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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (v3)

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Originally announced in August 86 edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

*Breaking News! Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling relaunches. Rejoins National Wrestling Alliance*

After legal & personal issues caused MACW to halt its entire output in February, PWI can confirm the various issues have been settled and MACW will resume prompting shows. Perhaps the most unexpected development is the news that an agreement has been reached to have MACW reenter the National Wrestling Alliance. This deal includes MACW airing its weekly television program on WTBS Channel 17 starting Friday September 10th at 8pm. The first episode will air from the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina. MACW officials have agreed to recognize NWA World champions. The Mid-Atlantic television championship will be replaced with the NWA World Television Championship.

We have also confirmed their first live event will take place the next day at the Norfolk Scope in Norfolk Virginia.

During the hiatus several talents were granted releases but replacement talent have been signed. Namely was the television champion Tom Prichard. Plans to crown a new champion have been drafted.

The biggest behind the scenes change is the arrival of the lead booker from the now defunct Western States Wrestling being brought in to head the creative team. He had also managed to bring in some WSW talent to fill some of the vacancies.

MACW's second show Worldwide has been discontinued.

Tickets are already on sale for the first few shows in the relaunched MACW.

More information will be shared when available.

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*Update on the return of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling*

We can now report that MACW leadership has determined that as the hiatus prevented their champions from defending their titles from no fault of their own, All title holders when the hiatus began will initially retain their title when the company relaunches on September 10th.

The recognized champions are as follows...

NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Hawk

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions: 

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond)

NWA United States Champion: Kerry Brown 

NWA United States Tag Team Champions: The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Ole & Arn Anderson)

As previously reported the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship title holder Tom Prichard was granted his release during the hiatus & the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship will be replaced with the NWA World Television Championship. We can now report that the new champion will be crowned on the return episode of MACW TV with a 12 man battle royal opening the show where the final 2 will meet in the main event to decide the new champion. The other 10 will face each other in order of elimination.

We can also report that the event in Norfolk Virginia the following day will be headlined by 2 massive matches. First in the semi Kerry Brown has issued a open challenge for his United States Championship. And in the main event "Nature Boy" Ric Flair with JJ Dillon will face "Macho Man" Randy Savage with Ms Elizabeth to determine the first challenger for Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Road Warrior Hawk. This was originally going to be the finals of a tournament before the hiatus began & MACW leadership has decided that due to high fan interest & wanting to "tie up lose ends" this was the obvious main event.

Tickets are going fast for the announced events with a more detailed tour schedule to be revealed soon.

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Looking forward to the MACW relaunch. I like the continuity here. 

The fans in Norfolk are in for a huge night of action. Flair vs. Savage! I know Hawk will be watching closely. 

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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV 

Friday September 10th 1986

On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone 

Ring Announcer: David Crockett 

From the Township Auditorium in Columbia,SC 

(A montage of MACW action set to "The Hit" by Richard Myhill opens the show. After the joint NWA & MACW logo we cut to Caudle & Schiavone)

BC: Wrestling fans welcome to the long awaited return of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Televisions most exciting hour. Sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, The very finest pro wrestling. I know it's been awhile so in case you forgot I'm Bob Caudle & my partner is Tony Schiavone & Tony what a return episode we have in store.

TS: That's right Bob. This episode will be dedicated to crowning a new NWA World Television Champion. Tom Prichard the most recent holder of the television title parted ways with Mid-Atlantic during our hiatus & while we wish him the best going forward it's necessary to crown a new champion. Here's how it's gonna happen fans, In our opening contest in just a couple minutes 12 men are going to compete in a over the top battle royal. The final 2 will be allowed to rest for a bit before meeting in tonight's main event with the winner becoming the new NWA World Television Champion. And if that's not enough the other 10 participants will face each other in one-on-one competition based on the order of elimination. That should lead to some exciting pairings Bob.

BC: Indeed it should Tony & let's not forget we'll hear in this hour from some of the biggest stars of MACW, talking about our return & especially the big event tomorrow night in Norfolk Virginia. Well fans you've waited months for the return of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling & we're not going to make you wait another second. Let's head down the ring for our big battle royal!

