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Wow. So Wrestlemania weekend in Indianapolis, the Nasty Boys, Mountie, Jimmy Hart and Sherri did a concert in the park with proceeds going to charity. O ... kay. Also, there was a lookalike contest for fans. They also show a clip of Hogan with Linda and Brooke! I had NO idea they were ever on WWF TV. Weird footage.

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Better or worse than the Freebirds concert? I'll leave that for someone else to decide. What an odd hodgepodge of wrestlers at the brunch. Jake is a forgiving guy--he teams with the guy who squashed his snake at Survivor Series and now he's sitting next to the guy who blinded him.

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It's strange that they couldn't find at least one babyface to sing with the heels at that concert. Was Koko too busy in Memphis to come to Mania and sing a chorus of "Bird Bird Bird"?


Brooke and Linda may have been shown with Hogan, but they weren't identified as his wife and daughter. For all the Hulkamanics knew, it could have been his sister and niece, or a cousin and her little girl. I guess that's the way Hogan wanted it, and who can blame him?


Some of those "lookalikes" were stretching it, to say the least.


Heelish though he may still have been on the air, it's clear that Heenan's been fully accepted as a member of the broadcast team, since he co-hosted the banquet the night before Mania, and stood in front of a podium with a Hogan placard on it to boot.


This was a great way to tell who among those leaving after Mania were still on good terms and who weren't. Hogan and Piper definitely were, as they were prominently mentioned. Jake assuredly wasn't; even though he was clearly seen in the brunch footage and one of his lookalikes could be seen during the contest footage, he wasn't mentioned or even referred to subtly. How the mighty fall off the face of the earth!


It's not very often that someone who's leaving and not coming back is on the cover of the WWF Magazine the way Liz was that month. Did they know she was leaving in advance, or did she just fly home from Europe suddenly and not bother to return?

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