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I keep thinking about Sgt. Slaughter and GWE so fuck it, I'm gonna watch every Sarge match I can find. 

Bob Slaughter vs Higo Hamaguchi (IWE - 1/6/75)
I had no idea Slaughter's hair game was so good. Holy shit. Clipped match but you can tell its nothing special. SargeBob looks like a pretty basic young worker.

Bob Slaughter vs Mighty Inoue (IWE - 1/7/75)
Shorter clips than the Higo match, but it looks a lot better. Sarge takes some really nice bumps that were missing from the previous match and he hits a killer backbreaker. Would've liked a complete version of this at some point.

BOb Remus & BObby Duncam vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Anton Geesik (AJPW - 7/25/75)
Sarge & Duncam both look solid but this is forgettable and you just wish it was a singles match between Jumbo and either opponent. Jumbo blades. Sarge takes a nice bump to the outside. Geesik looks terrible. Sarge & Jumbo have nice chemistry but you want to see more.

Bob Slaughter vs Ted Dibiase 6/16/78
This is just brief silent clips but both guys like sharp. I wish we had this full match because it looks fun. Ted looks like a great firey babyface and Slaughter bring some killer offense (Gutbuster, Backbreaker, Atomic Drop) to go along with his bumping. He's already doing the spot into the post.

Super Destroyer Mark II vs Dino Bravo (AWA - 10/28/79)
Super fun little studio match. Bravo looks solid. Sarge is bumping big and bringing some good offense. Nice match.

Super Destroyer Mark II vs Greg Gagne (AWA - 11/79)
Two minute video that is the last 40 seconds of a match and then a brief post match. Slaughter still manages to bust out his killer clothesline and a fucking tombstone piledriver in 1979! Greg Gagne invents modern wrestling by kicking out of the tombstone and winning the match 10 seconds later.

Super Destroyer Mark II vs Greg Gagne (AWA - 5/1/80)
This has the different date but it is definitely just the 11/79 video with 10 extra minutes! So that's awesome! Dunno which date is correct. Anyway, this is a really fun old school match. Slaughter looks really good with some killer offense and his bumping and selling rules by now. Sarge whips out some awesome finger breaking submissions too. Heenan is at ringside so we get a couple of classic Heenan moments but not so much that he overwhelms the match.

Super Destroyer Mark II vs Nick Bockwinkel (AWA - 9/7/80)
Last 5ish minutes of what looks like it was probably an awesome match. Crowd is super into it. Work looks excellent. Would love to see the full match.

Sgt Slaughter vs Billy Berger (WWWF - 8/2/80)
This is the 2nd match ever where Slaughter is working as Sgt Slaughter and he is fucking amazing. He comes walks out with the hat and whistle, chest puffed out and tries to physically intimidate this jobber and is screaming in his face. It rules. He's got this shit down literally from day 2 at worst. Obviously this is a WWWF TV squash match and Sarge just looks awesome. Just killer offense. Fantastic looking strikes, gutbusters, a killer lariat. Sarge looks like a beast on offense and the character work is perfect.

Sgt Slaughter vs Paul Figueroa (WWWF - 8/30/80)
Another squash match with Slaughter looking like a monster on offense. Fun interview after the fact where Sarge's history (Drill instructor), his present (full time dedicated pro-wrestler) and his goals (champion of everything) are laid out.

Sgt Slaughter vs Steve King (WWWF - 9/13/80)
Another squash with Slaughter just destroying a jobber. He lets King get some offense in and just no-sells it as opposed to the previous matches where his opponents got no offense at all. Another fun promo after the fact. Slaughter quotes Aretha Franklin.

Sgt Slaughter vs Bob Backlund (WWWF - 10/20/80)
Here we fucking go. Sarge in an MSG main event. This is a classic Slaughter performance. He bumps like a champ. He can get up and down and do rapid fire bumps and then he also takes enormous match changing bumps as well. And he bleeds like  a champ too. Just a great old school matchup. Sarge looks absolutely world class here. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Angelo Gomez (WWWF - 11/22/80)
Good lord, Slaughter just destroys this poor bastard. He hits a 3x repeating backbreaker, a back suplex, a dropkick, a regular piledriver and a tombstone piledriver as well as the cobra clutch. This was a fucking squash! 

Sgt Slaughter vs Steve King (WWWF - 12/6/80)
I really appreciate how Slaughter switches things up in these squash matches instead of doing the same thing over and over. This time he's a lot more low-tech. The triple backbreakers are replaced by triple kitchen sink knees and gut busters. Slaughter also does the spot where he grabs a headlock and runs the guy's head into the top turnbuckle. King kinda blows the bump on Slaughter's sweet falling clothesline so it looks more like a bulldog. Slaughter does some classic heelish shit too instead of just dominating him. He does a back rake and at one point counters an irish whip attempt with an eye poke. Cool that he's clearly put some thought in these jobber matches and does different stuff each time instead of the same old same old. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Dominic Denucci (WWWF - 12/13/80)
Pretty basic match. Sarge looks good. Denucci has a lot of energy but feels pretty limited. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Rick McGraw (WWWF - 12/27/80)
This is cool. Slaughter does something different in every match I've seen so far. This time he threw some headbutts, bit McGraw on the face and did a top rope elbow drop! This is very much not a squash. Its pretty classically structured. McGraw "controls" early using his speed & agility to sort of evade and frustrate Slaughter. He's definitely not hurting the much bigger & higher on the totem pole Slaughter. But he controls the early portion. Eventually Sarge catches him and punishes him. Since McGraw's work was more embarrassing than devastating, Sarge is pissed. We get less moves and more punches and kicks than usual. McGraw gets a brief hopeful comeback but Sarge cuts if off and kills him with a back suplex. Good TV match. Worth seeing. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Jim Duggan (WWWF - 1/3/81)
WHAT IS THIS NOW! Yes, its THAT Duggan. He's got short hair here and is a handsome young man! Early on Slaughter is jawing with an ENORMOUS fan and Vince & Patterson are playing up that the fan called Slaughter "Gomer Pyle." Who is this guy? He's huge and the interactions are too perfect for them to be legit. Fun squash. A lot happening here with the fan & young Duggan being the opponent. Cool stuff. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Bob Backlund (WWWF - 1/10/81)
This is a stone cold classic, top 10 WWF MOTDC. You don't need a review. Just go watch it. Its from Philly. 

