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    Props to you for doing this, as I've really been enjoying reading it. You've done a great job of capturing the feel and vibe of that period of time.
  2. Meltzing Pot

    Your Wrestling Guilty Pleasure

    Just wanted to say I've really been enjoying this thread. Sid seems to basically be the Patron Saint of Wrestling Guilty Pleasures, which makes sense to me. The vastness of the internet has made it that almost anyone you can think of has received some love at some point, so it's hard to even come up with one. I mean, if you told me a few years ago that Mongo would be remembered fondly, I'd have been shocked. I think it's been good for wrestling appreciation and fandom that as time has gone on, people have moved away from the Scott Keith views of wrestling, and feel more comfortable talking about guys and how they fit their roles, rather than just immediately trashing people.
  3. Meltzing Pot

    Wrestling Resolutions 2018

    Mine is pretty simple: watch NXT and CWF Mid-Atlantic. That said, whats a reasonable starting point for someone looking to get into CWF?
  4. Meltzing Pot

    Arn Anderson

    Great description, Eegah. I like to consider what my (and other people's) artistic comfort food is a lot, and yeah, Arn is up there. He and Bobby Eaton, and any kind of evergreen-ish syndicated WCW. The thing with Arn is yeah, he doesn't have a lot of Wrestlemania Moment kind of matches, or singles matches that are widely regarded as obvious five-stars or the like. What he does have is a remarkably consistent career, amazing ability to adapt but still feel true to his character, and he's both an easy Top 5 tag worker, and easy (to me) Top 5-10 promo. I don't think I'm submitting a ballot, but he's an easy Top 10 pick for me.
  5. Meltzing Pot

    WWE TV March 14th to 20th

    Cue harummph, oy vey, wheezing.
  6. The rest of the show so far has been great. Thanks for doing this every week.
  7. Meltzing Pot

    Who is in Your Top 100 Right Now?

    Not crazy at all. I would have Arn in my Top 10, as well. One of the best promos ever, best tag workers ever, best tv workers ever. I would argue why wouldn't he be in your top 10?
  8. Your Mama Don't Dance was definitely Poison, and not Great White. Bix is correct.
  9. Meltzing Pot

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I agree with that, Tim. I used to be a huge fan of ROH, going to shows monthly, but the past few years, while they haven't been bad, they've just been boring. I can't put my finger on what I'd change or do differently, but I feel like the storylines used to be more interesting, and the presentation as a whole just feels stale to me.
  10. Meltzing Pot

    YouTube Playlists

    That Best of the WCW C-Shows list is my jam. Perfect thing to fall asleep to.
  11. Meltzing Pot

    PTBN Reaction Show: TLC 2015

    Damn bro, that's some Elvis shit right there.
  12. Meltzing Pot

    WWE Network... It's Here

    It's weird. Even though I think that he's full of it on a lot of stuff that he says, I still like listening to him, whereas with other people (Russo) I just can't bear it. I went to one of the Bischoff/Bruce Pritchard debate/dual interview things, and I came away from it thinking that he's aged the best of him, Heyman, Cornette, and Russo, in the sense that while he is a carny, and kinda full of shit, he seems the most well-adjusted and easy to listen to. He's presumably got fuck you money, so he kinda does stuff like this, and says what he feels like saying, and just does his own thing. He's mad smarmy, but I still have to respect the game.
  13. Meltzing Pot

    24 Hours of Negro Casas Starts 9pm EST

    This dude is truly doing God's work. This channel has been awesome as far as variety goes. Just really well-curated. Also, super hwlpful for someone like me who has tons of wrestling to watch, but has a hard time deciding what to watch. Keep up the great work!
  14. Meltzing Pot

    Arn Anderson

    I've always heard the knock on Arn as being "if there's a Hall of Very Good, he should be in it", and I've never understood it. I looooove Bobby Eaton, but I think Arn may be slightly better than him as a tag worker, and I would say he's an easy Top 5 Ever promo, as well. Being an all-timer in both promos and tags should make him a shoo-in for any list like this. He's also one of the best tv match workers ever, though I could see slotting him a few notches below your Memphis guys. He is as versatile as anyone I can think of, as he could work heel or face, or even different types of heel. So yeah, at this point I'd say I have him easily within my Top 20, and he could go even higher than that, after checking out some of his stuff I haven't seen.
  15. Meltzing Pot

    Often forgotten periods of a wrestlers career...

    I always enjoyed Dean Malenko's ridiculous ladies man gimmick. I remember there was one time he was supposed to go out with Lita, and she was backstage telling the Hardys not to worry, and she'd be fine. What she said out loud was "Don't worry, I'll call, I'll explain..", which my girlfriend at the time and I would endlessly quote at each other.