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Abdullah's use of a fork on that loop of shows... man... Abdullah is definitely gonna Abdullah.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the Moondogs are being used here. DOD is one of the most imposing stables in the game.

Very nice contributory build to the Bash. Going to be a mega-show and your pieces of it are some of the main reasons why.

Keep up the great work. Always a fun watch, for my money's worth!

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*Breaking News*

Due to changes within the National Wrestling Alliance the board of directors has created a new schedule affecting all three of its territories. Western States Wrestling will be implementing the following changes effective immediately.

1. WSW's weekly tv show shall move from Saturday morning at 9:35am to Sunday at noon.

2. The weekly event at the Sports Arena shall also be moved to Sunday. The bell time shall remain 3pm however.

3. The WSW live event loop shall now begin on Monday and end on Saturday. The order of cities will remain the same.

Western States Wrestling looks forward to continuing to bring it's exciting product to the territories of Western Texas,Colorado,New Mexico & Oklahoma in conjunction with it's partners in the NWA. The changes to Mid-South & Contental will be announced in the coming days.

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Western States Wrestling Episode 10

July 11 1986

From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas 

Airing live at Noon on WTBS Channel 17

A series of still images from the Great American Bash are shown l....Chicky Starr shoving his cigar into Jimmy Jack Funk's eye, Embry holding the World Jr Heavyweight Championship,Windham hitting a chain assisted bulldog on Smirnoff,Spot driving the Golden Spike into Chris's throat, DiBiase & Williams being awarded the NWA World Tag Team Titles & Finally Nikita Koloff standing center ring with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. After this time usual WSW opening montage plays.

We cut to Steve Stack & commissioner Frank Duesk standing in front of a joint WSW and NWA banner.

Stack: Hello ladies and gentlemen i'm Steve Stack welcoming you to the first edition of Western States Wrestling at High Noon sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance,the premier governing body of professional wrestling the world over.As you saw the Great American Bash was one of the most eventful events in the history of professional wrestling and it was WSW's honor to host night 1. We'll have news from the Bash throughout the hour but first I'm thrilled to be joined by the commissioner of Western States Wrestling Mr Frank Dusek, Frank we have several new champions here in Western States including a new title.

Dusek: That's right Steve you know I've made it something of a tradition to personally award the inaugural title holders in WSW their Championship belts and I see no reason to stop now. With that being said allow me the pleasure of introducing the first ever Western States Television Champion...accompanied by his manager Slick,Shaska Whatley!

Whatley & Slick strut to the interview area as boos rain down. Whatley accepts the title and handshake from Dusek before raising the belt with a triumphant laugh. Slick grabs the mic.

Slick: I told ya Stacky! I told ya Dukey! I told all these cowpie eating rednecks in Armadillo Texas *Booooo* that my main man the "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley was going down in history as the first TV champion and just like everything else tha Slickster says it came tru cause when the Slickster wants something to happen he makes it happen just like snaps his fingers hahaha!

Stack snatches the mic back.

Stack: Are you saying you had something to do with that Vile act by Chicky Starr?

Slick: Nah-nah Stackster, ya see what happened there was Funk was so angry bout being whooped pilla-to-post by my main man here he starts popping off about Starr's mama! Now tha Slickster don't approve exactedely approve of tha whole cigar thing but if a man don't defend his mama is he even a man?

Dusek: Do you actually expect anyone to believe that hogwash?

Slick: Well course i do Frankie D! Everybody knows that the Slickster don't do nothing but tell tha truth!

Dusek: Oh yeah? Well I got some for you "Slickster" your main man here better enjoy his next week as champion because next week in the main event he makes his first defense against Scott Irwin! *The crowd pops big for both the announcement and Slick's comically offended reaction*

Whatley: Who the hell has that hillbillie beat to deserve anything round hillbillies?

Dusek: Well Mr Whatley, off the top of my head he's the only man in WSW to beat YOU!

Whatley: Only cause i was distracted by that toy train obsessed Uncle Tom chasing Slick round ringside!

Dusek: Well how about this? Nobody without a managers license is allowed at ringside. That way there's no excuse if & when he beats you AGAIN!

Whatley lunges at Dusek but is held back by Slick.