Sgt Slaughter vs John Callahan (WWWF - 1/31/81)
This Callahan goober kicks the bottom rope as the Grand Wizard is exiting the ring with all of Sarge's stuff so Slaughter mauls him and beats him in 90seconds. 

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Sgt Slaughter vs Jim Duggan (WWWF - 2/7/81)
Before the match, Johnny Rodz accepts the $5000 cobra clutch challenge. Spoiler, he loses. Then a nothing match that lasts about 90 seconds. But Sarge manages to come off the top rope with a sick looking knee.

Sgt Slaughter vs Bob Backlund (WWWF - 2/14/81)
Another classic between two of the best of their era. Great chemistry. Super invested crowd. Holy shit yall, watch all these Slaughter vs Backlund matches.

Sgt Slaughter vs Pedro Morales (WWWF - 2/16/81)
Slaughter in MSG is SO OVER as a heel. It is wild. Sarge is awesome in the earlier going playing to the hyped up crowd. Lots of early schtick. The longer Backlund matches have been all action from the start so this is a changeup so far in terms of structure. Slow going but they keep the crowd interested early giving Morales lots of little wins. Great up & down bumping section off Morales arm drags by Sarge really gets the crowd going. Finally Sarge says enough and hits some great clubbing forearms to Morales' back and takes him down with a front face lock. They lay in it for 2 minutes and its not great but the crowd is right there with them when they slowly pick it up for a hope spot. Sarge cuts it off with a great shoulder block (nice bump by Morales) and a beautiful body slam (fantastic sell by Morales). Back to the front facelock and they build to another beautiful bodyslam this time as a counter by Morales. Great bump and selling from both guys. Slaughter gets to his feet first and locksin the cobra clutch but Morales makes it to the ropes and goes to the outside. They play a great king of the mountain game for a bit with Slaughter dominating. Pedro's selling is excellent in this match. He takes a HUGE bump off a back body drop. Slaughter follows up with a great backbreaker, his falling knee drop and fantastic punches. Fanastic criss crossing rope spot leads to the start of Morales' comeback. Morales' comeback means we get some of Sarge's world class bumping & selling. No one takes a post shot better than Slaughter. Its not possible. He takes a few different ones here and they're all fantastic. Finishing stretch is awesome as they just trade great looking punches until Sarge just bails. The heat is off the charts. Another great one.

Sgt Slaughter vs Ron Shaw (WWWF - 2/21/81)
Starts with $5,000 Cobra Clutch challenge against Jeff Parsons. Parsons does not break the hold. TV Crowd is chanting "GOmer Gomer Gomer" and SLaughter is awesome reacting to it. He's able to show his comedic side and be a badass all at once. Slaughter makes quick work of Shaw. There's actually a splash of offense from Shaw at the start of this so we get some great Slaugther selling of damage. But Slaughter finishes him pretty quicklly.

Sgt Slaughter vs Pat Patterson $5,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge (WWWF - 3/7/81)
I didn't intend to review anything that was only an angle with no match attached but this is an absolutely classic angle. Must watch.

Sgt Slaughter vs Andre the Giant (WWWF - 3/16/81)
I love this match. Andre is one of the best of all time and you get a taste of that here. Andre is a master at giving his opponents just enough offense and knowing exactly how much to sell. Slaughter is a perfect opponent for Andre because Slaughter is a huge human being compared to us average folks. So to see him dwarfed by Andre is a sight to behold. There's an amazing "HOLY SHIT" spot where Sarge flies off the 2nd turnbuckle and Andre just snatches him out of the air like a child. Sarge also has really great looking offense so if given an opening, it makes sense that he could do SOME damage to Andre. And of course Sarge is one of the all time bumpers so he can make all of Andre's stuff look absolutely killer. They do the Flair spot where Sarge gets caught on the top rope with a press slam and it is INSANE. This match is a ton of fun. Highly recommended if you're a fan of either performer. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Bob Backlund (Cage Match - WWWF - 3/21/81)
I assume everyone knows this one already. One of the great cage matches of the decade. Prioritize this feud if you havent seen it!

Sgt Slaughter vs Angelo Gomez (WWWF - 4/4/81)
Slaughter does the Hogan in Japan hammerlock into drop toe hold combo. Slaughter lets Gomez gets some offense in before he absolutely destroys him with a clothesline and then the cobra clutch. Basic squash. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Pat Patterson (WWWF - 4/6/81)
Another epic match. This is another matchup where everyone is likely familiar with the famous blow off match, but the early matches are awesome. Fantastic chemistry from these two. Great heat. This is just perfect wrestling. Poor referee takes a beating. 

Sgt Slaughter & Moondog Rex vs Andre the Giant & Tony Garea (WWWF - 4/18/81)
This one really grew on me as it went along. At first I was thinking it was just going to be ok, but then it just got better and better. Simple, low-tech tag match but the characters are all distinct and everyone knows & plays their role to perfection. Just the sort of really smartly worked old school match that I really enjoy. Really fun stuff very much worth watching. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Pat Patterson (WWWF - 4/18/81)
These two are just magic together. Another classic old school match. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Pat Patterson (Alley Fight - WWWF - 5/4/81)
Another one where I dont feel like I have to say anything. its the Slaughter vs Patterson Alley Fight. If you're reading this and haven't seen this match, stop reading. 

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Sgt Slaughter & Bobby Duncam vs Antonio Inoki & Dusty Rhodes (NJPW - 6/3/81)
Perfectly fine tag match. Quick and forgettable but it did make me want to watch any possible combo of these 4 match up in a singles match. So that's cool.

Sgt Slaughter & Bobby Duncam vs Bob Backlund & Dusty Rhodes (NJPW - 6/4/81)

This is better than the prior match because Backlund really has his working shoes on and is willing to bring it in this 10min match and Slaughter works most of the way so we get a taste of their great chemistry. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Pedro Morales (WWWF - 6/8/81)
Fun little match. Not as long or as awesome as their earlier Philly match, but a nice example of Sarge bumping around like a maniac creating killer offense for his opponent out of basic moves. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Rick McGraw (WWWF - 6/20/81)
And this is why we should do these deep dives. This is a short match less than 9 minutes. But McGraw comes out on fire and Slaughter cuts a fucking insane blade job and is just covered with blood. This makes him mad and he beats the absolute shit out of McGraw, gets the pinfall and continues to destroy him. AWESOME piece of business right here. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Pat Patterson (Alley Fight - WWWF - 8/1/81)
I am ashamed to admit I did not know this happened. This one is from Philly. Lets see if its awesome...IT IS. WTF get on this people!

