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[1992-10-03-USWA-TV] Interview: Junkyard Dog / Interview: Jim Duggan


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I notice that JYD had a belt with him here. What title could he possibly have held this late in his career?


Who are the Blackhearts, and what is this about breaking Duggan's ribs three years ago, which would have been 1989? Duggan's feuds in '89 were with Haku and Savage, both over the WWF king's crown. I'm guessing that this was a story concocted by the USWA to give Duggan a kayfabe reason to come in, but why did they think they could get away with that unless nobody in Memphis ever watched the WWF?


I don't know why they didn't ask the WWF to do a more specific video with Duggan like they did with Jimmy Hart. This was a standard, generic Duggan promo that you'd see in the non-local editions of the Events Center that would air on All American or Prime Time.


I agree that Duggan and Memphis were a natural fit, just like Duggan and Mid-South. But with Lawler and Dundee so popular (even when Bill was a heel), and Dutch leading the next wave not far behind, what would there have been for him to do on a long-term basis? (I'm talking about his mid-eighties prime, not '92.)

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Yes, these were the Blackhearts from UWF, Japan and briefly WCW. They didnt last too long here either. I always liked them. JYD got the Unified Title off Eddie Gilbert in like 90 seconds when Eddie got pissed about something and quit. And then came back like in 3 weeks. That became a pattern with Eddie.​The week prior it was JYD who said that the Blackhearts busted him up in Mid-South, so it was just some spur-of-the-moment, quickie nonsense somebody thought of.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-03-USWA-TV] Interview: Junkyard Dog / Interview: Jim Duggan

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