Match #1

12 man over the top battle royal. Final 2 meet in the main event for the NWA World Television Championship.

The action starts fast & never lets up with eliminations coming fast & frequent. Eventually we're left with our finalists...Lex Luger & The Great Kabuki!

*Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the MACW live events in the coming week*

BC: Wrestling fans we promised you the biggest stars in Mid-Atlantic & my first guest tonight is one of the biggest stars in the entire wrestling business. Please Welcome back to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling...the one...the only...Harley Race!

(Race enters the interview area to a massive pop)

BC: Harley Race welcome back to Mid-Atlantic & what i think we all want to know is, What does Harley Race have in store for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling?

HR: Bob Caudle it's secret that during my 7 times as  NWA World Heavyweight Champion i had some of my best matches right here in this territory, Faced some of the toughest men on God's green earth & was cheered & Booed by some of the greatest wrestling fans in the world. Now lord knows the Wrestling business has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years but there's 2 things that remain the same. 1. Harley Race is still the toughest man to lace up a pair of boots & 2. I still have my eye on the NWA World Heavyweight Championship & with God & these people as witness I will capture the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the 8th time!

(Race leaves to rousing cheers as Caudle sends us back to the ring)

Match #2

Rocky King defeats Terry Brunk with a Oklahoma roll.


BC: Wrestling fans tomorrow night Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling returns to Norfolk Virginia & we're giving you the biggest main event we could come up with. Right now we're going to play you some comments from half of tomorrow nights main event, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair along with JJ Dillon & the United States Tag Team Champions The Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

(VTR: The 3 Horsemen & their manager are sitting in the VIP section of a fancy night club surrounded by beautiful women in evening gowns.  Flair & Dillon are in stylish suits while the Andersons are in long pants & golf shirts. The United States Tag Titles are on a table with a couple open bottles of champagne.)

RF: Now this is the life. Hanging out with your closest friends. A beautiful lady on each arm. The finest food & drink money can buy & all of it in a establishment that knows how to keep out the riff-raff. Of course most you at home wouldn't know what the Naitcha Boy's talking about. Your to busy driving back and forth from the job you hate with the boss who can't remember your name in your oil-dripping lemon of a car just so you can afford to feed that heffer you call the wife & the 5 or 6 snotnosed brats she popped out for ya. You ain't got time to appreciate the finer things in life like The Horsemen do.

OA: That's right Ric. And now that the suits at Mid-Atlantic have gotten their heads outta their backsides & remembered how to run a Wrestling company we can get back to the finest thing in life there is. Getting in the ring & destroying each & every one of your heroes. Ain't that right Arn?

AA: That's excactly right Ole. Ya see as great as the women & the parties are, there's nothing quite as satisfying as shoving your superiority down another man's throat till he chokes on it. And that's exactly what Ole & i do to any 2 punks that they got what it it takes to take what we got I'm talking about this United States Tag Team Championships. It's excactly what Ric is gonna do to that roided up lunatic Randy Savage & it's what the 4th Horsemen is gonna do when he...Hey JJ. When do these mouth breathers get to meet the newest Horsemen?

JJ: I'm glad you asked Arn. Now I know the average wrestling fan has the attention span of a cocker spaniel so you might not remember but when this little hiatus started we were looking for the perfect 4th man to complete the Horsemen. Well Mid-Atlantic management may have been content to laze about for months but not me! I kept up my search & I found the man, dare I say the only man with the credentials to keep up with this 3 & as for when you'll meet well let's just say it might be sooner then you think. Now get outta here! You're killing the mood.

(END VTR. We cut to the ring for our next match)

Match #3

"Gorgeous" Gary Royal defeats George South with a Rear naked choke.


