard but we are getting Carlos and Tiget Jeet in a LLT Match in a week.  Very interesting.  I bet there is something special planned here.  Love it.

I would't want to be CHarland.  Ronnie is one tough dude.

Vin Man has been the perfect mid-card guy as he is always entertaining.

WOW... very creative writing here with the lawsuit for Mrs. Rainey!!  Great booking.

Paul Jones seems to have some very nasty friends.  Snuka better be careful.

As for the Roane Fieldhouse... nice, balanced show that was very realistic for 86.  

The last two matches sold the tickets but the rest of the show did a great job of entertainng.  

Haystacks and Ferris would have been slow but very interesting to see ... then we had the brawl with Rugged Ronnie... tag matches, singles matches... the masked Cobra.... Really something for everyone.

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Loser Leaves Town is a good old-fashioned feud ender, I'm looking forward to that! It's great to see Scott Casey build his momentum back up. Nick Bockwinkle versus Ricky Steamboat could be absolutely masterful!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 9-17-86



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. In action tonight will be The Union, Richard Charland, Billy Jack Haynes, The Rock n Roll Express, AWA World tag champs Cabin Fever, AWA National Champ Austin Idol. The AWA debut of Al Perez. Vin Man's Family, Timothy Flowers and Art Crews will take on Joe Savoldi and Earthquake Ferris. Giant Haystacks goes up against The Cobra. The Great Gagne defends his TV title against Tim Horner. You'll be seeing comments from Carlos Colon and Tiger Jeet Singh as they prepare for their big Falls Count Anywhere Loser Leaves AWA match at the Rupp Arena. And I'll be speaking with AWA World Champion Ricky Steamboat as he gets ready for his upcoming title defense against Nick Bockwinkle next weekend at the Market Square Arena. All that and a lot more, so let's get to the ring. 


The Rock n Roll Express vs. Willie Lopez and Vic Dutro 


RnR have the fans up and cheering as they work their opponents over with a fast paced offense. RnR hit the double dropkick and it's all over! 


Resnick: Rock n Roll Express, come on over. Very impressive win tonight. Now that you guys are here, Jerry Jarrett is coming out with an announcement. 

Jarrett: (Looks out at the roaring fans chanting "rock n roll") You boys sure bring the excitement. Just listen to this crowd. I've been watching your situation with the Fabulous Ones very closely. I believe I've come up with a plan to prove who the better team is. You and the Fabs will compete in a best of 7 series. The first match will be next week at the Market Square Arena. I truly believe this will settle things once and for all. I wish both teams the best of luck. 

Jarrett exits.

Resnick: You guys heard it. Best of 7 series with the Fabulous Ones. Your thoughts?

Gibson: You know for some reason the Fabs started all this and put me out of action for a month. I couldn't think of a better way to shut their mouths than this series. 

Morton: Fabulous Ones! Last week you asked if we were willing to do anything to prove who the better team is. Well boys, you get to see us do just that and multiple times in arenas all over the AWA. Oh baby, RnR is fired up now! This is gonna be a lot of fun! 


Commercial Break


"Jump'n" Joe Savoldi and Earthquake Ferris vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers and "The Ace" Art Crews w/The Vin Man 

After what happened last week, Savoldi went looking for a partner and found someone (Ferris) who has a bit of unfinished business with Vin Man's Family. 

Savoldi and Ferris control early and have The Family bumping all over. Savoldi's high octane offense combined with the strength and power of Ferris, prove to be a cohesive unit. The tide turns when Ferris goes for a running powerslam on Crews but Flowers clips him from behind at the knee. Vin Man runs around the ring and prevents Savoldi from running in by grabbing his leg. Flowers runs over and clotheslines Savoldi off the apron. Vin Man grabs a chair and hits Savoldi over his back. Flowers and Crews double team Ferris and hit a double DDT for the pin! Vin Man hurls Savoldi into the ring. Crews and Flowers put the boots to him, lift him up and hit a double DDT! Vin Man runs in and raises his family's arms as the fans boo. 


Commercial Break 


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/ Gino Brito Jr. vs. Todd Rooney 


Charland is ruthless tonight as he pummels his opponent. Charland hits a reverse atomic drop, grabs Rooney and executes an inverted piledriver for the easy win. 


Footage from The Roanne Fieldhouse is shown as Garvin swings Charland around and puts him down with a knockout punch! 