Slick: I shoulda known it wouldn't take 5 minutes fore the man tried to beat da man back into his place. Well guess what sucka, we already know our place and it's ahead of a washed up honky like you and we gon prove it next week! Let's go CHAMP! Slick and Whatley storm off.

Stack: Well things sure got tense here in a hurry. Let's take a break to cool of than we'll be back with some exciting Western States action!

Commercial break-Steve Stack runs down the Western States live events for this coming week.

We return to a to Steve Stack joined by Radiance. Embry proudly has the Jr Heavyweight title over the shoulder nearest the camera.

Stack: Ladies and gentlemen i'm joined know by "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers & the NEW NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry! I must congratulate you Mr Embry for winning 2 out of 3 matches during the Great American Bash although none of the results were clean.

Embry: *Glaring daggers at Stack* What are you insinuating little man?

Stack: I'm stating as fact sir that you may not be champion had Mr Somers not tripped Steve Regal.

Somers: How dare you!? I thought i saw the referee drop his wallet and when I reached in to grab it and hand it back to him like the upstanding citizen Eric & i both are,Regal deliberately stomped his elephant foot down on my hand and i guess when I recoiled in agony he must have tripped. Thankfully my partner is such a superior athlete that he was able to land on top for his well deserved victory. 

Stack stares at Somers in clear disbelief then opens his mouth while raising a finger as if to make a counter point but pauses a moment before turning (mouth still opened & finger still raised to address Embry)

Stack: OK Mr Embry how bout night 3 when you CLEARLY had to grab Mike Graham's tights to hold him down?

Embry: Stack you must've been drunker than Charlie Platt & Gordon Solie combined if that's what you think happened! Obviously i was putting pressure on his lower back to increase my leverage as taught in any Wrestling school worth the price of admission. I notice you haven't mentioned night 2 when that sore ugly loser Mr not-so Regal cost me the victory i was clearly cruising too. But it doesn't matter because no Jr in the entire NWA with the talent,intelligence and especially looks to replace me as the face of this division just as there's no team that can stop Radiance from becoming WSW then eventually NWA World Tag Team champions. The era of Radiance is upon us people! 

Radiance walks away while Stack just shakes his head before sending us to the ring for our first match.

Match 1

"The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez defeats Tojo Yamamoto with a bridging German suplex.

Commercial break 

We return to see a clearly uneasy Steve Stack joined by Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher 

Stack: I'm joined by the "Taskmaster" of the Dungeon of Doom Kevin Sullivan & "The Madman from the Sudan" Abdullah the Butcher and Kevin i can only imagine how happy you are now that your Moondogs are WSW Tag Team Champions.

Sullivan: Steve Stack they say if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life and you're looking at a man who hasn't worked a day since I arrived in Western States Wrestling. When Abudadeen assigned me the task of molding WSW into his fortress he promised great rewards for success and the first of those rewards were handed down when I lead my Moondogs through the slums of Singapore to place the Tag Titles upon the alter in the temple of Ascension. As I speak my Moondogs are partaking in the ritual to elevate themselves to their next stage of consciousness. The results will be clear upon their return next week.  But the rewards didn't stop there,for leading them to glory i have received the honor of introducing Abudadeen's newest most perfect creation to the world. Come lovely Jason come say hello.

A man stalks to ringside. He's dressed in rags,his bald head adorned only in a hockey mask and he carries a AX that Sullivan has pry from him before the bell rings.

Match 2

Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan annihilates Vinnie Spearing finishing the massacre with a northern lights bomb.

Commercial break 

We return to see Steve Stack joined by Dutch Mantell 

Stack: Folks i'm here with the man who in two weeks time shall challenge Jumbo Tsuruta for the WSW Heavyweight Championship at the Sports Arena,Dutch Mantell! *massive pop*

Mantell: Thank y'all kindly. I'mma keep this short & sweet,Jumbo you're a great wrassler and by all accounts you hit like a mac truck but ain't the Jap been born that can keep Dutch Mantell down and if any of your buddies in Zai-boots-sue try to stick their nose in my business I'm gonna introduce'em to my girl Shoo baby! 

Mantell reaches into his pauncho and produces a bull whip! He gives it a good crack then heads to the ring.

Match 3

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell defeats "Crazy" Carey Thompsett with the Tennessee Chainsaw.