("In the Air Tonight" plays as Lou Winston walks down a busy urban street. He's shown interacting with several residents playing with kids,flirting with a group of women etc. Eventually a elderly woman's purse is stolen by a sketchy looking guy who bolts down the street with it. Before anyone else can react Winston runs the theif down and after a brief fistfight like you might see on some crime drama retrieves the purse & returns it receiving a kiss on the cheek as thanks. Winston then walks to the nearest corner & prepares to cross when a car pulls up. The passenger side window rolls down & a voice asks "Ready to get to work partner?" Winston shakes his head laughing before replying "Just waiting on you man" before entering the passenger side. The camera looks into the front window revealing the driver to be Jerry Bryant. They both put on sunglasses before the car heads down the road. As they drive away the camera pans upward with text that reads "Spartanburg Vice arrives...Next Week!")

Match #4

Justice defeats Mick Foley with a running jumping shoulderblock followed by running both sides for a big splash.


(Kerry Brown is with Caudle hyping his open challenge for the NWA United States Championship tomorrow night in Norfolk. Says he's the hardest hitting man in Mid-Atlantic & noone can take the title from him!)

Match #5

"The Mighty" Hercules Hernandez defeats Mike Jackson with a Full Nelson.


BC: Wrestling fans my guests at this time are "Precious" Paul Ellering,Animal & the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Hawk, The Road Warriors!

(Deafening pop)

Animal: Bob Caudle! It's been six months, SIX MONTHS since the Road Warriors have been able to tear someone's face off & when we step into the ring with The Sawyers tomorrow night in Norfolk they'll be lucky if that's all that happens. Tell'em Hawk!

Hawk: Weeeeeelllll it's real simple. First thing we're gonna do is make the Sawyers curse the day they decided to step into a wrestling ring. Then we're gonna grab a few beers & watch "Sissy Boy" Ric Flair & "Not-So Macho Man" Randy Savage beat the hell outta each other for the privilege of being the next head on my mantle. Flair! Savage! It don't matter which one of you makes it outta Norfolk cause you're just another victim of the Road Warriors.

PE: Let me make one last thing clear. Just because Hawk is the Heavyweight Champion doesn't the Tag Teams in the NWA are safe. DiBiase, Williams grow eyes in the back of your heads cause the Road Warriors are coming for ya!

(Caudle can barely be heard over the pop sending us down to the ring)

Match #6

Texas Red defeats "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan with a clothesline from the top rope.

*Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the card for tomorrow night in Norfolk Virginia.

El Santo Negro vs Chris Benoit 

The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord) vs The Can-Am Express (Doug Furnas & Phil LaFleur)

Mr Wrestling 2 vs Tiger Conway Jr

Bugsy Mcgraw vs  "Crippler" Ray Stevens

Non title 

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn & Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon vs The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering vs The Sawyer Brothers (Buzz & Brett)

Kerry Brown's open challenge for the NWA United States Championship 

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders match 

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth 

Bell time 7:30pm. Tickets sold out!

(VTR:Ms Elizabeth is guiding a cameramen through a gym stopping at a Ab crunch machine Savage is using. She gestures for the cameraman to wait before going up to Savage & whispering in his ear. Savage takes a big swig from his water bottle, dabs his head a towel before standing & facing the camera)

RS: So after months of waiting,stalling & corporate hoopla it all comes down to this. Tomorrow night in the Norfolk Scope "Nature Boy" Flair finally has to step into the ring one-on-one with the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Ric Flair let me ask you a couple questions. Do you really think partying with your little buddies is the best way to prepare for what's coming? Do you actually believe that enjoying a little bit of the bubbly is a substitute for grinding away in the gym? Do you honestly think that making googoo eyes at some cheap floozy is gonna prepare you to stare into THE EYES OF MADNESS? I'm not convinced you comprehend the position that you're in Ric Flair. I know you think you're God's gift to professional wrestling but all you are to the Macho Man is something in my way. Yeah and you know what happens to things in the Macho Man's way don't ya? THEY GET RUN OVER! Dig it!?

Main event 

"Total Package" Lex Luger defeats The Great Kabuki with the Torture Rack to become a 3 time Television Champion! Luger is handed the title & drops to his knees beating the canvas in celebration before a masked man runs in from the crowd & attacks Luger! The Masked Man helps Kabuki to his feet & after a quick conversation they both start putting the boots to Luger. Caudle & Schiavone apologize as the show's out of time but they promise to air the conclusion to this assault next week when Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling comes to you from the Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg,SC!

