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  1. Hawkeye12

    AEW Dynamite - August 25, 2021

    The thing with the Monday Night Wars is that WCW's ratings never really did suck even when they started losing, WWF's just went through the roof because they somehow found other viewers that weren't watching wrestling. WWF had already taken a pretty consistent lead by early 1999, but WCW's ratings were still at the same typical highs (4.2-5) as during their winning streak. Even through the spring/summer of 1999 WCW was drawing 3.5-4s, just as they drew the bulk of their 83 weeks win streak, it just wasn't good enough anymore to steal a win let alone win every week. Honestly, WCW ratings were higher losing in 1998 and 1999 than they had been during most of their actual winning in 1996 and 1997, until the last quarter 1999 got back to original Nitro levels again at 2.5-3.1. I should actually do the math and see how close those numbers really were just out of curiosity. I feel like WCW took the lead because they did steal fans from the WWF, but WWF regained the lead by adding new fans more than actually taking back the WCW audience. That was kind of backed up when WCW closed and those fans just disappeared instead of turning back to the WWF. I don't know what the maximum viewers could be for AEW. Since this episode only drew 1.172, albeit the third highest episode they've done, and the debut episode drew 1.4, I can't see the audience breaking through that. Had they not been head to head with NXT though, I would guess they'd have beaten this number a few other times too but not sure if they'd have beaten that debut show . When TNA was on Spike it basically had that loyal 1.1-1.5 million viewers that it could count on, and AEW seems to me in the similar boat. Next week's number will be interesting.
  2. Hawkeye12

    R.I.P. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

    RIP. Best tag team wrestler ever and with a wide variety of guys, but I'll admit I enjoyed his brief single's babyface run, TV title win over Arn, and Clash main event against Flair as much, if not more, than his tag team exploits.
  3. Hawkeye12

    What's the Best Steiners match ever?

    Nasty Boys or Sting/Luger
  4. Hawkeye12

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    http://draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=10830&DraftYear=2007 Can't find the exact date, but his pro day stats were updated 3/15/07 for Georgia Tech. You can see he had no NFL combine numbers. I'm surprised he didn't do the bench press for his pro day workout, but that's more for my own curiosity.
  5. Hawkeye12

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    He made first team all-ACC once as a senior, he was never an All-American or one of the best defensive lineman in the country though. I can't find one NFL mock draft from that time that included him and he wasn't even invited to the NFL combine (that's not rare though, only the elite, top round guys usually do get invited). NFL Draft prospect projected him with a ceiling of a 6th rounder for the 2007 draft. I have a hard time imagining any sports fans outside of Georgia Tech, whomever he played well enough against in the ACC, and anyone from his hometown would've had any clue who he was in 2007. College football is very popular, but the amount of players that might gain any amount of notoriety in a season is never more than a handful and offensive and defensive lineman are rarely among that list. Ron Simmons, Brian Pillman, Bill Goldberg, and Danny Spivey were all more accomplished d-lineman in their college careers, and they weren't famous either for playing football beyond their schools. His leukemia diagnosis may have impacted his chance to have a longer stay in the NFL, but that came after he was already with the Vikings, it didn't affect his draft status.
  6. Hawkeye12

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Definitely his first WWF run with Blassie. Even by the time he got to the AWA and turned babyface, he'd started to slim down in the waist and stomach. Part of that may have just been he was wrestling more (and longer) matches, so probably doing more cardio whether by design or not. By Earthquake he'd already been off the gas for maybe two years (based on the steroid trial evidence and testimony), really didn't look any bigger than any of the other body guys on the roster, many who were also in the same position of dropping mass. He never regained the mass after that, although he did lean out and look really cut here and there especially his NWO run. Don't think he was ever really 6'8", probably 6'6" at his peak but it's so hard to tell with boots on.
  7. Hawkeye12

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Schultz was fired after the February 11, 1985 show in LA. He didn't end up wrestling on the show, not sure he was ever scheduled. But he wrestled JYD in San Diego the day before and is the only guy on that show that was replaced (by Wildman Jack Armstrong) on the LA show. Haven't seen the episode yet though.
  8. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Glad to finally see a Sheepherders vs Rock n Roll Express match. The RnRs left before the teams were to meet at the Bunkhouse Stampede in January, then they returned but Robert quit about a week after this in the middle of the Great American Bash tour so Brad Armstrong filled in with Morton.
  9. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    There are actually three more matches on the Festival taping than are listed above, and it's Psychosis in the fourth match rather than Psicopata.
  10. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    The 8-man tag with Jericho was already on the Network from a couple years ago, but it'll be great to see the whole taping. WCW was going to try and do their own SuperAstros type show and this was the pilot taping.
  11. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    SuperClash IV really was one of the hidden gems I'd always been hoping was there in full. Look forward to seeing it, Nord vs Kokina has always sounded fun to me since the TV bodyslam match on TV turned into Nord vs Sheik Adnan during the Team Challenge Series.
  12. Hawkeye12

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Kurt also pinned Brock on the Smackdown before WM19 where Eric Angle dressed as Kurt, and then Kurt snuck in and got the pin. I remember at the time online a lot of folks thought they were doing the switch to Brock on TV because Kurt was too injured to compete in a real WM match. Instead they pulled a great swerve! Big Show also pinned Brock when he teamed with the FBI against Lesnar and Undertaker on Smackdown as well.
  13. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Survivor Series Showdown 1993 was up already, but not Summerslam yet.
  14. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I didn't see much of the Fantastics since I didn't really start following wrestling until 1989, shortly after they'd left WCW. But they are easily one of my favorite teams ever after watching them over the past 30 years as a fan, actually prefer them to the Rock n Roll Express in their role and feud with the Midnight Express.
  15. Hawkeye12

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Probably from that era. They did wrestle on the WCW Power Hour in March 1990.