Commercial break-Steve Stack runs down the card for the Sports Arena later today 

Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs U.S Steel 

The Glamor Boys vs The Devil's Duo w/Slick 

"The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez vs "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood vs Radiance 

Taped fist match 

Abdullah the Butcher w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs Cocoa Samoa 

Bunkhouse Gangfight

The Wild Bunch (Kendall Windham & The Long Riders) vs Devastation Inc ("Killer" Tim Brooks & Karachi Vice) w/"General" Skandar Akbar 

Bullrope match 

Chicky Starr vs Dory Funk Jr 

Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta,Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto vs "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell, "Dirty" Dutch Mantell & Terry Funk 

Before the main event Skandar Akbar barges into the interview area and grabs the mic from Stack.

Akbar: At the Great American Bash i was failed by the Soviet stooge and humiliated by a beanpoll with a mop on it's head. The course correct begins now! I have fired that incompetent commie and at the Sports Arena I'll unveil the biggest surprise in Western States history and crush the Wild Bunch once and for all! 

Akbar shoves the mic into Stack's chest and storms off.

Main event 

The Super Destroyer defeats "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell when Super D 2 energed from under the ring and after loading something into his mask, switched places with his partner and delivered a headbutt to Mantell for the tainted victory.

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Great show! Enjoyed the main event with a very heated finish!

Great job with the Slick promo, I could just hear the Slickster's voice as I read it!

I also enjoyed the Eric Embry promo as he's been someone I've loved writing for in the past, happy to see he's in good hands!

Going to continue to catch up on past episodes of WSW and all the other great shows here over the next couple of weeks!

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Western States Wrestling 

Sports Arena 

Amarillo Texas 

Bell time 3pm 

Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeats U.S Steel by referee stoppage when Jason mounted Steel and repeatedly headbutted him with the hockey mask!

The Devil's Duo w/Slick defeat The Glamor Boys when Radiance came down distracting the Glamor Boys & the referee. During the confusion Slick passed Sword a bike chain which he ko'd Simpson with for the win.

"The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez defeats "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan with a bridging German suplex. After the bell Jason came in swinging his ax though Perez thankfully made it out unharmed.

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood defeat Radiance. A ref bump allowed Embry to line up a belt shot on Kirchner but before he could strike Steve Doll ran down and snatched the belt. Embry gave chase leaving legal man Somers to fall victim to the Cobra Clutch.

Intermission limited tickets for next week's event sold.

Taped fist match 

Cocoa Samoa defeats Abdullah the Butcher w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan When Cocoa banged Abby's & Sullivan's heads together then hit a Samoan drop followed by a second rope splash.

Bunkhouse Gangfight

Rules for a Bunkhouse Gangfight

No DQ 

No C.O

Tornado rule in affect

Falls count anywhere 

Come dressed as you are 

Devastation Inc defeats The Wild Bunch 

A chaotic affair in which chairs, boards, belts, boots & even a (unlit) branding iron are used. The decisive moment is when Akbar barked into a walkie-talkie summoning the ONE MAN GANG who layed out The Wild Bunch culminating in a 747 to Windham on the ring apron allowing Brooks to pin him after he rolled in agony to the floor.

Bullrope match 

Dory Funk Jr defeats Chicky Starr with a piledriver on the Cowbell.

Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta,Kendo Nagasaki &Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto defeat "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell,"Dirty" Dutch Mantell & Terry Funk. Johnny Mantell seemed to still be feeling the affects of the loaded headbutt earlier and this ultimately lead to him taking the pin after a shot with the Japanese flag by Tojo and a thrust kick by Nagasaki. Zaibatsu tried to continue the attack after the bell but Dutch grabbed Shoo baby and chased the Japanese contingent away but not before Tojo caught a couple lashes.


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Loved the post Bash promos! 

Slick and Whatley are money and I hope Whatley has a long TV title run. BTW, Whatley had one of the best struts in wrestling LOL. 

I knew Embry would have a lot to say. Sommers explanation of what went down at the Bash made perfect sense to me LOL. 

Sullivan introduces Jason! I admit, I would be terrified to interview these guys. 

Dirty Dutch brings out his insurance policy Shoo Baby! 

Watch out WSW, Akbar is bringing in a new member. 

Wild main event as the Super Destroyers are up to their old tricks.

To the Sports Arena, 

With a hockey mask and Axe, can Jason be stopped? 

