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[1992-03-14-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Randy Savage


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This really isn't a promo, as all Savage does is repeat "UNTRUE!" four or five times while Gene seems more and more disturbed.


From the looks of this, Flair's mind games seem to be working to perfection. I would have much preferred the slightly calmer but no less intense Savage that we got during the Jake feud. I mean, if the whole thing isn't true, why is he so upset? Is he really that paranoid that he thinks Liz might actually desert him now, that the article's putting ideas in her head? It's just odd that Savage doesn't say much here, although the sight of him looming over Okerlund certainly makes for a powerful visual.


Maybe we'll get more of an actual response from Randy or Liz as Mania draws closer.

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I didn't really enjoy Gene twisting the knife on that deal.  Why would he go through the whole quote when he could just say something like "what is your reaction to Ric Flair's comments?"  Savage honestly should have decked him for going through the whole thing.  Savage was pretty great reacting, just seemed excessive on Gene's part.

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