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Wow, the return of Mid Atlantic has come together quickly and I'm excited to see it! I like the concept of having the 12 man battle royal and then having the final two come back and face off one on one! Would have liked to know who the 12 competitors were even if we didn't break down the eliminations but not a big deal. LUGER VS. KABUKI! I like it!

Harley Race is here...this just feels right!

Great promo from the Horsemen! Hoping to see Flair and The Andersons competing for and holding NWA World titles now that they are back in the fold!

"Spartanburg Vice" This should be fun!

Awesome promo from Ellering and the Warriors!

WOW! What a card for Norfolk!!

Great job with the Savage promo!!

Luger wins the TV title but gets attacked by a masked man?? Great job kicking things off for the return of MACW! Can't wait to see what happens in Norfolk!!


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5 minutes ago, GeneJackson95 said:

Wow, the return of Mid Atlantic has come together quickly and I'm excited to see it! I like the concept of having the 12 man battle royal and then having the final two come back and face off one on one! Would have liked to know who the 12 competitors were even if we didn't break down the eliminations but not a big deal. LUGER VS. KABUKI! I like it!


The 5 matches between the battle royal & the main event were the other 10 competitors facing each other in order of elimination so the higher they were on the card the longer they lasted in the battle royal.

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8 minutes ago, Autistic Dragon said:

The 5 matches between the battle royal & the main event were the other 10 competitors facing each other in order of elimination so the higher they were on the card the longer they lasted in the battle royal.

Gotcha, I missed that.

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Great return for MACW.

Great booking to get both the tv audience and fans at home hooked early.  A 12 Man Battle Royal is a rare match for TV and then we get the main event of Lex and Kabuki to come from this one.  Nice idea here.

Harley Race in MACW!! Love it.  Great promo with him.

I also enjoyed the Road Warriors and they are right.  Just becasue one of them is the MACW champion doesn't mean that they can't get the tag titles.  Sawyers beware!

Flair and the Andersons!  Nice promos but Savage stole the show. Flair vs Savage is HUGE!!

Can't wait for the shoe from the Scope!  Great to have you running a territory you are more familar with.  Enjoy!

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MACW is back with a vengeance! 

Liked the concept of the battle royal. We get fresh matches and a final match for the TV title.

WOW! Harley Race is here! That was a pleasant surprise. 

The Horsemen seem to be riding high. Nobody parties like the Horsemen WHOOOO!  I wonder if their over confidence is due to the arriving 4th member. 

Glad you kept the Spartanburg Vice storyline going. This will be a lot of fun. 

Kerry Brown has been an underrated champion in this game. Open challenges are always dangerous for a champ. Kerry's got guts. 

Looking forward to seeing what Herc does here. 

The Road Warriors are back! I'm very interested in watching Hawk balance his world title commitments along with his tag matches. I will say, the Road Warriors vs. Dibiase and Williams would be a dream match but they have to get through the Sawyers first. 

Texas Red can really make a name for himself here, like he did in Pacific. 

Damn! Look at that Norfolk card! 

Oh Yea! The Macho Man is training hard. He has a point about Flair partying this close to their big match. 

Luger once again wins the TV title! However, the celebration doesn't last long as a masked man spoils it. 

Awesome relaunch. Once again great job with the continuity and acknowledging the history Wahoo created.   

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Way to kick off the relaunch with high-stakes action. Luger and Kabuki an interesting final 2.

Really good hyping for the Norfolk show, as the show really came together more cohesively with just 1 TV show. Nice.

Race will make noise right away. He said as much!

Horsemen will be Horsemen, will they not? Ric seemed particular biting in this setting. I gotz a gut feeling about that 4th man, but we'll wait and see!

Named music just adds a real sense of pop culture to these shows. I need to give that a shot! (I kid, I kid) Enjoyed that video, and this seems like an entertaining duo in the making.

