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  1. THANK YOU Microstatistics and OJ, this match did not feel like a spot fest. Also, I don't understand why people are crapping on the selling, sure it wasn't the best, but it's not like Toyota NO SOLD everything and just did whatever she wanted, that makes no sense. There was no working over a body part and then ignoring it, that's no selling for the sake of getting your stuff in, that's not what happened here. Saying that Toyota was no selling the finish makes no sense. This was not a spotfest, you people are just way too harsh lol. I pretty much agree with this statement. ****1/2 match
  2. Okay so first of all definitely not a classic or ***** match. I also agree with @Zenjo that Sasuke does have a crappy outfit haha. Liger is pretty much dominant all around. He cuts off everything Sasuke does, welcome to the big stage kid. The Rey/Malenko GAB comparison is actually really good. We don't get to see what Sasuke is really capable of because he is overwhelmed by Liger. Also yea, the famous botched finish adds to the match. It doesn't even look like a botch, because they followed up so quickly and it seemed like it was always part of the match. Liger laughs and claps when Sasuke falls on his face, "THIS IS THE GUY HAHA" sort of thing, then he's immediately pinned. I loved Liger working on top so this was an excellent match. ****1/4
  3. For such a huge match Nakamura/Okada was, they really didn't go long. According to cagematch, this match went around 23 minutes, that's practically unheard of nowadays. @Superstar Sleeze makes the comparison between Nak and MJ, not the first time I've seen that haha. I think Nak himself said he was a huge MJ fan and that's where the inspiration came from. The first half of the match is the usual stuff, Nak is always cocky af and Okada seemed more focused, at least against Nak. I loved the Armbar counter from the Rainmaker. I also really liked when Okada was on his knees, and Nakamura went in for a desperation Boma ye to the back of the head. The was a great natural setup where it felt Nakamura was growing a little more desperate. Okada goes for a backslide and gives a nasty-looking Rainmaker. Okada is able to win the match with another Rainmaker. I thought this would go longer, and it probably should have. Okada wins G1 for the second time, great match. ****1/4
  4. I thought this was too long. Ogawa & Misawa work great on top, but it shouldn't have been that long. KENTA and Maru don't do the best job at selling. Some creative and funny spots. However, I don't think this lived up to the praise. Fun watch tho. ***1/4
  5. Yeah wow, this was great. I didn’t really expect much so this blew expectations quite fast. Never saw the Bobby Cruise bump coming haha. Castle did a really good job at selling, and Lethal was great working on top. Loved the slaps and stikes and the final 5 minutes were insane. The slick transition into figure four got a huge pop from me! It was actually so effortless and out of nowhere. That apron bump too, yikes! This a great championship match with no overkill or stupid selling. Great match, deffo worth the time to watch. Career match for Dalton because I don't know any match of his that is at this level. ****
  6. 30 minutes this did not feel like at. All the interactions are everything you expected. Lots of kicking and striking, but sometimes that all you need! KENTA’s FIP, in the beginning, is super engaging, Kensuke chops his crap outta him! After that Kats has a short FIP which is equally engaging as Kobashi chops him to death. Then they go balls to wall action as there chaos everywhere, quick tags, and interactions. Kobashi and Kensuke have their chop sequence, which I will always love. KENTA and Kats have really great interactions together as expected. I did not understand why Koabshi does arm work to Kensuke so late in the match, and then Kensuke didn’t even bother to sell it lol. This goes to a time limit draw and the final minutes are insane. This is everything you expect. Another great Kensuke Office vs Burning tag. I do agree by saying Kensuke destroying KENTA was the best thing about this match! ****1/2
  7. I have not seen this match since the first time it happened live, and I remember actually liking this match a lot. I decided to watch it today and I regret it. Granted, when I first saw it I was much younger and only a casual WWE fan. This match has no transitions at all. It's just finisher after finisher, which doesn't age well at all. I won't rate this match because I don't rate matches that I could not watch the entire match without skipping some parts.
  8. Hello everyone, I figured I would post here first since, well since I am new here. I started watching wrestling around late 2009 ~ early 2010. I can say for a fact that I am significantly younger than everyone else here (lol). I discovered PWO a couple of years ago over the summer and I've been going through all the forums and all the matches and discovering so many new things. Discovering a whole site dedicated to wrestling from any promotion from any time period absolute rules, so for that, I am grateful. I ended up making a spreadsheet gathering all the matches that seemed interesting and some matches that even though I never heard of, but were highly praised in the forums. Prior to this, I would always watch wrestling from all over the world, but I would never even touch matches from the 80s or 90s. When going through the forums, I would see matches that I had no idea that was considered at an all-time level. Going through matches, researching, and discovering more and more made me go insane! Over the past few years, my tastes changed dramatically, and a large part is these forums. Something that I would like to get done is making a GME list of my own. I'm really excited to be a part of PWO now. Outside of wrestling, I like to ride my bike and watch some TV. I don't follow sports aside from MMA (even that I don't really follow). If I had to pick a GME right now, with my limited viewing (I haven't seen A LOT), I would pick any of the following: Cena/Lesnar (Extreme Rules), 06/09/95, Flair/Funk (GAB 1989), or Okada/Naito. I am wildly excited to watch a ton of wrestling over the next year. As far as favs go: Cena, Lesnar, Kobashi, Tanahashi and Naito. Thanks for your time!