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  1. Brian Elliott

    Current New Japan

    I couldn't be less interested in New Japan right now, and I can't say the pandemic has that much to do with it. It flew the flag high for pro wrestling until 2017 or so, and then started declining fast. I cannot believe I am saying this about Okada, who by the age of 30 had had more classics than any wrestler I'd ever had the pleasure of seeing contemporaneously. New Japan dropping off so badly has had a devastating effect on my fandom as a whole.
  2. At house shows, Bret cared about having logical matches, not great matches.
  3. Not even close to the same level of patterning, especially since Flair always TOOK the same offence - a key difference.
  4. Bryan's in-ring peak was the mid-to-late 2000s, and although there've been big high points since then, he hasn't consistently come close to his best work.
  5. This match is way better than it was given credit for at the time. Very enjoyable match that also did a lot for the Nasties.
  6. I always assumed it was to prove that Undertaker could be damaged. Previously, chair shots, piledrivers on the floor etc had never appeared to cause him lasting harm.
  7. It's been longer than I thought since I posted about Fighting Spirit Magazine! Unfortunately, the magazine went to press for the last time in 2019, but I did want to let you know that I just released the first episode of my new podcast, Riffing on Wrestling, bouncing around all manner of topics from the WWF 1989-1994. In particular if you began your fandom in this period, you'll really enjoy the conversation! You can stream the episode (click here) or download it from via your favourite podcast app by searching for Riffing on Wrestling. Thanks!
  8. Brian Elliott

    [1985-08-28-AJW] Chigusa Nagayo vs Dump Matsumoto (Hair vs Hair)

    I look at this as more of an angle than a match. When you add it all up, it's incredibly dramatic, but for in-ring content the 1986 re-match is far superior.
  9. Watched this today. A fantastic tag team dynamic at a perfect pace. @InYourCase had it right about being an underrated classic.
  10. Brian Elliott

    The Bridge of Dream

    I'm generally not much of a snob for A/V quality, but a high-quality version of this appearing from somewhere really would be wonderful.
  11. I love this match, though I admit my awe is in part due to knowing the real nature of the injury, as naturally everything then has a lot more meaning.
  12. Interestingly, the announcer also referred to him as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
  13. Brian Elliott

    The big announcement

    Always glad to see something taken on so earnestly. Best wishes!
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