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[1992-07-11-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs / Interview: Jerry Lawler / Interview: Jackie Fargo


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Clips of the 7/6 Mid South Coliseum match, which look great as usual, including Lawler throwing something wooden at one of the Moondogs' heads in a brutal spot. The Moondogs regain the tag titles when Lee throws something purple in Jarrett's eyes.


We cut to a pre-taped promo of Lawler surrounded by Coca Cola memorabilia. He announces that Fargo is coming back not to referee, but to wrestle this coming Monday night in an anything-goes 6-man tag this coming Monday. Lawler is the best talker of all time.


This segues to a Jackie Fargo promo.

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Morrell is a pretty sorry referee--I get that was sometimes pushed as his gimmick but it can be frustrating and not in a "boy, those Moondogs got away with another one" way. Still, the action is great and Lee is a terror on the outside and inside. He sprays purple ink or something in Jarrett's eyes and throws him into a roll-up, and the Moondogs regain the tag titles and save his hair.


So this Monday, it's Jarrett, Lawler, and the returning Jackie Fargo and the Moondogs and Richard Lee. Fargo follows up with his own comments for the "14 karat son of a sapsucker" Moondogs.

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The promos were the highlight of this. They didn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but it's always nice to see both Lawler and Jackie as fired up as they were here. The match clip looked typically chaotic, and Lee interfered even more liberally than usual to set up the upcoming six-man.


Is it my imagination or was Lawler in his gear? The room he was in looked like his game room. Putting on your gear to cut a promo in your own house? That's either extreme dedication to the business, sheer lunacy, or both.


I notice that Lawler left Jeff out of the equation when he was discussing those who might have tricks up their sleeves in the six-man. I'm guessing he was the DV (Designated Virtue) for the babyfaces, or maybe Lawler and Jackie just forgot to teach him any tricks.


Is anyone else about ready for a match between Lee and Corey? Corey sounds like Lee kicked his dog whenever he talks about his outside interference. I know that part of his schtick is to sound like Lance, but I never got the feeling that Lance personally wanted to get Jimmy Hart in the ring and beat the stew out of him. (There was the time that he threatened Tojo Yamamoto with a hammer, but that was clearly an act of self-defense, and was presented as such.)

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-07-11-USWA-Memphis TV] Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett vs The Moondogs / Interview: Jerry Lawler / Interview: Jackie Fargo
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I'd agree on the promos being the highlight.  I do want to see Jackie Fargo come in and destroy the Dogs (or at least the clip version).

One quibble.  If the piledriver is such a killer move, how did the Moondog manage to roll over and pin Jarrett so soon even with interference?

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