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  2. I'm not a big fan of battle royals but I enjoyed seeing Andre tower over everyone else. I also thought the exchanges between Wahoo and Hernandez were nice and heated. I'm not that familiar with Gino and i'm looking forward to seeing more of him.
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  4. AJS

    Jerry Lawler

    Jerry Lawler was a major revelation for me going through the Memphis set. Growing up I was always a fan of wrestlers who did lots of 'moves', but Lawler completely captivated me with his more minimalist approach. On every match on the set he held my attention from beginning to end. His punches are without a doubt the best i've ever seen and as beautiful to watch as any flip or dive. He had such great timing and an incredible connection with the Memphis fans. I need to see more of the King!
  5. This was brilliantly done. Obviously I knew the stunner was coming but the way it was done took me completely by surprise and made me laugh at loud. A fantastic moment!
  6. This is a tremendous. I've been working my way through the 97 Raw's and PPV's on the network and pretty much hated every babyface interview Shawn has given. He's been totally upstaged by Bret Hart and Steve Austin on the mic. He tries to be cool and funny but instead comes across like a gurning imbecile. As a face it just doesn't work. But here, heeling it up in Canada, everything clicks into place. Instead of trying to funny and failing pathetically, he actually is funny. His little jig around the ring while twirling the tiny Canadian flags had me rolling. I'm really looking forward to seeing this heel turn develop.
  7. AJS

    Best Individual Performance in a Match

    One of the all time great performances on commentary. Heenan added so much to that match.
  8. AJS

    What are you watching?

    I've recently been watching 70's Jumbo Tsuruta. I've seen the stuff on the 80s sets and a lot of his 90s work, but was largely unfamiliar with the 70s matches matches. I've watched about 40 of them recently and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Not every match is great of course but many of them are. Even when they've fallen short Jumbo is always very watchable in them I think it's amazing that he was basically a top guy from the start working with the Funks and Briscos and looking like he really belonged in there with them. My plan was to move into the 80s and work through his career chronologically as much as I can, but i've just found about 40 more matches from the 70s so i'll be making my way through those first.
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  10. AJS