Even though they get a bit of help from Radiance and a bike chain, still a big win for Devil's Duo. 

Nice win for Perez over Sullivan. Good thing Perez got out of there.

Poor Sommers, takes the fall while his partner chases down his belt. Creative finish. 

WOW! Cocoa gets a major win over Abby! I think Cocoa deserves a title shot after that showing. 

OMG has arrived!!! Devastation indeed! 

Zaibatsu has been on a roll! Dutch better be on high alert when he takes on Jumbo. 

Great week! 

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Solid night of action Amarillo!

Wow, Jason destroys U.S. Steel....no doubt that he's a threat now!

HUGE wins for Cocoa Samoa and Devastation Inc with the arrival of One Man Gang!

Dory Funk pulls off the win over my guy Chicky Starr! I'm always pulling for Chicky!

What a main event! Love seeing Terry Funk teaming with the Mantells....Tojo has quite the squad here and I know this is far from over!

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Really enjoyed the TV show this week.  I thought your opening segment with Slick and Embry on the mic was AWESOME.  Pretty Boy saying he tripped Graham by accident as he was trying to pick up the refs wallet was great and I could hear almost every word coming out of Slick's mouth.... He really is slick!!!

NOW WE ARE TALKING.... Jason the Terrible with Sullivan.  This is going to be a wild ride.

Super Destroyers are tough enough when you deal with one.  THe old switch-a-roo gimmick makes them unbeatable.  Nice booking here as Mantell has a reason to go down in defeat.

The card this week was PERFECT for Western States.  From the from the Bullrope Match to the Gang Fight to the Taped Fist Match... this was booked for the tough West Texas fan.  Nice job.  I think Sullivan has found his new main man!!  Good week for Dory!  Now he needs to get the rest of the Funks rolling and all will be right for the fans of Western States.

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Western States Wrestling live events 

6-12-1986 Fair Park Coluseam, Lubbock TX 

6-13-1986 The Coluseam, El Paso TX 

6-14-1986 Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque NM 

6-15-1986 Denver Auditorium, Denver CO 

6-16-1986 Civic Center, Tulsa OK 

6-17-1986 The Myriad, Oklahoma city OK 

"The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride defeats a local talent with a Flying Bodypress.

Scott "Hog" Irwin defeats Doug Vines w/Slick with a running Bulldog.


"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick defeats "Wild" Bill Irwin when Slick tripped Irwin as he was going for a Bycicle Kick leaving him open for the Flying Willie.

Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan & Cocoa Samoa goes to a double c.o.

One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar defeats "The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez with the 747.

"The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell defeats "Killer" Tim Brooks w/"General" Skandar Akbar by dq when Brooks threw a chair at Mantell's head during a brawl on the floor.

The Tribal Nation (Youngbloods) defeat Karachi Vice w/"General" Skandar Akbar when Mark performed a top rope Sunsetflip on Makahn. Karachi Vice attacked after the bell with the entire security being required to separate them.

The Funk Brothers & "Dirty" Dutch Mantell defeat Chicky Starr & Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta & "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk) w/Tojo Yamamoto when Mantell pinned Duk with the Tennessee Chainsaw. Tojo tried to jump Mantell as soon as the bell rang cracking him in the back with the Japanese flag but the Funk's grabbed him after the first strike. They started pounding on the despised manager but were cut off themselves by the arrival of Mr Pogo & Kendo Nagasaki carrying his Kendo stick. As Duk, Jumbo & Chicky recover we get a 6-3 beatdown for a couple of minutes until this to is interrupted by the arrival of The Long Riders.....and a chair swinging Jimmy Jack Funk!!! JJ swings right for Chicky's head but the Puerto Rican villain dives outta the ring and runs up the aisle with JJ in hot pursuit. The remaining ten men brawl a few more minutes before Dutch clears the heels out with a few cracks from Shoo Baby. Zaibatsu retreat up the aisle as the 5 cowboys celebrate with the fans to close the show.

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Great week for the fans of WSW!

Shaska with a win over BIll but can he survive Scott?

Jason The Terrible is giving the West Texas fans just what they crave.... violence!

One Man Gang makes a deep heel group even deeper.  Akbar has a real dangerous stable right now.

Tribal Nation with a big win.  Karachi Vice has been built up in Dawn of War to be the real deal.  Nice win here for the fans.

