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Here is a clip from the WGN News and Talk 720 interview that Joe Pedicino did late last night.


Don Vogel: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and I would like to welcome Joe Pedicino from Atlanta, Georgia. Joe, you are here tonight to talk about an exciting venture… Windy City Wrestling.


Joe Pedicino: That’s right Don. I grew up around the sport of professional wrestling and with the recent boom in the industry, I think it is time that the people of Chicago… the 2nd City gets to see some of the brightest up and coming talent in the business. 


Don Vogel: Well we know the names of the Ric Flairs’ and Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant… can we expect them?


Joe Pedicino: Well that’s the thing Don… when you want to go see those guys, you’re talking about over priced tickets and seats so far back you can’t even hear the action. With Windy City, we’re going to show you some of the best names in the business but also some of the brightest young workers in the industry. 


Don Vogel: Any names that we may know?


Joe Pedicino: I can tell you this Don… on Friday January 21st, you will be seeing the former 7-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race! Stars like Austin Idol, Adrian Street, Bad News Allen, & Dangerous Danny Spivey. We’ll see The Nature Boy, Buddy Landel and Iceman King Parsons! A huge up and coming star, Terry Taylor! Plus, we’ll have tag teams like the Battons, the Moondogs, and The Nightmares. Some up and coming teams like the Rockers, the Nasty Boys, and the New Breed! 


Don Vogel: I can’t say I know too many of those names… but I love the enthusiasm for the show. 


Joe Pedicino: That’s the thing Don… these may not be household names… yet… but I promise you that Windy City is going to be bringing the action and we’re going to get the people talking. Right now, we’re going to be running in some of the smaller venues around the city and the suburbs… but my goal is to get on WGN television and hold a special show in the Chicago Arena by the end of 1987.


Don Vogel: Those are some big goals… I must say that as a fan of wrestling, this will be something you can’t miss… can you tell us any specifics about that show on the 17th?


Joe Pedicino: Right now we’re in the works to crown a Windy City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. We’re looking at a series of matches in which the last man standing will be the Champion. We’ll also be having some special tag team exhibitions to see who will be the top team in Windy City as we approach the development of tag team titles.


Don Vogel: Well folks there you have it… Joe give us the details as you send us out…


Joe Pedicino: Ladies and gentlemen… Friday January the 21st, 1987… you will see the best that the Second City has to offer with the brightest talent from coast to coast and the future of professional wrestling right here in Chicago! It is a 7pm bell time for this spectacular event in which Windy City Wrestling will crown its first Heavyweight Champion! Come one, come all, come and see the spectacle and the splendor that is the 2nd City’s Own… Windy City Pro Wrestling!


Don Vogel: Fans… we’ll see you there…

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Joe Pedicino: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Windy City Pro Wrestling! Tonight we have got a very special lineup with some great talent from around the world. We will also crown our first heavyweight champion here this evening. I want to thank you all for joining us this evening and we plan to bring you the absolute….


{Austin Idol and Buddy Landel are walking down to the ring. They get in and grab the microphone from Joe Pedicino…}


Austin Idol: Now hold up just a damn minute here boy… you maybe run your mouth out there on the radio station… you run your mouth to the magazines… but you keep quiet when it comes to Austin Idol and Buddy Landel.


Buddy Landel: Yeah Pedicino… what gives huh? You say we’re crowning a champ… well… look no further… you’ve got the two best right here man. Let us decide who the champ is between us.


Joe Pedicino: Gentlemen, please, I was just about to say that we’ve got a special tournament tonight. We will have five singles matches… then… the winners of those matches will meet in our main event tonight in a five-man battle royal with the winner becoming the first WCPW Heavyweight Champion!


Austin: Well spill man… who are we facing…


Joe Pedicino: Well… Buddy… you will be taking on none other than… Terry Taylor! That match starts right now!


{Taylor walks out to a good pop from the fans. There’s about 1,200 fans here in the civic center. Landel isn’t happy… but here we go. The first of five qualifying matches… who will make it to the main event?}


Buddy Landel vs Terry Taylor

  • Our first qualifying match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit.
  • These two men match up very well and highlight the other’s strength
  • Taylor is a clear cut babyface and works the fans as such
  • Buddy has got Idol out there with him and they are getting some monster heat from the crowd.
  • These two go around 12-minutes and it is back and forth
  • Neither man is able to get a clear advantage which makes the match more interesting.
  • The finish is pretty fast as Idol tries to get involved outside the ring and he ends up holding Taylor in the ropes as Landel runs for a knee but Taylor moves, Idol goes flying!
  • Taylor hits the ropes and then a huge flying forearm on Landel and a 3-count!

{Taylor works the crowd as Idol and Landel are hot! They have got one more shot but who will Idol be facing? Joe Pedicino is in the ring to announce the other qualifying matches…}


Joe Pedicino: What a way to kick off Windy City Pro Wrestling! I am excited to announce that we will have four more qualifying matches. The next will be between Dan Spivey and Kabuki! Then We’ll see The Exotic Adrian Street taking on Bad News Allen! Austin Idol will be taking on the Iceman King Parsons! Our final qualifying match will be between The Grappler and Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion… Harley Race! It is now time for our next contest… a tag team encounter… let’s go to the ring! 


