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[1996-03-04-WWF-Raw] Billionaire Ted skit


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The stuff with the Billionaire Ted quotes is ridiculous. So he's made some controversial statements. Do wrestling fans really care?


However, it's all worth it for one brief clip of the host asking the Nacho Man where the Huckster is. The camera pans to an empty black and white arena where he's saying, "Somebody help me, brother! I helped a lady handcuff me and I can't get out!"


If you saw Nitro the previous week where Liz fumbled the handcuffs and Hogan had to handcuff himself to the ring, only for the WCW production wizards to zoom in on him doing so, this was hilarious.


Nacho Man's response? "Um, he's a little tied up right now."

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We get a helpful disclaimer for this one, informing us that all of the quotes from Turner are, in fact, real. A couple of ill-advised out-of-context statements and an off-color but clearly meant-to-be-humorous joke about women are read out as if any wrestling fan would give a shit. The bit with the Huckster was good, though, same with Nacho Man going down to a woman's shoe.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-03-04-WWF-Raw] Billionaire Ted skit

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