Sgt Slaughter vs Jay Youngblood (Maple Leaf Wrestling - 10/4/81)
Really good old school house show match. Super crowd. Sarge bumps around like a maniac for all of Youngblood's armdrags, hip tosses and other babyface for the first portion of the match. Then Sarge cuts him off and we get much sharper brutal looking offense. Youngblood gets a quick comeback before theygo to the cobra clutch. Really good.

Sgt Slaughter & Greg Valentine vs Pat Patterson & Jay Youngblood (Maple Leaf Wrestling - 10/5/81)
UGGGH. Major disappointment because of the length (~3 minutes). The work is very good but this felt like a RAW match from 1998. It was over before it started. I would LOVE to see these 4 guys have a 15-20 minute tag because it could be a classic. This was such a tease. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Ken Hall (JCP - 11/21/81)
Prematch promo has a John Cena lookalike standing at attention the whole time. Cool! Then Slaughter goes out and just kills this jobber in 3 minutes. Great punches, backbreakers, the sick falling clothesline and the cobra clutch and this one is over. Worth watching to see time machined John Cena before the match. 

Sgt Slaughter & Jim Nelson vs Terry Taylor & Mike Davis (JCP - 12/30/81)
Fine little tag match. No problem whatsoever just nothing to write home about with this one. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Buddy Landell (JCP - 1/16/82)
Cool, Buddy Landell! His hair isn't even dyed yet. This was another forgettable jobber match. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Tony Anthony (JCP - 4/21/82)
Cool, Tony Anthony!!! Folks used to joke about the Mid-Atlantic arm-bar. And its pretty funny. Ever since he showed up there, the base for all these jobber matches is an arm bar. This is the best one of the JCP matches so far, but is another jobber match. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Wahoo McDaniel (JCP - 4/28/82)
Holy shit this ruled. Just a perfect studio match that starts slow and builds to a huge crescendo. These two have fantastic chemistry. I need like 10 matches between these two. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Wahoo McDaniel (JCP - 5/21/82)
Don't get too hyped. This is just the last couple of minutes of a match that was almost certainly awesome. Can't really tell anything from the footage. All we can do is hope the complete version surfaces one day. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Mike Rotunda (JCP - 5/22/82)
These JCP Slaughter squash matches are a real who's who. Rotunda gets in a surprising amount of offense and this is worked at a quick pace. But this is another forgettable one. No complaints about the work itself mind you. Just forgettable. 

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Sgt Slaughter & Angelo Mosca vs The Wild Samoans (JCP - 6/2/82)
Short tag team squash match. The Samoans aren't even named. "We'll just call them Samoan 1 and Samoan 2." Nothing match.

Sgt Slaughter vs Iceman Parsons (JCP - 7/7/82)
Fun match! Probably the most enjoyable of the Slaughter vs JTTS match in JCP so far. Slaughter just destroys him. Iceman gets a few roll ups for hope spots but this is really Slaughter just crushing Iceman. This is the first time I've heard the words "Slaughter Cannon" so far in this project. There's a couple of killer ones in this match. Fun stuff.

Sgt Slaughter & Chris Adams vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Seiji Sakaguchi (NJPW - 8/82)
Super solid tag match. Everyone looks good. Adams I think rolls out of an arm ringer or arm bar like 6 different times in the early going and doesn't look super polished compared to later in his career, but he's still good and works most of the way. Sarge looks really good. He's great doing rope running sequences against peak Fujinami and squaring off & slugging it out with Sakaguchi as well as his usual bumping & selling. Sarge can do it all. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Jake Roberts (JCP 8/21/82)
This has a pretty badly blown spot where Slaughter sells a phantom hit. It really stuck out because the rest of the match is about as good of a 5 minute TV match as you're gonna get. Both guys look really good. Jake has always been limited in what he does, but he knows how to build to the few things he can do and make them look excellent. Sarge brings good looking offense and his usual bumping & selling. If not for one tiny little miscue I'd push this hard as a 5 min match recommendation.

Sgt Slaughter vs Wahoo McDaniel (Title vs Hair/Strap - JCP - 8/22/82)
Just a brief snippet of the the post match. GODDAMNIT

Sgt Slaughter & Ed Leslie vs Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan (NJPW - 8/27/82)
First and probably most importantly, Leslie has Ric Flair hair here. Match itself was pretty disappointing. Beefcake worked most of the way. He and Hogan have a good opening interaction but the Beefcake-Inoki chemistry isn't lighting the room on fire. Crowd was hyped to see Hogan vs Slaughter and the brief glimpse of that looks like it probably would have been pretty damn good. Hogan even bumps some for Slaughter so you can tell they were treating Slaughter as a fairly important gaijin.

Sgt Slaughter & Masked Superstar & Chris Adams vs Antoni Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami & Hulk Hogan (NJPW - 9/10/82)
Slaughter's knee buckles on a rope running spot where he goes for his SLaughter Cannon and flubs the spot with Fujinami. He was moving and keeping up with Fujinami well on a rope running spot, but just went too fast. A noble effort that looked great until the end. They do another clothesline spot later and Slaughter kills him and Fujinami takes a great bump. Slaughter does a nice looking dropkick and throws some great looking clubbing forearms. But this is mostly a Chris Adams match. (Not a complaint, I love Chris Adams!)

Sgt Slaughter & Masked Superstar vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Hulk Hogan (NJPW - 9/17/82)
I really enjoyed this one. Nothing earth shattering but just good solid work from everybody with a good crowd. Slaughter and Fujinami do some great rope running sequences. Slaughter keeps up and looks fantastic. This is worked how you would expect. Fujinami gets isolated, Hogan cleans up the mess. Eventually Slaughter & Superstar go to far and Hogan comes in with a chair for the DQ. Good stuff. NOt particularly memorable but the sort of match that hits the spot while you watch it. Slaughter and Hogan appear to have great chemistry and I'd really like to see what a match between them looks like in this era. Fujinami is in peak form. Superstar is great as always.

Sgt Slaughter vs Antonio Inoki (NJPW - 9/19/82)
As far as 6 minute matches go, this is really good. Slaughter gets some real heat on Inoki. He hits a gutbuster and focuses his offense on Inoki's ribs. There's a great spot where Slaughter picks Inoki up in gut-buster position and smashes him into the ringpost on the outside. Slaughter also hits an enormous version of his trademark bump over the post. Real good stuff here.

Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (JCP - 11/12/82)
Such a tease. Last few minutes of a tag and the hot angle where Slaughter & Kernodle injure Youngblood's neck. This looks like an amazing tag match just from the ending and the atmosphere.

Sgt Slaughter vs Otto Wanz (CWA - 12/18/82)
This was one of the most shocked I've ever been watching a match. If we only had this one match of Sgt Slaughter, we'd be able to tell he was an all time great. In terms of a one man show, this ranks up there with anything. That's not to completely dismiss Wanz. He brings some positives. Namely he is CRAZY over with his crowd. But he's not gonna take a bunch of bumps or do a bunch of moves or work holds in an interesting way and he's not a super emotive seller. He's a real punch/kick wrestler. And luckily Slaughter is one of the all time bumpers & sellers. Slaughter takes like 8 completely insane bumps in this match. His selling is incredible. LIke we need to start talking about Slaughter. as one of the best 10 sellers of all time. Offensively Slaughter just annihilates Wanz with fantastic looking punches. Wanz isn't a real bump machine so we don't get a lot of the killer offense you'd normally see in a Slaughter match. Wanz isn't gonna take a tombstone and I don't blame him. So we get a lot of great looking punches, stomps, knees to the cut, falling knees, the great Slaughter clothesline, he nails a footstomp, comes off the top rope. That sort of thing. He can't do his backbreakers & piledrivers so he figures out other stuff to keep things interesting and moving. This isn't the very best Slaughter match, but honestly if I had to convince a skeptic that he was an all time great, I might pick this fucking marathon with Otto freaking Wanz.

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Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs King Parsons & Mark Fleming (JCP - 1/22/83)
Quick squash match. Slaughter hits the nastiest Slaughter cannon ever.

Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (JCP - 1/30/83)
Fucking awesome 10 minute sprinty brawl. Just a classic quick southern tag that leads to a DQ when the ref kept getting shoved out of the way so they could all keep brawling with each other. For what they're going for, this is as good as it gets. All 4 guys look incredible. Slaughter throws some of the best looking clotheslines I've seen so far (Steamboat & Youngblood bumping has something to do with that of course) and "only" takes like 3 crazy bumps in this 10 minute match. Give me wrestling like this forever.

Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs Mike Rotunda & Ricky Nelson (JCP - 3/9/83)
Way more of a match than you'd think. Actually I bet Slaughter & Kernodle spent more time on defense here than Rotunda & Nelson in this like 6 minute match. Classic 80s studio TV match. Fast moving with babyfaces controlling with flashy moves and the heels doing more vicious things. Slaughter does 2 different versions of a stun gun here and another foot stomp so he's adding to a pretty deep well of offensive moves to go along with his world class bumping & selling.

Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (Final Conflict Cage Match - JCP - 3/12/83)
One of the best US matches of all time. Go watch it again.

Sgt Slaughter vs Jules Strongbow (WWF - 5/14/83)
Fine short TV match. Slaughter bumps around and makes Strongbow's limited offense look good before crushing him with the lariat and cobra clutch. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Bob Backlund (WWWF - 5/23/83)
I absolutely love the Slaughter vs Backlund matches and this is another awesome one to add to the collection. Backlund jumps Slaughter when he gets in the ring and just destroys him for the first part of the match. Its super fast paced and Slaughter is bumping around like a maniac as usual. When Slaughter goes on offense, he looks fantastic focusing on Backlund's stomach. Lots of gutbusters, foot stomps, elbows, punches, kicks, knees, shoulders etc to the gut. Its well focused and everything looks terrific. The long transition into the Backlund comeback is fantastic. At one point Bob charges at him and just blasts Slaughter with a running headbutt like he (Backlund) is Ashura Hara or something. Backlund's comeback is mostly arm based leading to the chickenwing and everything he does looks great and no one  is ever gonna complain about Slaughter's bumping & selling. Screwy finish leads to a great post match. It is nuts how over Backlund still is in MSG. 

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Sgt Slaughter & Don Kernodle vs Dizzy Hogan & Mike Davis (JCP - 2/2/83)
Short action packed TV tag. Totally fine while you're watching but forgettable.

Sgt Slaughter vs Chief Jay Strongbow (WWF - 5/28/83)
Super basic match. Slaughter stooges and bumps around for Strongbow's basic offense. Forgettable.

Sgt Slaughter vs Dick Tessier (WWF - 9/24/83)
Nothing match. Slaughter beats him in like 30 seconds.

Sgt Slaughter vs Tony Atlas (WWF - 11/23/83)
Outside of a long chinlocky section in the middle of the match, this is pretty good. Slow paced match overall but they do a good job building to a few big moments that are well executed. Crowd is with them the whole time and when Atlas finally hits his big press slam on Slaugher, they're going crazy.

Sgt Slaughter vs Ivan Putski (WWF - 10/17/83)
I really liked this match a lot. Slaughter is a perfect opponent for Putski. Putski is CRAZY over but limited offensively in what he can do. Sarge is a master at working with opponents like this. He's got a bunch of good schtick he can use and his bumping and selling is in the greatest of all time conversation. Slaughter has started to do some fun schtick where he  flexes "too hard" and hurts his pec or his bicep. Its funny stuff and works to particularly great effect when opposite someone like Putski. Stalling to start from Sarge as he's hesitant to get too close to this freak Putski. They do a great job of putting over Putski's great strength. He gets Slaughter in a side headlock and Sarge responds by flailing around because Putski is so strong. They really milk this side headlock but Putski is so ripped & Slaughter is reacting to it so well that the crowd is going crazy watching it. Its really simple by super smart work. Slaugher finally gets him off with an irish whip but Putski comes back with a shoulder block and Sarge takes his huge Rock taking a Stunner bump. Sarge is so good at creating killer offense for people like this. Its just a shoulder block, but in this setting it works as highspot. Putski's time on top is all basic stuff like that that Sarge looks like a millon bucks with his great bumping and selling. He does this again later when he takes one his patented bumps into the ring post off a simple irish whip. Putski takes the vast majority of the match but Sarge's selling on his attempted comebacks is something else. Check him out after his atomic drop as he attempts to get to his feet to follow up. Really great stuff. This is a basic super simple match but Sarge's brilliance still shines through. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Blackjack Mulligan (Maple Leaf Wrestling - 10/30/83)
This is a really fun double juice brawl. They just beat the shit out of each other. It looks like Mulligan is about to win but Kernodle runs in to but it all up. Really fun stuff. 