The Moondogs vs The Batten Twins

  • Rex and Spot don’t mix too well with this Chicago crowd
  • The gimmick may not be over right now but 1987 is a time of change
  • Brad and Bart come out to some USA pop and work the fans
  • Both teams are solid enough but not something to hinge a division
  • This one only goes 9-minutes, the Battens trying to make a good comeback but the Moondogs are going low
  • A pair of nasty headbutts open up Bart… but then Spot NAILS him with the DOG BONE
  • Rex runs and hits the splash for the 3-count


{The Moondogs prove they will do whatever it takes to win a match. The fans aren’t happy about it but they turn that up even more when Kabuki walks out. They are really giving him the business. Here comes Dan Spivey and he looks to be a huge powerhouse here in WCPW with the fans behind him.


Kabuki vs Dan Spivey

  • A very interesting mix of styles here
  • Spivey knows the Japanese style but it isn’t pretty
  • Kabuki really can’t bump so the match is slow and plodding
  • A 7-minute contest with Spivey hitting a huge middle rope clothesline
  • A 3-count and Spivey is moving on with Terry Taylor. 


{Spivey appears to have a good following here. Next out is Austin Idol who is continuing to build up some heat from earlier. Then Iceman King Parsons comes out dancing and working the fans in a big way!}


Austin Idol vs Iceman Parsons

  • Taylor and Landel was good… this was better… just more entertaining.
  • These two are able to get the crowd in the palm of their hands
  • Everytime Iceman looks to get going Idol cheats to bring him back
  • Iceman then gets in a groove and he is looking for some big shots and hits 3 huge dropkicks right in a row
  • Idol is reeling… here comes Iceman as he flies for a crossbody but Landel pulls the ropes down and Iceman goes crashing to the floor!
  • Iceman looks like he landed bad on the floor
  • The referee continues to count
  • Idol gets the referee’s attention long enough for Buddy Landel to show up and hit Iceman with a knee right to the skull
  • The referee turns around, none the wiser, continues to count and hits 10!
  • Austin Idol moves on to the finals due to count out


{No question that Idol and Landel are making their presence known right now. The crowd is rabid towards them. Next up is a tag team match with the Nightmares taking on… the New Breed!}


The Nightmares vs The New Breed

  • Another interesting mix of styles
  • The New Breed have really turned things around and have got the music and the fans behind them
  • The Nightmares are more of a gimmick and not taken too seriously by the fans
  • Wayne and Davis do take every chance to break the rules to get ahead. 
  • The New Breed makes a good comeback but the match is only about 9-minutes
  • A miscommunication sets up a hot tag to Champion who flies around the ring
  • The Nightmares can’t catch a break
  • Champion off the ropes with a huge spinning heel kick on Davis and the 3-count! The New Breed looks strong


{Champion and Royal work the fans. They have some skills for sure that work for this crowd. Next out though… well… he’s exotic… Adrian Street comes out with Ms. Linda and they have got the crowd all worked up. His opponent… from Harlem… here comes Bad News Allen!}


Adrian Street w/ Ms. Linda vs Bad News Allen

  • Another very  strange mix of styles.
  • The match is entertaining enough
  • Street uses the mind games to get control
  • Allen has got some big moves to get back
  • Street can definitely work and shows it off to an extent
  • The finish sees Ms. Linda hand her bag to Street who goes to crack Allen but he ducks… the referee is seeing all this go down.
  • Allen goes for a big clothesline but Street ducks and Street swings but Allen ducks and then GHETTO BLASTER TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!
  • Allen with the 3-count and Bad News is moving on to the finals!

{The field is almost set with one spot remaining… who goes in… the Grappler or Race? Grappler is not very well liked here… but Race gets a champions welcome. No doubt… he isn’t in his prime. No doubt… he isn’t in the best shape… but without a doubt… he is a LEGEND!}


The Grappler vs Harley Race

  • A main event for some intents, no question that these two are very accomplished.
  • These two stretch this into 10-minutes but you can tell that Race… well… he’s a little gassed
  • Grappler is working him over something good but then Harley fights back
  • He nails some huge left hands and then a big headbutt
  • Grappler goes low and tries to get back in control. 
  • Grappler goes for a piledriver but Race tosses him over his back. 
  • Race then hits the ropes as Grappler gets up and RUNNING HIGH KNEE!
  • 1….2…3! 
  • Harley Race is moving on! 

{Race shows his support for the fans as they do the same for him. Our next contest is sure to be something… here comes the Nasty Boys and they are all about working the crowd up. Next out… perhaps the diamond in the rough here in WCPW… the Rockers!}


The Nasty Boys vs The Rockers

  • What a contest… these four have got something to prove right now.
  • The crowd is solidly behind the Rockers who bring every ounce of energy to this match
  • The Nasties are very green in their careers and have to work a little bit harder to keep up with the Rockers
  • At about the 13-minute mark… this one takes a turn…
  • We see Knobbs and Saggs with a double clothesline on Jannetty who goes out of the ring to the floor. 
  • Knobbs and Saggs then go and work him over and then we see the spot of the night when Shawn Michaels gets up on the top rope and crossbodies all 3-men!
  • The fight continues and then the Nasties grab a chair but so do the Rockers. 
  • We get a pair of chair shots… the referee has lost control
  • Both teams are disqualified but the Rockers stand tall as they are begging the Nasty Boys to come back for more!

