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  1. AndyLFC

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Guys is the deadline still set for WM? I'm working away on my list and nominees in the background but I'm not getting time for discussion and comments in the forum. I hope that changes.
  2. AndyLFC

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Only seeing this now. The funny thing is I was thinking about the GWE project earlier today while driving home and did wonder about a similar project in regards to specific matches. I remember taking part in the AJPW ballot hosted by Ditch back around '08/'09 and I enjoyed that immensely so I'm hoping I can find the time to have a crack at this monster project. Great idea Steven and co!
  3. AndyLFC

    Top 500 of the 90s In Progress

    This is truly great work Loss. I do love a good list and this is something I can really get my teeth into as I have been looking for a re-watch project. Scanning over your list so far I see plenty of matches/hidden gems that either passed me by or demand closer inspection just from their ranking placement. I hope you find the time to do a podcast as a companion piece for this project. I was thinking of doing the same and certainly sounds like a lot of fun!
  4. AndyLFC

    Reactions to the List: 25-11

    Tenryu is the first of my top 5 to go - Kawada, Hansen, Misawa, Liger, Tenryu, Flair, Bockwinkel, Funk, Kobashi and Akiyama. Bock was easily the biggest discovery for me during this whole process.
  5. AndyLFC

    Post here when you turn in your ballot!

    I will have a ballot in on the final day. Sadly I didn't get to participate much in the nominees discussion and I have grabbed what time is available to view old footage in between work and study for a career change. Pretty much set on my top 50 but after that it really depends on what footage I can squeeze in between now and deadline. It has certainly been fun though!
  6. Very happy to see Misawa v Akiyama have its place on the list and I also think it deserves a higher spot but anyway....watched it recently and it's a match that just gets better with time I think....tight snug state of the art heavyweight wrestling, great transitions, a heated Budokan with a molten finishing stretch that ended at just the right time and Akiyama looking like a star. I remember liking parts of the Cena/Punk at the time mostly for the rapid Chicago crowd and general atmosphere but I came away feeling the same with what Parv had mentioned about the finisher counter finisher rinse and repeat WWE main style that I found to be a bit tedious by the end. Maybe it deserves another spin...
  7. Really enjoyed part one and I've been taking note of matches I may have missed over the years. Great work guys!
  8. I will never quite get the gushing praise for Michaels/Triple H. Instead of a hate filled brawl I thought this came off as more of a bloated garbage style main-event that Trips was so fond of back in the day. The contest meandered quite a bit around the middle with Trips working over Michaels and then when Michaels decided to forget about the back injury and jump around the ring like nothing was wrong they totally lost me. I'd go with this being one of the more overrated matches of the last 20 years.
  9. AndyLFC

    All Time Favourite/Best Tag Team and Why?

    My pick for favourite and best team of all time will be The Holy Demon Army - Kawada/Taue. An all business no nonsense ass kicking unit that were too cool for school. They were my favourite team from watching them on tape back in the tape trading days and my opinion hasn't changed since. If I had to pick a number 2 then I'll go with Midnights/Cornette - Eaton/Lane.
  10. AndyLFC

    Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue

    Check out Kawada/Taue v Kobashi/Akiyama 3/96 - it's a lot of fun and worth it for the Kawada/Akiyama exchanges alone.
  11. I remember Glen's famous 'spider' writing. His lists I found were a bit more difficult to follow compared to Robs in terms of font/layout/spacing etc. On one particular 4 hour compilation order with Rob I asked him if he could comp together all the Jim Cornette/Midnights promos/angles etc from his 85/86 tapes....and he did. Insane!
  12. I found Glen's service to be pretty reliable once Rob moved on from trading....I think Rob sold his business to Global Wrestling Imports and they disappeared after only a couple of years. Does anyone remember Five Star Wrestling Tapes? Pretty sure they only provided an online service around 2001. They didn't have a huge range but it was mostly all commercial tapes from All-Japan and New-Japan so the VQ quality was a huge step up.
  13. From a personal point of view it was great listening to Rob give his thoughts on the tape trading process. I was one of those kids phoning Rob at 'silly o'clock' wondering when a certain tape or match would be available and when that parcel arrived in the post it was like Christmas day every time! Rob did use Meltzer's ratings on the match listings but it was a neat touch when he added his own ratings and comments next the majority of tapes listed from around '94 to '99.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm Andy, 35, from Northern Ireland. My good friend Brian Elliott of FSM told me about the PWO forums last year and after dipping in and out I'm glad to be finally signed up! My pro wrestling fandom began around '89 watching NWA/WCW on local TV and then while in school got caught up with the WWF wave of popularity in '91. Started watching WCW in '92 and noticed the likes of Jushin Liger, Muta, Hase etc popping up which led to me discovering puro. I'm very grateful to have been part of the tape trading community of the 90's via Rob Butcher's tape service. Kawada v Kobashi 10/93 was my first taste of All-Japan at the end of '93 and for the next 6 or 7 years it was a steady diet of All-Japan, New-Japan, ECW and a variety of other bits and pieces(FMW/Battlarts/IWA/M-Pro and eventually Noah). I did participate in the lengthy but very enjoyable Top All-Japan matches of the 90's project hosted by Ditch. Since then my viewing has been very random and scattered, but I find that works well for me. The GWE project looks like it could be a lot of fun delving into past footage from wrestlers that may have passed me by or that I may have overlooked. Currently I'm working my way through 1992 which has been a ton of fun and I always enjoy listening to podcasts from the likes of Goodhelmet, Loss, Dylan, Johnny and others. If anyone would like to follow me on twitter - @andymcl13 - random tweets on random matches.