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[1992-05-23-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Tom Prichard


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Finish only. Gilbert gets involved, tripping Pritchard at the finish, ensuring that he has to leave the USWA based on match stips. Wherever will he go? After the match, we get the return of BILLY TRAVIS. He says he's had more ring time than Christopher has had shower time and sets off a brawl. NOW I know where the Undertaker got that line.

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Don't like the finish here, or Gilbert's presence. Plus the camera angle makes it impossible to believe that Morrell couldn't have seen Gilbert tripping Prichard. Doesn't do a thing to get Christopher over, since Prichard countered everything he personally tried. Billy Travis is back! He's going to shove that Southern title up Christopher's ass, and beats the shit out of him afterward.

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No, Eddie tried to move up, but apparently his match with Lawler didn't come off, so this really wasn't beneath him at all. It would have been nice if there had been an alliance forged between Eddie and Brian after this, but that doesn't seem to be happening from what we see here.


My major problem is that we didn't need three screwy finishes in one match (powder, chain, Gilbert interference). One would have been more than enough to make the point. Of course, they wanted the fans to want Brian to get his butt kicked because he's not really a good wrestler, but a lucky stupid punk, so maybe having him potentially get lucky three times in less than five minutes was exactly what they wanted.


It would have been nice if we'd actually been able to hear what Billy Joe was saying. Regardless, this is a completely fresh matchup that should be a ton of fun, even if the Southern title is just a midcard trinket these days.


I would have laughed if Dr. Tom had come back the next week with Corny and Stan in tow demanding an investigation. It might not have led anywhere, but think of the possible promo battle between Corny and Eddie!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-05-23-USWA-TV] Brian Christopher vs Tom Prichard
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