{Joe Pedicino puts over the big night of action we’ve seen as he discusses the Main Event and shows off the WCPW Title! He says it will be a 5-man battle royal. Eliminations occur by throwing someone over the top rope, submission, or pinfall. The last man standing will be crowned the champion. He then welcomes out a couple of guys who look to be in great shape… here comes Scott Steiner… Tom Zenk… and Johnny Ace! These three all look to be in great shape. They put over the Chicago crowd. They talk about making their debut in two weeks when Windy City comes to Oakbrook, Illinois! The fans hoot and holler and then get ready for the main event…}


Joe Pedicino: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event. This match is for the Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship! This will be a five-man battle royal in which eliminations can occur via over the top rope elimination, pinfall, or submission. The last man standing will be crowned the first Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion! Now… our competitors… 


Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina… Terry Taylor!



Coming from Harlem, New York… Bad News Allen!


Hailing from Odessa, Florida… Danny Spivey!


Coming from Tampa, Florida… Austin Idol!


Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri… Harley Race!





Harley Race vs Austin Idol vs Dan Spivey vs Terry Taylor vs Bad News Allen

  • All five men get their chance to be on the top of the mountain today. 
  • Idol is a clear heel and acts as such. 
  • Taylor is a babyface and matches up right with him.
  • Bad News is skirting the line but Spivey seems to get some nice pop from the crowd
  • Harley Race plays the line and watches as everything unfolds.
  • All five men end up getting involved with one another in one form or fashion.
  • The first elimination happens when Austin Idol hits Terry Taylor with a low blow and then he’s tossed over the top rope to the floor!
  • Bad News and Spivey seem to have called one another out and it is an all out brawl with these two just throwing some legit bombs. 
  • Harley and Idol are battling on the other side of the ring.
  • Spivey then hits a huge clothesline on Brown and sends him over the ropes but he’s on the apron.
  • Bad News then grabs the back of Spivey and they battle and then get pulled over the ropes and both men go to the floor!
  • It is down to Harley Race and Austin Idol and they go toe to toe.
  • Race looks like he is making his last stand and throwing everything he’s got at Idol.
  • Idol goes for a huge clothesline but Race with the atomic drop and now he’s in control.
  • Buddy Landel comes out of the shadows and he grabs the foot of Harley Race who turns his attention outside of the ring…
  • Austin Idol then runs with a knee and Race topples over the top to the floor.


{Austin Idol has won it! Buddy grabs the belt and hands it to him. They celebrate in the ring while the fans throw some debris at them. Idol works the fans and Buddy is eating it all up. Harley is outside of the ring and he doesn’t appear to be happy. Joe Pedicino puts this over and talks about Windy City coming to Oak Brook, Illinois on February the 4th. We’ll see you then!!!}

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WCPW arrives with a bang.

Nice twist on the one night tournament formula.

Budro & Idol together sounds like heel magic and will Idol as the champ they're going to be just gloriously obnoxious.

Glad to see the Moondogs will be presented as the dangerous duo they were.

I was excited to see Spivey & Kabuki go at. After what happened in that parking lot, Spivey must've loved this win.

Nasty Boys vs Rockers will be a fun feud to get your tag division going.

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Like others mentioned, really liked the format. Also like the roster you've put together. Very well balanced.

Idol and Budro, what a duo. 

A miscue sends Taylor to the main event,

Moondogs make the Battens bleed. Good showcase.

Spivey and Kabuki bring their NWA feud to the Windy City. Spivey puts a stamp on things and advances.

I agree, Idol vs. Parsons is entertainment at its best. Thanks to Budro, Idol advances. 

New Breed make their presence known with a big win over the Nightmares. 

Contrast of styles between Street and Brown. Linda tries to help but when Brown hits the ghetto blaster, it's all over. 

Race might not be in his prime but don't tell the Grappler that. Race gets another chance for gold. 

Rockers and Nasty Boys bring out the chairs. Looks like we have a feud on our hands. 

Youngsters Steiner, Zenk and Ace working that Chicago crowd. 

Main event time! All 5 men give the fans a show. It's down to Idol and Race. Once again, Budro is the factor and Idol is crowned champion. I'm all for the Universal Heartthrob being the first champ. LOL, I love this guy. 

Great first show that sets the tone. Can't wait for Oak Brook. 

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I LOVE this first show!

Everyone loves the format, and so do I. It's a fresh new visual flow to reading events and it does a great job setting you apart, the way all of us are a bit different stylistically. 

I loved the concept of the 5 matches, with the winners battling it out the same night to determine the first Champion.

Idol is going to be quite the lightning rod and that's a great thing for this date and time we're depicting.

Have fun writing this. I have a feeling we're going to have great fun watching.