Resnick: (smiling) we just saw...

Brito: (interrupts) What you just saw was a spineless coward sucker punch his way to a cheap win. Garvin! Let's see how tough you are in a face to face fight. The Wrecking Machine challenges you to a taped fist match, next week at the Market Square Arena. Do you have the intestinal fortitude? I think not. 

Brito walks away as Charland bumps Resnick on his way out. 


Commercial Break 

An advertisement for SuperClash is shown.


St. Paul Civic Center 

Friday, November 26th, broadcasted on closed circuit TV


AWA World Tag Team Champs Cabin Fever vs. Neil Jordan and Harry Baines 


Champs are looking good tonight. Boone swings Jordan into the turnbuckles and follows with a corner splash. Boone tags in Manny. Boone swings Jordan to the ropes and Manny hits the flying burrito for the win! 


Resnick: AWA world champs Cabin Fever! You guys are on the roll of a lifetime. Next week at the Market Square Arena, you'll be defending the titles against Priceless. It seems they're already celebrating a title win. 

Manny: Ken Resnick, you know as well as we do that we thrive on taking down arrogant and over confident opponents. Why do you think we're holding the world titles daddy?! 

Boone: Priceless! You're going down! 

Resnick: Ok, Cabin Fever looks more than ready for their upcoming title defense. Fans, you're about to see some highlights of El Canek. Lets take a look. 


Highlights are shown of El Canek, who's currently on tour in Mexico. canek.jpg.b144562d8ceffccc2c1b875970131df6.jpg


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Billy Jack Haynes attacks Jimmy Snuka, clamps on the full nelson and costs him his match with Dream Machine. 


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker vs. Arnie Goldstein 


Billy attacks at the bell and never eases up. He clamps on the full nelson and it's all over. Billy holds Arnie as Ox puts him down with the heart punch! 


Resnick: I don't know why Ox Baker needs to do that. Something needs to be done. Well here they come. Billy Jack Haynes, Ox Baker, what was your reasoning attacking Jimmy Snuka last week? 

Ox: Resnick! Are you some kind of idiot? That stupid savage costed my man Billy Jack the AWA world title on Labor Day. He stuck his nose in our business and by doing that he made a grave mistake! 

Billy: Snuka! This weekend at the Rupp Arena, I'm finishing the job! Bet on it! 


Commercial Break 


Giant Haystacks vs. The Cobra 


We've got a true contrast of styles match. Haystacks charges but Cobra ducks him. Haystacks turns around and Cobra dropkicks him several times but can't get him off his feet. Haystacks rakes Cobra's eyes, swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline. Cobra swings back with a spinning wheel kick but still cant get Haystacks off his feet. Cobra goes to the top rope. Haystacks turns around and Cobra hits a flying press but Haystacks catches him! Haystacks holds him and front slams him down 1..2..3! An irritated Haystacks picks Cobra up and hurls him out of the ring. Haystacks goes to the outside, picks up Cobra and front slams him on the concrete! Haystacks rises, backs up and hits a big elbow drop! Cobra's in serious pain. Haystacks walks around with his arms raised as the fans boo. OH NO! Haystacks takes a couple steps and drops another elbow on Cobra! 

Several trainees run out and attend to Cobra. The fans are in a stunned silence as Cobra is eventually stretchered out. Wait a minute! Haystacks walks over and tips the stretcher over! What a sickening display! The trainees frantically help Cobra while Haystacks yells out a big roar. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. My goodness, I'm so happy tonight because I single handedly got rid of both stupid Scott Casey and his woman of the night Rainy. Let this be a lesson, don't mess with me or you'll pay dearly. Now, you all know that this is where it all happens. Tonight is no different because making his very first appearance in the AWA, on my show, none other than Iceman Parsons! 

"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang blasts over the speakers as the fans are up and cheering. 


Iceman comes out dancing and feeling good. 

Britton: Welcome to the AWA and wow you have some serious energy don't you? 

Parsons: Oh Brenda, the Iceman is feeling good tonight. Have mercy! 

Britton: So what brings you to the AWA? I hope you plan on taking the world title off that paper champ Ricky Steamboat. Or maybe, beat up that dumb Jerry Lawler. Or shutting up that dope Wahoo McDaniel. 

Parsons: Brenda, of course my goal is to get some gold but those men you just mentioned are friends of mine so no need for name calling. Let's keep it professional. As far as the gold, I know I have to work my way up, so first goal is going for the TV title. 

