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[1992-09-02-WCW-Clash of the Champions XX] Ron Simmons FSU Footage


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I've sort of been harping on this, but the Simmons title push could have worked with a more timely follow-up to Halloween Havoc. Instead he got hurt, then for whatever reason got shifted out when it looked like he was going to be part of the Dangerous Alliance feud. I still love Arn's quote to Cactus Jack in the locker room following this video--"I don't care if the son of a bitch has a heart attack and dies. You will roll him on top of you."


I'd like to see a televised debate between Ernie Shavers and Leon Spinks. Ahmed Johnson could moderate.

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This might be the best-produced video package WCW ever had. An excellent mix of Ron's football and wrestling careers. In that moment, you truly believed that he was the greatest athlete in the world, which was exactly the point. Great quote from Arn, by the way; it's nice to see how much Ron's peers respected him.


Good grief, no wonder an old, washed-up Ali was still considered the greatest heavyweight in the world in the late seventies and early eighties; look at his contemporaries. I pity Flair for actually having to sell verbally for Shavers, and if he had to take a punch I hope he demanded a percentage of the gate in return.

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I wouldn't say best produced WCW video for this.  Second best easily.  The best is that 91 black & white NWO style promo that Arn & BW did in a junkyard.  This one is not far behind though.  Simmons is more of a rock-solid upper midcard guy who you know exactly what you can get out of and is just miscast here.  Your world champ is a guy who can carry the promotion and that's not Simmons.  And I am not knocking Simmons at all here.  You need more guys like that (read: Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, RnR Express, Midnights, the list goes on) than you do the major superstars to make a wrestling show.  Simmons has a good look and is athletic enough and big enough that you keep him pushed and only let the next superstars go over him as an achievement, but he's not gonna be the guy you rally the fans behind like a Flair or a Sting.

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