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Windy City Pro Wrestling

Live February 4th

The Civic Center in Oakbrook, Illinois


Joe Pedicino: Welcome Wrestling fans to WINDY CITY CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING! We have got a TREMENDOUS night of action for you. We will crown NEW Tag Team Champions. We’ll also see Austin Idol defend his title against Terry Taylor! Also tonight we’ll see the debuts of Scott Steiner and this new team… from Sun City… here they come…The Dynamic Dudes!


{Here comes The Z-man and Johnny Ace! They have got the look and they seem to have some fans behind them. They are rocking the white tights and boots to go with some orange ring coats. Let’s see what they can do…}


The Z-Man & Johnny Ace v The Nightmares

  • The way an opening should be, fresh babyfaces who get the crowd going something special.
  • The Nightmares know their role and get some nice heat on Ace and Z
  • Ace and Z don’t have a ton of skill per say in the ring but their look and flash make up for it.
  • We get a nice heat segment on Johnny Ace who is able to make the big tag to the Z-man
  • He comes in with some big clotheslines and dropkicks
  • The finish is pretty special… Johnny Ace picks up Danny Davis on his shoulders and The Z-man off the top rope with a dropkick
  • What a maneuver and the 3-count spells the end
  • The Dynamic Dudes are off to a hot start and they’ll be paying attention to ho walks away with the tag titles later on tonight!


{After the contest, Joe Pedicino gets in the ring to announce the next match but before he does… here comes Austin Idol and Buddy Landel. They are promp and primped to just annoy the hell out of the fans.}


Joe Pedicino: What do we owe this pleasure?



Austin Idol: I came out here to tell all these morons that they need to go back to the ticket booth. They need to pay double in order to see the champ tonight baby!


Joe Pedicino: Oh please… I don’t think these people paid to see you as much as they paid for Terry Taylor to BEAT YOU!


Austin Idol: Watch your tongue there Pedicino… I want to make one thing clear as crystal daddy and that is that this title is mine and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Tonight Terry Taylor finds out the hard way but he is the first of many. I don’t care who it is… Terry Taylor… Danny Spivey… or even that broke down ol bag of bones… Harley Race…


{Uh oh… here comes Race and he doesn’t look to be in a good mood. He has got his jeans and cowboy boots on and he is unbuttoning his shirt as he throws it to the ground and gets in the ring.}




Buddy Landel: Hold it right there old man… you and I are gonna be facing off tonight and well…


Harley Race: If you don’t shut your mouth, I will shut it for you! Listen to me… a lot of people have asked why I chose to come here to Windy City. They asked whether I could still go. They asked whether I could still be someone to be reckoned with in this sport and I am here to tell you that as God as my witness I am going to show everyone that I am still Harley Race damnit! Landel… tonight… you’re going to see why I am the only 7 time NWA World Champion and damnit you will respect me!


{Race shoves the microphone into Buddy’s chest and he points at Idol and makes the sign for the title belt. Here we go!  The ring clears as Pedicino announces our next contest…}


Dan Spivey vs The Grappler

  • Big Dan Spivey with a premiere matchup with the Grappler
  • Grappler may not be at the height of his career but he definitely knows how to get some heat and he shows it here tonight.
  • Spivey, even though he’s big, sells very well and makes Grappler look good. 
  • Just when you think hope is lot, Big Dan Spivey turns it around and comes back with some big offense. 
  • We then see a huge clothesline off the middle rope from Spivey onto Grappler and the 3-count! 
  • Big Dan with the win and he is looking like something special here in WCPW!


{Dan Spivey shakes hands with the fans and works the crowd. He lingers a little while the intros are done for the next match. That brings out Bad News Allen who looks at Spivey and these two appear to have some kind of an issue. They’re eyeing one another up as they go separate ways.}


Iceman Parsons vs Bad News Allen

  • The Iceman has got a good following and perhaps the Oak Brook is hip to his game
  • Bad News… well he is bad news and these two go toe to toe and throw some big time bombs
  • Iceman is all about the show but Bad News isn’t really having it.
  • This one only goes about 8-minutes and serves its purpose to show that Bad News is a force
  • A nasty Judo kick sets up the Ghetto Blaster for the 3-count!


{Bad News seems to like letting the fans know he is the man. He is really working the crowd and sometimes saying nothing at all is the most powerful thing. Next up, we’ve got our tag team title tournament…}


The Rockers vs The Moondogs

  • Two teams with a lot to prove here.
  • The Rockers really come out firing.
  • The Moondogs are pretty imobile and don’t add to much to the match outside of the brawling.
  • Michaels and Jannetty can throw with the best of them and really bring everything they’ve got.
  • The end sees a huge dropkick from Jannetty leading to a crucifix by Michaels on Rex for the 3-count! 
  • The Rockers move on but who will they face?


{The fans are solidly behind the Rockers and they work the fans while we get our introductions for the next tag team match}


The New Breed vs The Nasty Boys

  • A little bit better match than the previous. 
  • The New Breed have a cult following… more of the males but females seem to like them as well.
  • The Nasty Boys are bringing the brawling once again and the New Breed don’t seem to have an answer
  • The Nasties also double team every chance they get which turns the tide to their advantage. 
  • The finish sees all four men getting involved 
  • The referee is losing control
  • The Nasty Boys seem to be losing the edge but here comes Knobbs and he NAILS Champion in the back with a chair! 
  • Saggs grabs Champion for a double arm DDT and he’s out!
  • The cover…1….2….3!!!
  • The Nasty Boys are moving on to face the Rockers in the finals!


