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[1992-02-08-USWA-TV] Interview: Koko B. Ware


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Wow, talk about a new side of someone we thought we knew. Not only did Koko get himself over as a serious wrestler, but he did the same for Kamala, which is difficult at best.


If Koko's ever had this serious of an angle before in his life, I'm not sure when. The closest I can come would be when he and Norvell Austin were the PYTs back around '83 and '84 in Memphis. Other than that, the highest he's gotten is the midcard, and especially in the WWF, the midcarders got very little to do of any substance, so there just wasn't a need for mic skills like the kind Koko showed here.


Koko pinning Kamala clean was a bit of a surprise to me. I'm not sure about Mid-South, but I know that if that match ever took place for Vince (which I'm guessing it did at some point), it was either a screwy countout or DQ finish or Koko did the job clean (most likely on a stretcher). It's a pity that the Unified belt's taking second place to Lawler/Jeff-Moondogs, because I'd like to see this feud mean more than it does right now.

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