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[1996-08-05-NJPW-G1 Climax] Keiji Muto vs Shiro Koshinaka


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If the match these two had a few days later was really good, this was great. There were a few All Japan tributes in the middle with Koshinaka trying the series of powerbombs to put Muto away and it not working. Muto does the dragon screw leg whip a few times to catch an over-excited Koshinaka off guard, including a final one off the top rope, which plays into the finish nicely. I love the inside cradle off the figure four, because I don't associate flash pin attempts with Japanese wrestling very often. Very enjoyable.

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The majority of the time it was the feeling out and matwork section. Then all of a sudden the cameras start rolling and it's hyper turbo stretch time. There was some excitement yet not building towards it is a big limiting factor. I used to like 90's Kosh, but he was nowhere near the level of worker I once thought he was.

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This may be my bias against both guys but this didn't do a lot for me at all and I thought the powerbomb, butt butt, dragon screw series felt very unimaginative in the end stretch. The opening junior wrestling was also uninspiring. The crowd went nuts and I can see how this match has fans, but it left me very flat. **1/2

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The struggle over the sharpshooter in the beginning was a nice piece of matwork. They botch a rope-running exchange and the match gets bogged down for a while after that, but once they get into trading big moves it's an awesome sprint to the end. Koshinaka gets a number of awesome nearfalls that the crowd totally buys, and Koshinaka's sense of urgency is great and really makes the match feel like a bigger deal. This ended up being another very good G1 match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-08-05-NJPW-G1 Climax] Keiji Muto vs Shiro Koshinaka

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