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[1992-04-11-USWA-TV] Eric Embry and the Moondogs


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Embry is still working heel during the match before he's swarmed by the Moondogs. I can't tell Spot and Cujo apart but one of them hits a tremendous splash off the turnbuckle and Embry eats some absolutely brutal weapons shots. It's going to take a lot to turn Embry babyface after his run over the past couple of years, and the USWA is clearly prepared to go all-out.

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How Embry wasn't bleeding a gusher after at least seven garbage can shots to the head plus a board broken over his head I have no idea. This may be the most brutal beating the Dogs have administered yet.


Did anyone else catch a few fans rooting for the Dogs to pound the hell out of Embry? That's how hated Eric is right now in Memphis, and how they're going to do a credible face turn on him in less than six months is something I'm honestly looking forward to seeing.


Not only are the Dogs' run-ins repetitive, but so is everything else about how then angle is presented. It's always Corey saying, "Richard, get your guys outta here!" followed by Eddie Marlin coming out and cutting the cameras off in a vain effort to stop the Dogs. At least now we're getting physical contact between Lee and Eddie, which is something different. I guess we're not to the point yet where Eddie wants to put himself into a match, but it's probably coming soon. As for Corey, does he really think Lee's going to listen to him after all these weeks? He's just plain annoying, even if what he says is right.


Memo to Richard: It's possible to have an identifiable Southern accent, speak loudly, and still be clearly understood. I get that he's new to the business and nervous, but he was much better in his first week or two than he is now.


So this was Cujo with Spotty? What the hell happened to Splat?

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