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[1992-09-26-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect


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I loved Flair's imitation of Warrior here. That was the highlight of the segment, which otherwise consisted of the return of late eighties Flair (which is a bad thing), and Curt making lame puns (which is even worse). I'm not sure about jumping the shark, but something seems to have gone out of their act, even with Flair as champion again. Maybe they should have let Warrior win the belt and have both Flair and Savage chase him, though what would have happened if Warrior had left while champion I can't even begin to guess.


Did Warrior and Flair ever meet in house shows other than the one where Warrior hurt Flair's ear? I'll check Graham's listings when I have a moment, but they're by no means complete. Maybe one of you can come up with a match he might have missed.

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