Interested to see how the Hawk/Animal dynamic evolves, given that 15 pounds of gold Hawk's carrying around. Perhaps the operative word is not "how", but "if". Always makes for interesting TV, whether something happens or something doesn't. LOD has an interesting future either way.

Luger wins the TV gold & immediately is struck by fate. Shrouded in mystery, it should be exciting to see how this unfolds & what it means for the start of his 3rd reign. 

On to Norfolk... well-played. Kick ass with this promotion.


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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 

September 11th 1986

Norfolk Scope 


El Santo Negro defeats Chris Benoit with a rolling cradle. After the match JR Foley approached Benoit & the 2 men left together.

The Powers of Pain defeat The Can-Am Express when the same masked man who attacked Luger came to ringside & distracted the ref while Barbarian illegalillegally entered the ring to hit Furnas with a big boot allowing Warlord to pin him. The Powers then left with the masked man.

Tiger Conway Jr defeats Mr Wrestling 2 after avoiding the kneelift & performing a schoolboy with a handful of tights.

"Crippler" Ray Stevens defeats Bugsy Mcgraw with the "Powerdriver" (piledriver)

Non Title

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew  w/JJ Dillon & The Rockers  wrestled to a 20 minute time limit draw.

The Road Warriors w/"Precious" Paul Ellering defeat The Sawyers in a bruising brawl with Animal pinning a bloody Buzz after the Doomsday Device.

Kerry Brown is warming up in the ring for his open challenge when the Soviet National anthem plays. NIKITA Koloff makes his way down to thunderous boos alongside Uncle Ivan.

NWA United States Championship open challenge 

"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff w/Ivan Koloff defeats "The Pitbull" Kerry Brown after interference from Ivan lead to a Russian Sickle & a new United States Champion.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders match 

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon defeats "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth when Flair pulled the ref in the way of a Savage axehandle allowing TULLY BLANCHARD to enter the ring & hit a Slingshot Suplex. A second ref counts the 1...2...3! Dillon & The Andersons enter the ring & the show ends with them raising four fingers.

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Hmmmm, I wonder what's up with JR Foley and Benoit.

Just who is this masked man causing all this chaos???

Crippler still has some fuel in the tank as he puts Bugsy down with the piledriver.

Props to the Rockers for taking the Andersons to the limit. I would say this earns them a title shot.

Road Warriors haven't lost a step.

WOW! Nikita loses the NWA title but quickly rebounds by answering Kerry's challenge and winning the US title! Always liked Nikita's US title runs. 

OH MAN! I knew Flair was confident going into his match with Savage and now I know why. Tully fills the spot and the 4 Horsemen are born! 

The Norfolk fans got some thrills tonight. 

I like where all this is going. 




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WOW.... It didn't take long for MACW to become MUST READ!

Great event that shows some new angles, some ending and some huge matches!

Benoit needed some help and now he might have fellow Canadian JR Foley to guide him.  Now this is going to be a PARTY!  I wonder if Foley will not invite certain people like he did in Stampede in real life... Can't wait to see.

Not like the Powers of Pain need much help but when they get the masked man coming down to the ring they might be unbeatable.... Might, I said, as your tag division is HUGE!!

Nice wins by Tiger and the Crippler... this gives us some insight into your pecking order which I think is spot on.

Wrecking Crew... Midnight ROckers..... Road Warriors....Sawyers.... like I said.... Huge tag division.

If there was every a way to get instant heat.... put the U.S. Title on a Russian in the 1980's.... Great booking.

And then one of the biggest moments in Dawn of War... Flair over Macho Man with the Birth of the 4 Horseman!!!  

Loved the show!!


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POP get a nice win thanks to the mysterious masked man....I'm intrigued after what he pulled on TV

Even in '86, I'm a Ray Stevens fan....glad to see him picking up a win here.

Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. The Rockers had to be a low key show stealer even on such a loaded card.

Happy to see the Road Warriors beat the Sawyers!

Nikita bounces right back from his title loss by winning the U.S. title! Being U.S. champ and the former champ has to make him a double #1 contender to Magnum!

