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[1992-09-12-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Razor Ramon / Ric Flair celebration


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I'm really getting tired of Flair and Perfect together because I see them as two different types of heels, so I'm glad that's coming to an end soon. Razor joins the celebration. I think Razor probably did get some rub early on just by being associated with Flair.

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Hall's promo is too short to really comment on. On the other hand, I loved Flair here. He looks like he's having the time of his life. So is Heenan, and it's a damn shame that he wasn't at ringside enough to be considered Flair's manager, because he deserved to manage a WWF champion.


Curt, on the other hand, felt out of place for the first time in a while. He didn't seem too into this, for whatever reason. Maybe he was itching to get off the sidelines and get back into the ring, or maybe he just wanted some of the focus to be on himself, and I mean that in a both a character and a real life sense. Mr. Perfect really isn't a gimmick that lends itself to being a manager or second banana, and I can see where taking that role would begin to wear on both the character's nerves onscreen and Curt's nerves in real life.


Razor joins the celebration in order to cement his partnership with Flair and Curt. Somehow or other, this works, although Razor Ramon is the last person you'd think a high-class guy like Flair would willingly associate with.


Loved the reprise of "We're not the type of guys to say we told you so, but........WE TOLD YOU SO!"

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