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Pro Wrestling Only

I think I know what the answer would be ...


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... but it never hurts to ask.


Basically, wrestling talk online has gotten really boring for me lately. I'm sure others feel the same way.


Is it too soon to try Greatest Wrestler Ever 2? More footage is popping up all the time, so it seems like people's opinions change pretty frequently.


If it is too soon, does anyone have any suggestions on some ridiculously ambitious project that could be started that might get people talking again?


Let me know your thoughts.

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At this point, yeah, I say either Best Memphis Wrestler or Most Average or Worst Wrestler polls would be a hell of a lot more fun.

But I agree Loss, I just can't get up for wrestling right now, and haven't for a while. I have a stack of DVDs that recently came in that I haven't even bothered to flip through, and if it weren't for Crazy Max guys having $1 sales, I wouldn't even bother with tapes now.

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