Britton: First of all, if you consider those jerks friends then you're going to have a bumpy ride in the AWA. Next up, what makes you think you're even in the same league as the Great Gagne? 

Parsons: What's with all the hostility? Tonight is about having some fun. You need to lighten up. To answer your question, I'll be making my AWA in ring debut next week at the Market Square Arena. Then you'll see that Iceman Parsons can get down with the best of them! 

Britton: Well I have to say, I was expecting more tonight. What a let down. Until next week, toooodles. 

The fans cheer as Parsons starts dancing. An irritated Brenda walks off. 


Commercial Break 


The Union vs. Sam Smith and William Hillman 


Boos as the Union hit the ring. Ross is waving the American flag as Huber holds up his sledgehammer. 

Huber powerslams Smith and tags in Ross. Huber holds up Smith as Ross puts him down with the combat kick for the win. 


Resnick: Union, you have a lot to answer to. Why in the world did you assault the Olympians like that? Both men are still recuperating. 

Huber: If you ask me, the Olympians were let off easy. Tell them Ranger. 

Ross: I can't believe what's going on here. Those dirty commie Russians attacked us numerous times. We finally get some payback and those commie loving Olympians ruin everything and interfere.  And we're the bad guys? 

Resnick: I think they were just trying to keep you guys from getting suspended. I mean you beat the Russians down with that flag and that sledgehammer. 

Huber: So what! We were standing up for ourselves and this country! 

Ross: Exactly right! We're the types of people who built this country. We're the backbone. People like the Olympians are what brings this country down. Oh yea, they come out here dressed in red white and blue with smiles on their faces but when it comes time to spill blood and sweat they're just not up for the task. 

Huber: Olympians! Bring it on! Anytime! Anyplace! 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Champ "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Gary Williams 


Idol showboats his way to another victory with the Las Vegas leglock.


Resnick: Austin Idol, this weekend at the Rupp Arena, you'll be defending the National title against Jerry Lawler. He says the two of you have unfinished business.

Idol: Oh darling, if me beating him up and leaving him laid out is unfinished business well then I guess we do. I mean how many times do I have to beat him before he gives up? Lawler! Keep dreaming if you think you're going to beat me and get this here title. I'm better looking than you. I have the better physique, that's a no brainer. And I'm defiantly more charismatic than you. Bottom line baby, I have the credentials to be champion and you simply don't! 

Idol gives the camera a wink and bicep pose before leaving.  



Commercial Break 


A music video to AC/DC's "For those about to rock" is shown with highlights of the Carlos Colon/Tiger Jeet Singh feud. 



Pre recorded promos


Singh: Carlos Colon! The time has come! I have been waiting for a year and a half for this moment! It all ends on Saturday! I will make you bleed! I will make you suffer! Anything goes! Falls count anywhere! That means you're at my mercy. I can do whatever I want to you. I will relish every second of this. Your time is up Carlos Colon! I bid you a bloody fare well.


Colon: The past year and a half has been a nightmare. I have fought Singh and every monster him and Curtis Iaukea sent after me. Finally this ends on Saturday. Tiger Jeet Singh! You end on Saturday! 


Commercial Break 


Al Perez vs. Steven Langston 


Perez was in the middle of his debut when Larry Zbyszko came out scouting the match. Perez wins the match with the helicopter spin. Larry gives Perez a nod and walks away. 


Commercial Break 


TV Title Bout 

"The Great" Gagne (C) w/Johnny Valiant vs. "White Lightning" Tim Horner 


The bell rings but Valiant walks over and pushes Horner. Horner punches Valiant through the ropes. Gagne nails Horner with a high knee to the back, that sends Horner outside the ring. Gagne distracts the Ref as Valiant staggers up and stomps away on Horner. Valiant hurls Horner back in the ring. Gagne picks up Horner and executes a vertical suplex. Gagne backs up and hits a delayed knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Gagne chokes Horner on the bottom rope. The Ref backs him off which allows Valiant to choke away on Horner. 

The fans cheer as JERRY ALLEN runs out and hammers away on Valiant! Allen ends up chasing Valiant to the back. An irate Gagne is yelling at the Ref and pointing to the back. Gagne and the Ref are having a heated argument. Horner gets up, hits Gagne with a forearm blast to the back of his head and rolls him up 1..2..Kick Out. Horner swings Gagne to the ropes and hits a high dropkick. Gagne staggers up as Horner scoop slams him down. Horner follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. Horner swings Gagne to the ropes and back drops him. Gagne staggers up by the ropes and Horner clotheslines him over the top rope. 