{The Nasties are having it out with the fans and referees right now. They have got a lot of issue with what happened and the crowd is showering them with boos. Next up, Scott Steiner makes his debut and he looks like a million dollars.}


Scott Steiner vs Dark Ninja

  • A simple showcase for Steiner
  • Ninja (Hase) puts forth a good effort to put Steiner over
  • Scotty hits some big power moves and a twilt a whirl that blows the roof off the civic center!
  • Steiner then grabs the Ninja and hits a sick double arm powerbomb and then the 3-count!
  • The All American from Michigan is showing everyone that he is here and he means business!


{The first of our three main events is up next with Landel coming out to a chorus of boos. Here comes Race, the biggest name in WCPW but also a man with something to prove. He walks into the ring knowing that every chance he gets in the ring could be his last…}


Harley Race vs Buddy Landel

  • This one is a good 12-minute contest full of psychology
  • Landel works the fans and makes them seeth to see him get what is coming to him.
  • Race looks to be winded around the 10-minute mark but he continues to fight on.
  • Landel is working the neck and back and setting up Race
  • Harley then finds that something extra and hammers away with rights and lefts and now Race is in control
  • Idol makes his way down to the ring and he is trying to get Harley’s attention
  • Race, the consignment pro, doesn’t pay mind to Idol
  • Race acts like he’s going for the piledriver but Landel with a backdrop!
  • Landel throws Race into the ropes and Idol is holding him up
  • Landel acts as though he’s going to knock him out and he runs but Race ducks and Idol goes flying into the guardrail!
  • Race hits the ropes as Landel turns around and HIGH KNEE!
  • 1….2….3! Race has won it!


{Race gets out of the ring and works the crowd. He is winded but he says that Idol is next! Next up for us is the WCPW Tag Team Championship finals. It is the Rockers vs the Nasty Boys!}


The Nasty Boys vs The Rockers

  • Here is a rematch from last week
  • Tonight there must be a winner
  • These four bring everything they’ve got and work for a solid 13-minutes
  • The Nasties do look pretty rough near the end as the Rockers carry the match
  • A lot of speed and double teams from the Rockers and the highlights include double dropkicks and then double baseball slides.
  • The fun doesn’t stop there as Michaels goes up to the top and he’s going to fly but Knobbs catches him and slams him into the guardrail!
  • Michaels is busted wide open!
  • This one is a gusher and Michaels doesn’t look good
  • The referee is acting like he going to call the match on account of the blood but Michaels waves him off
  • The next couple of minutes are tough as Michaels tries to fight but the Nasties are just too much.
  • They work him over as Jannetty tries to get in every chance he can
  • The finish sees Michaels fight back… go for the big tag but the referee misses it when Knobbs jumps in the ring
  • Marty comes flying but the referee has to push him back out
  • Meanwhile, the Nasty Boys hoist up Michaels and SPIKE PILEDRIVER!
  • Sags runs and tackles Jannetty as we get the 3-count!


{The Nasties are the FIRST EVER WCPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! They walk to the back smiling… inside the ring…The Rockers are in rough shape and Michaels doesn’t seem to be doing well at all. We’ll see where this goes. We then get a very special interview…}


Joe Pedicino: Fans, I want to welcome in a very special talent… with his valet Precious… Jimmy Garvin!


{Garvin comes out to a lukewarm reception}


Joe Pedicino: Mr. Garvin, thank you for joining us here tonight and officially signing with Windy City Pro Wrestling.


Jimmy: Hold it there Pedichino… I was told I would get the pomp and circumstance… I was told there’d be champaign and a limo. Hell I had to rent my own car… and there were used beer cans in the back. Listen pally… I am big time brother… I am the highest priced talent that WCPW could ever want and when I step into that ring I get paid… but when you see this beautiful face… I get paid twice as much you know what I am saying.


Joe Pedicino: I can only apologize about…


Jimmy: Don’t say sorry about nothing… fix it man. You know I have been a champion everywhere I’ve went. I have held title after title. These people know that Jimmy Garvin means champion and for all the guys in the back… listen up and listen up good… I am what they call the gold standard… you ain’t a champion until you beat me and I ain’t been beat yet!


{The crowd then pops and Garvin thinks it is for him… but it is actually Gentlemen Chris Adams! Adams walks up behind Garvin…}


Joe Pedicino: Woah… ladies and gentlemen… Chris Adams!


Chris Adams: Excuse me Joe… I couldn’t handle hearing this anymore… Jimmy Garvin… you and I have a long history and I have to say that you’ve made quite a name for yourself…


Jimmy Garvin: That’s right pally and what’s it…


Chris Adams: I wasn’t done talking… I was going to say that you’ve made quite the name for yourself… now you want to be called the Gold Standard… well the only thing better than gold is platinum and you can consider me the Platinum Player who is going to dump you on your head… although it may not hurt with all that hair… unless its a wig!