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Sgt Slaughter vs Chief Jay Strongbow (WWF - 12/26/83)
Starts with some good back and forth sequences. Well paced & executed with a hot crowd. Good way to start. After a few minutes Sarge cuts him off with a sharp elbow and takes over. Some great looking punches & kicks. Two different back breakers. Sarge tries to give him an opening for a transition but they have a bad miscommunication. Strongbow wasn't ready for it. Sarge gives him another one by picking Strongbow up for a slam but collapsing due to the weight. Strongbow couldn't fuck that up. Strongbow does his superman comeback and locks in his sleeper but Sarge makes it to the ropes each time and finally Sarge plants him with his Slaughter cannon for the win. Fun match and better than I expected. Would recommend it if not or the one badly blown spot.

Sgt Slaughter vs Ivan Putski (WWF - 1/23/84)
Really fun match. Sarge goes beyond being a bump freak here. He's just a complete lunatic with one insane bump after the other making Putski's pedestrian offense look amazing. Sarge only gets a little offense in but its awesome. Great looking atomic drop, a killer backbreaker, an Oklahoma Stampede into a backbreaker, one of the best Slaughter cannons' yet. Typical great MSG crowd. Just a total blast.

Sgt Slaughter vs John Callahan (WWF - 2/4/84)
Nothing squash match. Sarge destroys him in 90 seconds. The important thing is Slaughter & Iron Sheik have their first (I think) confrontation before the match. Sheik is leaving the ring for his match as Slaughter comes out for his. They wind up face to face and its super intense and heated. YESSSS

Sgt Slaughter & Dave Schultz vs Andre the Giant & Jimmy Snuka (WWF - 2/18/84)
This is short like 7 minutes but it is awesome. Super fun heated match (no shock there). Slaughter ends up getting isolated and Schultz refuses to tag in. Slaughter bumps and sells like the champ he is and eventually he & Schultz start brawling. Schultz runs off and Sarge goes back to take on this fucking dream team 1 on 2. But Andre offers a hand shake and then Snuka does and the crowd goes fucking bat shit insane for the Slaughter face turn. Awesome angle. Just brilliant.

Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (WWF - 2/18/84)
Here we go. This is a TV match. Slaughter comes out with a big American flag and the crowd fucking loves him. Sheik jumps him at the bell and this is just 4 minutes of punch, kick, stomp until Slaughter starts to act like hes about to make a comeback and Sheik just bails. CRAZY hot crowd. Great little match/angle to really kick this thing off.

Sgt Slaughter vs Rene Goulet (WWF - 3/10/84)
Sarge is crazy over as a babyface and comes out on fire here. Goulet cuts him off with face biting. Goulet gets a few blows in and we get a big Slaughter bump into the ring post before the quick comeback & finish from Slaughter. Fine little TV match. Sarge is crazy over.

Sgt Slaughter vs Charlie Fulton (WWF - 4/7/84)
Sarge makes quick work of a jobber.

Sgt Slaughter vs Mr Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee (WWF - 4/21/84)
Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee get a little offense in but Sarge dominates this 4 minute handicap match.

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Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (WWF - 4/23/84)
Crazy hot brawl. Fantastic match. Sarge shows himself to be an incredible babyface performer immediately. Crowd loves it, I love it. Its Slaughter vs Sheik baby!

Sgt Slaugher vs Tiger Chung Lee (WWF - 4/28/84)
Quick forgettable match. Not a total squash as Lee gets some offense in but not much. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Dave Schultz (WWF - 5/5/84)
You have go to see how hot this crowd is for Sarge when he comes out. He's getting like the biggest high fives you've ever seen. People are going absolutely bonkers. Sarge is over like Chigusa Nagayo. Its amazing. I've mentioned this a lot throughout this project, but it is worth repeating, Sarge is an all time great puncher. He may not have Jerry Lawler punch variety, but if you want just a great looking punch, Sarge delivers the goods. Sarge starts off hot and is just killing Schultz. Opening when Slaughter charges at Schultz in the corner and Slaughter takes a killer ring post bump (this time Slaughter goes through the rope instead of over). Slaughter's sell of the post bump is remarkable. Sarge gives Schultz a clear opening to start working his shoulder, but Schultz passes it up for more general beat down until he hits his signature 2nd rope elbow. Schultz goes for another elbow this time from the top rope but SLaughter moves and hits him with the Cannon for the win. Real fun lil' match. I didn't think I was gonna like babyface Sarge as much as heel Sarge but its fucking close. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Butcher Vachon (WWF - 5/19/84)
Forgettable jobber match but Sheik comes out in the middle of it and spits on Terry Daniels who is dressed in uniform & carrying the flag. Slaughter comes out to chase them off and gets counted out. He lays out Vachon and puts him in the cobra clutch to the delight of fans. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (WWF - 5/19/84)
This is probably the worst Slaughter vs Sheik match I've ever seen. Its only like 4 stars. Really though. Another fantastic match between these 2. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (WWF - 5/21/84)
Its hard to believe they would go on to top this. If the bootcamp match never happened, we'd have been talking about this for the last 35 years. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Paul Orndorff (WWF - 6/2/84)
I really loved this. This sort of match is one of my favorites. A super over face vs a super over heel with a crazy hot crowd worked at a good pace. 2 distinct characters who can both come across as vicious badasses and great athletes that also know how to do comedy schtick and bump & sell. Like this shit rules. I could watch matches like this forever. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (Boot Camp Match - WWF - 6/16/84)
What needs to be said? One of the top US Matches of the Decade. 

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Sgt Slaughter & Terry Daniels vs Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis (WWF - 7/23/84)
Well goddamn this fucking ruled. Terry Daniels worked most of the way and looked good! He does some really impressive athletic spots and then takes a shit kicking. Sarge is awesome coming in off hot tags and picks his spots. Murdoch & Adonis look fantastic. Great mixture of comedy, bumping and vicious teamwork. Sarge & Daniels do an absoltuely awesome spot where Sarge picks up Daniels on his shoulder and then Sarge walks over and drops a knee drop on Murdoch. What a smart and unique spot I don't ever remember seeing anyone do before. Its just a basic kneedrop with the added extra 220lbs. Simple but super effective. They work to a crazy hot finish. What a blast!