Horner goes out after him. Horner punches away on Gagne as the Ref counts. Gagne goes for a big swing but Horner ducks and atomic drops Gagne into the steel post. Horner hurls Gagne into the ring as the Ref hits 10! The Ref holds his arms out and has to signal for the bell. BOOOOOOOO! Gagne actually wins by C.O. 

Horner can't believe it. Total look of disappointment. 

The Ref gets the TV title. Gagne is still laid out. The Ref puts it on his chest as the fans boo. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Well fans, clearly Tim Horner had the TV title within his grasp. Sometimes that's the way it goes in the heat of action. I'm sure that young man will get another chance in the future. This weekend at the Rupp Arena, Carlos Colon and Tiger Jeet Singh will settle everything in a falls count anywhere loser leaves AWA match. This match is over a year in the making. Also, Austin Idol defends his National title against Jerry Lawler. You wont want to miss that show. Next week. I hope to have an update on the condition of the Cobra. That was hard to watch. Also next week, I'll have a special announcement regarding the National tag team titles. Switching gears, next week at the Market Square Arena, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Nick Bockwinkle. Please welcome out the AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat.

Massive cheers as Steamboat comes out waving and smiling. He looks slick in his black slacks and white collard shirt. 


Lance: Ricky, since April you've been nothing but a fighting champion. The schedule never slows down as you know. Next up is Nick Bockwinkle. 

Steamboat: You're right Lance. It's one thing to win this title but it's another thing to hold onto it. Night after night, I face the very best the AWA has to offer. Now last week, Nick said I was in for the wrestling experience of a lifetime and he's walking out with the title. Nick, no doubt about it, you're one of the very best to set foot in that ring. However, don't make the mistake of underestimating me. There's a reason I'm still holding onto this title. I'm going to prove that to you next week at the Market Square Arena. So Nick, get ready for the match of your life! 






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We start the show with a huge announcement from Jarrett,Rock n Roll vs The Fabulous Ones in a best of 7!

Savoldi fails his first attempt at revenge against Vin Man's Family. Better luck next time.

Charland vs Garvin In a Taped Fist match? I'm there!

I have to agree with Cabin Fever that Priceless may be celebrating just a bit too early.

A pissed off Ox & Hayes aren't good for anyone especially Snuka.

Haystacks may have just sent The Cobra back to Japan permanently.

The Iceman arrives & gets on everybody's good side by irritating Brenda.

Interesting explanation by The Union. This "real American" angle has promise.

Idol is his usual humble self heading into another match with the King.

Colon & Singh are ready to end this!

Wonder what Larry Z wants with Perez.

Horner gets carried away whipping Greg's ass & gets himself counted out! 

The World Champion sends us off with a clear message too his challenger.

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Really entertaining show.  I love the idea of the best of 7 series with the Fabs and RnR Express.  I remember Nikita and Magnum doing this in real life.  You get so much out of this.  You sell tickets, already set up angles for tv as everyone wants to know who won this past week, etc....  Great booking!

While I might be a little surprised if Priceless won the tag belts, it wouldn't shock me.  There are certain people or teams that you keep reinventing and doing more with and Priceless is one of them.  So is Carlos Colon!  Looking forward to seeing his where you go with him vs Tiger Jeet.

Snuka vs Billy Jack is a great top of the card feud that could go on and on.  Also very good booking!

Iceman and Brenda.... Water and Oil... they don't mix but they do entertain.

Larry Z is one to be watched... carefully!

Horner is getting closer and closer... interested to see if he comes through.

Bock-Steamboat.....MAIN EVENT!!!  This is going to be awesome.

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AWA @ The Rupp Arena, Lexington KY 9-18-86



"Iron" Scott McGhee defeated Rene Goulet with a bridging back suplex 


"The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino defeated Tony Garea with a sunset flip from the top rope


"El Jefe" Jose Estrada defeated Scott "Powerhouse" Putski with the rib breaker 


The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker defeated The Bruise Brothers when Ox tripped Cash and he stumbled into a big boot by Nord. It should be noted that Cash has been bothered by an aggravated knee thanks to Priceless. 