Jimmy: Hold it right there Adams… this ain’t no wig…


Chris Adams: Well… I guess someday we might find out. Until then… Cheerio…


Jimmy: What is this guy a cereal salesman? Pedicino… get this figured out…


Joe Pedicino: Fans… it is time for our main event… for the Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!


From Greenville, South Carolina… ladies and gentlemen… the challenger…Terry Taylor!



From Tampa, Florida… ladies and gentlemen… the Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion…. Austin Idol!





Terry Taylor vs Austin Idol © 

  • Big match feel for this one.
  • These guys feel each other out
  • Idol isn’t who he was years ago but he still has the psychology to work the fans and Terry Taylor helps make him look great. 
  • Idol then turns the tide for the final moments of the contest.
  • We see him really work the neck and the back
  • Idol says he’s going to finish him off and he nails a PILEDRIVER!
  • 1….2….FOOT on the rope!
  • Idol can’t believe it, he argues with the referee, Taylor is in a bad way
  • Idol continues to gloat but when he picks up Taylor, he reverses to a small package for a 2 count.
  • It was a last ditch effort by Taylor… he looks like he doesn’t have anything left and then he turns it on! 
  • Taylor comes back with some huge rights and lefts
  • He sends Idol to the ropes and BACK BODY DROP!
  • Idol is looking rough
  • Taylor hits the ropes and then the FLYING FOREARM! 
  • Idol goes crashing out of the ring to the floor!
  • The referee is counting but Taylor stops him
  • Here comes Buddy… he helps up his friend but then Taylor walks over and CRACKS their heads together!
  • Idol is reeling right now and he’s tossed back in the ring
  • Taylor is going up to top rope but Buddy is yelling at him
  • Wait a second… HARLEY RACE… Race turns Landel around and a HUGE right hand!
  • Taylor turns but Idol hits the ropes and Taylor goes down hard on the turnbuckle!
  • Idol pulls Taylor down… picks him up… PILEDRIVER for the 1…..2….3!!!


{Idol has won it. The crowd is shocked. Buddy is out, outside the ring. Race then gets inside the ring and he is eye to eye with Idol. These two are ready to explode! Idol goes for a right hand but Race ducks and nails one of his own and Idol goes flying over the top to the floor! Race stands tall as he helps up Taylor… we’ll see you in two weeks in Rockford!}



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Doomsday Missle Dropkick! Now that's a Dynamic finisher.

Spivey & Bad News pick up some quality wins.

A fine debut for Steiner.

Garvin vs Adams will definitely get eyes on WCPW.

Race overcomes a 2-1 handicap to cement his place as a top challenger to Idol.

The Nasty Boys win a brief but competitive tournament to become the inaugural WCPW tag team champions! They've already got some tough challengers lined up.

Idol retains against Taylor, but with Bad News waiting in Rockford & Race clearly on the hunt, he can't afford to rest on his laurels.

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An exciting new team is always a great way to get the crowd warmed up. 

I love Idol on the mic. However, not sure it's a good idea messing with Race. 

Spivey takes down the Grappler, then has a stare down with Brown. Brown follows with a ghetto blaster win over the Iceman. Spivey might be in for some bad news. 

I was hoping for a Rockers/Nasty Boys finals, and it's going to happen. 

Awesome showcase for Scott Steiner. 

Race proves his tank isn't empty yet by beating Landel. One step closer to Idol. 

Nasties and Rockers deliver! Nice spot with Michael's bleeding, shows the Nasty Boys can get ruthless.  The tone is set for the tag team division. 

Jimmy Jam has arrived! But hold on, so has Chris Adams! Instant feud. Gotta love it. 

Big time main event! Really liked the match description. Solid finish as Idol proves he's a legit champ, while Race gets a shining moment. Great set up.

See you in Rockford! 

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Windy City Pro Wrestling 

Live from the Rockford, Illinois - Boylan High School

Friday Night February 11th - 8:00pm Bell Time


Joe Pedicino: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Windy City Pro Wrestling! We are the premiere wrestling promotion in the Chicagoland area and we are so excited to be here tonight in Rockford. We have got 11 matches on the card tonight… two title matches… plus the return of KAMALA! Right now it is time for our opening contest…


Scott Steiner vs Star Master II

  • Star Master II (Ken Wayne) comes out in a basic masked gimmick
  • Steiner comes out and looks like a specimen
  • We see some big time power moves
  • Steiner is bumping him all over the ring
  • Scotty has got the crowd pumped up and then he hits the twilt-a-whirl slam!
  • Scotty makes the call and grabs Star for a double underhook powerbomb! 
  • 1….2….3! 
  • Scott Steiner gets the victory and works the crowd


{Scotty makes his way to the back but before he goes in he sees the Dynamic Dudes who come out to some fun Rock Music. Steiner high fives them as they come down to the ring for their contest…}


Dynamic Dudes vs The Moondogs

  • The Moondogs come out and needless to say they aren’t in a playing mood
  • They start brawling with the Dudes who were looking at more of a wrestling match
  • Rex and Spot are nasty here… biting… scratching… barking
  • Zenk and Ace turn the tide and use some speed
  • The Moondogs appear to go into business for themselves
  • Zenk is able to hit a big dropkick off the top rope on Rex
  • Ace rolls him up for a 3-count and the Dudes get out by the skin of their teeth


{Zenk and Ace get out of the ring and are backing away. The Moondog appear to want some more as they go after the Dudes down the aisle. We then see the entrance of Gentlemen Chris Adams who is in our next contest…}


Chris Adams vs Hiroshi Hase

  • The Gentlemen looks stellar tonight
  • Hase is more or less a JTTS here
  • Hase works Adams’ style and makes him look good
  • The finish is a superkick out of nowhere by Adams and then the 3-count!