Chaos in the Main Event is always fun.  Great way to lend with everybody talking about what they just saw.  They will be back next time WSW is in town.

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You've done an incredible job building up your roster. WSW is bringing in the money. 

Slick and Whatley are in sync. 

Cocoa going toe to toe with the Dungeon of Doom has really gotten him over. 

OMG shows his devastation with a 747 win over a red hot Perez. 

Hope to see more of Mantell and Brooks going at it. 

Tribal Nation prove their still title threats with that win over Karachi Vice. 

Heck of a main event and post match brawl! Chicky almost gets decapitated. Chicky vs. JJ is going to get crazy. Shoo Baby is defiantly over LOL. Funks and Zaibatsu are heading for an epic blow off. 

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Great card for the house shows

Loving the Slick/Whatley pairing, great win here over Wild Bill

The Gang has made his presence felt quickly here and a win over Perez keeps the momentum rolling!

I certainly would have bought a ticket for that main event! Loving the Funks as faces here along with Dutch and Zaibatsu along with Chicky are perfect heels for Texas.

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Western States Wrestling Episode 11

July 18 1986

From the KFDA-TV Studio in Amarillo Texas 

Airing live at Noon on WTBS Channel 17

The usual montage of Western States action set to "Into the fire" by Dokken opens the show ending on a shot of WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta.

We cut to Steve Stack standing in front of a joint WSW and NWA banner.

Stack: Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting episode of Western States Wrestling at High Noon sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance,the premier governing body of professional wrestling the world over. We've got a amazing show for you today as the Moondogs will be in action for the first time since winning the WSW Tag Team Titles. Also we'll get our first look at the newest member of Devastation Inc, the massive One Man Gang as he competes in a 3-1 handicap match. Cocoa Samoa will be in action fresh off what many are calling the biggest win of his career defeating Abdullah the Butcher in a Taped fist match last week at the Sports Arena. And our big main event Shaska Whatley makes his first defense of the Western States Television Championship against the only man to pin him so far in WSW, Scott Irwin of the Wild Bunch in a match in which noone without a valid managers license will be allowed at ringside. But first in our opening contest a recent arrival in WSW who's been making quite the scene in the Caribbean wrestling scene, The man known as the "Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride!

Match 1

"The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride defeats The Texas Outlaw with a Flying Bodypress.

(Pride makes his way to Steve Stack at the interview area)

Stack: An impressive debut to be sure. Tell us Mr Pride what are your (The question trails off as Kevin Sullivan & Jason the Terrible enter the set)

Stack: Now gentlemen let's be professional.

Sullivan: That's precisely why I'm here Steve Stack. Professional courtesy. I thought I owed it to WSW's new shiny toy that if he knows what's good for him he'd go back to the island before he ends up just another sacrifice on the alter of Abudadeen.

Pride: Now you listen here Sullivan. You may scare this good people with your quasi mystical ramblings but I'm from Haiti the mecca of Voodoo. If you want to impress me you'll have to try harder than painting your face like a knockoff Gene Simmons & dressing some hobo like Jason Voorhees fresh off his shift as a janitor.

Jason lunges at Pride but is surprisingly held back by a grinning Sullivan.

Sullivan: Oh so the new toy thinks he's a real boy? Alright since you're feeling so brave how about you meet my Jason at the Sports Arena later today?

Pride: You're on. Plus if I'm lucky I'll get the chance to do all these people a favor and slap the taste out of your mouth.

Sullivan: *Sinister laugh* Lovely we'll see you there. Leads Jason away.

Pride leaves to a decent pop

Stack: I hope Tyree Pride understands what he just agreed to. Folks we'll be back with more Western States action after this commercial break.

Commercial break-Steve Stack runs down the Western States live events for this coming week.

We return to footage from last weeks show at the Sports Arena showing the shocking arrival of the One Man Gang culminating in his 747 to Windham on the ring apron.

We cut to a beaming Akbar & OMG joining Steve Stack at the interview area.

Stack: Skandar Akbar last week you promised to deliver the biggest surprise in Western States history and i must say sir I'd say you delivered with the arrival of the One Man Gang.