Sgt Slaughter & The Wild Samoans vs Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis & Lou Albano (WWF - 9/22/84)
Holy shit this rules. Exactly the match you want these 6 to work. Lots of schtick early on. Absolutely nuclear heat. Everyone looks at the top of their game. Adonis hits a missle dropkick in a crazy holy shit moment. Can't believe this doesn't even have a thread. Watch this sucker.

Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Sheik (WWF - 9/23/84)

Typically awesome match between these two. On the shorter side (~10minutes) but all action and excellent. These two have magical chemistry.


Sgt Slaughter & Junkyard Dog vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (WWF - 10/13/84)
Missed this while going in order. Another amazing match between these two. These are must see tag matches. 

Sgt Slaughter & Andre the Giant vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (WWF - 10/14/84)
I really enjoyed this. Long opening section of fun schtick/babyfaces in control leads to a double face in peril section including SLaughter blading. Finish is nasty. Great crowd. Just good solid wrestling.

Sgt Slaughter vs Johnny Rodz (WWF - 11/3/84)
Basic 2 min TV match. Rodz actually controls most of the match so we get some great Slaughter selling. Eventually Slaughter crushes him with the slaughter cannon and then cobra clutch.

Sgt Slaughter & Junkyard Dog vs Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (WWF - 11/10/84)
I've watched this 3x in the past few months and its one of the most fun matches in the history of wrestling. Just perfect.

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42 minutes ago, elliott said:

Sgt Slaughter & The Wild Samoans vs Dick Murdoch & Adrian Adonis & Lou Albano (WWF - 9/22/84)
Holy shit this rules. Exactly the match you want these 6 to work. Lots of schtick early on. Absolutely nuclear heat. Everyone looks at the top of their game. Adonis hits a missle dropkick in a crazy holy shit moment. Can't believe this doesn't even have a thread. Watch this sucker.

This was a featured match on the old WWE 24/7 channel. It's so great. Albano quickly tagging out when his proteges are completely gassed in the corner is a highlight.

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5 hours ago, Al said:

This was a featured match on the old WWE 24/7 channel. It's so great. Albano quickly tagging out when his proteges are completely gassed in the corner is a highlight.

We were all misled about 80s WWF not being awesome. Maybe they don't have the depth up and down the card of some of the other promotions, but goddamn there is so much great stuff. A proper 80s WWF DVDVR Set would've been great! 


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32 minutes ago, elliott said:

We were all misled about 80s WWF not being awesome. Maybe they don't have the depth up and down the card of some of the other promotions, but goddamn there is so much great stuff. A proper 80s WWF DVDVR Set would've been great! 


Cheap plug for @Superstar Sleeze and myself doing a 5 part series on 1978-87 WWWF/WWF 


Tons of awesome 


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Sgt Slaughter vs Nikolai Volkoff (WWF - 10/22/84)
Probably the worst long Slaughter match I've watched because Volkoff is terrible. Slaughter is awesome bumping and selling for Volkoff's shitty offense and this is probably the best Volkoff match I've ever seen but its dullsville. I will say Slaughter is terrific and the crowd is VERY into this. Slaughter has a signature schtick spot where he pantomime's that he's going to body slam his opponent and then throw him out of the ring. This time Slaughter switches it up and pantomime's slamming Volkoff and then pulling his pants off and pooping on him. Major highlight that honestly made this long Volkoff match worth it alone.

Sgt Slaughter vs Masa Saito (PWUSA - 1/26/85)
Fun little match. Sort of a truncated version of the great match they shouldve had. Only about 7 minutes but the work is good and sharp.

Sgt Slaughter & Blackjack Lanza vs King Tonga & Masked Superstar (AWA - 2/7/85)
One of the first big disappointments so far. I was hoping this was gonna be really fun. Unfortunately Lanza works most of the way and he's not great. Picks up for the Sarge FIP section but he's not bumping around like a maniac like he was a few months before this.

Sgt Slaughter & Jerry Blackwell vs Nick Bockwinkel & Tom Stone (AWA - 2/16/85)
About as fun of a 4minute tag as you're gonna get. The Slaughter/Blackwell team is dream with a DEVASTATING double team move. Bockwinkel's chemistry with Sarge & Blackwell is great of course. Stone works hard. Fun stuff!

Sgt Slaughter & Jerry Blackwell vs Road Warriors (AWA - 2/22/85)
Really enjoyed this. Big time slug fest with 4 super over characters. The Road Warriors are put in a position where they have to work fairly evenly so this is a hot match. Great selling from the Blackwell & Slaugher team but they bring the pain too. And this is prime Roadies. Good stuff.

Sgt Slaughter vs Kamala (PWUSA - 4/19/85)
Solid big man slugfest. Missing that extra gear. Really a huge Slaughter bladejob would've helped this have more staying power.

Sgt Slaughter & Jerry Blackwell vs King Tonga, Masked Superstar & Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie (AWA - 4/21/85)
Slaughter is gold in a cage. Blackwell is gold in a cage. One of the great US MOTD. Must see.

Sgt Slaughter & Greg Gagne vs Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (AWA - 7/14/85)
Based on the time calls by the arena announcer, this is pretty clipped and that's a damn shame. Looks like a really hot match with everyone looking good. CLassic southern style tag with Greg catching a beating.

Sgt Slaughter vs Larry Zbyszko (AWA - 8/11/85)
Last few minutes of what looks like a nice match. Can't really tell anything from this but it makes me want a full length match between the two.

Sgt Slaughter vs Ric Flair (PWUSA - 8/16/85)
Sigh. This is a very good match, probably even a great one. But its about as egregious a Flair formula match as I've ever seen. Slaughter is one of the best workers of his generation and here he's just Generic Flair Opponent X. The best possible version of this match up is closer to Flair vs Funk from GAB 89. This is like Flair vs Terry Taylor. Slaughter's bumping & selling are great. And offensively he's able to do all the shit Flair forces all of his opponents to do in every match. But this is a Ric Flair vs Opponent X match not a Ric Flair vs Sgt Slaughter match.

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I've edited in some stuff above that I watched out of order by mistake. Nearing the finish line from the looks of things. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Larry Zbyszko (AWA - 9/7/85)
JIP 5 minutes in and its a shame because this is a really fun old school tv match. These two have terrific chemistry. Slaughter takes a few absolutely insane bumps and brings some good offense. Larry Z looks awesome.

