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  1. Jaivl

    Reactions to the List: 50-26

    Still wondering what's so egregious about Brock being ranked.
  2. Jaivl

    Reactions to the List: 100-51

    Bob Sapp vs Minotauro Nogueira would be one of the best wrestling matches ever.
  3. Damn, even your Iphone fell asleep at the mere mention of Dory. Wow, the quality has been great overall, but this is the post of the project for me.
  4. Jaivl

    Post-Mania 32 Raw

    Poor Rowan
  5. ¡¡Se enojó José Luís, basta de fantochadas!! This is gold!
  6. Jaivl

    Mil Mascaras

    Worst nominee since Davey Richards?
  7. Jaivl

    Fixing the Diva's Division

    I hope it does, Total Divas is the best thing ever. It would really miss Braniel, though.
  8. Jaivl

    Mark Henry

    ^ Got confused because of the different date styles. In dd/mm/yyyy: vs Tajiri (05/09/2002) vs Daniel Bryan (29/11/2011)
  9. Jaivl

    Tommy End

    Reminded me of his EVOLVE 43 match, when End is presented as a really dangerous striker... until ZSJ enters the ring and breaks the rythm of the match because he has to get his shit in, obviously.
  10. Jaivl

    Zack Sabre Jr.

    Yeah, he's truly terrible.
  11. Jaivl

    Who had the best body and when?

    Cesaro. Also, no-no to the Eddie mention.
  12. Jaivl

    WrestleMania 32

    I'd change Ziggler's "jobber" inscription to "Ziggler".
  13. Jaivl

    Wrestle Kingdom 10

    Well... I think it is. Thanks for the enlightening, I guess...
  14. Jaivl

    Things in WWE you no longer want to see?

    Stephanie McMahon Mandatory 1/2 h opening promos Shawn Michaels appearences Any non-Sasha, non-Nikki, non-Summer, non-Lana woman on the mic Authority segments Dolph Ziggler on the mic "Bray Wyatt speaks on RAW" segments The heel champ being booked as a dumbass Lots of other things, but that kinda covers it.