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[1992-06-06-SMW-TV] Interview: Ron Wright & Dirty White Boy


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Ron Wright was so distraught about something that happened at a recent show that he had a mild stroke. DWB is talking trash and Brian Lee comes out and says if DWB wants the belt, he can come get it. Ron Wright says his heart just couldn't stand the excitement of that and asks DWB not to lock up.

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Wright has never been so mad and disgusted! His heart is bothering him a little so he's going to try and not get too excited, but he's never seen anyone get robbed like the Dirty White Boy did at the Volunteer Slam; they gave him a three count and it shouldn't have even been a one count! It led to his heart acting up and he had a stroke. He is now filing a complaint and grievance for compensation against SMW for having an employee of theirs (the referee) rob he and his man and cause him to have this stroke which will probably keep him in this wheel chair for another year. Dirty White Boy says that Wright doesn't lie and starts to lay into Lee, who then appears in the ring and challenges Anthony to face him for the title now. Wright says that he doesn't think his heart could take seeing Anthony whip Lee right now and that he couldn't stand the excitement of the Dirty White Boy annihilating him! Anthony then says that he has to take care of his manager and that's the only thing that is saving Lee.


More absolute gold from Wright and Anthony has been a revelation so far.

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I've never known a manager to be this effective while seeming so frail. Ron could literally manage any heel currently on the SMW roster, even the Bodies, and have them more over in one promo than they'd been before. Fortunately, he's got Tony, who's back in his true element. Sorry, Kim, but I hope your plan fails, because your husband's never been better!


I love Bob's reaction to Ron's ramblings. You can tell that he's trying to be solicitous to a sick old man, but when Ron starts going on about the refs being paid to screw Tony out of the title, he has to cut Ron off to save his own integrity. People rightfully talk about how Dutch's work adds to the broadcast, but Bob's far from chopped liver himself. What an inspired pairing!

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