I wish we could have seen Savage vs. Flair IRL in '86 but you did an awesome job with it here and the Four Horsemen are seemingly open for business here in Mid Atlantic!

Awesome show!!

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There's nothing like a battle royal for kicking things of with a bang and quickly establishing an order to the roster. Lex Luger and Ric Flair in prominent positions makes sense and is sure to produce great matches and feuds going forward!

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MACW Live @ County Hall,Charleston,SC (9/12/86)

Justice defeats The Gladiator (Gary Royal in a mask) with a Leaping shoulder block.

"Golden Boy" Chick Donovan defeats Rocky King with his feet on the ropes.

"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley & "Hangman" Bobby Jagers fought to a double c.o.

The Commonwealth (Jonathan Boyd,George Barnes & Chris Benoit) w/JR Foley defeat "Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace,Mr Wrestling 2 & Ron Ritchie when Boyd & Barnes hit a backbreaker/kneedrop combo on Ritchie.

The Great Kabuki defeats Mad Dog Vachon with a Thrust Kick 

"Handsome" Harley Race defeats "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff with a diving headbutt.


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MACW Live @ "Old" Charlotte Coluseam, Charlotte,NC (9/13/86)

The Powers of Pain & The Masked Man defeat Curtis Thompson,Chris Champion & George South when The Barbarian hit a diving headbutt on South who was nearly on the other side of the ring! Also of note the masked man was announced as "Lucifer".

Tiger Conway Jr defeats Mike Jackson with a DDT.

"Downtown" Denny Brown defeats Mark Starr with a Oklahoma Roll.

Arn Anderson w/JJ Dillon defeats El Santo Negro with a Gordbuster after Dillon shoved Santo off the top rope.

Texas Rex defeats "The Mighty" Hercules Hernandez with a clothesline from the top rope.

Ole Anderson w/JJ Dillon defeats "Crippler" Ray Stevens with a schoolboy after Dillon hit Stevens with his shoe as Stevens was leaning through the ropes.

Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship 

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) w/Armand Rougeau defeat The Paisans (The Italian Stallion & Tony Parisi) with "Bombs Away" on Parisi.

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater & Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll wrestle to a 45 minute time limit draw. Slater invited Blanchard to 5 more minutes but Blanchard & Baby Doll simply walked away.

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After reading your house shows, I'm convinced you remember more about Dawn of War then anyone else around.  Bringing back JR Foley to run the Commonwealth is great!  How do you remember all this.  Do you have a notebook or somoething.  LOL!

Great "B" Show in Charleston as you entertained them throughout the night and Harley Race vs Ivan Koloff would have sold all the tickets you had.

Awesome "A" show in Charlotte where we start to see the pecking order of MACW.  Dillon's group did well here as the Horseman are on the rise.  Slater held them off from having a perfect night.  

Texas Red with the big win over Herc shows he is going to be a big player here in MACW.

Ole and the Crippler would have been one stiff match!  Great booking.


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Kev's right, your Dawn of War memory is most impressive! 

I love that you're keeping Whatley's WSW momentum going. 

Looking forward to seeing what Foley's Commonwealth can do here. 

Harley vs. Ivan is a straight up old school MACW main event. 

A masked man name Lucifer sounds pretty scary. Him aligning with the Powers of Pain is even scarier. 

Texas Red gets a huge win over Herc. That catapulted him up the rankings. 

Great seeing the Rougeau's in action. 

Slater and Tully going 45 minutes! Oh yea! 



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Couple of really solid shows here! As mentioned, good to see the history of the game being acknowledged, Foley and the Commonwealth are going to be a force here!

I laughed out loud at the "Mr. Excitement" moniker for Johnny Ace as I just happed to watch an old WWE promo where Ace referred to himself as Mr. Excitement with Punk/Miz/ADR!

Count me in as excited that Whatley is keeping his WSW persona going here!

I'm intrigued by "Lucifer"......

Ole Anderson vs. Ray Stevens had to be a fun match.

Glad to see the Rougeaus are still prominent here as they've have an awesome build here in MACW.

Slater/Blanchard makes for a great main event!

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