Larry Zbyszko defeated Steve O with a swinging neckbreaker


"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka and Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker battled to a wild double co. Fists were still flying after the bell. 


AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 

The fans were into this one as Idol and Lawler gave them plenty of non stop action. At the 15 minute mark, Idol swings Lawler into the corner but Lawler reverses it but the Ref gets sandwiched in and gets knocked over by Idol. Lawler picks up Idol and slams him down, then goes to the top rope and crashes down with his fist drop! Lawler covers but the Ref is still out. Lawler gets up and tries to revive the Ref as Idol slowly rolls out of the ring. Idol stumbles over and grabs his National title. Idol gets on the apron. The Ref is slowly shaking the cobwebs. Lawler sees Idol and goes over but Idol clocks him with the title! Lawler goes back and down. Idol gets in the ring and covers but the Ref signals for the bell. He saw everything! The Ref tells Idol he's DQed. Idol throws a fit then starts stomping on Lawler. Idol hits Lawler's leg several times with his title, then clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Idol wrenches away until he's satisfied, then exits as the fans throw garbage at him. BOOOOOOO! 

Winner of the match by DQ- Jerry Lawler. However, Austin Idol remains National Champ


Falls Count Anywhere Loser Leaves AWA Match! 

Carlos Colon vs. Tiger Jeet Singh


"Time has come today" by The Chambers Brothers plays over the speakers to set the tone. 

Thundering boos as Singh storms down the aisle swinging his sword and knocking over anybody in his way. Singh goes around the ring, swinging his sword at the ringside fans. The boos turn to massive cheers as Colon comes out with a baseball bat! 

Singh sees Colon and runs up the aisle as Colon runs down. Singh swings his sword as Colon swings his bat. They hit and both the sword and bat going flying. Singh and Colon proceed to pound away on each other with fists. They bloody each other within minutes as they brawl up and down the aisle, all around the ring, into the crowd and back into the ring. 

After 10 minutes of this, Singh goes to swing Colon into the steel post but Colon reverses it and swings Singh into the post. Colon charges in but Singh just collapses and Colon hits the steel post. Both men are down, bleeding and hurting. Singh staggers up, picks up Colon and swings him into the guard rail. Singh charges and clotheslines Colon over the rail! Singh reaches over, grabs Colon and suplexes back onto the concrete! Singh angrily stomps away on Colon. Singh chokes Colon with his boot, then dives down and chokes away on Colon while sporting an evil smile. Singh gets up, smiles and gets his sword. Singh walks over, puts his boot on Colon's chest and holds his sword up as the fans boo. Singh positions himself and applies the camel clutch with his sword under Colon's chin and wrenches away! The fans start chanting "Carlos! Carlos! Carlos!" Singh uses all his strength while pulling his sword back. Colon is almost out but clenches his fists. In an unbelievable moment, Colon reaches deep down and starts rising. Singh wrenches away as Colon stands up while Singh is on his back. Colon runs backwards and rams Singh hard into the steel post! Singh releases as Colon falls forward. 

Once again both men are down. The fans fire Colon up. Colon crawls forward and grabs his baseball bat. Singh staggers up, gets his sword and goes after Colon. Colon swings his bat and nails Singh at the mid section. Colon stands up and hits Singh's back with his bat. Colon drops the bat. Colon takes a moment to regroup. Colon picks up Singh and slams his head several times on the apron. Colon body slams Singh on the concrete, puts his knee on Singh's chest, pulls him up by his hair and punches away on his bloody face. Colon picks up Singh and hits a hangman's neckbreaker. Colon once again picks up his baseball bat. Colon has a deranged look as he hits Singh several times with the bat. Colon tosses the bat and covers Singh 1..2..NO! Colon lifts Singh's head. The Ref and the fans are shocked. 

Colon picks up Singh and tosses him on the announcer's table. Colon hops up on the table. Colon hoists Singh up and piledrives him through the table!!!!! OMG!!!!

Colon lays on top of Singh 1..2..3!!!! 

The crowd is in a stunned silence. Colon's bloody face has a look of both agony and triumph. He gets to his knees and manages a smile. He knows it's all over. 

Winner of the match- Carlos Colon! 

Tiger Jeet Singh is stretchered out of the AWA. 




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"Iron" Scott McGee debuts with a win.

Vin Man reminds everyone that he's more than just a (highly entertaining) mouthpiece.

Estrada shows Putski why he's El Jefe!