Akbar: Stack I'm in such a good mood I'll ignore the fact that you failed address me as General, this time. I don't suggest it happen again however. Now just shut up and watch as my One Man Gang destroys these 3 nobodies as easily as he destroyed that toothpick Windham last week & as my Devastation Inc shall destroy the rest of the Wild Bunch in due time.

Match 2 

3-1 handicap match 

One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar defeats Garland Morse,Kyler Ball & Lennie Huxtable by stacking the 3 on top of each other than climbing the ropes to splash the whole pile.

Stack: (in fearful awe) Ladies and gentleman if you'll pardon the pun the only word I can think to describe what we just witnessed is devastation. However if the "General" and his man had let me continue i would've told him that Kendall Windham's ribs turned out not to be ad damaged as initially feared and he's believed to be able to return in a matter of weeks. We'll be back with more Western States action after this commercial break.

Commercial break 

Match 3

WSW Tag Team Champions The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs Branson Judd & Tyler Elwin never got started as the Moondogs jumped their opponents before the bell and never let up enough for Bobby Pico to call for the bell. Bones,chairs,the ring bell & the Golden Spike are all used on this two poor souls who are beaten all around the studio. During the course of this slaughter Bobby Pico,Alex Perez & a number of security are laid out for daring to get involved. But the worst part comes as Spot is bludgeoning a bloody,semi-consious Elwin near the guardrail. A particularly brave (planted) fan reaches over to try & help...only to receive A HEADBUTT FROM SPOT!!! THE REST OF THE AUDIENCE RECOIL IN HORROR 

Stack: (In barely suppressed panic) OH GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN! GO TO COMMERCIAL! GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!

Commercial break 

We return to a disheveled Steve Stack.

Stack: Ladies and gentlemen i don't know what to say. The Moondogs have been out of control since arriving in WSW but what we just saw was something else entirely. Commissioner Frank Dusek personally lead the police sent to remove Sullivan & his men from the premises. He's also seen to it the Moondogs opponents & the assaulted fan have been sent to the nearest hospital. I understand He's currently on the phone with NWA president Bill Watts to discuss potential repercussions. Well as they say the show must go on. Let's see if we can settle things down with this next match.

Match 4

Cocoa Samoa defeats Isidro Olrgario Joaquin Basilo Martin with a second rope splash. During the match Stack reveals that based on his impressive record as of late especially his recent victory over Abdullah the Butcher, Cocoa has been granted the next shot at the Western States Television Championship against the winner of this week's main event.

Commercial break-Steve Stack runs down the card for the Sports Arena late today.

Rufus "Freight Train" Jones vs The Texas Outlaw 

"The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride vs Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 

Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa vs The Devil's Duo w/Slick 

"The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez vs Kendo Nagasaki w/Tojo Yamamoto 

One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar vs "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell 

The Funk Brothers vs The Super Destroyers 

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell vs a opponent of Jumbo Tsuruta's choosing 

Non title 

WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto vs A opponent of Dutch Mantell's choosing 

Bell time 3pm tickets still available!

Main event 

Match 5

 Western States Television Championship match 

"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick defeats Scott "Hog" Irwin when Slick stealthy grabbed Irwin's leg as he had Whatley in position for the Superplex causing him to crash land with Whatley on top. A handful blue jeans during the pin gave the "Black Bullet" his first successful defense.

Stack: A disappointing finish as we seemed on the verge of a new champion until Slick interfered. Well that's it for today tune in next week same Western States time, Same Western States channel.


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The Haitian Sensation, love that moniker. Makes his debut and is thrusted into a program with Sullivan. With the voodoo comment, this could get really interesting. 

OMG takes out 3 men! True meaning of devastation. 

Moondogs go crazy tonight! I can just imagine what that scene looked like. They even take out a fan! Love the heat they're getting.

Cocoa is on a roll. After that win over Abby, he defiantly deserves that TV title shot.

Another great night of action set for the Sports Arena. 

Whatley's off and running with his TV title reign. Slick helps him get the tainted win over Irwin. It's going to be hard to beat this duo. 

Once again, great use of the talent here. 


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Western States Wrestling 

Sports Arena 

Amarillo Texas 

Bell time 3pm 

Rufus "Freight Train" Jones defeats The Texas Outlaw with a headbutt.