{Adams works the crowd as he heads to the back. We then see Buddy Landel come out but he isn’t alone… he has got Jimmy Garvin and Precious with him!?! What in the world is this? Garvin and Adams have words…}


Iceman Parsons vs Buddy Landel w/ Garvin & Precious

  • The Iceman is outmanned and womanned out here tonight but he’s got the fans going wild!
  • Iceman is able to dance and move around to get the crowd going
  • We see a pretty even contest with both men getting some offense
  • The addition of Garvin and Precious is something the Iceman wasn’t ready for and they do get involved
  • Iceman gets into a groove but we see Garvin grab his leg, Iceman turns around and here comes Landel with a knee to his back, sending him out of the ring to the floor!
  • Landel grabs the referee while Garvin picks up Iceman and DDT!
  • Garvin throws the lifeless Iceman back into the ring
  • Landel gets the referee’s attention as he gets the cover for the 3-count


{Landel and Garvin eat up the hatred from the crowd. The fans are really letting them have it. In the entryway… waiting for him… it’s Chris Adams! Adams comes with a couple of huge rights and lefts! It is a two on one brawl with officiels running down. Out comes Terry Taylor to join Adams and now the sides are evened up! This one is spilling into the fans. The crowd is cheering for Adams and Taylor while Garvin and Landel retreat.}


Terry Taylor vs The Grappler

  • Taylor then heads to the ring and awaiting him is the Grappler who pounces right away
  • Grappler is really working him over while Taylor is trying to get to his feet
  • The referee has lost control of this one already
  • Things only get worse when we see the team of Gravin and Landel come out one more time and then pull Taylor out of the ring and go on the attack!
  • This is complete chaos
  • Taylor wins the match via DQ but that’s really a mute point


{The Grappler joins in as once again Adams runs down to the ring to break it up. Garvin and Landel leave the ring, doing their damage… Taylor doesn’t look good. Next up is our tag team title matchup. Here comes the Nasty Boys… titles in toe… and then we see the NEW BREED!}


WCPW Tag Team Championship
The New Breed vs The Nasty Boys © 

  • Pretty good contest here for both teams
  • These guys work for about 15-minutes and give and take for one another
  • The New Breed is definitely a step above the Nasty Boys but Sags and Knobbs can break every rule in the book
  • The other issue is that the Nasties are very sloppy and a nasty top rope neck drop on Champion just doesn’t go well
  • Champion looks to be seriously injured and grasping his throat
  • Here comes Royal but the 2 on 1 is too much
  • This one looks like it is cut short and we get a big spike piledriver for the 3-count!


{The Nasty Boys get the win… they work the fans… Champion seems to be in a bad way as he and Royal walk to the back… we then have some officials come out and talk to Pedicino who says “what the hell?”}


Joe Pedicino: Fans I have just been notified that Harley Race was injured in the back… he will not be in action tonight. We apologize for this. We would like to…


{Here comes Austin Idol and low and behold… he’s got Jim Garvin, Buddy Landel, & Precious with him! They come down to the ring…}


Joe Pedicino: Austin Idol… what do we owe the pleasure?


Austin Idol: It isn’t what you owe me… but it is what all these people owe me! You see… moments ago… I took that old dog Harley Race… I took him out back and put him out of his misery! Race… I told you before pally… this is the new era of wrestling jack. You are looking at the triangle of terror here man. The three men that run Windy City and now… we’ve got you out of the way… it is time to take out Adams and Taylor. 


Joe Pedicino: So you’re the one who attacked Harley Race?


Landel: That’s right Pedicino… lemme set the record straight that Harley Race just didn’t belong here. He is no longer needed and we wish him the best on his future endeavors. Now… we have got our eyes set on other things and baby… the sky is the limit!


Jimmy Garvin: You know something Pedicino… a couple of weeks ago… that good for nothing Chris Adams comes out here and he interrupts me. Well Adams… look at you now boy. Look at us. Standing tall… we’re on top baby and you and Taylor… and Race… haha… you're the rubble that we walk on…


{OH MY! Taylor and Adams hit the ring and we’ve got a brawl! These five men are going at it. Officials come out… this is chaos… these guys are out of control!}


Harley Race vs The Baron - Canceled due to an injury to Harley Race


{Next out… we have got the turncoat… Cpl. Kirchner. He comes out with an American flag that has a huge X on it. The fans don’t like this one bit. Then we see Danny Spivey come out and the fans pop! He shakes the hands and jumps in the ring with some big time energy.}


Dan Spivey vs Cpl. Kirchner

  • Kirchner seems to be focused on getting some heat and he’s doing a pretty good job. 
  • On the other side… Spivey is becoming perhaps the most popular man in Windy City
  • He has got some great moves and Kirchner sells for him
  • Kirchner is able to get in a little offense and get control only for Spivey to fight his way back
  • We see Spivey hit some rights and lefts before nailing a huge running double ax-handle smash!
  • Kirchner is down and Spivey twirls his finger… what is going on… he picks up Kirchner and hoists him on his back…
  • Spivey spins once and HELICOPTER THROW! OH MY!
  • 1….2…..3! 
  • Dan Spivey is the winner and the crowd explodes! 


