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[1992-07-25-WCW-Worldwide] Interview: Big Van Vader & Harley Race


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Also Jesse refers to being "up in Antarctica," which I don't think is geographically possible. Quick and to the point promo, too bad there won't be much to this title reign.


After all the great build-up last October, it's astounding what a non-factor Ron Simmons has become from his Luger loss until his upcoming title victory. I know he missed most of the rest of '91 with an injury but he really should have been a part of Sting's Squadron, probably in Nikita's spot. Obviously that's hindsight because the World title plans were presumably shelved until Watts came along in favor of one of Dusty's guys, but a lot of effective build has been undone and it will likely serve to undermine Simmons' title reign.

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I thought Harley was better than either Jesse or Vader. Vader seemed to be rambling almost incoherently ("Pure white hair"? Since when?) and Jesse did indeed confuse Beach Blast with the Bash. Why in the world did that air, anyway? Did they not trust Vader to do another take without getting even weirder?


In case you didn't notice, Jesse also used the line about Vader being champion as long as he wants to be twice, once when talking to Vader and once to wrap up the segment. That's not so bad in itself, but it speaks to Jesse's lack of preparation. Maybe Brooklyn Park (the Minnesota town that Jesse was mayor of at this time) had a lot of urgent business to take care of the week that this was taped.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-07-25-WCW-Worldwide] Interview: Big Van Vader & Harley Race
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