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[1996-06-17-WCW-Nitro] Gene Okerlund announces Bash at the Beach main event


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Gene Okerlund announces that the main event will be Sting/Luger/Savage vs Hall/Nash/mystery partner for Bash at the Beach. He explains that in order to pick the wrestlers who would face the three outsiders, they drew three names from the top six WCW wrestlers. Funny to hear Hogan get booed very loudly. I can't overstate this enough. This really seemed like a time period when Hogan's usefulness in wrestling was done and WCW seemed fine moving on without him. Interesting what would end up happening.

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Gene announces the main event. This seems like a good spot by him but something in the delivery didn't quite carry the gravity that they hoped. Maybe it was just an off crowd, but this wasn't the slam dunk everything else in this angle has been up to this point.

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The crowd doesn't like to hear Hogan's coming back and who can blame them? At this point you hope he stays away forever. Watching WCW these last two months or so and seeing how good a lot of things were going even before the NWO angle, I am wondering how things would have turned out if he just stayed gone, even for all the good he would do over the next year and a half.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-06-17-WCW-Nitro] Gene Okerlund announces Bash at the Beach main event

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