{Spivey works the fans on his way out of the arena. We then cut to the ring… the lights go down and we see two guys under masks in the ring… then General Skandar Akbar walks out and he is working the fans… behind him… Tonga…Tama…the Samoan Savages… And then… the Giant… KAMALA! We see them come to the ring and Savages… well they’re causing trouble already…}


Black Thunder & White Lightning vs Kamala w/ Skandar Akbar & The Samoan Savages

  • Thunder and Lightning aren’t even able to make a move here
  • Kamala is all over them
  • He beats both of them within an inch of their lives
  • Some huge slams for both of them
  • He sets them up in the corner and then goes to the middle rope for a splash on both men
  • Kamala then picks up both men and dumps them out of the ring to the floor
  • The referee just counts to 10 and Kamala is the winner


{They aren’t done as the Savages pick up Thunder and Lightning to toss them back into the ring and they unload on them. A pair of huge powerslams and some more splashes by Kamala. They are escorted from ringside… needless to say they are going to be something to behold here in Windy City. Meanwhile… Joe Pedicino is joined by Skandar Akbar…


Joe Pedicino: Akbar… what in the world is going on here?


Akbar: Pedicino: I have been to the top of the mountain and seen the valleys and peaks… I have been to death valley and see the very edge of hell. From top to bottom… I have never seen anything that can rival my Ugandan Giant Kamala and my Samoan Savages Tama and Tonga! These three men will take me anywhere I want and trust me when I say that the world is ours for the taking!


Pedicino: My gosh… fans… we’ve got another big match coming up… get Akbar out of here….


{Next up we see the Nightmares come out as they have got a big match against the Rockers who come out to a huge pop!}


The Rockers vs The Nightmares

  • A pretty good contest here with all four of these guys leaving it out there
  • It is a quick contest with a lot of fun moves
  • The Rockers are very over and control the entirety of the match
  • The Nightmares get a little bit of offense in… just enough to build to a Rockers comeback
  • A couple of huge double team moves and then some double dropkicks lead to the Rockers climbing the ropes
  • The big double fist drops spell the end
  • 1…2….3 and the Rockers get the victory.


{The Rockers work the crowd and make the sign for the titles. They want the Nasty Boys… when and where will it happen? Next up… our main event… the title on the line… here we go!}


Joe Pedicino: Our next contest is the main event of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit and it is for the Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship!!!


Introducing first… he hails from Harlem, New York… ladies and gentlemen… the challenger… Bad News Allen!



His opponent… he hails from Tampa, Florida…. He is the reigning… defending… Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion… Ladies and gentlemen… Austin Idol!




WCPW Heavyweight Championship
Bad News Brown vs Austin Idol © 

  • An interesting match with both of these guys not really being loved by the crowd
  • Brown is the pseudo face due to Idol being hated by the crowd
  • This one goes about 19-minutes with both men getting in some offense but neither of them really takes control
  • Party of the issue is how these two just don’t match up
  • Allen is a little more physical that Idol would like and Allen doesn’t appreciate the showmanship of Idol
  • Towards the end of the match we see Idol going for the finish as he is trying to set up Allen for the piledriver… but Bad News isn’t having it.
  • Bad News fights back in a huge way… he is pounding away with rights and lefts and then he goes for a huge GHETTO BLASTER and Idol goes flying through the ropes!
  • Here comes Garvin and Landel to help get Idol up as Allen is looking on with disdain
  • The crowd then explodes when Harley Race runs out… head heavily bandaged! 
  • Here comes Taylor and Adams!
  • It is a six-man brawl outside the ring and the crowd is going wild.
  • The referee calls for the bell… this one is over and Bad News is irate!
  • The referee has no choice but Bad News chases him up the rampway
  • Other officials come out to break up these six… Race, Taylor, and Adams are in the ring now…


Harley: Listen to me you son of a bitch… I have been around the block a time or two and I have seen guys like you come and go. I am standing right here and I am telling you that I want that title but more importantly… I WANT YOU IN THIS RING!


Idol: (Screaming) You can’t touch me Harley… I am the Chicago champion baby and you can’t stop me!


Harley Race: I figured you’d try to find some way to get out of this… so I am putting it all on the line right now… the three of us versus the three of you… six-man tag… we win… I get my shot… you win… I don’t.


{Adams and Taylor are patting Harley on the back… what a moment…Idol looks on with Landel and Garvin…. They say yes… fans… the Main Event for the Nightmare in Naperville has been set… take a look at this card and we’ll see you there!}



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