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  1. Negro Suave

    Rebuilding Roman Reigns

    Pull him back from the main event and mix him up with some of the upper mid card guys. Put him in something with Owens and Cesaro and let him learn a bit from them. Also for the love of christ update his fricking look. Unless they are going to go back to the shield. Give him his own identity and a normal entrance so he's not hey hes the shield guy without a personality.
  2. Negro Suave


    The classic stuff was a lot more hillarious. the stuff that I didn't notice when i was just a fan. I still like watching it to see if I see anyone I know so i can rib them mercilessly.
  3. Negro Suave

    Best World Champion In The World Today?

    Can someone explain the Dan Severn hate? He was bland but he was at least believable before the buy a title reign NWA championship decisions that we have now.
  4. Negro Suave

    Eduardo James is gone

    I miss all the fun in my random breaks from this board. Oh well thank you for keeping the lunatic fringe out.
  5. Negro Suave

    Famous fans

    Gabriel Iglesias is someone I have had conversations with on wrestling. I want to say there were more than a few country singer wcw fans.
  6. Negro Suave

    PWO Quarterly Feel Good Poll

    Current Favorite Wrestler To Watch: Going ot buck the trend with a Tag team and Say Rybaxel, possibly one of the only true heel tag teams I've seen in years. Last Fun Match You Saw: Rybaxel vs Gold/Star dust Wrestler You Want To See More Of:Stardus... i just like that Cody is having fun with it. Last Live Show Attended:As a fan we are probably talking JAPW in 2000. As a just attending it was probably a Superstars of Wrestling Show Match You Are Looking Forward To Watching Soon The Most: Rusev vs Swagger Last Fun Interview/Promo You Saw: Anything Dean Ambrose. Last Interesting Thing You Read About Wrestling interesting? Can't say I read too much about wrestling these days. Last Worthwhile Wrestling Podcast You Heard: SChronic Connection Wrestling podcast. Most Fun You've Had Watching Wrestling Lately: MITB because it got my Fiancee back into watching wrestling so I can break out the old dvds on the big tv without causing a fuss.
  7. Negro Suave

    Bray Wyatt - Face?

    Bray being a face would be worthless... it would make more sense to turn the Authority face against the Wyatts. I would keep them where they are as this third rail to the main forces of good and forces of evil. Let them act as spoilers to plans let them terrorize the real babyfaces and then have the baby faces have to save the authority to keep the moral high ground. That kind of story.
  8. Negro Suave

    Most Brutal Instance of "Color"...

    Was it Sexxy Eddy? Those years just kind of blend
  9. Negro Suave

    Most Brutal Instance of "Color"...

    I believe a death match with Sick Nick Mondo where he is literally squirting blood from his arm into his own mouth. This was in the heyday of CZW and on one of their Delaware death match shows.
  10. Negro Suave

    What does wrestling need to get hot again?

    Wrestling is always at it's best when it is topical. Hulk Hogan was an action hero in spandex. Rock and Austin were the Anti-Heroes in spandex. What type of hero is popular in the current vernacular. Who are our heroes? The top of the car has to have the epic feel about a struggle for dominance or a cause. Cena feels bland because he doesn't have a cause. Heck the authority angle seems bland because their cause is weak. If they went straight super villian and said yeah we don't like this guy because he sucks and we want to be in control with our people and screw what everyone else thinks, this is for our benefits and our pockets people might be truly up in arms and want to tune in and see someone do this. buit the problem is that reality era they are trying too hard for the grey area. Trying too hard to blur right and wrong. There should always be that one KERNEL or truth to what they are saying but when you play too much to the truth you end up somewhere in the grey and grey areas are bad tv. You take any series, and your antagonist might have a point but we should understand the protagonist that much better so that it doesn't matter. Take for instance Breaking Bad, we know the walter white is becoming this monstrous evil but we are along for the ride and we identify with them in their struggles or somethign in them that says "Hey, I understand where he is coming from" Let's face it most of the people who watch wrestling will never know what it truly means to be a champion. It has no meaning to them, and that is fault of breaking kayfabe, where it doesn't mean anything. There is no urgency in winning the title, we are just expecting something to happen.
  11. Thank you for your utterly useless contribution. Thank you for taking the time to thank me. If wrestling is art, so is 3 card monte. I am pretty sure the art of being a conman has been romanticized and studied many times over. I'm not sure what your point is? Magicians are praised for doing the same thing as three card monty and we could call that an art form. Just because anyone can use a paint brush and someone might decide to just draw dicks with it doesn't mean that there is no artistry in painting.
  12. The way I navigate through the bureaucratic bullshit in the day to day existence of my job is absolutely art. I'm sure your TPS reports are indeed aesthetically pleasing. The great thing about Art is that everyone's definition of it varies in that it is perfectly valid to believe there is no artistic value in something, for you. But it doesn't begin to define the artistic experience for anyone else. Now that doesn't mean Wresting is Picasso (which i think is a Chikara spinoff fed) because this isn't an A or B discussion.There are varying levels like in every other form of entertainment on the planet.
  13. There is a misguided notion planted in the minds of everyone that if you are making a lot of money doing what you do, it is just a job, if you are struggling to do what you do, it is art. The reason being that there will always be more people struggling at doing ANY job than there are people who are doing it well. The metrics of success will forever be tied to something measurable that being said notoriety is also a pretty good metric and some people want to be known more than they want to make money. So to the question is it overrated? Not at all, someone has to have the potential to make money in the field and being the top drawing guys means you can help other people directly or indirectly.
  14. Negro Suave

    Is it "easier" to play an unpredictable wild man character?

    It's more difficult because with a wild man character if you don't do something that could be called unpredictable people feel like they are cheated. From a performer standpoint, it's way better to be predictable because that means when you do veer off the norm its a huge deal.
  15. Negro Suave

    How profitabe was ECW?

    For what it is worth, I've heard that a few times. Too many drugs in the locker room. A lot of guys had matches with ECW guys in other indies and they would get they you should come talk to paul talk or something similar. You'll hear bunches of stories like that for people who have been around the New York/northern NJ indy scene at around that time. But there were just as many running to grab things who whomever was in town trying to get an introduction to someone.