Jason the Terrible w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeats "The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride when Sullivan shoved Pride off the top rope as he was going for the Flying Bodypress allowing Jason to hit a Northern Lights Bomb. After the bell Jason held Pride so Sullivan could line up a shot with the Golden Spike but as he charged in,Pride spat a black mist into Sullivan's eyes! As Jason tended to the Taskmaster Pride scooped up the Spike hit Jason with it then left with it.

Sunny War Cloud & Cocoa Samoa defeat The Devil's Duo w/Slick by dq when Abdullah the Butcher stormed the ring to attack Cocoa. When Sunny tried to help the Moondogs ran out for a 3-2 beat down for a few minutes until SIVA AFI ran down with a chair which cleared the ring after a couple stiff shots.

Kendo Nagasaki w/Tojo Yamamoto defeats "The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez when Tojo distracted Alex Perez (no relation) while Al was going for the bridging German suplex allowing Kendo to hit a low blow followed by a thrust kick for the win. After the bell Perez snuck up on the celebrating duo and hit a lightning quick German suplex on Tojo! Perez scurried from the ring as a enraged Nagasaki grabbed his kendo stick.

Intermission, limited tickets for next week's event sold.

One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar defeats "The Pride of Montague County" Johnny Mantell when Akbar lowbridged Mantell as he was running the ropes. While he beat the following 10 count he quickly fell victim to a belly-to-belly & a 747.

The Funk Brothers defeat The Super Destroyers in a chaotic finish which saw the Super Ds pull the switcheroo only for the illegal Super D to be put in the Spinning toe hold by Terry & submit.

In first of the mystery opponent matches Dutch Mantell's opponent is revealed to be...Abdullah the Butcher! 

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell defeats Abdullah the Butcher (no Sullivan) in a bloody brawl after Dutch avoided a leg drop and hit a sliding lariat that barely kept the Arabian madman down for the 3. Abby jumped Dutch after the bell stabbing him with his fork but a pause to chase off Bobby Pico allowed Dutch to grab ahold of Shoo baby and land a couple of cracks which sent Abdullah to the floor. 

Jumbo Tsuruta & Tojo Yamamoto are standing in the ring awaiting their opponent. Tojo is venting his anger over his still sore neck by verbally abusing the fans. Eventually a shock reverberates through the Sports Arena as Jumbo's opponent is revealed to be...DICK SLATER!!!

Non title 

WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto vs "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater wrestled to a 30 minute time limit draw. Almost the instant Steve Stack announced the result the Amarillo faithful erupted in a chant of "5 more minutes" to which Slater immediately agreed but when Alex Perez asked Jumbo & Tojo if they agreed they briefly discussed it amongst themselves before Tojo grabbed the house mic and told them "You want 5 more minutes? Wedon't owe you mentally retarded Texans 5 seconds" collected the WSW Heavyweight Championship from the timekeeper's table and they calmly left to chants of "Coward"

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Nice to see Freight Train getting some respect during his twilight years.

SIVA and Cocoa together again! YES! 

Kendo gets the win but Perez gets some satisfaction. 

Big win for OMG over Mantell. OMG is looking unstoppable. 

Super D's found out the hard way you can't outsmart the Funks. 

The fans get a treat with that Dutch/Abby match. The whip gets the better of the fork LOL.

The surprises get better as DICK SLATER arrives to take on Jumbo. I think Slater earned himself a future title shot by taking the champ to the limit.

This card was a blast! 

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First for the TV show...

Nice first win for Pride but then he has some big words for Sullivan and crew.  he better be ready.

3-1 for OMG.... The babyfaces better beware!!

The Moondog attacks a fan!!!  Typical member of a Sullivan crew.  Will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

Watts is a very busy man as he try to sort of Wildfire attacking his mother in CCW, Moondog attacking fans in WSW and Ladd and Sheik Adnan in Mid-South!!

And let's add Slick to the issue of what to do with the managers and chaos around the NWA as he helps Shaska survuve a TV title match


On to the Sports Arena

I had a feeling that Tyree was in trouble.

OMG contiunes to rise up the ranks... He is going to be a Monster Heel in WSW

Great match with the Funks and Super D's... you have really put together a nice tag division.

Slater vs Jumbo is a nice main event that would sell some major tickets.  Can't wait for the next TV show to see if this is a one and done event or if it will turn into a major feud.

