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[1992-08-15-USWA-TV] Interview: Eddie & Doug Gilbert & Brian Christopher


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The beatdown of Rich looked good. Nice to see Wildfire back home in Memphis.


I know they don't acknowledge Brian as Lawler's son, but for those of us who know the irony of Brian joining up with one of his dad's sworn enemies is sweet.


Reno Riggins beating Brian? That's the first time I've ever heard of Riggins winning, and I wish they'd shown footage of it. I wonder what they were leading up to.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-08-15-USWA-TV] Interview: Eddie & Doug Gilbert & Brian Christopher
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One thing bugs me about Memphis heels the more I watch.  Eddie hits the ref twice with a chain.  Anywhere else that would be grounds for the guy never being invited back.  But he keeps getting matches somehow.  It's hard to reconcile even with suspension of disbelief.  Same as some of the rampages the Moondogs went on, needed to be curbed a little to be effective.

Great promo though and Christopher is starting to find himself as a heel.

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