Sgt Slaughter & BIlly Jack Haynes vs Road Warriors (PNW - 9/24/85)
Really fun tag match. Roadies are forced to sell for Slaughter & Billy Jack so this has a more clash of the titans feel than Road Warriors squash fest. Sarge's bumping & offense are on point here and the crowd is hot for this one.

Sgt Slaughter vs BOris Zhukov (AWA - 9/28/85)
This is the Superclash match. Its a big show so Sarge works hard and bumps like a loon. But its Zhukov. So there's a pretty low ceiling. Fun though and better than you might think or remember.

Sgt Slaughter vs Boris Zhukov & Chris Markoff (9/29/85)
Bleh. Zhukov & Markoff just maul Slaughter for 7 minutes and then he hits the cannon for the win. Slaughter bleeds & his selling is good but BOris & Markoff aren't very interesting.

Sgt Slaughter vs Stan Hansen (AWA - 1/12/86)
I watched the Slaughter vs Hansen series completely out of order. Unintentional but its what ended up happening. Anyway, this is another terrific match between these two. This is the 3rd match I've seen between them during this Slaughter dive and all 3 have been great and different matches. At their core, they are slugfests between two heavy/borderline super heavyweights. This one has a base of Hansen working over Slaughter's arm and its really good. This feud has been labeled disappointing in the past (including by me) but the reality is they have really good-great matches together. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Stan Hansen (AWA - 2/23/86)
Fucking awesome match. This is an awesome hard hitting brawl by two of the best heavyweights of all time. Don't let the reputation lead you to believe this is one to skip. It is not. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Stan Hansen (AWA - 3/9/86)

Really fucking awesome slugfest. These two beat the shit out of each other with a super hot crowd.

Sgt Slaughter vs Earhquake Ferris (AWA - 3/13/86)
Short but surprisingly fun TV match. Paging MattD for this one. Ferris is a great big dude so this has a lot of fun Clash of the Titans shoulder blocks and Sarge has to figure out t a way to deal with him the big man. Killer finish. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Nord the Barbarian (AWA - 4/18/86)
Hot TV match. Really fun slug fest between two big guys. Nord is a great offensive wrestler & Slaughter is one of the best bumpers & sellers ever. Very fun match spoiled by a Brody run in. Luckily Sarge beats the shit out of Brody too. Good stuff.

Sgt Slaughter vs Kamala (AWA - 4/20/86)
Outside of a longish nerve hold, this is a fun match. A little on the tamer side than you'd ideally want, but they work to some really nice moments. Slaughter slamming Kamala is a hell of a spot and the crowd reacts appropriately being going crazy. Hot finish. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Samu (AWA - 4/28/86)
Last few minutes of what looks like a really fun match on paper. I've never been one of those people who likes to come to big conclusions based on a few minutes of clips. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Solidat Ustinov (AWA - 10/15/88)
Blah. Short match and they don't even do much. Lot of sideheadlock standing around. Sarge does some stuff. A standing reverse hammerlock, a dropkick, he takes a backdrop but theres not much you can really do with an opponent like Solidat Ustinov. 

Sgt Slaughter & Keith Eric vs Solidat Ustinov & Teijo Khan (AWA - 10/29/88)
Mercifully short. Sarge is firey on the hot tag but overall blah match. These Solidat Ustinov matches have me looking forward to Sarge vs Ultimate Warrior matches if you can believe it. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Col. DeBeers (Boot Camp Match - AWA - 12/13/88)
I enjoyed this for what it was. It finished towards the bottom on the AWA set voting but I suspect that has more to do with it being short and towards the end of the set when a lot of people start to experience burnout. This is a perfectly fine 5 minute slug fests with two big men. Hot angle at the end with Iron Sheik. No complaints. I've always liked Wiskowski.

Sgt Slaughter vs Col. DeBeers (AWA - 3/4/89)
Fun match. These two are kinda similar in the sense that DeBeers is sort of a poor man's Slaughter. They are both large men, deceptively good athletes who can bump big. I mean, Slaughter is in a whole other ballpark as a performer and Wiskowski relies more on schtick and comedy, but there are some similarities and I'd have loved to see a match between these two in the early 80s. Anyway, this is a good slugfest. Methodical but with some big bumps. DDP being a ridiculous caricature of a human being, even in a pro-wrestling setting, makes this even more enjoyable. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Larry Zbyszko (AWA - 10/7/89)
Sarge is enormous here and seems like he wants to work hard in the beginning but he blows up pretty quickly. Larry Z is working hard and does what he can but this was a real disappointment. 

Sgt Slaughter & Baron Von Raschke vs Destruction Crew (AWA - 10/13/89)
I was dreading this honestly but then it turned out pretty well. Destruction Crew are a good team and they worked their asses off. Sarge is working really hard and is able to tag out when he blows up. Baron is old and washed up but he knows how to work a tag match. I wouldn't exactly recommend this or go out of my way to watch it, but it exceeded my expectation and shows even in this washed up, overweight lazy stage Sarge could still bring something to the table in a tag setting. I'm really ready for that WWF run though because I know he gets back in shape. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Kokina (AWA - 4/29/90)
Surprisingly fun battle of the (truly) superheavyweights. Slaughter is fucking huge here and Kokina of course is the future Yokozuna. Slow pace but it works in the favor of the match becuase it allows things to sink in and Slaughter doesn't blow up. Mostly based around schtick and punching. 
Sgt Slaughter vs Jim Duggan (WWF - 11/19/90)
Short TV match. Slaughter is working really hard getting up & down bumping for Duggan. Mostly punches. Slaughter's offense comes off interference and its focused on Duggan's lower back. Good for a minute or so but thats all before Duggan makes his comeback. Too short to really be anything but Sarge is clearly in better shape than he was a year ago. 