Love the Bruise Brothers but Cash should know better than to take on Ox's beasts at anything less than 100%.

A Larry Z win guarantees a pissed off crowd.

Idol takes the easy way out then tries to injure the King anyway. Jarrett may have to hire extra security next time Idol is on the card.

Ok. Colon has gone crazy a couple times now but GODDAMN! At this point I'm half expecting the crowd to turn on him.

Some might call this card a bit top-heavy...but who cares cause the top was awesome!

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I was shocked when you announced that the USWA was becoming the AWA, but it made sense considering where this whole thing started. Not to mention that the whole thing went and made Greg Gagne interesting in the process, which I didn't know was possible!

The run of "The Dragon" has been a really good one, and both Bock and Haynes make awesome challengers for him.

As always, your tag team division is stacccckkkeeddddd! Best of 7 between the RnR and The Fabs is going to be something else though.

Old favorites like Lawler, Dream Machine, and Idol are still kicking ass around here, and as always you seamlessly rotate in new talent and always have something for them to do.

Great Stuff as Always!

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Giant Haystacks is being built up as such a monster! I'm really looking forward to seeing Ricky Steamboat versus Nick Bockwinkel, what a match that'll be! Tiger Jeet Singh being stretchered out of the arena .. and out of the company, is a neat visual!

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I can't express how excited I am for the Best of Seven series between the Rock & Roll Express and the Fabs! So much potential here for this feud based in everything so far.

Vin Man is back and better than ever....the new and improved Family is going to spell trouble for a lot of folks here in the AWA! 

Snuka made have made a mistake getting involved in Billy Jack and Ox Baker's business!

Surely Idol knows better than to underestimate "The King"......

While I didn't at the time when I was 11 years old, looking back watching old tapes, I liked the pairing of Al Perez and Larry Zbyzsko in JCP in '88....looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Hahaha The Great Gagne retains! The fact you've found a way to make Greg Gagne entertaining should earn you some sort of an award lol

Steamboat vs. Bockwinkel has to be the best technical fued in the game right now!

Onward to Rupp Arena!

Vin Man gets his hands dirty and gets a win for himself!

"El Jefe" might be the most underrated heels in the AWA....I really enjoy him!

The Bruise Brothers had a great run here but it seems Priceless has sent them on a downward spiral.

I can't imagine what it will take to end the feud between Snuka/Billy Jack Haynes!

Idol shows what a heel he truly is with his antics here against Lawler.

Tiger gets stretchered out of the arena and the AWA......that's a shame lol

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I can't express how excited I am for the Best of Seven series between the Rock & Roll Express and the Fabs! So much potential here for this feud based in everything so far.

Vin Man is back and better than ever....the new and improved Family is going to spell trouble for a lot of folks here in the AWA! 

Snuka made have made a mistake getting involved in Billy Jack and Ox Baker's business!

Surely Idol knows better than to underestimate "The King"......

While I didn't at the time when I was 11 years old, looking back watching old tapes, I liked the pairing of Al Perez and Larry Zbyzsko in JCP in '88....looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Hahaha The Great Gagne retains! The fact you've found a way to make Greg Gagne entertaining should earn you some sort of an award lol

Steamboat vs. Bockwinkel has to be the best technical fued in the game right now!

Onward to Rupp Arena!

Vin Man gets his hands dirty and gets a win for himself!

"El Jefe" might be the most underrated heels in the AWA....I really enjoy him!

The Bruise Brothers had a great run here but it seems Priceless has sent them on a downward spiral.

I can't imagine what it will take to end the feud between Snuka/Billy Jack Haynes!

Idol shows what a heel he truly is with his antics here against Lawler.

Tiger gets stretchered out of the arena and the AWA......that's a shame lol

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Really good card.

Nice job in the first couple of matches and you gave those you wanted a nice little push.

Losing to the Beast of Burden is no shame but the Bruise Brothers seem to have lost some mojo.  Will be interesting to see what happens here for both of these teams.

You have found a great way to keep Billy Jack and Snuka a hot topic in the AWA... Have these two monsters beat on each other.  This could entertain the fans for months.

Finally a good ref catches the bad guy as Idol gets caught using the belt.  We need this refs name as Mid-South is looking for a few good men in stripes.

Colon shocks the fans.... maybe he has just snapped.  Step into the ring for a year of blood-filled bouts and you just might not be right in the head anymore.


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