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I like what you're doing with Tyree Pride both here on TV and on the show that evening.  Pride was someone I wasn't real familiar with but I got the chance to see some of his work down in Florida a few months ago and feel he was underutilized and I think this "voo doo" angle against Sullivan has a ton of potential to be interesting! I like you let him hang with Sullivan on TV with the promo and then get the better of him after the loss to Jason! Good stuff!

I'm enjoying seeing the Irwins work under both gimmicks here in WSW, I liked both gimmicks and was always torn which way to go with them when I booked them....why not do both! Nice!

One Man Gang is being used as the monster he should be here! I hope he keeps building steam for a while.

I grew up on the Moondogs in Memphis....the wild matches with the Fabs....and later with Jarrett/Lawler and Jarrett/Fuller.....I'm glad to see them living up to their rep here WSW!

Dick Slater is here and taking Jumbo to the limit! Hope we see more of these two going at for the title!

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I loved seeing One Man Gang squash three job guys at once! Dutch Mantel beating Abdullah the Butcher is cool to see and the Funks continuing to tear it up is always fun!

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Western States Wrestling Live Events 

7-19-1986 Fair Park Coluseam Lubbock TX 

7-20-1986 The Coluseam El Paso TX 

7-21-1986 Civic Auditorium Albuquerque NM 

7-22-1986 Denver Auditorium Denver CO 

7-23-1986 Civic Center Tulsa OK 

7-24-1986 The Myriad Oklahoma city OK 

"The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride defeats Tojo Yamamoto with a Flying Bodypress. After the match Kevin Sullivan ran down to try & retrieve the Golden Spike which started a brawl between the two that ended with them being separated by security and Pride still in possession of the Golden Spike.

Non Title 

"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick defeats Steve Simpson with the Flying Willie 

The South Pacific Connection (Siva Afi & Cocoa Samoa) defeat The Devil's Duo w/Slick with a stereo diving headbutt on Vines. After the bell Shaska Whatley snuck in the ring and struck Cocoa with the television title then fled before Afi could react.


(If Doll wins he receives a future NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship match)


Steve Doll defeats "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers with a Sunsetflip. Somers tried to attack after the bell but was chased off by the arrival of Steve Simpson.


One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar defeats Scott "Hog" Irwin with the 747 after Irwin was tripped by Akbar. OMG continued to Assault Scott after the bell before Bill ran down with a chair. It took 3 stiff blows to send OMG through the ropes but not only did he land on his feet he seemed willing to get back into the ring but Akbar thought better of it.

Karachi Vice w/"General" Skandar Akbar defeat The Fort Bragg Brotherhood when Kernodle passed out Gamma's Camel Clutch as Makahn held off Kirchner.

The Tribal Nation (Sunny War Cloud & The Youngbloods) vs Dungeon of Doom ("Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan, Jason the Terrible & Abdullah the Butcher) was thrown out as all 6 men were brawling in the ring. They didn't seem to notice the match had ended and continued fighting before eventually being separated by security.

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell, "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater & The Funk Family defeat Chicky Starr & Zaibatsu (WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta, Kendo Nagasaki, Mr Pogo & "Wild Tiger" Kim Duk) w/Tojo Yamamoto when Slater made Duk submit to the Figure Four Leglock. Jimmy Jack spent the whole match trying to get at Starr culminating in them fighting to the back. Dory & Terry mostly squared off with Pogo & Nagasaki and Mantell's limited interactions with Jumbo ignited the crowd.


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These house shows must be bringing in some serious cash.

Really like the Pride/Sullivan feud. Good idea! 

Good to see the South Pacific Connection together again and gelling well. Whatley's playing with fire. 

Looks like Embry has a challenge ahead with Steve Doll. 

OMG is getting one heck of a push. Well deserved. 

Karachi Vice might be in title contention after that big win over the Fort Bragg Brotherhood. 

The fans get a wild conclusion with 2 multi tag matches. Tribal Nation takes the Dungeon of Doom to a chaotic no contest. Funks sure found one tough ally in Slater. Can't wait for the JJF/Chicky showdown. Dirty Dutch and Jumbo is going to be one of those classic contrast of styles matches that just work out so well. 

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Another fun house show loop, great win for Tyree Pride and Sullivan has to be pissed he can't get his golden spike back!

Karachi Vice are building momentum!


Awesome main event!!

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