Sgt Slaughter & Boris Zhukov & Orient Express vs Tito Santana & Nikolai Volkoff & The Bushwackers (WWF Survivor Series  - 11/22/90)
Slaughter's team is all wearing camo face paint and they are all eliminated in the first 2 minutes. So its Sarge on 4. Slaughter quickly takes out Volkoff & the Bushwackers. It takes a little more effort & some interference from Adnan to put away Tito. Sarge vs Tito is fun for the minute or so. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Ultimate Warrior (WWF - 1/7/91)
This was really fun! Slaughter is working his ass off and back to his maniac bumping ways. Warrior is at the same time better than we give him credit for (he has some real tools! its not like he's Solidat Ustinov) and just as bad as we all say (the rhythmic way he sells those kicks in the corner is garbage...but i guess at least he's trying kinda in his own way). I will say Warrior works hard here. He even takes his own version of the over the top rope Slaughter bump! Slaughter looks really good. He's not as his 1980-84 peak, but he's working hard bumping like a fucking champ and what he gets to do offensively looks good. After those late era AWA matches, I could go for bunch of matches like this. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Ultimate Warrior (WWF Royal Rumble - 1/19/91)
Ok setting aside the reprehensible angle, this is a really good match. Great crowd. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't compare to like MSG in the early 80s, but this crowd is super invested and standing for the majority of the match. The opening section with Slaughter bumping around like a maniac is really fun. The initial Savage interference spot is fucking awesome. Savage legit comes out of nowhere and its VICIOUS. I really like Warrior's selling crawling back to the ring. Slaughter's offense looks really good and convincingly damaging to Warrior. The Sherri bump is fucking insane. Like this is good pro-wrestling performance. Garbage script & storyline. But no complaints for the ring work. 


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Sgt Slaughter vs Jim Duggan (WWF - 2/1/91)
Fun slug fest. Slaughter takes some HUGE bumps to the outside and Duggan shows a lot of fire. Short but sweet.

Sgt Slaughter & General Adnan & Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior (WWF - 3/11/91)
I'm in some kinda trouble with these WWF matches or something because this was pretty goddamn fun! Every time I think "Hey Warriors not so bad" he fucks up a spot in some hilarious way. BUt he's got some ok moments here too. Taker is very much in all he does is choke mode. Sarge is in super bump freak mode. Seriously he takes multiple insane bumps in this one. The structure of this is shocking. After a hot start for the faces it settles into a triple face in peril match! There are two sections where Hogan is isolated and one where Warrior is. Its a relatively short match but it starts to drag because Taker is so chokey and nothing else. But then it gets kinda fun again. LIke Hulk hits the big boot and it staggers Sarge and then Hulk does a school boy roll up for a near fall. HEY! COol spot off the Hogan big boot! Even cooler spot where Sarge puts the camel clutch on HOgan and Taker comes in and pulls back on Sarge creating more leverage! WHOA! Neat thoughtful basic spot! WTF is happening? Weird match because there's some really bad and some really good all in one. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan (WWF WrestleMania - 3/24/91)
Really good match that's kinda missing an extra gear. I think if the cut out the Adnan stuff and if Hulk had more devastating offense and the transitions were a little more interesting, it would've helped a lot. Slaughter is great bumping around like a monster and has good looking offense including coming off the top rope. Hogan cuts a huge blade job and is good selling. Like no real complaints just missing the extra something to put it over the top. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan (WWF - 4/22/91)
Wow now this is a heck of a match. Vicious brawl that has all the urgency that seemed to be missing in the Mania match. Great pace helps obscure how limited HOgan's offense is at this point. Sarge takes his usual killer bumps. Hogan's selling is good and he has another major blade job playing off the Mania cut. Terrific stuff. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Ultimate Warrior (WWF - 4/27/91)
Not good. Slaughter is on offense most of the way which is not working to either guy's strengths against each other. Short and full of bear hugs and Ultimate Warrior selling. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan (Desert Storm Match - WWF 6/3/91)
FUcking awesome match. This is like 90% Slaughter getting his ass kicked and 100% awesome. Super crowd, crazy Slaughter bumps like  a loon and cuts a massive blade job. Hogan works his ass off and throws powder (called tear gas by Monsoon lolololol wtf you maniac) and fire. Just a total blast. You definitely want ot see this one. 

Sgt Slaughter & General Adnan & Col Mustafa vs Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior (Guest Referee: Sid - WWF SUmmerSlam - 8/26/91)
Slaughter works most of the way, he bumps really big and has good looking offense but still manages to feel like a background player because this match is about wanting to get you to see Hogan vs Sid. 

Sgt Slaughter & Jim Duggan & Kerry Von Erich & Tito Santana vs Col Mustafa & Hercules  & Berzerker & Skinner (WWF Survivor Series - 11/27/91)
This is designed completely to get Slaughter over as a babyface and make sure everyone knows hes a real American and shit. He comes out with Duggan, takes the hot tag from DUggan, bumps around for a face in peril section to allow a USA chant from the crowd, he pins Sheik, etc. PRetty dull match overall but accomplishes what it sets out to do. 

Sgt Slaughter vs Ric Flair (WWF - 5/9/92)
They manage to do 2 gorilla press slams in the first 90 seconds. I think there have been 3 gorilla press slams this entire project and they're all in the previous FLair match and the first 90 seconds of this one. They do a 3rd one within the first 6 minutes. Incredible. That said, this is a fun all action quick match. Mountie is at ringside putting together the cattle prod and shocks Slaughter. 

Sgt Slaughter vs HHH (Boot Camp Match - WWF Degeneration X In Your House - 12/7/97)
Don Kernodle gets a shout! HHH shows his tough guy roots by showing up for this street fight with his long hair down, his shirt tucked in and his kneepads on the outside of his jeans. Lawler says the only war Sgt Slaughter was in was Vietnam and he lost that one. Later Lawler he sayd "Da Nang was never like this, huh Sarge" and then calls JR a draft dodger. Good lord. JR calls Slaughter's Cannon a "Cannon like CLothesline" lolol. Slaughter takes a couple of HUGE bumps in this one. One just straight up over the ropes. And another is the classic Slaughter bump over the ring post to the floor. This time there are the giant steps down there so he had to go over that too. He also takes the Flair gorilla press off the top rope. Slaughter throws powder at Chyna and Lawler screams "CHEMICAL WARFARE!" and after all his terrible military jokes throughout this match, I gotta say that one got me hahaha. HHH takes his boot off and hits Slaughter with it. Haha. This match sucked but its really because it was ridiculously long. Whoever booked this to go 17 minutes bell to bell was fucking mean. If this was like 8 minutes it couldve been a hot match. Slaughter took some major bumps. HHH could bump & sell. BUt because they were going so long and Slaughter is out of shape & old this was slooooowwwww and the crowd could not give less of a shit for a lot of it.  Is this the first example of a HHH match going way to long to the detriment of everyone involved?

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