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[1992-02-01-USWA-TV] Eric Embry vs Dirty White Boy


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JIP match from Mid South Coliseum. Embry ends up accidentally handcuffing himself, leaving himself privy to a whippin' from Dirty White Girl. Embry enters the studio furious and vows revenge. Tony Anthony and Dirty White Girl come out to laugh at him and suggest fighting right away, but Embry bails.

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Macklin prefaces this with how hilarious this is and we cut right to footage of Eric Embry clocking the Dirty White Girl in the face. Embry ends up victimized by his own handcuffs. DWB chases CJ away and...yanks down Eric Embry's tights so Kimberly can whip him. Y'know, when Anthony grabbed Embry's tights to keep him from escaping right at the beginning of the clip, I was afraid they were going to go there. I wonder if Embry booked this angle himself.


An incensed Embry promises to strap the bare behinds of both Anthony and Kimberly. Anthony and Kimberly come out to do this right now--an "equalizer"?? Embry is unarmed, Dave!

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Supposedly Embry had a chair at the beginning of the segment just out of camera range, Pete.


At any rate, now I know what Pete meant by desperation. I heard Dave mention a time slot change a while back, and I have to believe that that's at least part of the reason for the more extreme TV angles that we've been seeing lately. They want to grab viewers and make sure they stay tuned in. Well, that's fine as long as you don't get in trouble with the station that's airing your program, and Papa would have been headed for a nice little discussion in my office come Monday morning if I'd been running WMC. The only thing worse would have been if they hadn't blurred Embry's bare butt.


Any one of the angles that we saw on this show would have been more than enough to cause a problem, although the Moondogs aren't really much worse than most heels. But their destruction, the ugly racist crap spewed by Coraluzzo during his promo, the announcers being threatened by both a babyface (Idol) and a heel during the same program, and now the nudity and male-female violence during this angle would at least led me to express major concern. WMC isn't some rinky-dink independent station running on about the same amount of power as your average flashlight; it's a network affiliate with (presumably) a clean reputation to uphold. No matter how popular wrestling is, it can't be allowed to besmirch that reputation. That's what I would tell Papa; whether he would have bothered to listen is another matter (I strongly suspect that he wouldn't).


Embry was wonderful as usual, but after all the chaos with the Moondogs which involved Corey and Dave (specifically their desk), I would have told him not to go after them that day, even verbally. Dave Brown may be a professional to the core, but even he has his limits. (This is especially true after what Idol did at the end of the show, which I don't believe was planned. If it was, Dave sure didn't look like he was in on it.)


Finally, the whipping of the bare asses of any one of these four individuals isn't something I ever need to see. Period, end of encyclopedia.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-02-01-USWA-TV] Eric Embry vs Dirty White Boy

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