    Ranking the Holy Trilogy

    I have a special place in my heart for the WrestleWar bout because it was the first Ric Flair match I ever saw and i'd watched it quite a few times before I got to see the other two so I know it really well. I also love the post match angle with Funk. One Classic feud ends and Flair goes straight into another one. I loved the Clash match though and that seems to get better over time. I was always a bit less keen on the first match but I watched it again recently and thought it was amazing. I'd go 1) Clash 2) WW 3) Chi-town
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  14. I enjoyed this match a lot. Some great punches from Dibiase in this, and a very good sell job from Jake.
  15. I thought this match was absolutely fantastic. I hated Cena for such a long time but i've turned around on him a bit in recent months since being very impressed with his Punk and Bryan bouts. I thought his performance was superb here. His facial expressions after the big AJ kick out was great. I really bought in to his disbelief. I loved him playing the heel for a bit earlier on in the match and it made me realise i'd love to see him do it full time. I know a heel turn will never happen but I think he would be great at it. Not just from a character stand point but in the ring too.
  16. I understand wanting to take the talk in a different direction but I thought i'd post my thoughts after saying I would yesterday. I watched Magnum and Tully today. I felt that I should after it was rightly pointed out to me that I needed to expand on my original one sentence. I enjoyed the match a bit more than the last time but I still didn’t see the 5 star classic that many do. What I saw was a decent brawl. I certainly didn’t feel the hatred and intensity that I get from watching Flair vs Funk. Speaking of that match, I decided to watch it today as well and compare the two. I felt that if I could pin point why I liked one, it would help me to explain why i’m not so fond of the other. I should say too that i’ve never been a great fan brawls as I find that they can be a bit one dimensional. I always appreciate it when wrestlers get away from the punch fests and be a bit more creative . I felt that Clash match succeeded with this and the Starcade match didn't so much. Magnum-Tully was mostly punching and whacking each other with microphone with the occasional slam into the cage. It all got a bit samey after a while. There was more going on in the other match. Flair used the knee drop, suplex and figure four. He was able to bring these moves into this intense war in a way that felt very organic to me. I felt that Magnum and Tully were actually restricted by the cage. They were confined to the ring whereas flair and Funk fought around ringside and in the aisle. It made things more varied and interesting. Then there’s the usual moment pointed out by NintendoLogic: SAY IT NOOOOO SAY IT THUNK I admit to chuckling when it first happened in Magnum Tully. That probably says more about me than the moment but i’m really sick of that spot. I guess it was fresher in 1985 but i’ve just seen in too many times. Flair and Funk had this too of course but again, I felt they were more creative with it. Instead of the guttural yelling from Tully Blanchard, Terry Funk insults Flair by calling him an egg sucking dog and taunts him before hitting the piledriver. This brought something extra to the familiar pattern and a proper intensity lacking in the Starcade match for me. I was also disappointed not to see the slingshot suplex. I’ve never been a major Blanchard fan but I’ve always loved that move. I think the fact that couldn’t use it is the main reason i’m prejudiced against the match . Damn the cage!!! To end on a positive note, I thought the ending was strong. the wooden spike looked nasty! I actually felt a bit sorry for Tully by the end and The look on Magnum's face after the match was the most intense moment in the whole thing. Andrew
  17. I'm Intrigued. I'll definitely look out for this.
  18. If you have the Network, the 1985 episodes of World Championship Wrestling they have provide at least the immediate context in the weeks leading up to the match. Thanks Migs. It's been so long since I watched anything on the network, that i'd forgotten what was available. I'll be sure to check those episodes out.
  19. Thanks Matt I appreciate your comment. I'm actually looking forward to going back and checking it out again. I'm thinking i'll go to youtube first and see if I can find angles/promos of the feud to give me some context before I watch.
  20. Whilst comparing the Magnum-Tully Match with Flair-Funk in my mind, i'm thinking context and investment in the wrestlers comes into play for here. I remember seeing Funk attack Flair after the Wrestlewar match, piledriving him through a table and calling him a horse toothed banana nosed jerk. Also vivid in my mind is Flair with the neck brace, the bag over his head and the Bash 89 match. By the time they got to Clash IX, i had seen all the important moments that had led them there and it meant so much more. I also love Flair and Funk as performers so I'm excited for the match because they are in it. I could say the same thing about the Hart-Austin feud. But I watched Magnum and Tully in isolation and I didn't see the angles and promos that led them to that moment. I've also never particularly been a fan of either. Perhaps all this affected my view of the match. I'm also not a fan of the gimmick, mainly because of the standard pattern a previous poster mentioned. Flair-Funk worked for me because I love seeing Flair in ass kicking baby face mode, and Hart-Austin was a success because it moved away from the usual formula. I do remember listening to those podcast discussions and enjoying them very much. Unfortunately the match didn't grab me in the way it did you guys. I guess i'll see what I think tomorrow. Andrew
  21. Show your work. As I said in a previous post it has been a while since i've seen seen the match. I know it has been talked up by many as a classic but I just didn't get that when I watched it. i get that this is completely vague and i'm going to watch the match again tomorrow and post thoughts after. Who knows perhaps i'll love it this time.
  22. I agree, and it usually makes me laugh which is surely not the intended reaction. Thirded. One reason the Austin vs Bret match is so great is that they really didn't work it that way. Totally agree.
  23. I agree, and it usually makes me laugh which is surely not the intended reaction.
  24. I haven't seen it in ages, but yeah, that's what it seemed to be the last time I watched it. Wasn't blown away at all. It's been a while since I saw it too. I didn't thing it was bad by any means, it just didn't strike me as being a great as a lot of people say it is. one problem is that I went in to it with unbelievably high expectations and it just couldn't live up to them. I actually prefer Tully's match with Steamboat from the year before. As far as I quit matches go, I think Flair Vs Funk and Hart vs Austin are both much better than Tully and Magnum.
  25. Tully Blanchard Vs Magnum TA I quit is a good match but not great.